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  1. It was scheduled maintenance. Servers normally don't work when they aren't turned on.
  2. Amazing guide! TYVM!
  3. Beat her on my 1st attempt using this guide. Any excess points put into endurance to wear better gear.
  4. It's 40+ hours of content, pretty much it's own game.
  5. Haven't noticed a thing with the ps5 version. Yeah there's pop in, but it's not that noticeable tbh. I feel like digital foundry are always going to find issues when they count every pixel and slow the game down 100x specifically to look for flaws. When playing the game and having fun using your actual eyes you don't notice anything like that at all. At least I don't. If the game had cyberpunk levels of pop in I'd be concerned. But this game is very very well made from my point of view.
  6. Do something else, kill other mini bosses and level up a bit. Doing more damage, having more pots or leveling up your gear will make every fight easier. Or watch his attack patterns, learn when to time dodge rolls, when to use potions etc. Try a different Ash summon that distracts and holds agro. It's often significantly easier to solo a boss than to use real people. Just FYI. I don't think the game is balanced very well for online coop.
  7. There's 5 main main bosses AFAIK but I've not beat the game so I've no idea what happens at the end. Neither do I want to know, and don't spoil it for others if you do. The bonfires show you the direction of the main bosses, but I would imagine you'd be very under levelled if you just went straight to every main boss. Bosses with cutscenes are mandatory. Stuff in caves and world bosses can be skipped but you're missing out if you do that.
  8. It's not a bug where enemies die and you get the souls, that's been in every souls game. Enemies that kill other enemies will give you the souls if you're near them. There's a few places in the game where you can get 40k, 50k and 75k souls without doing anything as well. 50k from the bell bareing hunter that spawns at the traders hut at night in North West of Caelidy You can horse jump the roof and shoot him and he can't hit you. And 75k from the big white dragon in the south east of caelid that won't attack you back, you need a bleed weapon and it'll take like 5 minutes to kill. There's also a Knight boss at night on a horse that gives 40k on the small bridge to the very east of caelid, you can get on your horse and run up the path full of poison flowers, the flowers will poison the knight and you can keep running up the path and he'll just die instantly. You can cheese most things in the game with a bit of imagination.
  9. The one in the rot swamp doesn't have a trophy AFAIK.
  10. You sure it's not in your invent? You have to give it to a guy I think.
  11. You need to use a Furlcalling finger remedy to see co-op signs. You can craft them, buy them or earn them from helping kill bosses. Most signs will be near a fog wall.
  12. The naked SL1 guy with the club, because why not.
  13. Even without the glitches or bugs the games still a bit of a bore to play. I ended up skipping 90% of the dialogue because choices don't matter, nothing matters. There's so much repetitive stuff in this game it's just a bit meh. 6/10 at best imo.
  14. No problem! Glad I could help! The mummy section might be the worst part of the series, it's so dumb!
  15. I'd say it's still possible to do with that time, remember to skip every cut scene and make a new save every time you come across an encounter. If you die loading is better than restarting from checkpoints. Always be jumping instead of running, always be pressing X when climbing, you'll jump climb a lot faster and that saves so much time. In the render mode there's an option called thief vision, it makes every enemy red. Turn that on when you're at an encounter and barok .44 everyone you see, they'll all die in 1 hit. Turn it off when there's no enemies about because it makes locating ledges almost impossible. The timer pauses in the menu so if you think you're doing a segment slowly just watch a video. Level 20 on the shipwreck took me like 5 minutes (the enemy part not the whole level) the gun is so powerful and bullet time makes it super easy to pick everybody off really fast. If you don't do it in 6 hours don't worry, I imagine you can run past everything on baby difficulty and beat the game in like 3hours. And with the accuracy apparently you can just load up an encounter and use a machine gun to spray the big guys, when you get above 70% do the epilogue and the trophy should pop.
  16. The Barok .44 is the gun that kills everyone in 1 hit, even to the body. The big enemies take 3 shots to kill, but that pistol holds 6 so you can just spam them down when 2 spawn together. I didn't plan on doing it all together, I just happened to by accident. With the pistol killing 99% of enemies in 1 hit and the bullet time mode making it almost impossible to miss your shots you can speed through every section. Even the shipyard which was probably the hardest part on my hard playthrough (took me over an hour) I did first try in about 5minutes on crushing. You can also use the china grenade launcher to just blow everybody up. I died more to those stupid sliding down sections and pressing O and dropping off ledges by accident more than than I did to being shot. The barok is just a stupid gun, and with infinite ammo and slowmo it's very hard to get killed. The exploding mummy room I saved before, because that took a few attempts and then I loaded back up and did it again first time which saved me 15minutes or so. The "stealth" sections you come across I'd just make a save file, then barok everything. I'm sure the game timer slows down while the bullet time is working, so it's much much faster than trying to stealth past everything, plus the enemies spot you super fast. Better off just turning on thief mode, and shooting all the red targets you see. When the music stops playing you know everybody is dead. I didn't use any videos other than the mummy room, because that seems impossible without abusing the hit detection in the room. And I used google images for the pirate spin puzzle and the mummy floor puzzle. So they took seconds to do instead of minutes to work out myself. I started on chapter 13 by the 2ish hour mark and I started on chapter 21 at 5 hours. I did restart from checkpoints a lot, and got lost a lot and still had 30mins left over. Jumping everywhere is faster than running, rolling up stairs is faster than running/jumping. Just go from point a to b. Shoot everybody you see while behind cover, it's faster than stealth. You might as well try to speedrun crushing, if you do it it'll save you a playthrough. And you really shouldn't miss any shots if you use bullet time when aiming. If it's red shoot it dead
  17. This is perhaps the most important and easiest Trophy to void. Pretty self explanatory, keep your accuracy above 70% and upon completion of the first playthrough, this will pop. The best way to keep your accuracy high is to use auto-aim which you will be using anyway and tap the fire button, not hold it. Whether your using a pistol or a automatic, just press fire once at a time, this makes it easier to stay on target. Most enemies take a certain amount of shots to die depending on what weapon you are using, but you will not know if any of your teammates have hit them. This is why it is better to just tap the trigger, if they haven't died, tap again and so on. Sometimes as you fire, an enemy will move behind cover and you will miss, keep an eye on this. You will get to learn the timing from when a enemy appears from cover and hides back behind cover so make sure you keep this in mind. Also, at certain points in the game, you may be find it difficult to keep your accuracy high due to story scenarios, just do your best and keep an eye on your accuracy in statistics. If it does seem to be getting close to 70%, be extra careful until your accuracy begins to increase again. The reason you wouldn't do it on Crushing or Speedrun btw is because having time to shoot will just make it easier to keep up your accuracy, no pressure and time to select your shots. And if on Crushing, just added pressure and less time to pick your shots as enemies will be relentless!! Also, can't quite recall, but I think no auto-aim on Crushing, making it harder again! Hope that explains it all I just did crushing, speedrun and accuracy in 1 run, aim assist on in the menu and use your bonus points for the 1 shot pistol. Use bullet time and infinite ammo and it's a cake walk. 86% accuracy in 5hours 24 time. I used slow mo for the sword fight, and used thief mode to quickly spot the red enemies. If you play the game on hard first time round and get all the collectables crushing is honestly easier to beat. Pausing the game pauses the timer, so you can watch a mummy room walkthrough, or have pictures of the spin picture puzzle up so you can solve them in seconds. You can also save the game if you remember parts you struggled on, loading will load the time back, where as checkpoints don't. The credits feel like they are longer than the game.
  18. The biggest tip I can give people is don't rush, driving fast and crashing, popping a tire, getting the cops on you is slower than just driving carefully. I never came close to having a time issue. My biggest issue was my ambulance randomly flying 10000 meters into the air and exploding, that happened to me 3 times on level 12 When dropping people off ALWAYS drive north the second the blue marker disappears, the people will get out no problem and north is the furthest point away so you'll be closer to them, by driving north you can also get lucky and have most of the people spawn to the south. This will normally spawn them next to each other making for very easy pickups. You can also cut the grassy corner with trees on behind the police station, that'll save you loads of time in the area by the docks. Just drive carefully, the handbrake is also MUCH better than the normal break. If you do this at the start of the game it's easy, but the 2nd island is good too if you've finished the story.
  19. Thanks for the tip. Can confirm this still works in 2022.
  20. The new dlc is free and part of the base game I think when it comes to clothing. Unless you've missed a day/night map difficulty.
  21. If you read the lore, demon's souls, bloodborne, sekiro the kings field series, armoured core and eden ring are all in the same connected universe. They just happened in different parts of the world, different stages of time and peoples passed on memories and dreams. The moonlight greatsword has lore that connects all the games together. As do other things. Go watch Vaati on youtube, he's got timeline videos linking everything together.
  22. The auto pop did nothing for me, I had to manually trigger loads of stuff 😕 Edit: Just got 100% in 7 hours. Had to replay the game from the beginning to get to the Ireland DLC because you can't redo trials, no matter what I did wouldn't pop that trophy. I also had to complete on my 100% ps5 save a quest in Ireland and Paris and do all the generic trophies that don't pop like equip weapons and armour, assassinate targets, swim a mile, get a kill from a horse, pet 1 cat, had to break 5 boats again. Had to get one gold trophy to get the master trophies. Equip 2 sickles, get a kill with sythes, equip Thors hammor and Excaliber, shoot a fish got me the fishing trophy and breaking 1 breakable, had to do a Paris and an Ireland rep mission as well to pop those. So my advice would be to anyone wanting to save time, make a save before you finish the last quest in ireland and have one druid trial not complete because that will require a new playthrough which took me about 5 hours to get back to that point. That's the only pain in the arse trophy to get. Most trophies seem to pop after beating quests or doing certain actions. But they don't all pop at once. Ireland will only pop in Ireland and Paris only seem to pop in Paris. It could definitely be worse but I've no idea why they don't just all pop at once.
  23. It's a free upgrade.
  24. Looks kinda tedious from a trophy hunting perspective. The afk dancing stuff for 3600 seconds/minutes? is just pointless, listening to 25 full songs, doing certain things without missing, 100 solo games, having a full team and being the host 25 times, having players 10 levels lower than you multiple times. It's gonna take awhile and lots of luck without boosting! I'm going to guess a few hundred hours for 100%.
  25. A fantastic game! Gotta relearn how to play 😅 Wish it was longer, such a fun game. Hope they add more mountains in the future.