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  1. Axiom Verge, a good game.
  2. TLOU 2
  3. Dungeon Siege III. I would like to beat this plat if it was on PS4.
  4. Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  5. #38 Divinity: Original Sin A journey of a hundred hours. A great game. Honor mode is not so difficult but several times I had to load save from the cloud. Mainly because of lethal traps. In general, difficulty 7/10. Definitely one of the best exhibits of my platinum collection.
  6. The Last of Us, easy but long
  7. Hadn't any big problems with this mini-game. Completed it on the third try. It isn't as difficult as say some people above. Before going to 21+, complete all additional tasks to get the extra trump cards and that mode will be easy.
  8. First update. Category Game (With Region/Version) Qualifier ✔ EZPZ Old Man's Journey 81.02 % Ultra Rare N++ 3.53 % Platinum-Less Resident Evil 4 Unpopular Iron Sea Defenders 174 Owners DLC Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor DLC Pack 2 / The Bright Lord Difficulty God of War III Remastered Unhuman Speed Run Broken Age (PS4) Let's Get this Good Time Over With ✔ MP The Last of Us Remastered Hunter Peripherals Hidden Agenda PlayLink Bad Rep Black Mirror 54 Metascore Also changed the game in speedrun category to Broken Age.
  9. #34 The Last of Us Remastered (PS4) Just a great game in all aspects. Grounded DLC is like a cherry on a cake - perfect difficulty. However, I have been beating this plat for about three years mostly because of multiplayer. In general, one of my favorite games on PlayStation. 10/10. Difficulty with DLC 5/10.
  10. No. The Last of Us?
  11. Yep. The Evil Within?
  12. Transistor