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  1. Wow, these badges are really, really cute! Thank you!
  2. Ta dah, completed my third game. Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage for the category Anthropomorphized Animals. On my way to finish with Ray Gigant and progressing with Virtue's Last Reward who may go to favorite genre and cult favorite, respectively.
  3. I finished Rime and bought Zero Escape: The Nonary Games that consists of two games in a single trophy list, yet after I finish the whole bundle, I will get 2 NG out of them. I finished the first Nonary game which is 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors, meaning I currently have 1 NG point. I am also close to finish Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage and Ray Gigant.
  4. Thank you for the explanation. I also looked into some lists and managed to get a better grasp of games that can be included. VLR is probably going to be the one to fit in. So basically, they are underrated games with a loyal fanbase, that is how I interpret.
  5. [Virtue's Last Reward]


    Of course, after finishing 999 and get its True Ending, it was time I started VLR. I only completed the first Cyan door with Alice and Phi (and I managed to miss the gold file, since I could not use the room anymore after getting the key... Such a thing did not happen during the elevator puzzle).

    The new concept of the Nonary Game Ambidex Edition seems really interesting and the fact that there is a Zero projeted on the rooms makes things more interesting. I'm just a bit sad that the game seems more slow-paced, but at least the puzzles are longer and seem to be more challenging than in the previous game.

    1. starcrunch061


      I really enjoyed the puzzles in VLR, and I liked the game far more than 999. Hope you like it too!

  6. So, I finished the story of this month's game which is Rime. I plan to get its platinum, but at least I got the silver ranking, hehe. Also, with this, I managed to complete the following challenges: Complete a game that counts towards a different PSNP event.(Bingo Bonanza) Complete a game that you started this month
  7. I completed my first two games (still have to update my original post) of bingo. N5 - By an Indenpent Developer: Rime 65 - With Player Choices or Multiples Endings: Zero Escape: 999 Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. I am on my way on finishing Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage for I2 Anthropomorphized Animals. One question. I researched about the concept of "cult video games", but yet what does "cult favourite" category stands for? Out of the cult games, the one I like the most?
  8. Wow, nice badges!! To be honest, I completely forgot I was participating in this event, but still got enough games completed to get a badge!!! Haha, thanks man!
  9. Haha, thanks for remembering me! 😁 Well, since it has become a yearly event and I can start new games whenever I feel, then I'm 100% in! My current completion rate is 80.70% (by increase a little by tomorrow night). During the last event I was around 88~89%, but since I started lot of new games and decided to get rid of my backlog instead of getting platinums, my rate went down a bit. There are still some games I want to platinum. Others, I might as well leave them be. It is impossible to earn 100% for me, because I never play one/two games at once, and I already got a DLC set of trophies which is already unobtainable (Final Fantasy XV Comrades), yet I would like to maintain a percentage of 80% or higher. Worst case scenario being around 75%. I guess that initially, my goal will be to maintain my completion rate between 75% and 85%, then try to raise it up between 85%~90%. At least that's what I have in mind for now.
  10. Hmmm... I was expecting to get a difficulty related trophy... If it is not required at all, guess I'll go with Proud instead of Critical.
  11. [Zero Escape: 999]

    Wow, before purchasing the game, I had this feeling I would love it, and damn, don't I? Already got two bad endings and the Safe ending. The Safe ending is quite awesome and tense, and I'm quite anxious to see what's going to happen on the true ending! But first, I will get the Axe Ending then go through the "True Ending" path. Guess I won't bother to get the Coffin one.


    Also... Clover <3

    1. cr1s


      I know, right? 999 is one of my favorite VNs of all time. You're gonna love that True Ending. Enjoy! :D

    2. YaoiGod


      If you love Clover now, wait until you get the Axe ending. Enjoy!

    3. Caju_94


      About to get the True Ending today/tomorrow!


      Also, about the Axe Ending



      Resultado de imagem para clover axe ending

      That mad face... <3

      And the way she ended her speech "I'll just borrow this!", haha awesome! For a moment, I thought they were really crossing the door no.9... Meanwhile, Ace probably killed Lotus while "showing" her whatever it was, so two killers were standing around. Poor Clover, and yet Snake was still alive inside that coffin... :( 


  12. So, I have been progressing with Freedom Wars and Zero Escape: The Nonary Games, so far. I have a question regarding games like the Nonary Games. This game/bundle of some sorts is composed of two games, yet fused into a single trophy list. I'm currently going to get 999's true ending soon, before stepping forward to Virtue's Last Reward. In these cases, can I consider them two different games (because in fact they are different games) for the bingo card? Like instead of a single category for Zero Escape: The Nonary Games, have a category for 999 and another one for Virtue's Last Reward. Thanks.
  13. Unfortunately, I will not manage to get FFXV and Ray Gigant's platinums. However, I obteined two/three other platinums from other games that were not intended for this event (or any other). Those games are for games I played during the event's timeline, So, if possible, I would like to remove Final Fantasy XV from category 6 and Ray Gigant from category 12 and input the following games whose platinum I got during the event: Cosmic Star Heroine for Category 11 Pipers Piping because this game's soundtrack is amazing. Lost Dimension for Category 4 Colly Birds, because the game is quite dark and characters eventually die and get sacrified during your playthroughs. With the platinum from Spyro the Dragon, I would manage to have the minimum of 3 completed games.
  14. Cool! I would like to be added. I have platinumed the following games: Batman Life is Strange Life is Strange: Before the Storm Tales From The Borderlands The Wolf Among Us Thanks!
  15. So, I'm starting with the "Redeemed from PS Plus" game which is Rime. Already halfway the second level (the game has a total of five). I also started on the 31st Freedom Wars on my Vita, which doesn't have an assigned category yet, It could fit the "Platform Exclusive", since it's a Vita-only game, taking the place of Bound, or even "Cooperative Game", since you can do co-op missions with other players. Will decided about that later on.