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  1. Not worth it IMO, unless you really have an urge to play the newest games out there.
  2. The Big in Japan sale is really nice, but just gonna buy two games, since my wallet is emptier from my travels and still have a backlog to complete (established some rules and now I can only buy two games after completing six of them).

    Lot of tempting games, but might end up buying .hack//G.U (played it on PS2 but never finished it) and Senran Kagura Burst Re:Renewal. Might also buy Valkyria Chronicles 4 by the end of the sale.

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    2. AlchemistWer


      This time .Hack G.U on PS4 is, without a doubt, easier than the PS2 version and a lot, still in my opinion now is more enjoyable than before and all looks amazing with the HD resolution. It's a shame .Hack//IMOQ still remain on PS2.

    3. Caju_94


      From what I recall on the PS2, the game did not seem that hard as well, it was really easy to grind up levels due to the fact you could generate your own dungeons. If it's easier then it will be a piece of cake IMO. I'm really looking forward to it.

    4. AlchemistWer


      Hope you enjoy it, it's a shame it only have 1 trophy list.

  3. Two in one! Japanese + Vita games! Might buy a couple of games.
  4. As for me, I would pick the following 1) Etrian Odyssey from 3DS to the Vita: A game with many things in common with Demon Gaze. Even though I never finished an Etrain Odyssey game, I always admired the gameplay and the learning curve and the difficulty of it. The soundtrack is really amazing and I think it would be an awesome addition to the Playstation (mainly Vita, since it's better designed for portable gaming). 2) No More Heroes from Wii to PS4: Despite never having a Wii, I always liked the concept of No More Heroes and would really loved to play it someday. After watching some walkthrough and some boss fights and cutscenes, it would be interesting to see how it would be ported to PS4 since there was no Wii Remote to swing anymore. Wiis are not expensive nowadays, so one of these days might get/borrow one just to experience this game. 3) Megaman Battle Network series: My favourite series for GBA, I played most of them (even though I finished both MBN6 versions, I experienced most of the games). In my opinion, this series is one of the most underrated for the GBA.
  5. [Digimon World: Next Order]

    Finally finished the main story and the extra Chapter 5. Can't believe this game still has lots of post-game content. Despite having some grindy things for the platinum, it will be fun to defeat the remaining bosses and fight against Megas to recruit them to Floatia. This game is a nice homage and sequel to the original Digimon World game... There are so many references to it!!! :) 



  6. I beat Digimon World: Next Order. It was supposed to fit the "Ultra Rare Platinum" category, however it took me 40 hours to beat it. For some people, it takes even more, because without any guides, the game is a bit complicated to beat. I was able to beat it in 3 weeks (40h) because I had lot of free time during August, because if it was not Summer, it would probably take me way longer than this, therefore I put it on the Takes Forever to Beat category. I only have two categories left. Metroivania or Rogue-Like: I have 2 Vita games I'm close to finish, forma.8 and Demon Gaze, so either one of these might fit. Ultra Rare Platinum: I have quite the number of games to start for this category. I already have Worms Battlegrounds and FlatOut 4 but I'm not that motivated to play them for now. Also have smaller games like Bound.
  7. After 3 weeks playing Digimon Next Order (and 40 hours of gameplay) I finally managed to beat the main story as well as the small post-game chapter 5. It was a really nice game, and it has still lots of post-game content for the platinum, so I guess I may stick around with this game while I'm still motivated because the platinum can be quite the grind. I also started playing Transistor (PS4) and Danganronpa 2 (Vita). At Transistor, I am probably halfway and as for Danganronpa 2 I am still at the beginning of Chapter 3. I currently have 59 completed games and 7 NG points for now.
  8. I did not manage to finish Digimon World: Next Order's story yet. I platinumed Rime, which fit's August's theme (the companion of the protagonist is a fox). However, I already completed the game for the January. I had to do a 2nd playthrough to complete the game again and get all collectibles. Does it count? If not, I can either skip August or get a Bronze trophy then.
  9. [Digimon World: Next Order]

    I am really into this game and in two weeks almost reached 40h of gameplay.

    At the start, the game was really difficult to progress.I finished Chapter 1 with my 2nd generation's Megas. I had a couple of struggles which gave me some difficulties on progressing towards the game.


    First one being the fact I needed to get stronger Digimons. My 1st generation did not evolve to Mega, but I play that part really blind because I wanted to enjoy a "blindfold" experience, but after looking better at some guides, I understood that there is quite the difficulty curve right on the 1st chapter after I met the first Machinedramon. I managed to beat him with my 2nd generation's Piedmon and BlackWarGreymon.


    On my 3rd generation I was planning to have a Darkdramon and a MachGaogamon. With the Tamer skills I had and the lack of money (because it was hard for me to farm BIT), I did not manage to train them much through battles, and was risking to have a MachGaogamon and a new born baby and that would suck. I switched the difficulty to Easy after I found out it does not affect battle, just the training stat increase (oh, the grind!), and managed to beat Chapter 2 and 3 with these two, thanks to the ExE digivolutions. Their stats were 20k HP/MP and ~2k other stats. I recruited a lot with these, having a prosperity of 100.


    Now, my 4th generation was born, and I'm raising them to get Gallantmon and Dynasmon. Since they were born with high stats, I grinded yesterday for 5 hours straight, having now two Ultimates with 30k HP/MP and 5,5/6k stats and they are beasts. I managed to beat Megas I could not beat with my previous generation. Can't imagine how they will get after evolving them again. This means I could beat the story with Ultimates, haha!

    The platinum for this game takes a lot of effort and is grindy and I am loving this game so much (I'm a digimon fan!) I'm willing to get it one of these days. 



    1. Honor_Hand


      Hehe, I can relate to those "blindfold" experiences too. Sometimes you just want to jump into a game and just be amazed as to what kind of surprises it can throw at you. Using a guide can sometimes detract from this part of the experience. As for the game itself, can't really comment much. Haven't played a Digimon game since the PS1 days. All these newer entries look pretty fun, though. Wouldn't mind having a go at them. :)

    2. Caju_94


      Well, this one is very similar to the original Digimon World game. The thing is, if you don't get Megas, it is hard for you to progress on the main story and the sidequests. They only tell you little by little how you can evolve your Digimon and show you some stats (but not all of them), meaning that with the 40h, I could be trying still to beat Chapter 1. Digimon World is not really a game to blindfold, otherwise, you would be doing a little bit of meaningless grinding and becomes more luck-based (if you hit the correct stats to digivolve). IMO, the fact I'm using a guide doesn't affect my experience in my opinion, because I still have to work out and grind for the digivolutions I want. 

      You should. I played the first Cyber Sleuth game (not available on PSN store anymore, just physical) and it is nice. You should try these, they really are reviving the concepts of the PS1 games.

  10. [Danganronpa 2]

    Finishing my first case and discovered the culprit! (Even if I know all the victims and culprits already, just not the method) It seems that the sequel is more complete than the first game. The island concept is really nice and Monomi is a cute addition to the cast (just need to figure out why "she" exists). 


    I must say that I struggled with two things. One being the Cross Swords. It is not pratical to have text spawning vertically as I have to turn my Vita to read what the opposite character says. And since it was new to me, I was having difficulties understanding the system. I thought that for every single sentence you had to "cut" with a specific evidence, but no you only need to choose the evidence for the yellow contradictions. 


    Plus, the PTA. The PTA in the first game looked more simple than this one. At the end of the 2nd game's PTAs, you have to form a sentence. Kinda weird, because I understood the idea of what the protagonist wanted to say, but couldn't form the sentence correctly (maybe an English misunderstanding of my part?).


    Guess I will need to invest in a couple of skills for these two game modes.

  11. Gaming-wise, had an interesting self-learning as a gamer last weekend.


    My weekend started earlier on Thursday, meaning I was 4 days without working. Since I didn't have particular plans, I planned to stand around by my village and eventually spend a bit of time on my Vita/PS4, and hang out wiht my friends as well as going to the nearby beaches. 


    Gaming-wise, my plan was quite simple. Try to grind and invest some time on some games whose story I finished, yet need to platinum. I would spend 1 or 2 hours on each game and switch between game so it wouldn't be so tiring (and it has been working). I did not end up starting a new game as I was expecting, but got through some things as I was grinding. I somehow already knew/felt that but I guess this extended weekend confirmed it definitely:


    1. I do care (too much) about completion rate. Having my completion rate under <80%, leaves me a little bit restless (not IRL though, just when I'm in "gamer mode", haha), yet, having now currently 80~81% completion rate, most of the trophies I have left are either DLCs (some I don't have yet, others I don't want to complete them yet), but most of them kinda grindy (even large games I left on standby like Exist Archive and Dark Chronicle). Everytime time I want to start new game, I do check my current completion rate and what games did I not platinum left, being "afraid" of leaving other games behind and putting them on the shelve definitely.


    2. I do look for trophy guide before buying/starting a new game to see if it takes a lot to complete and how hard it is to plat. And I've been avoiding amazing games I want to play like Digimon World: Next Order, Mirror's Edge, Yakuza, GTA V. Kinda ironic... Because I started and finished a game like Rayman Legends and had no trouble at the time. It is kinda obvious I will never have 100% for all the games I have, since I don't have the patience, neither the time to it, not to talk about my backlog of games I have on my library. 


    It's kinda ironic because I'm always saying to other PSNP users to have fun and play what they want, when sometimes I feel I'm doing exactly the opposite sometimes. I'll just grind when I feel like it, at least I do that. 


    Oh, dear perfectionist vein who did not vanish completely, when will you leave me? xD


    PS: I'm going to start with the UR games, don't worry!!! :D 

    1. Copanele


      That's the nicest self-reflection status I've seen in a while xD keep that perfectionist vein around

    2. PooPooBlast


      "And I've been avoiding amazing games I want to play like Digimon World: Next Order, Mirror's Edge, Yakuza, GTA V. "


      So pretty much any game I'd vouch for! :P. Go for it dude! And if you need any help in ME or Yakuza I'm your man. 


      But also you're not alone. I too look at trophy lists before buying a game but that only applies to games that I've never tried before that are a new IP because looking at trophy lists gives me an idea about game length and also what kind of gameplay I might expect on top of just knowing what difficulty I'm in for. It hasn't stopped me though from buying a game that I was really interested in. 


      And games that I'm excited for or have played previous installment of (i.e yakuza, GTA, RDR, just cause, ME, etc) then I buy immediately without looking at the trophy list. 

    3. WaffleJedi


      GTA V is the most unique game out there.  I highly recommend it!  Fun, great missions to do or just drive around. And the online is fantastic!  You can do quite a bit of the online by yourself.  


      I agree with you on guides; I don't buy a game any more unless I check the forums for a guide, difficulty and general glitches or problems.  I hate to invest my time enjoying a game just to get slammed on something the developers didn't fix.


      Good luck on your gaming venture!

  12. Platinum #54


  13. Last weekend, wasn't expecting to get Watch Dogs 2's platinum, but.. I got it! After taking a better at the trophy list, I noticed it wasn't that grindy and didn't take me much effort. It took me the whole Saturday to finish the rest of the main missions and do the usual misc stuff for the platinum. I'm grinding on other games for their plat as usual. Since this week I am only working until Wednesday, I might take an opportunity to work on some platinums and maybe start a new game. Of course, you can always take a look at my backlog and recommend me a game you think I should really try. This leaves me with 6 NG points for now. Never had so much points probably haha.
  14. My current status: 0 - Croixleur Sigma 1- 2- 3- Batman: The Enemy Within 4- Watch Dogs 2 5- Far Cry Primal 6- 7- 8- 9- I already have the partial badge. The other platinums I am planning to get next have the same numbers I already have. Might get a couple of other platinums like Rime that can still fill in a couple of numbers.
  15. Finished Watch Dogs 2 for the "Play As an Antihero or Bad Guy" category. I'm really I have three games left. My plan is the following: Metroivania or Rogue-like: I have two strong candidates. Demon Gaze in where I am trying to beat the Final Boss but still not managing to (even on Easy Mode). Forma.8 that is an easy and short indie game, yet kinda lost on what to do now, since you have to find out by yourself, haha. Ultra-Rare Platinum: I had Worms Battleground and FlatOut 4 as candidates, yet I do not feel like playing them for now. Maybe I will for another game like Digimon World: Next Order. That Takes Forever To Beat: Whether Exist Archive or Dark Chronicle which are long RPG games that I like to take my time with them.