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  1. It's a shame, yet predictable... The PSP was a huge success even though I only got one 2/3 years ago, and I really love playing in my Vita (still use it a lot!), but I agree that the Vita is for a smaller and more specific audience, since it doesn't have so many popular and mainstream games, but a nice console if you are looking for games made in Japan (RPGs and stuff like that). Nintendo is dominating the portable market IMO.
  2. Platinum #56

    Timothy VS the Aliens


    Got it as a PS Plus freebie. Nice concept, cute game, very simple. These very short games are usually not my kind of game but it was a small fresh breathing. Not the best game out there, not the best controls, but still cute.

  3. My January prediction: - The Order 1886 - SteamWorld Heist (Same as December... Let's see about that )
  4. Out of my backlog, I would recommend: Child of Light. A simple RPG in which you can play with 2 players if I am not wrong. It has a princess and lots of fantasy elements. They would certainly love it! Digimon Cyber Sleuth on easy mode. Despite some elements being a little complex for them, the random encounters are really easy and you can even AUTO the battles. Careful with boss fights though, they might need your help. Digimon Next Order would be nice as well, but it is a little more complex to progress in the game with a kid standing next to you I would say. Dungeon Punks. A simple dungeon action game with coop where you can just grind and spam normal attacks. Rime/Journey. Simple yet beautiful games!!!
  5. Platinum #55

    Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal


    Have'nt been playing a lot these last days, been quite busy. Still, a nice platinum added to my collection (and my third SK plat as well!)

  6. Entry 2: A Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts! It would attract the Heartless though!
  7. The Sheepinator from Ratchet & Clank. Come on, who doesn't want to turn someone into a sheep for the sake of fun (and a little bit of vengeance)? You can still take some wool out of them
  8. My prediction for December is: - The Order 1886 - SteamWorld Heist
  9. So for the next days, going to visit Thessaloniki,Greece for 2 days and Bulgaria for 3 and a half day (going to see Plovdiv, Rila and Sofia). Will have to opportunity to check as well Cambridge for 4 hours on my scale flight. Of course, my Vita will be with me for the traveling. :P 


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. AndyKazama


      Thinking of taking the Vita version of Senran Kagura Estival Versus out in the wild? :P

    3. Caju_94


      Yeah, will take a lot of pictures for sure.

      @AndyKazama, that one is already platinumed. But I have a Valkyrie Drive up my sleeve for one of these days. :P 

    4. AndyKazama


      @Caju_94classic game. Imo it's the better game from the Senran creator on the system. I really like that rhythm game mode where you touch the hearts on screen!

  10. I think I have gotten more shameless... How?

    - Playing Senran Kagura on PS4 with the huge TV at home and my mom watching all those boobs bouncing and ripped clothes. xD 


    #FamilyHouseGoals 😎



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    2. MidnightDragon


      Did she whack you upside the head or make a comment? xD 

    3. PooPooBlast


      Lol nice! :lol:


      Yea I'd never ever ever ever ever venture into this territory! I'd probably lose all respect in a snap of a finger with the potential of being disowned :lol:

    4. Caju_94


      Since we only have one TV at home, I normally use it after work for the PS4. Even though she doesn't understand a single thing about gaming, while she is doing her tasks or watching her smartphone, she sometimes comment some stuff about the characters she sees and asks questions like 


      - What is the purpose of this game?

      - Which character are you controlling?

      - Wow, what a nice and funny guy!

      - You're losing real hard, aren't you?


      Etc etc...

      As for SK... Well, she hasn't commented anything yet, but she's not the kind to judge what I play or what I do, she is kinda chill about it. Important to say that I was playing Burst Renewal and not Peach Beach Splash. On contrary, it seems Burst Renewal doesn't have as much ripping ad the Vita games do. 


      Now, if it was my father... Oh wouldn't I be screwed?? :P But I only live with my mom, so it's OK. :P 


  11. Thanks for the opportunity. Voted for the psn card.
  12. Loved playing Mafia 1 on the PC and was an amazing experience. Never played Mafia II. As for III, love the story, setting, but the lack of variety is its weak spot.
  13. Going to buy Senran Kagura Renew Burst and .hack/G.U for PS4.

    Also indecise about the 3rd game (only will buy 3 this sale). Ni No Kuni II or Valkyria Chronicles 4? Help me! xD



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    2. mecharobot


      Technically speaking, Renewal also changed some of Kat's dialogue in translation. It's tamer than in the 3DS version. Also I really didn't like it changed some of the BGM during a few more emotional story scenes. It also makes no sense that the girls are able to use their ultimate techniques they learned in EV/SV and Yumi DLC contradicts everything in Gessen storyline. Still a good altenative for Burst, but I don't think it trumps the original at least in terms of "feeling". It's just a really chill game.


      VC4 was still a good VC game, plays just like the first and I never actually got bored with it, but having played all the games, it should have been better than this. It scrapped many advancements from 2 and 3 (stuff like class trees, class changing, potential customization, more medals etc) and retconned the first game's story AGAIN. Much better than Revolution, but maybe a bit too safe?


      However all of these were still a lot of fun to play. hack was a bit of too much busywork for one trophy (Guild with Benefits), but I did really like the storyline.

    3. Caju_94


      Ended up buying Valkyria Chronicles 4 as my third game. No DLC for now, I'll see how I'll handle solely the main campaign.

    4. AlchemistWer


      You need DLC in valkyria 4?

  14. [Yakuza Kiwami]

    After ~30 hours of gameplay, Rank A on Majima Everywhere, 50 substories completed, I finished the story. It will certainly be a huge grind for the platinum. Dunno if I will start to grind now or leave that for later, thus, my conclusions and thoughts about this game:



    - Even though I only lost two fights against Majima, I never lost any other fights (Normal difficulty), I still struggled a lot with some mechanics. I upgraded all abilities except for the Dragon grid, and did not manage to remember all the new moves I learned, mainly in the Tech Grid. I sticked to basic combos and environment usage. I did not guard that much but sometimes I felt guarding was a bit useless because they would always attack my back. Being a "fist fighting" game, I was still ok with having melee weapons with swords, knives and such, but guns? FIREGUNS? I admit I used them on the final chapter, because I was already a bit annoyed by getting shot and trying to solve things by my own fists, still, I think the spirit of the game is fist fighting, not a shooter, lol.


    Story-wise (and here comes spoilers)



    - I really liked the story overall. Even though Kazuma looks tough, he shows a lot his good-heart side, meaning he sometimes was not that fit to be a yakuza (he even recognized that). Well, in the ending, it's pretty obvious he didn't want to take care of the Tojo Clan. 

    - Haruka is a really nice addition to the cast and it is really a relief and cute character. It is a bit unrealistic that a 9-year old girl would be so mature these days, still, I loved the father-child relationship she had she Kazuya, and I'm really forward for her growth in the sequels.

    - I disliked Jingu's fight. Too much firearms. And the other before (The one who killed Reina), was Sega trying to give a tribute to Dante from Devil May Cry or what? I think guns in Yakuza are a cheap move, and I admit using it, against other armed guys, mainly in the end, because they were quite annoying. Kazuma's ass was constantly being shot, lol.

    - I feel sorry for Nishiki... I think they did a great job to explain Nishiki's motivations and how he became during the 10 years Kazuma was in jail. I did expect for some characters to die, but not that many, geez, what a bloodbath. I admit Nishiki and Yumi's death were a little bit expected, but poor Shinji... and Reina... :( 


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. PooPooBlast


      such a good story eh? I kinda find it hilarious how you have to take care of a kid that's not yours that came from another man



      I also feel like you may have liked it more if you played 0 first and got to know nishki more? In any case glad you liked it :). 


      As for the jingu fight, everybody hated that one too! I didn't feel it was that bad and the soundtrack that played was pretty hype. 



      Also the Kiryu shooting people with guns became a meme at this point lol. "Kiryu Nevers kills anyone they say".  There are heat actions in future Yakuza games that involves unloading a whole mag into some poor person's body and bitch slapping him with it. So yea it's become a joke at this point :p. 


      And finally that's yakuza for you. People you care about must die lol. Sometimes you see it coming, sometimes you don't. And the story climaxes are on point! 



    3. Caju_94





      About Haruka... Well, she is the daughter of Yumi after all, how would soft-hearted Kazuma not "accept" her? A cute girl always wakes up a fatherly heart, lol (I laughed my ass off on the interview substory when they called Kazuma a DILF xD).


      Yeah, the Jingu fight had a really awesome soundtrack, even though it looked more suited for a Fantasy RPG. I also loved the OST (dunno the name I have to look for it), when you had to fight lots of enemies (when going up to the rooftop to save Shinji or running away from the Funeral site...).


      Many people say indeed to start with Yakuza 0 due to the fact that it is a prequel, but I prefered to start with the original first story, and also because Kiwami was a PS Plus offer. And Yakuza 0 is a Playstation Hit now, so I don't mind buying it even if it's not on sale. It will be nice to learn about the character's pasts. I'm really curious to learn about Majima though. It is one of the characters I less understand. He is a comic relief character on the game's free time and then suddenly he appears twice in boss fights during the story for no apparent reason, he is quite random... I don't really see him as an antagonist.



    4. PooPooBlast




      Haha yea the substories were really fun and are especially over the top in subsequent installments. Kiryu in substories =/ = Kiryu in the main stories which is great because it's like a comic relief :)


      But yea man. Hope you like Yakuza 0 once you get it! 


  15. Only 1 game left! Finished Yakuza Kiwami which fits the "Ultra Rare Platinum" category. For the category left, I have either Demon Gaze or forma.8, which are close to getting finished... Or who knows, since I have until the end of the year, another game might come up and fit. I'm really happy towards this progress of mine, and the fact that getting the platinum is not mandatory made this work easier. Any interest or intentions of having a 2020 edition?