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  1. So, this month, I will got the gold rank! I 100%'ed What Remains of Edith Finch. I really enjoyed the experience (during the night, with all lights out). It is part of the list that was shared ruing the event, and it was nominated to many awards.
  2. So, I finished What Remains of Edith Finch which fits "Released the Year You Joined PSNP", which is 2017. I am progressing with Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky. It may either fit the Ultra Rare Platinum category as well as the That Takes Forever To Beat. Of course, there are other games that take even more forever like Persona 4 or World of Final Fantasy, but Exist Archive is quite the repetitive game, and I've been playing on for quite a while (even though I just have a total of 22h of gameplay), so even though I'm liking even more the game by unlocking new abilities and stuff, it's repetitive, which makes some things last "longer".
  3. 100% What Remains of Edith Finch

    Wow, a really different game and such a deep story.The concept is really interesting and in such a short time, so many different mini-scenarios. 

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    2. Honor_Hand




      Isn't this one of the PS+ games of this month? I just remembered I have to add them to my account o.o

    3. WhiteDragonAura


      Nice going, Caju. 👍

    4. Caju_94


      @30 Year Old Boomer, I also liked Lewis's story a lot, specially because it talks a lot about the daily routine of work (and he had a bloody boring and repetitive work). However, the ones I liked the most were Molly's and Calvin's. Because:


      Molly because not only it was the first story, but it felt quite complete in terms of gameplay elements and it was my first "shock" with the family curse (I was like "wtf" when she ate the toothpaste and every kind of random food).

      Calvin because I really feel he had a very peaceful death when he started to "fly", its like he realized a dream right before dying, and it is really emotional.


      @Honor_Hand, yeah, it is! It's a really nice short game IMO, you should try it.

  4. Just unlocked Exist Archive's learning system. Things just got serious (the grind as well...)

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    2. Caju_94


      So far, I only have invested on LV2 classes and on Mitsuhide's Traning and Echoes. Since the learning is random, I'm waiting for everybody to learn Training and Kanata to learn Echoes, so it doesn't get more difficult.


      However, I have a question. I have for example, the fire mage girl, with her fire class at LV2, who already taught others the LV2 Fire Class (by teaching them twice). 


      I read on a gamefaqs forum, to for example, pass on a class to another character to raise it up to LV5 and then pass teach the LV5 the character who originally had the class. By looking at the skill menu, it seems that the SP cost is the same anyway. What is the advantage of doing that?

    3. starcrunch061


      Hmmm - it's been a while since I've played, but my recollection is that a character can pass both the class and the level to anyone else in the party, and when someone learns the class from another character, s/he also learn the level attached. Thus, this allows for each character to raise their own base class alone, and then pass them in full to Kanata after the fact.


      Thus, only one character actually has to level the class, instead of each character. I don't remember any need to pass a class to another character to level it, and then pass it back, but mostly that was because there was no real need for anyone other than Kanata to master all of the classes. I'm sure you could do that, and there might be some advantage (e.g. one character can level classes more quickly than another one), but I don't remember it being all that important.

    4. Caju_94


      Well, Kanata now learned LV.5 and Echoes and finally took Mitsuhide out of my active party, even though passing Training has been a little bit hard, since I still have to developer affection with other characters. I guess the "need" to pass classes is mainly because of SP Cost. I taught Suzaku her Lv.4 Taskmaster Class and she is out of SP, meaning I still have to level up quite a bit to make her learn Lv.5 Taskmaster and some of her unique skills so she can pass it later to others (mainly Kanata).

      My team is already around the 55~60, and still at Chapter 6 going to get Kanata's crystal.

      Despite the repetitive grind, I'm kinda enjoying. The fact you level up quite easily and get always some new equip makes it less tedious.


  5. Yeah, I have that in mind. Might as well buy DriveClub Bikes ASAP because of that.
  6. I got Driveclub's Legend Trophy, meaning I beat the main campaign of the game, having checked the "Strategy, Simulation or Management" category. As for Adventures of Mana, I'm almost reaching the point of no return, meaning I still have to get some missable stuff before for the platinum.
  7. I've been in holidays for 2 weeks so I barely played anything (a little bit of Adventures of Mana on my Vita). I got the Legend trophy on the DriveClub Tour, meaning I completed the main campaign of the game. The DLCs are really awesome, IMO. As for Adventures of Mana, I reached the Dime Tower, meaning if I complete this dungeon I will reach the point of no return, and I need to gather some missable items before, meaning I might still take a little time. I'm also investing some time on DriveClub and Horizon Chase Turbo trophies, but might start a new game soon.
  8. Oh, but the story was already completed before the month, so I didn't know it would count. If it does count, then I guess you can do it. My mistake then!
  9. Guess who is back from his two weeks holiday!!!! :D

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      Welcome back

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      Welcome back ☺

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      Yo, welcome back Caju_94. :D

  10. As I stated on a previous post around here somewhere, I skipped April's challenge, since I was outside of my country for two weeks. I just came back now.
  11. So this month, I'm going to have a big decrease. I started Horizon Chase Turbo for an event and also started DriveClub since the servers are shutting down in 2020 (may also buy the DLC Bikes which has a lot of trophies as well). Due to this having 120+ trophies, my percentage decreased between 78~79%. I guess having 90% has a goal starts to be a little difficult for me, I would be quite okay sticking with a goal of 85%.
  12. So, I completed Horizon Chase Turbo's World Tour and the credits rolled. I'm also progressing with Adventures of Mana (Around 25% of the story) and already halfway the DriveClub Tour (I started yesterday night).
  13. So, I finished Horizon Chase Turbo's World Tour, meaning "Reboot or Spiritual Sucessor" is cleared. Yesterday I started DriveClub (also due to the fact that DLCs are going to be delisted and the server is shutting down on 2020). In a short while, I managed to get half the stars needed for the final cup, meaning I am already halfway there. The category is going to be "Strategu, Simulation or Management", because the devs consider DriveClub as a half-arcade, half-sim racing game. Also progressing with Adventures of Mana, which will fit the "Last Game You Acquired" category.
  14. [Adventures of Mana]

    After I started playing the game in the morning, I suspended my Vita and turn it on during the night to continue the game. Saved the game. Got 11h hours of gameplay!!!! Hahaha, 11 hours still in the beginning of the game, nice. xD 

  15. I almost screamed out of joy when I saw the trailer announcement! Even though I still have to play the Pre-Sequel, I'm really looking forward for Borderlands 3.