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  1. Driver!!! Well, Burnout is more fast-paced and is a game that focuses on racing. Driver on the other hand is more mission-oriented with an open map. Plus, on most Burnout games, there are no cops (the focus of the game is to try to not crash and crash other racers). I would recommend for you to check out a couple of videos about the series to see what it is about exactly.
  2. Game #3 - Forma.8 Time played: ~ 3/4 hours Having read about this cute indie game and having it on my PS Plus backlog, I decided to start this game. I started it a week ago but it was a little hard for me to continue the game, because the game seemed a little bit slow-paced to me, and the controls were somehow limited. After I got certain abilities, the game got more interesting (yay to Sonic Boom!) and started to enjoy the game. Forma.8 is about a metroivania-style game where you control a probe of some sorts involved on a accident and ended on a mysterious planet. Basically, what you have to do is to explore an open-world map and find by yourself how you progress, whether its obstacles or enemies you have to face. It's cool because the game gives you no hint of what you should do, and I really respect that. It is not hard to find out by yourself as well. The bosses and the enemies seem really hard at first, but once you figure out how to defeat them, things get way easier. Despite having some puzzles, they seem really easy in general (for now), even though the challenge is more about figuring out what to do and figure out how to fight new enemies. The soundtrack is really fitting and nice. Tense music for tense moments and chill music when you are just roaming around... Basically, it is quite a short cute indie game to take out a break from our usual AAA console games. I'm playing it on the Vita and it is very fitting.
  3. Oh, yeah, it seemed so. Those who play Burnout Paradise without talking about the previous ones are those who didn't in general. The game is not bad, but with the open world implemented on Paradise, most fans consider (myself as well), that it lost some "arcadish" spirit of the series, with proper tracks, the famous crash mode (a mode where you have to cause traffic chaos), the different kind of takedowns you could do, the snapshots... I would recommend if you ever have to chance to try at least Burnout 3 and Burnout Revenge, they are in the general (and mine as well) the best Burnout games so far. If you don't want to, don't need to finish the game, but at least try to feel the original things of the game.
  4. Have you played some of the games previous to Burnout Paradise (mainly the PS2 games like Burnout 2,3, Revenge and Dominator)? If yes, what is your opinion of what happenned to the franchise with this game?
  5. I only started to like the game recently after I go the Sonic Boom ability. The game at first looks really slow-paced and I really got a little lost, since everything is "open-world" and you have to figure out where to go. Now, it seems to be more variety of things and abilities, so it's starting to get interesting.
  6. Haven't had much progress backlog-wise these last weeks, but still: - Finished and platinumed Far Cry Primal - Forgot to add the platinum I got for Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed - Bought and platinumed Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - Bought Batman Telltale: Enemy Within Current status: New Game Count: 2 Games completed: 55 (55 NG points obtained) Platinums/100% obtained: 32 (10 + 2/3 NG points obtained) (1 Telltale game not counting) Games/Bundles bought: 21 (27 games total) Right now, I am progressing with Batman: Enemy Within, so I can get 3 NG points to buy DriveClub Bikes before it gets delisted from the PS Store. I also added Forma.8 to my backlog since it is a PS Plus game, and since the start of 2019 I will count PS Plus prior to 2019 to count for NG Count as it helps me motivate to complete them.
  7. [Batman: Enemy Within]

    So, after completing Episode 1, I didn't get that typical Telltale pages about the choices I made, the % of players who made that choice and my relationship status with other characters. Did that happen to you guys as well?

    1. KingGuy420


      It's probably because Telltale is gone. No more servers to pull info from. I don't know that for sure but you gotta assume.

    2. Caju_94


      I don't know because a month ago I managed to still get the statistics for Guardians of Galaxy... :/

  8. Well, I guess I will have to forfeit this event. My completion rate has been decreasing little by little. I have started some new games for other events and also to help me reduce my huge game backlog (by completing at least the games' campaigns). Even though I will have a little bit more time this summer, I have been quite busier and spent more time outside home, meaning there are some platinums/grinds I do not feel doing for now, and even though I still get a platinum here and there, I'm getting more motivated on completing new games. My completion rate is also not that low. My plan is keep the rate always >75% at least. I think this event makes more sense to me if I had a lower rate and maybe a wider variety of games to play. I do not plan to be a 100% completionist and have a rate >90% (my time and sanity would not allow me, hehe). Thanks anyway for the opportunity.
  9. I finished and platinumed Far Cry Primal yesterday, fitting the "With Gorgeous Vistas" category. I started FlatOut4: Total Insanity, which will fit Ultra Rare Platinum and started as well Batman Enemy Within for "Romance Options".
  10. So, my first pyramid got hold-on with this: Ultra Rare Worms Batteground - PS4 Very Rare Need for Speed Most Wanted - Vita Journey - PS4 Rare Ratchet & Clank HD - Vita Hue - PS4/Vita Spy Chameleon - PS4/Vita Uncommon/Common Burnout Paradise: Remastered - PS4 Cat Quest - PS4 Sly Cooper and the Thievus Raccoonus - Vita Final Fantasy VII - PS4 I will leave the games I already completed and do a partial drop, and leave my pyramid this way. Ultra Rare Mafia III - PS4 Very Rare Horizon Chase Turbo - PS4 Journey - PS4 Rare Demon Gaze - Vita Hue - PS4/Vita Forma 8 - Vita Uncommon/Common Far Cry Primal - PS4 Cat Quest - PS4 Sly Cooper and the Thievus Raccoonus - Vita Final Fantasy VII - PS4 After you mentioned us again for the reopening, I already had in mind including Far Cry Primal, which I platinumed last night, that is why it has been immediatly crossed. Now, this pyramid could take a bit while. The only game whose campaign are not completed are Demon Gaze and Forma 8. As for Horizon Chase Turbo and Mafia III, I just to 100% them, it is a bit grindy. Might not focus on these now, but planning to plat them anyways.
  11. Do sign me up for this please! I already platinumed Far Cry Primal, so number 5 is already mine! 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - Far Cry Primal - 4365 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - Possible games to Plat: 3 - Batman: Enemy Within 4 - Mafia III 8 - Rime 9 - Senran Kagura - Bon Appetit
  12. I know I am still at Game #2, next week I will have Game #3 and #4. From the 20th to the 28th I will be traveling but bring my Vita with me so I can test game #5. Game #2 Batman Telltale: The Enemy Within (PS4) Completed 1 Episode out of 5 I really enjoy Telltale games as well as the first season of Batman Telltale. And you get a second season with more improvements than the previous one, than I knew this was something promising. I guess the fact that this is the second season, makes you somehow "skip" all that is introductory to the theme and to what is going on, and puts you into almost immediate action. The story starts off pretty well, and after finishing the first episode, I can say the story gets even darker, tense and the decisions seem to have more weight this time. This time, you have more people that can either love you or hate you, and you can't please all of them either (love Telltale for that). Story aside, I must admit that the action and the fighting on this one got a nice improvement. Instead of "pre-choosing" how Batman would approach his attacks, you can now choose during a fight how you want to approach. Want to be a brute that uses his bare punch and kicks, or do you want a more strategie and clever approach, using your hook? Do you want to remove the gun of the bad guy or pull the person you need to save? The fighting coreography got more interesting and entertaining IMO and the next episodes look really promising. I am really looking forward for some enemies that will show up and reveal themselves.
  13. I have been quite busy and it is a little hard to start some new games and do the reviews, but here goes the first one! Game #1 - Flatout 4: Total Insanity Platform: PS4 Playtime: 3~4 hours Having played Flatout 2 and finished it multiple times when I played PS2, I had some nice expectations for this game... But I guess I got a bit dissapointed with this. I really enjoy racing games, and what makes Flatout unique is the derby factor where your car can get crashed for good in the middle of a race as well as battling in derby arenas. Flatout 2 nailed it, and this game really gives you the same vibes from the previous games, with its menu graphic, soundtrack, cars, tracks and arena, however, it fails to give something better than the 2nd game. (Note: There is a 3rd game, but it is considered so horrible that it was completely ignored). You have two "campaign modes" in this game. The first one being the Career Mode, similar to the previous title, where you have different cars classes, buy cars and upgrade them, and win money as you complete the cups and the challenges. The other one being Flatout Mode where you complete different kind of challenges like Time Trials, Stunts and Derbies with the preset cars the game gives you, and some of them can be quite challenging. So far, so good, but as I started driving the dissapointement comes out. The cars feel lighter and every crash or single ram with another car makes my vehicle spin a little bit randomly, and the racing feels a little bit unstable sometimes. The AI is pretty unstable as well. Some races sometimes get really, really hard and at the beginning they start to be super aggresive to you. Other times, they are just lazy bums that let you pass and you stay in the podium for the rest of the race. Overall, the difficulty seems unstable and not on my favor, I've been having some difficulties on getting to the 1st place, even though I still manage to get on the top 3 always. Some small details made the previous game FlatOut 2 very charming, like the character sprites. As soon as I notice, that the male characters and female characters are based on the same sprite (one for each gender) and only their colour pallete plus small acessories changes, that's a sign of lazyness to me. Even my main character is identical to one of the AI! I really like the tracks but there does not seem to be much of them in-game. Still, they are quite nostalgic as they are similar to the previous games in terms of design. Overall, I do not hate the game, but I do not love it either. It's an OK racing game, that feels a little bit nostalgic for having played the previous games, but still fails to deliver what it should and had so much more potential. The platinum is going to be repetitive and boring probably.
  14. So, I installed Final Fantasy Record Keeper on my new smartphone... Oh man, way better than it was at the beginning... Getting too much addicted... And I'm not the kind of person that goes into mobile gaming... xD 

    1. WhiteDragonAura


      You're gonna have a whole library of mobile games installed on your phone by the end of the week. lol

    2. Caju_94


      Not really... The one I usually have is Pokemon Go, even though I haven't touched it for the last weeks. I guess I'll just stick to these two.