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  1. please delete this topic
  2. Ok now I understand. You're probably right. It will take time to increase. Improving the road layout and so on will be the best to do while waiting. Good idea! Thanks! Edit: I've achieved the trophy, finally. Here is the solution that worked for me, maybe this helps whoever is missing the trophy too. - I had to cheese it a little! - I had a constant number of 180k (175k - 185k) population - 10k eligable for elementary school, 25k eligable for high school, 5k eliable for university (with 9-10k already being in university) - I had 3 University campuses spread all over the city - possible space for 60k students (I built university buildings as crazy - just to boost the attractivity) NOW comes the crucial part - I turned off ALL university buildings - I let time pass for about 5 ingame years so the city could calm down - after this time my city contained 50k eliable students for university (still 180k pop) - I paused the game, and turned on all university buildings again - the trophy instantly popped - right after getting the Education Nation Trophy I still was missing the For For-Profit Edication! Trophy (the one with 5k students in a single universty while covering all costs with the tuition fees) - see side-notes for more info Side-Notes - fast forward doesn't work if your city gets too big - while disabling all university buidlings make sure you have enough money, because you will lose lots of it. (I had 10 million as I shut down all buildings - by the time I turned all of them back on I had about 3 million left) - due to the universites being turned off so long, you will have lost all prestige levels - the prestige levels will shoot up from level 1 to 5 again as soon as the academic year passes (each university campus had about 30-50k costs) - when the academic year passed the tuition fee income jumped up to over 100k per university campus - as I switched on all university campus buildings my academic year was about 3/4 finished, so I would guess that you don't have to hold the 5k and income>outcome for the entire academic year since I had only six weeks left - this trophy popped immidiatly after the academic year had passed (in this time the students where over 5k in each of my 3 universites) - traffic in my city was around 70% (not good, I know) - overall happiniess above 90% - public transport: only metro and bus Important - if you have the Hedron Collider or whatever the name is - tear it down! - turing it off or disabling the unniversity education option in it will not help - if it's in your city you will have less students in your university campuses - I tried all three options: only tearing it down really helped! Standard Policies - Education Boost - Free Public Transport Campus Policies - student health increase - both sports-policies I literally have no idea if the other campus policies effect the number of students because I tried turned all possible combinations and nothing changed except the expences going through the roof. Hope I could help
  3. Hey mate, I've now spent some time increasing the size of my city. Got up to 167k now - and holding it. Thanks for your advice again! Now the Problem: - since 120k population the number of eligible students (always at 4300-4500) hasn't increase - it has stayed the same even my pop has grown by over 40k (according to the info tab) - if I check my universities (I have 3) - they each have around 2300-2500 students (total: about 7k) Questions: - I am kinda confused: how can I only have 4300-4500 eligible students but then having 2300 students per university? - so does that mean eligible students isn't the same as actual students? - and why could the number not be increasing? Info: - according to the info tab everbody in my city has at least access to the universities - eligible for elementary school: 10k - eligible for high school: 25k Do you have any idea what's going on? I'd be greatful for more feedback on this!
  4. Thanks for the quick reply! Receiving letters for being accepted at University sounds good Looking forward converting my city into one giant campus
  5. Thanks for your thoughts mate! The biggest improvement I could achieve in short time was replacing the yellow Industry Zones with the Office Zones. Took only one ingame year to boost my population from 120k up to 135k. It also reduces traffic in those areas since there are no trucks in office zones as it seems. Parts of the other things you've written are already implemented in my city the same way. This will be key to achieving this. Thanks! Question: - I don't really get it: what is the need for post offices and libraries - how do they improve my city, happiness only? - (I have a few built throughout my city, but just very rarely) - there is also a policy for mail delivery - changing mail into emails - the effect is reducing traffic only? - will Business Zones be needed later on - since there will be no more yellow Industry Zones when I'm finished replacing everything? (no industry - nothing to deliver?)
  6. Hey, just wondering if anybody else is having troubles getting the "Education Nation" - Trophy. All other trophies I'm missing will come along it's way since I'm pretty sure this one will be the toughest. If you have any oppinion or advice for me I would be glad to hear it. The facts about my city: 1.) - currently my city has between 110k and 120k pupulation - I read that in theory 10% or 15% of the population should be eligible for University - as result this would be about 10k to 12k students in my city at current - but I only have around 5k split into all 3 different campuses - I have three campuses, one of each type - all campuses have level 4 at the moment - I also have far more elementary and high schools built thoughout the city than I would actually need, just to make sure everybody gets the education they need - city happiness is constantly above 90% - land value is pretty much maxed out - fire depts and all other service buildings are covering the entire city - don't think that matters for this problem - but just in case somebody wants to know 2.) - I have a Collider Hadron (or whatever the name is) built - you can on/off an option in the Hadron that disables the Hadron giving the people a high eduaction level - this option is disabled - enabling the option at the Hadron results in all the campuses to go empty - I tested it - this means the Hadron only educates people in low and medium education - which is also good, because I want my people to go to the campuses and not the Hadron for their high education 3.) - I have no other standard University-buildings in my city, only campus sites - traffic is always a problem but mostly the traffic "flows" - public transport insn't built to perfection but it transports a big chunk of people - mostly by metro > bus - my population generally won't go higher than 120k for the moment, don't really get what the problem is, but that's not the major problem at the moment 4.) Policies: - School's Out-Policy is diabled - Education Boost is enabled - Industry 4.0 is enabled - Campus-Policies are all activeted except from the one that would reduce the campus income to 0 - each campus has a sports arena Now the problem: - student numbers are drasticaly and constantly sinking - I don't know why - I've tried disabling the Hadron completely - no effect Any oppinions or advice? I'd be gratefull.
  7. I did the shared story yesterday with somebody. We had the same issue. I hosted and we disconnected maybe 3 or 4 times during the entire playthrough. Once we both had to actually quit to main menu because the game wouldn't let us reconnect. I started shared play again, loaded the same save, invited my friend and continued withouot any problems (collectables counted for both). The other time we disconnected and the game reconnected us automatically again. This resolved into the secrets and pictures not counting. It's just a wild idea, but if you disconnect - then quit to main menu, re-invite your buddy and continue where you stopped at and everything should work just fine. We were also doing a "everbody-dies-run" but the trophy didn't unlock for the non-host, even though the shared-trophy did unlock. So we reloaded the game at the Junior-Chapter and finished the game again. Then the everybody-dies-trophy unlocked for the non-host. Maybe it didn't pop the first time because of the disconnect we had again inbetween... Who knows... But at least it's possible to get the non-host the trophy as well - without him having to play everything over again.
  8. Hey mate, I started the game on survival and I must say it felt hard in the beginning but after a few hours I totally got used to playing kinda stealthy and hiding behind obstacles in gunfights. Once you get the hang of it, it will be fun. Just don't give up
  9. Thanks for sharing your intel on this! I wasn't sure if I should start the game on my first playthrough on survival mode. But now I definitely will
  10. And also after Metro Exodus 😄
  11. Hey mate, sorry I can't remember of out of which Data Drops it's combined. Just try playing the game until the point of no return, there you should have all Data Drops needed to construct everything. After the point of no return there are no Data Drops anymore.
  12. Great! I will check it out and hope I didn't make any mistakes with the Anomalies Edit II (An Anomaly Trophy): It worked for me! Thanks a lot for the hint! I would have never achieved this trophy because I would have never gone past the point-of-no-return, due to not "finding" the anomaly 😆 Edit I (Memory Recovered Trophy): Ok guys, I edited wunton's list with all the locations I had written down. Because my handwritings aren't the best I couldn't figure out where I had the location for Data Drop Nr. 7. It might be located in UC-01 or UN-01, but that's only speculation. All the Data Drops listed in the location "alternate station" are accessible via Laptops which can be found hanging around. While being in that station the HUD doesn't show the exact section if I remember correctly, so I didn't even try reading the signs on the doors. The only non-audio Data Drop ist 55 which can be found in one of the junction points between two sections, hanging in the middle of one of the big round locks/doors. There are no Data Drops in the locations EAS-04, EAS-06, EAS-08 and RUS-01 (on the normal station). The only missable Data Drops are the ones in the alternate station. I'm pretty sure all the other ones can be obtained even super late in game. As somebody else mentioned here before, some Data Drops aren't accessible until very late in game. So don't panic. I hope I didn't copy any mistakes from my handwritings into the list from wunton, but I think everything should be correct. I also didn't note from which camera or Sphere I detected the Data Drops (too lazy ). So feel free to keep the edit going if you want to.
  13. 55 is located in the alternate Station, between two sections hanging on a closed door/lock.
  14. Hi wunton, I've been trying to achieve the An Anomaly Trophy as well. Yesterday evening I paused the game; just before the point of no return. This evening I will finish the game and give you guys report, if I achieved the trophy or not. P.S.: I also made myself a list of the collectables, where and on which station I found them, as I was tracking the trophy. If anyone is intrested about the locations, just ask.