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  1. I'd like to know the same because it really does look like some fun Any advice?
  2. I also finally did it, but with the full-glasscannon-build. If I'd have failed that last try I would have tried playing with the Fire + Elemental tactic. Ist does really sound like a great tactic! Thanks for your help and ideas
  3. I know difficulty is rated differently by everyone, but... how can you say Hellhouse is harder than Bahamut in the Combat Simulator? 🤔😅 This fight is making me cry. I have all material maxed out and tried different set-ups, but I just can't manage to survive when Bahamut summones Ifrit - it kills me each time at that point.
  4. I can confirm all these locations worked for me - I had to close and restart the game though. Fast traveling back and forth didn't seem to work in that one session.
  5. Like DORE145 said, you must go into the store and "purchase" it again, even if you already have the season pass you must do this anyway. Otherwise it won't be linked to your account properly.
  6. I thought the same thing
  7. I feel exactly the same! I hope it doesn't get trophies - unless it gets it's own list. To me it doesn't make a difference if the DLC's need to be paid for or not.... I just don't like being surprised by a multiplayer mode if I didn't see it coming. Don't get me wrong - I love hunting trophies.... and I love new content... but only if I enjoy the game...
  8. Since Gaollion answered the Bloater and Rat King fight very detailed I will just comment your other question. I often threw a bottle or a brick someplace to lure them all to one spot, then Molotov them for example. But mostly I actually didn't even bother going into rooms like that, except if I had to - or knew there was something really good in there, since I mostly needed more materials/ammo to kill a group of zombies than gaining materials or ammo. Alternatively craft a silencer and shoot them in the head to hopefully kill them unnoticed. Other than that... patience... most of them walk around - take them out one by one. * I always tried to bypass the normal Bloaters without being detected - or I ran past them if I knew I can make it to the next safe spot... since they are super annoying and ammo-consuming.
  9. A new quest has been posted, Another Lunastra to be ghosted. Hopes are high and the smile is big, good luck gained after petting the pig. Minutes passed and the measurements are done, Is this Lunastra finally the one? The smile slowly turning into a frown, She is still not a giant crown.
  10. delete
  11. I contacted paradox support as well and they replied that they will fix the problem with the next patch (no date named). As far as the support-member knew / could tell me at this point, is that the correct amount will be 60 visitors on PS4. I'm exited to see when the patch will arrive and what it will bring to us.
  12. I contacted Caustic Reality last Friday or Saturday and asked them why the game has disappeared from the PS4-Store. Answer: They are currently investigating an issue with the PS4-Store and the game will probably appear early this week. Of course it's still not available.... just be patient I guess
  13. Easiest way of defeating Mules and BT's in my oppinion is to use a Bola Gun - you only need one single shot to stun them (except for the big or red-glowing BT's). Shoot'em all and then knock them out or cut the umbrelical cord without having to hurry.
  14. Hey guys, Do not read if you haven't discovered all facilities yet. I just wanted to share some info which made my life easier on getting special peppers to max connection level. There are certain conditions to be met in order to reach the next connection level with these preppers. Each time/after you deliver one piece of lost cargo or make one delivery to a pepper you must go rest in a shelter. You will then mostly receive an email from the pepper you just made the last delivery. After this occurs you can make your next delivery. With this tactic you will most likely only need very few deliveries to max out connection level with certain peppers. If you do not sleep in-between the deliveries you will likely never reach the next connection level. Enjoy.
  15. Hey guys, just want to share how you can aquire the "Last Transmission" trophy. In theory I knew where and how to achieve this trophy but I had my problems anyways at first. Here's why, and mabe it will help you. SPOILER - don't continue if you haven't finished the game yet. You must be near the end of the game where you can collect the battery. After you have collected the battery you must finish the game. When you start a new game I advise to check your inventory - you must have the battery in your inventory to be able to get this trophy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you don't have the battery in your inventory, then because you closed the game-application after you finished your last playthrough. You now must replay chapter 17 - ideally hit continue from the main menu to start off at the point in chapter 17 where you have to pick up the red doll - before you pick it up, check if you have the battery in your inventory - if you do, finish the game and continue reading below this section "In your second playthrough...". If you don't have the battery in your inventory at the step mentioned before - restart entire chapter 17 (if you have a manual save), collect the battery again, finish the game and then start a new game - without closing the game-application! For some reason the game doesn't remember you collected the battery if you close the application. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In your second playthrough you will come to a locked door in chapter 4 - where you must repair the headlights of the truck. Reminder: Do not repair the lights yet. First you need to connect the car battery again so you can start the truck-radio. Hit the left tuner and listen to the transmission until the end - you will now aquire the lock-solution for the locked bunker door via message. Reminder: Do not repair the lights yet. Get out of the truck and go inside the bunker door, which you can now open. Instert the battery from the previous plathrough - trophy unlocked. Hope it helped