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  1. no have you ever drank alcohol 24h in a row
  2. Cabbage in water. Drain, coconut oil, soy sauce, unpeeled sesame slowly cooked
  3. No Water or Soda?
  4. Is personal advisor for Kim Jong Un
  5. Do you use this? I think its very handy to rate/note the ones tasted and venue & their beer menu feature is great! Add if you feel like https://untappd.com/user/nimimerkillinen
  6. Ive seen100s too Boredoms, My Bloody Valentine, Comus (twice), Current 93, Death in June, Anal ♥ 3 times, Vivian Girls, Crystal Castles when they only had first album out, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Urfaust, Queens of the Stone Age, Swans, Jay Reatard... This year ive seen: ...And Oceans - funAavikkoAdvent Sorrow - not sad enough for that kind of nameAeternusAmyl and the Sniffers - nice energyAntimateriaArkhon infaustus - mehAsphyx - pretty good!Belphegor - entertaniningBlack Midi - interestingBrighter Death Now - okDam-FunkDanny Brown DeiphagoDeletereDisciplines of the Void - nothing to write home aboutDälek - pretty goodEinherjerEmpress Of - at times niceEvil (Bra) pretty niceForest Swords - goodGaahls WyrdGazelle TwinGeorgiaGhost WorldGrave MiasmaHornaHot ChipHot Snakes - okHuun-Huur-TuIdles - nice energyImmolationIsmo AlankoKate TempestKikagaku MoyoKrodaKuiluLet's Eat GrandmaLow - good!Magma - dissapointingMardukMgla - dissapointingMonarque - dissapointing but not badMyrkskog - pretty good!Mysticum - pretty good!NaglfarNargarothNasOdiumOksennus - not badPan Daijing presents: Fist Piece - very decent!Paranoid (Swe) mehPuce Mary - pretty good!Pää kii - mehRadiopuhelimet - mehRamleh - okRoger Eno - okSeigneur Voland - Pretty decentSex Dwarf - not badSleep - decentSuede - okTim Hecker & Konoyo Ensemble - pretty good!TotalselfhatredTrollheims grott - nahUncle Acid and The DeadbeatsVargrav - mehVital RemainsWaste of Space Orchestra - good!Xiu Xiu - good!Zyanose ~ ok
  7. Yes, im not that fixated with plats but its absurd that ps wont remove them from necessary for plat to obtain part
  8. Game boy Game boy color N64 GBA PS1 and 2 Couple of cheap one game consoles
  9. Plaga is more of orthodox bm iirc, saw them live 2015 and mgla this summer 😇 Do you fellows like Ash Borer? Will listen to ^ later, seems interesting
  10. At first it started to subdue, maybe completed maybe not but now i only can hit with chain. Is it a bug or what to do? Triangle doesnt work edit. Reopening the game worked, classic
  11. Where to get more of these? Or other more xp foods
  12. wow, wtf, what are they thinking. there will be second expansion, i wonder could some feedback be given to them some way
  13. ive got already 99 citizens (missing that 45th because abandoned that grandfather hair errand and it hasnt rerolled) and finished the game, ive got that 9999999 and i cant get more (or use it on anything atm) or so thats the end of it but that new expansion was supposed to be able to exchange it to smtn else with niall
  14. yeah, my storage is full of the currency. the new expansion notes said you could change it to something else. do i have to unlock those special battles first?
  15. Im talking to niall but he doesnt say anything about it