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  1. I love the books and lore of Halo. Warhammer 40k appears to be a similar space opera franchise. The problem is that there are about 100 books of varying quality. If there are a few dud books in the 20 Halo novels (not counting the graphic novels) then I expect the average quality of the Warhammer novels to be far worse. Is the franchise worth getting into for the books?
  2. Splinter Cell Blacklist was unobtainable for about a year, then outta the blue, Ubisoft fixes it. Yet they won't fix a game that has been broken from the beginning.
  3. This game is no longer available on PC. Is there anybody on the planet who wants to play legit multiplayer games?
  4. I've been told that they cost a lot to maintain. I noticed that even used Jeeps retain high prices, but does that mean that they last a long time? I love the way they look and plan on living in the mountains of western Montana.
  5. For some reason I am only seeing the No Limits and Finish Line tours when I select Driveclub rather than Driveclub Bikes, even though the latter is the only one with trophies for these tours.
  6. Before entering the truck, simply stand there and kill the infinitely spawning enemies. There is also a kiosk for you to buy upgrades from.
  7. Turns out it's possible to infinitely grind credits right before entering the truck in which you fight the Tsar in. I can upgrade my rifle after all! Awesome.
  8. It takes about 40 minutes to beat on No Mercy. My problem is when the boss fight leaves the tunnel, and the glowing ball thing to shoot at in order to stop the Tsar from attacking the truck stops glowing. I've tried shooting the head, and nothing. From a video I saw, it looks like I need to destroy all the armor of both its arms before this. The problem is that I tried shooting at only one arm and didn't even manage to get all the armor off it by the time the glowing ball stops glowing. I am forced to complete every chapter via chapter select. I tried continuing campaign, but it forced me to at the boss fight at the end of the campaign on Survivor difficulty. I don't know if upgrading my Assault Rifle is even plausible if I am doing every chapter via chapter select.
  9. Is there any way at all to add mods to Skyrim VR? If there is no way for me to play Skyrim PS4 with mods and with the trophies, then I may just play it on PC. I really want to use a few mods, but nothing too extreme.
  10. How many years or hours did you put into this game? You do it with close friends?
  11. I suspect faction probably doesn't matter too much. Are PVP trophies easier with any particular faction?
  12. I am unwilling to take 5 PTO days from work to get Emperor. Furthermore, I do not like MMOs. I love Elder Scrolls, but I don't think it's worth it, not with having to worry about Emperor. Oh well.
  13. But I'd want to play through EVERYTHING from the beginning with someone. The grind would be so much easier if I had someone to do it with. Probably the only way I'd be motivated too.
  14. I wouldn't be willing to play through this monster of a game unless I had really good friends to play it with.
  15. I was wondering if it was too late to get into this game. I'm mainly interested in PVE. Would there be a total lack of guilds and co-op buddies for me? I would not consider playing through this game alone.