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  1. They're actually best in Tactics. In FO1, I don't remember any negatives of them besides not sending paladins inside the Mutant's base.
  2. The Mojave BoS chapter is easily my least favorite. They claim to want to hoard dangerous technology in order to protect humanity from itself, yet their stubborn isolationism and refusal to cooperate with others makes them an inevitably small faction. Even if the BoS doesn't give a crap about Wastelanders, it would benefit them in the long run to at least be somewhat benevolent with them, which would be easy considering their technology is the most advanced in the entire region. Even the Legion is at least beneficial for caravans, whereas the BoS is hostile to everyone, stealing technology from random people. Instead of listening to Veronica's common sense advice to expand the Brotherhood's goals, several paladins are willing to murder unarmed doctors all because they're scared of the mere possibility that their secrets about energy weapons and power armor be revealed. By being so hostile to everyone, it's no wonder that the NCR, Legion, and Mr. House all want the Brotherhood destroyed. All ending slides end with the Brotherhood stealing tech from Wastelanders, or working with the NCR to patrol the highways. The latter is at least a step in the right direction. Working with the NCR, or anyone, instead of fighting them is how you get people to not hate you. If the Brotherhood continue in their ways, they'll just keep making enemies without growing their own numbers. They don't even care for NCR's agricultural technology. Killing the Brotherhood is the main reason why I feel like siding with the NCR and negotiating a truce is better than siding with Mr. House.
  3. I wonder why they made it so different like this.
  4. No, they're splitscreen.
  5. A lot of good games have painfully boring trophies. I'll go for trophies if the game is otherwise lacking in an end goal.
  6. I will plat games unless there's a painfully grindy trophy.
  7. That sounds like a good strategy. I'll 100% games unless there's a ridiculously grindy/boring trophy.
  8. I had a lot of fun hunting trophies there for a while, but I'm done. I've turned off trophy notifications and will likely avoid looking at trophies in future games. I've been playing PC games and want to play more retro PlayStation and Nintendo games. Furthermore, I have a massive backlog of games I wanna play, and trophy hunting has seriously hampered my ability to get through my backlog. I only have a limited time in this life, so I'd rather spend that time playing games for fun and reading books than grinding trophies that only make me feel stressed out. When I was hunting trophies, I would think about them even while at work. Since stopping, I've felt much better.
  9. I do wonder what those people will do once the servers close. I encountered this one guy who got the 10k kills trophy years ago, yet wanted to get knife kills so he could climb the leaderboards. Strange addiction.
  10. Yes it's very toxic. How do you hold up in mp matches against the randoms? I was able to do really well using the Assault class.
  11. Most games on Amazon get at least a 4. 3.5 is considered mediocre.
  12. I just got a trophy in the No Limits DLC and didn't get any Driveclub trophies!
  13. I've managed to send a few challenges, but only 1-3 at a time. I've seen 7 ongoing challenges for multiple days. I still haven't popped the trophy. Am I doing something wrong, or is this trophy possibly unobtainable for some?
  14. Will I earn the level 2 Driver trophy in Driveclub by playing Bikes? Or will I only earn it playing No Limits? Is XP Level shared between both games?
  15. I can only hide Driveclub, not Bikes. Bikes cannot be hidden do to it not having its own app.