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  1. Missing Completionist trophy in Everybody's Gone to the Rapture.  Trying to gear myself up to play this game again. 🙄

    1. MMDE


      Yeah, that was a total chore.

    2. Lorajet


      I feel for you!  By the third time through that game, I was really frustrated.  Good luck!

    3. Kittet3


      Don't forget to hold the R2 down to walk a bit faster! I kept forgetting to do that during my runs.

  2. @paranoia_agent85 Congrats on Heavy Rain! Was the Kamikaze trophy a pain?
  3. @Darth_Krid @Armored Squirrel Basically money! Was planning on getting a new PS4 Pro this fall during the Black Friday sale!
  4. I was debating between RDR2 and Shadow of the TR. Looks like it will be SoTR!
  5. Am I too late to this party? I'd like to join if possible!
  6. Are signups still allowed? If so, I'd like to sign up! Fez (23%) Grim Fandango (4%) Old Man's Journey (0%) Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom (0%) Koi (0%) As I progress, more to be added later
  7. Thank you so much! My list is : 3. Kinemortophobia: Nightmares from the Deep: Davy Jones 5. Monophobia: Inside 9. Technophobia: The Swapper 11. Metathesiophobia: Midnight Deluxe 12. Gynophobia: Life is Strange
  8. If you need anyone on the bench to jump in if someone drops out, please sign me up.
  9. No problem, and I totally understand! I was offering as I didn't know if you were going to need anyone to help even out the playing field if anyone dropped out. I look forward to your future events!
  10. Amazon stocked back up? Gotta check this out
  11. Is it too late to join a cabin needing a cabin mate?
  12. Been away from home for a while, so hooking up my PS3 and PS4 to the TV and looking forward to playing my games again.
  13. I was excited to see the flash sale, but unfortunately, don't see anything that would work at this time. Bummer.
  14. I can have a laptop at the hospital and outpatient facility but they don't allow a console. So, no, I wasn't able to join his events, at least not yet. It doesn't prevent me from reading everyone's posts in Toogie's events and to feel like I am part of the community. I came to this site to laugh and have fun.