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  1. I know you are trying to clean up the PS3 games with the flaky PS3. One of the problems with PS+ giving away some nice games. You just need a console to play them on! 🙂
  2. Congrats Foxy! I know the feeling with the PS3 going on the fritz, you gotta clean up those games! I need to get off of my ass, too.
  3. Flash back to 2013 where every 12 yo wanted to be Level 100 with $12B in cash. Then they cried in the mic when they were spawn killed. So your little exploit will once again get us Level 100 idiots, who need auto-aim to hit anything standing still. haven't found the stealth button yet, don't know what rolling during combat is, and stand in one spot when shooting making them an easy target for the rest of us. What we see is a dot on the map we can spawn kill over and over again. LMAO! @Lorajet saw your Twitch yesterday and was unbelievably funny! The free roam with the campfire hacker was the best! 👏
  4. Love that Thrustmaster. Just wish I had bought it back in the GT5 days, would of had more fun and less frustration
  5. Nom Nom Galaxy
  6. Good luck on getting anywhere with R*. I have so many tickets with them........always get a bot response. Finally got bumped up to Tier 1 support, really can't see any difference in support 😒
  7. I'd be interested in just what happened on this one.
  8. Played Siberia on the PC, liked it, might be a playable game for me. Will look at Darksiders and Kung Fu Panda, see if they are interesting. Not a bad mix of games for December. Can't complain.
  9. I've quit a game because of the frustration of trying over and over again to achieve finishing a level. But after a while, a week, a month, 6 months, I usually come back and try it again.
  10. Rolling Stones
  11. Try seabands (used for motion sickness). Cost around $6 US, works for me. Happy Playing!
  12. Just hoping it is a prelude to something really good. Very disappointed in the offerings.....
  13. Hatoful Boyfriend At the Dawn
  14. Where were you thinking of picking up Uncharted LL? I was looking at Best Buy and they have it for $19.99. Have you found a better price?
  15. Agree with the rest. Your card looks good - watched it for 5 minutes. I'd say the problem is on your end. Clean your cache, and reboot the computer.