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  1. Got mine, plus friends got theirs' also. Gonna be a crowded waiting room tomorrow.
  2. If the trophies pop out of order or too fast, you will probably get flagged. Even though you were playing legitimately, the CRT doesn't know that. Same problem with GTAV and some other games. Enter at your own risk. How I minimized the risk was by joining the PSNP boosting sessions with well known players.
  3. So I just received my preorder invitation from Sony. Supposed to follow the link Friday morning at 10 AM and get in a queue. We'll see how well that works. out.
  4. Once again, was not able to preorder. Why the hell I thought this would be my lucky time, who knows. Tried GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart puts you in a loop, and Target. Well, guess I can only hope for next year.
  5. Update as of today - more to follow! A A- Anna: Extended Edition B B- Beyond Two Souls C C- Crossovers by Powgi D D- Donut County E E- Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood F F- Foxyland G G- Grim Legends 3: The Dark City H H- Here They Lie I I- Infamous Second Son J J- Jack and Jill DX K K- Kingmaker: Rise to the Throne L L- Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom M M- Murdered Soul Suspect N N- Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart O O- One Word by Powgi P P- Paradox Soul Q Q- QueensQuest 2 R R- Rime S S- Slayaway Camp T T- The Mooseman U U- Until Dawn V V- Valthirian W W- What Remains of Edith Finch X X- Xblaze Embryo Y Y- Yoku's Island Express Z Z- Zertopian Invasion
  6. First Update Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood 100% Slayaway Camp 21% One Eyed Kutkh 0% Late Shift 0% Just Ignore Them 0% First time through the game wasn't so bad, but the second time was painful (boring)!
  7. Any mention on who the select retailers will be? Was hoping for Amazon, Gamestop and possibly Costco.
  8. Nov 12 and $500 bucks. Sign me up!
  9. Looking forward to the news! Hope it is all good.
  10. Will be interesting if they hit this release date. Been hoping for the game, but kinda forgot about it.
  11. Trophy hunters (or maybe a casual trophy hunter)! Is there a game you'd play whether or not it has trophies? Right not I'm really enjoying Stardew Valley. Don't really care about the trophies, the game is just casual and a nice change. First time I've tried a time management game. What about you?
  12. You may also come across FPS and TPS - respectfully, First Person Shooter and Third Person Shooter.
  13. You missed the point. Quite a few of us have games that we may have already earned all the trophies, or in the midst of a game that still has some or all of the trophies unearned. The poll was for what game do you enjoy that you go either back to or enjoyed and never really thought of the trophies. Everyone - thanks for voting and your thoughts! It is great reading your comments and what game(s) you enjoy!
  14. Congrats on the game! I've tried playing RDR (first one) but get bored.
  15. @ExoBlackHart Geez, dude, start a new account and don't cheat. Really,
  16. I'd say $500 for the digital model. But I plan on getting the disc model, so probably $600.
  17. Haven't really played this type of game before but looks really interesting.
  18. No price? Must be free.
  19. And, the reasons for the flags? (And your response?)
  20. Think I missed this one last year. Can't wait to see how many trophies I can get!
  21. Haven't spent a lot lately. Probably the PS+ membership was my last expense for $40US.
  22. This.
  23. GameStop all the way.
  24. It was fun! Discovered you don't want to run into traffic (duh!) as you have to restart
  25. Only going with the disc version. If the game is backwards compatible, I have a load of PS4 games I haven't started yet.