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  1. More new missions would be nice.
  2. First entry for December: Never Alone/Foxtales (Even 3154) 💯 ✔️ Started the Game this month ✔️ Also a Game for another Event
  3. Yep. I actually enjoy them for a break between the longer or grinder games.
  4. Welp, here it is. I have high hopes for this list! A- Anna: Extended Edition B- Batman TT C- Crossovers by Powgi D- Donut County E- Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood F- Foxyland G- Grim Legends 3: The Dark City H- Here They Lie I- Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom J- Jack and Jill DX K- Kingmaker: Rise to the Throne L- LA Noire M- Murdered Soul Suspect N- Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart O- One Word by Powgi P- Planet of the Eyes Q- QueensQuest 2 R- Rime S- South Park The Stick of Truth PS4 T- The Mooseman U- Until Dawn V- Vrobot W- What Remains of Edith Finch X- Xblaze Embryo Y- Yoku's Island Express Z- Zertopian Invasion
  5. I'm getting ready to start this game so info like this would be good to know.
  6. @voodoo_eyes Thanks for hosting this event! Had a great time and met some really nice people! Looking forward to the next event.
  7. Forgot to ask but when playing a base game, is all DLC also required to count?
  8. No email for me. Guess another year of coal in the stocking again....
  9. Well said!
  10. There are problems with GTAV PS4 trophies as well.
  11. That awesome car I have in my garage in GTA V
  12. Got another game for November! Day of the Tentacle Purple Tentacle Started game this month
  13. Guess I asked if there was anyone putting together some artwork for the event so we could have badges. Always like that bling!
  14. @voodoo_eyes Is it possible to add another game to my list? Cat Quest
  15. 2nd Game for November! Game of Thrones - TT Dragon Game started this month Game counts for another event (KYC 11)
  16. Welcome to the forums! We'll see each other? At the store? On the street? Now I'm worried!
  17. Then you should see what my granddad developed
  18. Shop the sales on PSN and you can get good deals. Otherwise I just wait and either buy through Amazon or Game Stop.
  19. This should probably be either a status update or post on the PSNP Discord channel.
  20. My Name is Mayo because there wasn't a sequel. Damn.
  21. Don't care if it is being developed by Creepy Ed down at the liquor store or the nerd that hides in the bushes. I'm picking it up.
  22. Game #5: Day of the Tentacle Remastered Difficulty: 3/10 Fun Factor 10/10 Hate for the Maniac Mansion Game: 11/10 Oh, man, here is the game for me! Silly, no drama, no MP, with characters I actually like! So basically, you've got 3 characters (past, present, future) that you are jumping back and forth with using, sending items through a Porta-Potty (oh, excuse me, a Chron O John) to the other characters to use. You are trying to save the world! Really gonna need a guide for this one as the puzzles are so logical they are puzzling (pun there folks) and quite a few side actions for the trophy(ies). I hated the Maniac Mansion. I still do. The timed part. The game keeps switching to the cut scene, my character can't seem to pick up the hamster, the time runs out. And, so, I have to keep starting the game over because I can't seem to find the movable rock in the jail. Okay, I suck! But, great game anyway!
  23. Doesn't really matter what metal it is - platinum, gold, silver or bronze - as long as I get a little bling to brighten my day!
  24. @ZEROTEW Congrats!