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  1. Hey, I’m interested in joining as well! Tier 1: Mirror’s Edge (2,93%) 15% Outlast 2 (1,33%) 64% Dying Light DLC (3 UR dlc trophies) 0/3 Deadlight: Director’s Cut (4,08%) 25% Dead Rising 2: Off The Record (4,35%) 91% Cheers!
  2. Definitely difficulty. I did a major grind for a trophy once but never again, if the trophy takes way too long I dont even really bother going for it because i’m not having fun then. I still have AC Black Flag level 55 to do but I dont think i’m going to do it. At the end of the day trophies are just trophies so i’d rather get a challenging one than one that takes hours upon hours of tedious grinding.
  3. You really like going for ultra rare games or just like showing them off lol
  4. Tomb Raider level 60 Took agesssss and was super boring
  5. Well i’d say Metro 2033 Redux but I didn’t have much choice since you don’t have much backlog haha. It was definitely a fun game to plat and wish you luck!
  6. thank you i will try again a couple times see what i did wrong
  7. I’ve played this game multiple times and even followed some yt guides but i can’t seem to get it. The guides on yt say you only need to defeat the ones in first night and the condenser. Is there any way i may have missed something or is there something that can help? and if it is condenser and first night can i chapter select to first night when i killed the entities in the condenser?
  8. Hi xKratosGR! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to help me out. i played this game once on another account and tried out s rank for rampage and it was a pain indeed, don't know if im gonna go for this plat. Maybe i have enough willpower. The stunt jumps really seem to suck but hopefully i can do it. Do you still know what the boss missions are called or how to know if they are the last missions? Your English is very good man, happy hunting! Thanks for the responses guys! Did you guys have any trouble with the stunt jumps? Happy hunting!
  9. Bring Me The Horizon: The House of Wolves
  10. The True Commitment trophy in Tomb Raider absolute grindfest almost done tho
  11. I have thought of platting this game but it seems it’s ultra rare is there any trophy that is very tedious or hard? a response is much appreciated!
  12. The last of us remastered
  13. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition