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  1. So, if my math is right, playing and beating the game will net you 10 Bronze and 2 Gold unmissable story trophies. Which would put you at ~32%, I think. Each of the stages also has a missable trophy that is either a silver or gold that you might be able to accidentally stumble upon, so you could end up a smidge higher doing a casual playthrough with no guide.
  2. Yeah, the same thing is happening to me. I was trying to go back for the Fully Charged trophy and it crashed every time I pulled the handle. 4 times in a row. So... I’m giving up on that trophy again for a while. Edit: I actually tried what someone suggested on your forum post on the EU version and deleted my game data, reinstalled and stopped it from installing the 1.03 update. That allowed me to access the battery charging station. And after a couple tries I was finally able to get the trophy with 101!
  3. I saw a video where the creator says that only one person needs to buy the game. The other person can download the trial and play the entire game with you for free.
  4. Yeah. Patch 1.01 fixed this problem for me. Just replayed stage 20 and got the trophy.
  5. I reached out to Ivanovich Games through their website. They responded and said they sent the fix to Sony last Friday and it should be published early next week. So this should hopefully be patched soon.
  6. Not that I've found yet. I also tried deleting the game and save file again. I reinstalled and played through stage 20 again and still nothing. Hopefully someone else can figure it out. I'm out of ideas.
  7. I had the same thing happen to me. Starting with level 20 the next trophy in the list pops and that continues through the end of the game. Stage 101 gave me "The redemption". No trophy popped for beating stage 104. I also tried completing stage 20 again with no luck. Deleted my save file and played through stage 20 again, but that didn't work either. Still missing The thread trophy and don't know how to fix it.
  8. I'm pretty sure it was part of the quest line. I think you go to Boxmore as part of a quest and have to talk to him and he just gives you the POW card. I might be wrong though.
  9. MaryAnneC went through the tireless effort of attempting to enter all of the possible combinations to find the remaining Pow Card Pieces. As far as we can tell, the Snappy Wappys don't count towards the Collect'em All trophy. Can - ! - Underwear = Pow Card Piece (Brandon 1/6) Star - Dino - Star = Pow Card Piece (Brandon 2/6) Dynamite - ! - Skull = Pow Card Piece (Brandon 3/6) Key - Headband - Van = Pow Card Piece (Brandon 4/6) Boxing Glove - ! - Mustache = Pow Card Piece (Brandon 5/6) Headband - Card - Sock = Pow Card Piece (Brandon 6/6) Headband - Van - Bandaid = Pow Card Piece (Baby Teeth 1/6) Shake - ! - Boxing Glove = Pow Card Piece (Baby Teeth 2/6) Comb - Headband - Dino = Pow Card Piece (Baby Teeth 3/6) Key - Lightning - Fire = Pow Card Piece (Baby Teeth 4/6) Comb - Key - Card = Pow Card Piece (Baby Teeth 5/6) Van - Van - Van = Pow Card Piece (Baby Teeth 6/6) Star - Shake - Comb = Pow Card Piece (Skateboard Nerd 1/6) Lightning - Box - Gear = Pow Card Piece (Skateboard Nerd 2/6) Van - Box - ! = Pow Card Piece (Skateboard Nerd 3/6) Key - Box - ! = Pow Card Piece (Skateboard Nerd 4/6) Boxing Glove - Sock - Can = Pow Card Piece (Skateboard Nerd 5/6) Skull - Mustache - Shake = Pow Card Piece (Skateboard Nerd 6/6) Dino - Gear - Card = Pow Card Piece (Elodie 1/6) Fire - Lightning - Fire = Pow Card Piece (Elodie 2/6) Heart - Sunglasses - Star = Pow Card Piece (Elodie 3/6) Can - Star - Sunglasses = Pow Card Piece (Elodie 4/6) Key - Comb - Gear = Pow Card Piece (Elodie 5/6) Bandaid - Star - Skull = Pow Card Piece (Elodie 6/6)
  10. Eden Garden 01 All Seeds Open all seeds in garden 01, without using continues