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  1. Wow that's a lot of stuff you typed regarding trophies must of took you hours to typed all of this into paragraphs you got some nice platinums I see and I liked how you gave them difficulty ratings and you talked about each game awesome keep it up and good to see that you are focused again keep at it.
  2. Hello Sergen just one question have you ever heard of a fighting game called Aquapazza it's for ps3 it has online trophies I helped two people with the online trophies you might like it it's a good game if you want to buy it and platinum it and if you need help with the online you can ask me I'll help you with that game anytime it's your choice I don't want to force you to buy it but I would love to help you out on the game if you plan on getting it!!!! 

    1. Sergen


      Much appreciated, I had heard of it but I have no current plans to do it, maybe some day in the future. It is very nice of you to offer that to me and I thank you greatly!

    2. Megatritionsts


      No problem anytime and nice to meet you.

  3. Glad your enjoying the gane!!!!
  4. Have you tried taking short breaks maybe play for a little while or look away from the screen for a few seconds I think that might help solve your problem that's what I would do if a was dealing with the same problem your dealing with.
  5. I understand how you feel i wouldn't want to play a game if it gave me headaches too I guess it's time to switch games maby you can reduce the brightness or something hopefully there is a way to solve the problem your struggling with Shadow Warrior. It sounds like you must be sensitive to certain light or images I probably would avoid that game too if that was to happen to me maybe Shadow Warrior is not a game for everyone!!!!
  6. Shadow Warrior looks like a fun game I always wanted to play it I thought about that game but haven't got around it yet maybe one day when I get a chance ill play it it's always a good idea to buy games like that while they are on sale to save money!!!! Lol Flying hot dog xD!!!!
  7. I think the game stacks NA and EU versions of the game
  8. I really enjoyed playing Shikhondo: Soul Eater great bullet-hell shoot'em up game one of the best i played in the shmup genre!!!!
  9. Awesome looks epic!!!!
  10. I want to platinum Aquapazza but its taking a long time for someone to join my boasting session I hope I can find someone as soon as possible.
  11. They should remake games like Demon Souls or Ninja Gaiden.
  12. Oh I see tough luck on that game for those who wanted to buy it on EU store.
  13. What game is it that's delisted?
  14. The Sun PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro?
  15. I would love to platinum a game called RADEN IV OVERKILL one day it's a fun game and all but platinum wise I dont think it's going to happen anytime soon I'll let it slide for now but maybe one day I'll go for it next time.