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  1. I hope you have a strong arm because this game can really make your arm tired.
  2. I achieved 100% for a game called Futuridium EP deluxe not to long ago I made a YouTube video for the game I dont have any gameplay for it sorry just the trophies for it feel free to watch it if you like what are your thoughts on the game.
  3. Futuridium EP deluxe is a hard game i got very lucky when achieving the 100% the flappy flappy trophy is pure luck base and the classic smasher trophy took multiple tries.
  4. Psn I'd Megatritionsts
  5. Try Shikhondo Soul Eater.
  6. Capcom arcade cabinet.
  7. My last ultra rare trophy was a trophy called retro obsessive in capcom arcade cabinet for clocking in 50 hours of playing time
  8. This account is two years old Since 2017
  9. The wolf among us ps3
  10. Naruto franchise naruto storm 3 naruto generations and naruto revolution.
  11. WWE Leagends of Wrestlemania.
  12. Battle Fantasia
  13. Sure it does.
  14. El Shaddai ascension of the metatron 4 days and 11 hours.
  15. Heavy Fire Afghanistan.