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  1. It happens to me sometimes especially when you play a very tough game on the hardest difficulty.
  2. Its OK cris3f no worries!!!!
  3. My pleasure PalaceOfLove thank you for reading and nice to meet you the Earth Defense games are all very grindy but its worth a try those games are unique and different from all the other shooters out there!!!!
  4. When I was playing Assault android cactus I mostly use Holly for most of the levels and for the bosses I used cactus when you are trying to get S+Rank for all of the levels you really want to stay away from bots as they don't really help as much the strategy I use when I was using Holly to clear the levels flawlessly without breaking the chain was I use her primary weapon the seeking bullets for the week enemies and for the strong enemies I use her cannonball to keep the chain going try to defeat the enemies as quick as possible as taking to long will break the chain this game is very difficult so it may take a few attempts to get S+ Rank on all the levels I got lucky on some of the levels especially levels 5-4 and 5-5 I got very lucky on those levels they were very tough for me especially infinity drive mode that mode is hard too I use Starch to get past layer 25 my favorite android was probably Catus I like her flamethrower because it does a lot of damage but I only used her for the bosses Assault android cactus is a tough game but its doable practice makes perfect good luck and Earth Defense Force looks like a nice game to play it may take a while but it's a nice Ultra Rare Plat to add to the collection thanks for recommending that game to me maybe one day I'll take a look into this game but as of right now I am trying to focus on one game at a time but anyways good luck with Assault android cactus🙂.
  5. Thank you very much cris3f for reading my story much appreciated!!!! Thank you very much Super_Mep for reading I appreciate it a lot!!!!
  6. Thank you for reading my Autism story CrimsonMercury I wish you the best of luck!!!!

    1. CrimsonMercury


      No problem, good luck to you as well!

  7. I don't have a computer so I can't really post anything but the last trophy I earned was the Furi platinum trophy.
  8. I agree with Winterkill 100% I think each and every one of you all have great psnprofilesđź‘Ť
  9. Thank you very much I appreciate it mate I try my best practice makes perfect🙂
  10. Welcome nice too meet you.
  11. Ascension.
  12. Thank you DaivRules much appreciated I will make sure to talk about the game once I finally get my hands on it.
  13. Hello everyone how are you guys doing today I just brought a video game off Ebay called Kromaia for ps4 I can't wait to play it when it gets delivered to my home it may take a couple of weeks to get here it wasn't on the U.S psn store so I got the disk version instead but it is available on the Hong Kong store feel free to buy it from there if you like Kromaia is supposed to be a tough game I plan on going for the platinum very soon there is this one trophy for beating pure mode I think that is the hardest one it may take a while but practice makes perfect this game will be hard but I will try my best if you want to try this game out for yourself be my guess expect a tough challenge thank you and happy gaming.
  14. Furi Platinum Trophy.
  15. I think I may have to go with hearts on this one I am not the best at communicating with other players but I try my best to speak up as much as possible I accomplished a lot of great things alone by myself such as being one of the first few people to achieve a platinum called I hate running backwards probably my greatest accomplishment ever so far but I always had a weakness of communicating with other trophy hunters but someday I will overcome this weakness and turn it into a strength it's going to take sometime but I will overcome it and soon I'll be able to speak all the time and make my own boasting sessions and get along with other players just like everyone else!!!!