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    Autism Spectrum.
    My Brain works a little bit differently.
    Always try your best dig deep and give it all you got.
    Love and respect each other.
    I love myself and you should love yourself too.
    In my opinion it's not about a competition or anything but it's mostly about trying your very best and most importantly try to have fun.
    It's not the end of the world if you can't obtain a trophy or anything if you first don't succeed try and try again.
    Always stay positive even at the worst of times.
    Stay strong protect yourself at all times both in the gaming world and in real life.



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    1. Sir_Bee


      Good news :) 

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      That’s great. :)

  2. Thanks for the video appreciate you so much!
  3. Hello everyone I just wanted to say that it's been very fun gaming and trophy hunting I been on this account for the past 4 years now I worked very hard to get where I am at today I'll never forget what I accomplished I did this all by myself I tried my best and I am happy with what I achieved and I think everyone should be happy with what they achieved too I'll always play games and collect trophies but for now on I just want to be a happier person and try to enjoy myself as much as possible it's one thing to play with a team or a group of people but when you have AUTISM and your doing all of this by yourself as a way to escape from real life problems or to Express your feelings or emotions that's a different story and I think that's very inspirational I use to been a high school student not too long ago I had to stay in school until I was 22 years old I was put in a class with other students who had the same condition as me such as AUTISM and so on it was fun being in that class I really miss going to School I graduated from there so I am happy about that now I am pretty much home all the time with my parents this is what i did after high school this hobby right here gaming and trophy hunting it was a fun experience doing this hobby after school now i think it's best that I try to stay happy and enjoy myself while still doing what I love thanks everyone for reading and I hope all of you are having a fantastic day stay safe!🙂

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    2. MidnightDragon


      It should be fun, not a chore.

    3. Megatritionsts


      Thanks everyone appreciate you so much!

    4. TrozRules


      very nice to read this. I am 16 and my parents would never take me to take a test but I took several online and it said I have "strong chances of autism", so I basically know I am on the spectrum somewhere.


      I also use trophy hunting as an escape and a form to express myself. It helps me make order in a very messy world. same with my guides. I have never done too well in school not because im not smart, but because I can't be bothered. when I am passionate about something like trophy hunting or guide writing I can easily do it (half my guides were done in less than 6 hours).


      great story, glad I can connect with you on that and I see you like the MN Vikings, I'm from MN!

  4. Hello there if you want to send me a friend request you can if you like nice to meet you!

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    2. Megatritionsts


      Your welcome 😁

    3. Yuzu Kichougasaki

      Yuzu Kichougasaki

      What about me as well @zizimonster? I tried to send a request to you because of your private settings.

    4. zizimonster


      I haven't sent anything... yet, actually. I, however, will send you guys a friend request when I need some help with games/trophies. I rarely chat/send messages on PSN, anyway. I visit PSNP more often. Seriously. :D


      P.S. I've changed my privacy settings since that PSN hack, which happened many moons ago.

  5. Enter the gungeon.
  6. I'm happy to be alive right now I hope all of you are happy as well I don't really say much but I'll try my best to speak up as much as possible imagine if your mother or father came inside your room for the first time they turned on your PS4/PS3 while you were away from home and they found out you did all of this in a room all by yourself alone while no one was watching I wonder how they would react to this what will they say what do any of you guys/girls think would happen?

  7. I love you guys/girls so much I want you to be happy keep doing what you enjoy when it comes to gaming there is no right or wrong it's whatever you can do it's all about what your Capable of doing as long as you are happy and your having fun and you are trying your very best that's all what matters at the end of the day it's not about a  Competition anymore you have to do what you enjoy I think everybody has amazing profiles I would never ever judge anybody's trophy collection because I know that they did the best they could do and they are happy while doing so I love you way more than you love me I hope you have a wonderful day everybody keep your head up high and do your own thing happy gaming! 🙂

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      I approve this message.

    3. gruffiiti


      Someone took their Joy pill this morning. ;)

    4. Megatritionsts


      Thanks for the support everyone!🙂

  8. Hey Mega how have you been, me and Justin missing talking to you and I hope your moving was easy and not to straining on you. Hope all is well and we miss you, have an amazing day Mega ^.^

    1. Megatritionsts


      Hello Dylan thank you very much for your support I am doing great I miss taking to you too I am coming back as soon as possible around August or so lately ever since I moved my internet has been disconnected been waiting Patiently to get it back on again so I can start playing again as you can see I'll be back before you know it thank you have a great day!

  9. The platinum trophy for a game called I hate running backwards probably one of the most frustrating games I played so far the God Among Mortals trophy took me so many attempts to do I was surprised myself when it unlocked I barely made it I didn't think I would ever plat this game but i put myself to the test and I practiced every single day for weeks something to be very proud of especially being the 4th person to accomplish the impossible Gold trophy!
  10. Thank you very much for reading man appreciate you!
  11. . I got very lucky with SonSon I think you can do it simultaneously but if you are having trouble completing it I might be able to help you out if you need a partner!
  12. Good luck with SonSon I completed that game using 2 controllers by myself it's a tricky game but it is possible! Thanks my friend game was challenging especially gunsmoke's round 10!
  13. Capcom arcade cabinet.
  14. Good luck with your trophy hunting!
  15. No problem anytime!