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    Autism Spectrum.
    My Brain works a little bit differently.
    Always try your best dig deep and give it all you got.
    Love and respect each other.
    I love myself and you should love yourself too.
    In my opinion it's not about a war or anything but it's mostly about trying your very best and most importantly try to have fun.
    It's not the end of the world if you can't obtain a trophy or anything if you first don't succeed try and try again.
    Always stay positive even at the worst of times.
    Stay strong protect yourself at all times both in the gaming world and in real life.



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  1. . I got very lucky with SonSon I think you can do it simultaneously but if you are having trouble completing it I might be able to help you out if you need a partner!
  2. Good luck with SonSon I completed that game using 2 controllers by myself it's a tricky game but it is possible! Thanks my friend game was challenging especially gunsmoke's round 10!
  3. Capcom arcade cabinet.
  4. Good luck with your trophy hunting!
  5. No problem anytime!
  6. Hey Congrats just wanted to say keep up the good work a lot of games you got there!
  7. Fantasy Strike.
  8. Rogue Company #125
  9. Rez Infinite.
  10. Shadow Warrior.
  11. Thank you man I appreciate you for reading my post means a lot to me I will remember what you said and good luck to you!!!!
  12. I know its tough when you are on the Autism Spectrum and you are being isolated from the world from your parents but all you can do is keep pushing forward and never give up one day your turn will come you will get a chance to show the world what you are capable of doing other people may take away my freedom but they can't take away my imagination because I know in my heart and in my mind that I am a whole lot wiser and I can do a whole lot more then people think I can all you have to do is dream and believe in yourself that you can do something Special for this planet and you will succeed even if you don't get credit for anything that you do or even if other people don't understand you!!!!
  13. Hello guys as you can see I spend a lot of time alone still trying my best to get along with others more I am starting to improve a little bit I tend to play more then I speak really to be honest sometimes I just have to take one step at a time and try little by little there is so much I want to do just haven't gotten around it yet it can be tough trying new things when you are on the Spectrum I do a lot of the same things over and over again I rely on routine a lot and stick to that same routine I am always competitive all the time I guess that's my way of speaking everytime I play its always now or never challenging myself every single day while being parented from the world!!!!
  14. Hello guys so I finally manage to obtain the platinum trophy for Kromaia Omega it was a great game fun bullet hell Shmup game it was a little tricky for me but I was able to pull it off it wasn't too much of a problem the game is pretty straight forward most of the trophies you can unlock just by naturally playing I had to complete new game+ a few times to unlock the Four Kicks trophy the two hardest trophies in the game are to achieve a x100 hit combo and to Complete Pure Mode I got lucky on both of those trophies Pure Mode is basically a no death mode it took me a few attempts to complete it tricky at first but once you understand what to do and you practice building up your skill level it's not that hard to complete this was a great platinum to add to the Collection if you guys want to give this plat a try wish you the best of luck hope you enjoy the game and thank you!!!!
  15. Kromaia Omega.