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    I love having Autism it's my superpower.
    I am very positive I love people and I want everybody to be happy and enjoy themselves.
    I have feelings emotions and empathy.
    I think everybody is special and unique.

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  1. I have a morning routine that I like to do I did this every single day to get to where I am at today everyday for breakfast I like to have a cup of tea I don't really add anything on it I like to have it just as it is instead of eating breakfast I replaced it with tea rather it's green tea or whatever type of tea I can get my hands on its supposed to be healthy for you because it's full of antioxidants I pretended that the beverage was already a breakfast food so I didn't have to work as hard I was able to do UltraRares a whole lot faster that way I used that beverage to boost my gaming performance that's how I was able to beat some of these challenging games I didn't eat a real breakfast until the afternoon or so I was able to obtain trophies before breakfast even started this only works when I am home all the time with my parents if I had to go to work early in the morning like at a grocery store for example i wouldn't be able to do UltraRares that fast anymore it would take longer to unlock them I am very happy that I shared this message with you thanks for reading everybody! 

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      I have an evening routine I have to do or I have trouble going to sleep.

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      @MidnightDragon turning off the lights? :awesome: