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  1. Same issue for me, i Can t log to my account 😑
  2. Same question. Is it possible to play with my mobile with my PS4 account ?
  3. It's a little complicated ^^ I am French so the DLC is not avaible in my store , so I ll have to create an US account, then download the DLC in this US account on my ps3, and play the DLC on my french account thanks to the US account ! That's why I am less confident now ^^
  4. If someone can confirm, Enslaved is a game I have to download until the end servers so I hope it works again :/
  5. Ok thanks. Is there a way to know when a game is 1.00 means it s ok (never had a patch) or means it needed a patch and the patch is not avaible ? I would like to test with all my ps3 games tomorrow (I am French)
  6. OMG I have Batman Arkham City GOTY but it's not installed on my PS3, does it mean I ll never have the trophies for this game or does it mean the game never needs a patch and it's ok ?
  7. WTF Sony !!! Is there a entire list with all the games which are impacted by this ?
  8. Hi, I am interrested by this game and i would like to know what i have to buy to get the 100% ? Thanks
  9. Any reaction from Sony ?
  10. I have problem too, wanna play to MGS Peace Walker in coop with a friend but i can't, looks like the access to the servor is impossible
  11. I've installed the game this afternoon and in FUT, Seasons online matches aren't avaible :-( Is there a way to contact EA ?
  12. I want the game too and i was asking the same question
  13. Thanks for your answer I don't have Need For Speed Wanted, is there an other way to solve the problem ? With an other EA game ? My question is certainly stupid but could it work with an EA'ps4 game ? (Need For Speed is on the ps4 psplus last month)
  14. Hello ! I have the same issue : EA terms and conditions don't load, how can I solve this problem ? Thanks for your help
  15. Hi guys ! I'm playing Fifa Street since yesterday and I've begun the "World Tour" mode. I've done my team and i've won a lot of games. So, i've unlocked some accessories and I've equiped my players with. But the trophy doesn't pop 😐 For example, after winning a tournament, i've unlocked sunglasses and i've equiper all my players with this accesory , i've played a match and at the end, nothing. I've tried with other accessories, still nothing. PS : The game doesn't want to connect with the EA servers (as said in the other topic) , maybe that's the reason ? Thanks for your answerss and help