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  1. On nightmare this part is sometimes unpredictable. At the beginning push the cart until Martha appears, then start running around the huge building until you reach the hole in the fence (which is on the right of the cart). Otherwise, you can hide directly through the hole without running around. Then, push again the cart and Martha will break the fence. Now, you should hide behind the fence through the hole, and make Martha go from one side to another until she loses you (she shouldn't scream anymore and should go away). Go out and push again the cart. Sometimes you can manage to reach the end and escape from this area (it always happened to me in the 1.02 version, but not anymore in 1.04-1.05), but usually you should hear (again) her scream, so watch your back while you're pushing the cart. She should come from the right building (if you're watching back, otherwise is the left building if you're facing the cart), so you should run through the broken fence and around the building (or using again the hole in the fence and going from one side to another). When you get rid of her, you can (finally!) push the cart and escape. I'm not sure about the Prophet trophy, but a school locker is a closet. But you should see at the end of the game if it voided the trophy or not. The Messiah run is a tough challenge, but don't give up! You need to learn every single section and all the extra enemies pattern. I mean, I did the insane run in Outlast after 7 attempts, 1st try in the Whistleblower, and "only" 16 attempts in Outlast II (and after months where I left the game, so, when I picked it again, I needed a nightmare speedrun in order to regain the game controls). So it wasn't very easy, some runs were really frustrating, even if I knew every single pixel of the game, since I did two perfect runs on nightmare, but on insane I always managed to do some stupid mistake (or enemies behave in a different way, or, worst case scenario, a bug messed up my run. Another example: 15th attempt, chapter 5, last Val's chase where you have to crouch through the tunnels. Well, Blake stopped moving in the first tunnel, he found an invisible wall, I pressed every single button on the pad, but nothing, Val reached me and killed me...😭😭).
  2. You're not alone with deaths at the beginning of the game. I managed to die with the first person I found in the village at the beginning of the game. When you hear the whispers in the dark, you turn on the left and you should see a guy with a machete (which should run away). Probably I was really faster, since I went straight into him, but he killed me with one hit! Let this guy run away! It's a good news if you're memorizing all the paths and using almost no batteries. I don't know of there's any difference in the enemies patterns between story mode and nightmare, but surely they are much faster, and probably this could be a huge surprise. And you could do all of these trophies in one run (speedrun, no hiding, insane+messiah), but probably you'll need some attempts in oder to reach the end of the game. I didn't find really difficult the Prophet trophy, and actually I found that hiding in this game is pretty useless, since enemies always found me (even if they didn't see me where I hid, especially the heretics). Remember that there are a couple of the game where you're forced to hide (inside the chapel, after the first real demon chase and you need to hide into the locker in order to come back into reality), but these don't count for the trophy. And about the timer, it shouldn't reset after every death. According to me, you should do a nightmare run in order to practice the "real" difficulty of the game, then an Asahel+Prophet run (or only a Prophet run. Maybe hiding could save your life in some chases, so leave this option available), a lot of practice in the hardest parts (for example, The Last Supper, the library maze, the mines, and also the last chases at the end of the game, like the final ones in the mines and Martha) and finally the insane+Messiah run (with also Asahel).
  3. Tokyo Xanadu Dawn of a New Day - Clear epilouge -Dawn of a New Day- My first run on normal is over! Now the NG+ on Nightmare+Infinity. But nightmare looks like a joke (compared to the Calamity difficulty of the TX eX+ version )
  4. Don't pick up any battery and you'll be fine, since the button for battery and healing is the same (, but actually for healing you need to press the button for a longer time). But usually Blake doesn't change a battery unless you order it. And if I remember correctly, the story mode has less enemies, they are also much slower and you take more hits before you die. But nightmare is a real nightmare: boss can kill you in one hit (Martha, Nick & Laird, Demon School, Val), but also every wrong chase can become a game over, since, after you take one hit, you start bleeding and slowing down, then you'll be grabbed by the enemies. I still remember an insane run which ended in a stupid way. Last heretics chase in chapter 4 (when you need to go back to the elevator): in some strange way Blake didn't jump over the first table, he did a stupid jump. Then I jumped over the obstacle, but it was already too late, I took 1 hit, then I reached the stairs and I died... I didn't try anymore for 3-4 months... In the end the bandages are not really useful on nightmare/insane (unless you manage to escape a chase while you're bleeding in some miracolous way), except a couple of sections where you could take damage, for example when you jump down from the roof of the school in Temple Gate (before the Martha cart section): simply jump at the end of the roof and you should avoid the damage. Another example could be the "King of the hill" chase in chapter 4 (before the chase I described earlier to the elevator): sometimes Blake takes a lot of time in order to crouch in the first part of the chase, and you could take one hit, but usually you shoul manage to escape, since here enemies are slower.
  5. Actually the Arland trilogy on PS4 had a price drop during last summer on the EU store, 50-55€ more or less. But I'm still waiting for the Vita Plus versions price drop. 😥 And maybe a retail version of the two trilogies...
  6. That's right. In the 1.00 version, the microphone drained the camera battery, but it didn't anymore in the 1.02 version (so, only the IR/night vidion drains the battery), and they also rebalanced (in a good way) the game. But the latest version (1.04 or 1.05?) removed some chases, making some sections with no sense (when you escape from the chapel, the long heretics chase before the last school section, the last demon chase in the school when you escape from the bathroom, the heretics when you reach the mines elevator, and also the first Val's chase in the mine was removed). Surely in this way Red Barrels made the insane run easier, but they also removed some of the best moments in the game (like the last demon chase with the blood following you on the walls). Probably because during chapter 4 there were too many chases.
  7. Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout Treasure Hunter - Find all treasure chests. The world in this Atelier is really beautiful, and I really like the Fall forest!🍃🍂 Tokyo Xanadu 100K meters and runnin' - Traverse 100,000 meters. Almost at the end of the final chapter!
  8. Remember you also need to use one battery during you insane/Messiah run. You can use the "Nick & Laird" glitch/checkpoint, so you can use it in the dark sections of the first 2 chapters, since, when you regain the camera in chapter 2, you always have 2/3 (or 3/4, I still don't understand which is right) of your battery. After this point you really need to save it, especially for the library maze and the mines chases. But I didn't find it really difficult, it's just a matter of memory, since the real challenge is reaching the end with no checkpoints and zero mistakes (and I made a lot of stupid mistakes, but I also found some stupid glitches which messed up my runs). This is just my idea, but, due to the lenght of the game and the unskippable cutscenes, Red Barrels should have made something similar to the "classic mode" of The Evil Within 2: a single save option in the middle of game (for example, at the beginning of chapter 4. If you die, you'll restart there and you don't need to run through Temple Gate and face Nick & Laird over and over again, and also watch long cutscenes over and over again). Anyway, good luck with this platinum. You really need it!
  9. Unfortunately you can't. You have to do it in one run. You can pause or you can out the PS4 in rest mode, but, if you close or quit the game, you'll lose all your progress, and you'll be back into the menu, so you need to see )again) the helicopter crush. At least in the first Outlast you were put back out of the asylum, since it skipped the introduction, and the insane run was more challenging, but in Outlast II this run was more frustrating, and (in my case) every single chase was full of tension, especially the ones in chapter 4 and 5 with the heretics. And the unskippable cutscenes of the first chapter are really insane. Probably without that you could finish the run in less than 2 hours, but usually a Messiah run requires 2h and 40 minutes.
  10. You don't need a second run in order to collect the documents you missed. You can pick them through the chapter select without replaying the entire game. But I don't know if the collectibles are shared between different save files. In my run I simply collected a couple of videos that I missed (especially the one called "Martha" before the first cornfield) through the chapter select mode. Actually I'm really surprised that the speedrun trophy is ultrarare. Once you memorized everything, it should be easy finish the game in 4 hours. The real challenge is the insane run with no checkpoints.
  11. I think almost everyone gave you excellent JRPGs. Falcom games are really great for almost everything: characters, plot and soundtrack. About Trails of Cold Steel I'd start with the first one, so you can fall in love with Class VII! Ys VIII is my favourite JRPG on PS4 and a good starting point with the series (we have also Memories of Celceta on Vita and a PS4 Japan porting, and Ys Origin which is the hardest among the three). Then there's Tokyo Xanadu eX+ (the "definitive" edition), a game which has a lot of elements from ToCS, but the Ys action combat system. Also the Tales of games are really great, but they require a long grinding, and usually most of them have a +100 hours platinum. But a couple of them are shorter: Tales of Xillia (PS3, "only 50 hours), was my first Tales game, and it was really fun! And there's also Tales of Hearts R (on Vita, again "only" 50 hours"). I'd recommend also Vesperia and Berseria, but these are really longer (>100 hours) There's the Dark Cloud series, which are porting from the PS2 games. These were made by Level 5, the same which created Ni no Kuni. Action combat system in random created dungeons, and alsom a georama function which let you rebuild the world. This function was improved in the second game, so what you build in the present could change the future! Surely Dark Cloud 2 (or Dark Chronicle for the EU version) is one of the best JRPG from the PS2 era. What else? There's the Atelier series, with a lot of games divided in trilogies. Turn-base combat system, gathering ingredients in order to craft bombs, weapons and armours, so you can fight stronger monster, gather better ingredients and craft better weapons, etc. And time limit (especially in the Arland and Dusk trilogies, while the recent games have no time limit). There are also the Neptunia games: anime girls and console war, with a turn based combat system. There's the original trilogy on PS3 and the remakes (called Re;Birth) on Vita, then we have the VII, the Cyberdimension Neptunia and the Super Neptunia RPG on PS4. And !F made also Death End Re,Quest.
  12. A huge thank you to every one who made and wrote in this thread about the Murphy glitch! You're all awesome! This is one of the reason I really like this community! I'd already played the PS3 adn PS4 versions, but the Diamond trophy was a nightmare for the Vita, so I delayed this version. But yesterday, when I read this thread, I made a speedrun in order to reach the online challenges, then I went to this challenge, and I followed every step @AdruA_ wrote, and it worked perfectly! Again, thank you! @Chettlar I'm really sorry. 😥 About the instructions, after I did the challenge, I checked it two times (just to be sure there was the diamond cup), then I went offline and I closed the game. And I waited. When the game changed the challenge I opened the game, I stayed in the main gallery (the one with the paintings of the Legends worlds), and then I checked the leaderboards in onder to go online, then I closed the menu and I waited in the gallery. Nothing more. And the trophy appeared! Actually it turned to be a bronze cup, but the trophy is out of the way!
  13. Black Friday! Actually Super Neptunia RPG has a good price but it isn't in the Amazon "Black Friday" banner, but the price is really good (well, it was very good... 22-23€, but now it came back to 42€!) And I'm a huge fan of the games with reversible cover, especially the ones made by !F...
  14. Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout A Lost World Lay eyes on the Underworld. A really beautiful screenshot! Actually when I read "A lost world" I thought immediately to the "Lost world" of Ys VIII... PLease, I don't want to fight giant T-Rex! 😥
  15. Ehi! Domanda, per te è affidabile prender un joystick Ps4 su Amazon? Ne vorrei uno nuovo originale ma cavoli se costan in giro... (E Unieuro lo mette a 54 € sul sito ma non se vai in negozio -_-) 

    1. Phoenix_argentea


      Aspetta, in che senso affidabile? Nel senso se è originale o meno? A meno che non sia spedito proprio da Amazon, però non mi fiderei, ripiegherei sulle altre catene.trolla bene l'inserzione!

      Un secondo joystick l'ho acquistato due anni fa su Unieuro, ritirandolo in negozio e pagandolo "solo" 49€ (colore argento), non puoi prenotarlo online e ritirarlo? Ti cambia il prezzo alla fine? Altrimenti hanno lo stesso prezzo anche sul sito della Mediaworld.