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  1. You just made my day, this sentence is more than enough. 😉 Finally I wrote an useful post. And I was in your same situation, since I played the first (and I liked it so much) and I was going to buy the second on the store (now it has the 50 % discount in the EU store), but when I saw the retail version I decided that I'll buy this one. What astonished me is the lack of news: I read everything about other games (CTR Remake, MediEvil remake, probably a Resident Evil 3 remake), but I didn't see any single word about this bundle. And it's a shame, since these games deserve more than this treatment. 😠 And it's strange that this bundle is avaiable only in the EU and not in the US. Maybe it will avaiable in the next days, just keep searching on the web. 😊 By the way, your Yarny is amazing! I saw the instructions on the EA website, but I'm sure I'll create a monster Yarny, since I'm completely unable of doing these thing. 😭
  2. Hello guys! I gave a look with the "Search" option and I found nothing, so I hope I'm not posting a double useless news. Anyway, yesterday I saw this one in a store by accident (as usual)... 😏 I had no idea about this retail release (I know there is the digital bundle, but I didn't expect this one) 😯, and maybe there is someone (like me) who is interested in this physical version. With a little Yarny (like the previous limited edition: it would have been better 😍.
  3. Well, according to me, I'd put the XIV as an extra emblem, just because, as you said, it's an MMO (I've never played this kind of game, and surely I'll never start the XIV. I like an offline game, better if complete, right FF XV?). Maybe in this way, in a far away future, I could complete all the FF games. 😆 And about the XV Pocket Edition I think it's a double XV (story and characters are the same) with different graphics (it's a porting from a mobile game, right?), so it should be as a stand alone. Anyway, I'm curious about the others point of views. And you're doing a good job with this Project Platinum! Keep working in this way. 😉
  4. @Dragon-Archon, thank you, now it works! 😉 I was doing in the wrong way, since I wrote the forum name and after the @ before it. Just another question: how do these emblems work? I mean, can you put one of them in the space next to the trophy card? And how do you put them? A simple copy image and paste? I know that maybe they are silly questions, but it's my first time I see emblems in this forum, so I have no idea about how they work. My apologies. 😓
  5. And finally the second part of the ICO & Shadow of the Colossus PS3 collection. Platinum No. 93 Shadow of the Colossus (PS3) Wander and the Colossus Finally I understood why this platinum is ultra rare: the hard time attack, combined with Wander bahaviour. Seriously, this guy (in the PS3 remaster) has a lot of problems, since he slips on every freaking surface, dodges backward and takes his bilance off. 😠 The Gaius battle was frustrating, and I managed after two hours, but the successful attempt was epic: I had a clear run without any issue by Wander, I destroyed the two sigils on his head and left arm and I went down to the final one. “It’s over, Gaius!” that’s what I thought when I gave him the final strike… But the battle wasn’t over. “What?!” I looked up at the Gaius HP bar and there was 1 micrometer HP. And the sigil on the stomach disappeared... You can immagine what happened and what I screamed… It looks like I completely forgot the sigil on the head (and I was sure it was disappeared, but unfortunately I don’t know what I saw). With 50 seconds left I climbed back to his right arm, back to the shoulder and I almost managed to fall down from his head (and I grabbed, maybe, an ear?), and I put an end to this battle in 4:42:90. 😩 With Argus it was better, becuase I stroke him down on my first attempt (how lucky!). Phaedra had a very tight time (and I finished with 2 seconds left, because this stupid was always shaking, and Wander was slipping, as usual). The only issue that I found to be better (maybe) is the arrows aim, because I noticed I managed to hit Dirge (the sand snake) in the eye on my first shot, and with Phalanx (the flying snake) I hit its white organs (or whatever these things are) in a fast way (maybe I’m improved with the bow… 😅 Nah, I don’t believe it). The collectibles weren’t annoying and I had fun blowing up the lizards with the flash arrows 🏹💣 (Boom!). A little bit annoying the 48 forbidden fruits in the secret garden and looking for the last one (damn it!). The major difference I noticed with the PS4 remake is the land: as it was intended this is a waste (and cursed) land in the PS3, while in the PS4 some sections of the maps look like an Elysium: just look at the north-west section of the map (towards the 14th Colossus): withered trees and soil in the PS3, a beautiful mountain landscape in the PS4. Even the atmosphere is different, because in the PS3 the land seems gloomy and dusty (a little bit, it's not dark, just a sensation). Ehi, this is only my opinion and what stroke me in the PS3 remaster, I could be completely wrong. Since I played the PS4 remake, I was looking for this version just to the see the differences (adn stacking two platinum trophies, of couse!). Some controls are awful and some hard time attacks are really difficult, especially Gaius: the guy who thought it could be done within 5 minutes (with an extra weak point and one minute less than the normal attack) is really evil 😡. But I think it’s an artificial difficulty due to the controls, since in the PS4 remake I had no problems with the hard time attacks (just a couple of attempts on some Colossi). I’m just a little bit proud of having both the games (with an ultra rare platinum). 😉
  6. Wow, you did a great work. These emblems are awesome. Congratulations! By the way, is there anyone who could tell me how to do the blue quotations in the posts? I see there is the @ before the name, but it doesn't work, so there must be something I'm completely ignoring. 😥
  7. Shadow of the Colossus (PS3) Wander and the Colossus (2,58 %) Whoever played the PS3 remaster surely knows why this is and ultra rare platinum: the hard time attacks. And Wander behaviour: he slips on every possible surface (even on a still Colossus) , performs random backward dodgings and throws off his balance a lot of times, and in this way you obtain an artificial difficulty (luckily they adjust these issues on the PS4 remake). Gaius in hard time attack is atrocious: the Colossus has one more weak point and you have less time (5 minutes) than the normal time attack (6 minutes). Add all the issues I reported and you obtain a frustrating battle. 😰 The guy who thought that time is really evil. 👿
  8. Back to the PS3! Platinum No. 92. ICO Enlightenment I really liked everything about this game: the story, the characters (but not the Yorda’s AI), the castle. It’s quite similar to Prince of Persia, but you are a little boy (and you don’t have the Prince’s abilities, of course). And the Shadows are similar to the NieR enemies too. Just one (silly) question (as usual): why is it always raining at the end of theses games? It rains during the Malus’ battle in Shadow of the Colossus, and again it rains in the last chapter of Rime. Do the developers like the rain so much? 🌧️ The trophies aren’t too difficult. The 2 hours speedrun was the only one which was a bit frustrating , since you have to reload and repeat some sequences, especially the sewer (once Yorda followed me and we were both out in the square 😰), but in the graveyard I was lucky since I managed on my first try. 😊 I reached the main gate in 1 hour and 23 minutes and I finished the game in 1 hour and 56 minutes, but Yorda was in “obstacle mode” (like the AI allies in the first Ni no Kuni), since she did everything wrong with the elevators in both gates: I went down, she stayed on the upper level, so I had to go back to the elevator, take her hand and lead her to the elevator (in East and West Gate). And in the sewer she was walking in circle… 😑 And after a couple of minutes she finally saw me. I was thinking: “Hello Yorda, it’s me, Ico. Did you make up your mind? We have two hours and we should hurry, don’t you think? Stop watching those freaking walls and grab my hand you [huge censorship similar to the ones made by Don Rosa in his comics. Put here whatever you think about her AI if something similar happened to you]!” I don’t want to think about the time I wasted… 😥 In the end I managed to finish it under the two hours. And, similar to the Sonic Forces note about the translators, here I write another issue about the platinum title, which is Enlightenment, but in Italian it was translated into The horned boy (Il ragazzo con le corna, the same platinum title of the Shadow of the Colossus PS4 remake). Ok, Ico is a horned boy, but if there is an enlightenment (probably connected to the final boss and her death, well, that’s what I think) why don’t you put this one in the platinum title? (yes I know, I’m annoying and pedantic with these translation issues, but I don’t like them. My apologies 😇). And I think that ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are connected by the horned boy. Well, it was another beautiful experience (like the Shadow of the Colossus one), and I think that the Hand in hand music (taken from the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack) would fit very well in this game, right? 😉
  9. My first post in this section. 😊 Today I found this one... And I finally found it! I've already finished the PS4 remake of Shadow of the Colossus, but I wanted to try the original version of the game (and see how difficult is the Hard Time Attack with Gaius 😥. I know that I shall fear it), and there is also Ico, which I've never played. And if you are wondering about the cover, don't worry, there is nothing wrong. When I opened it I discovered it has a reversible cover! 😯 And I put it at once. This artwork is really beautiful! 😍 But I'll keep it for December, a good month for going back in that wonderful land full of Colossi... 😌
  10. And finally the update to the platinum No. 91! Sonic Forces A Sonic hero This game change a lot of things from the previous ones. First of all there are no lives. Yes, no lives! 😮 You can retry from the last checkpoint how many times you want. But I thing in this way the rings lose one of the most important feature (together with the “hit point”), I mean, I liked hearing the audio cue when you obtained an extra life in the previous Sonic games. But Sega did it in this way. Fine. 😒 Next one: previously you ran through the levels of the same world (Act 1, Act 2, Act 3), but now they are alternated (for example Stage 1 in Green Hill, Stage 2 in Casino Jungle, Stage 3 in City, Stage 4 in Death Egg, etc.), adding more variety to the game, since is related to the plot (why do you go in Chemical Plants? To destroy the main computer which control the Death Egg' security system. Or in Green Hill? Because you want to take Eggman’s attention off Death Egg). And the levels are far shorter than Sonic Generations (and this is good, because you have to replay them so many times for the three types of collectibles, SOS missions, speedruns). I like this new villain, Infinite, I think is better than the Chaos Time (or whatever was its name) in Sonic Generations. And also this new avatar feature with a lot of customization. well, these avatars are really slow with the homing attack, so you'll use the whispons. There is a bit of grinding for the 100,000 rings (the only one, because you can obtain the gold medals of the seven animal avatars in a fast way with the bonus exp of the daily missions): I just put the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack in the background and went on in the Imperial Tower for the 999 rings every 2 minutes (or the 6th secret stage for 400 rings every 27 seconds). The hardest speedruns were the level 27 (this is very tight. I managed with less than a second) and the level 30 (this is longer and has a RNG due to the boost drop. Finally I had a good RNG and I finished it in 4:11:51, not so bad 😏). Just disappointed for two things: one is for the Chaos Emeralds 💎. Where the hell are they?! Without them this is not a real Sonic game! And the second is related to the Italian translators of the classic Sonic challenges: I spent an hour doing the spin attacks and the spin dashes without obtaining the challenges, then I searched on Google and I found the reason, because they wrote in Italian “perform a spin dash (or spin attack) on 3 (or 5) enemies in a row in a Classic Sonic stage”, but they didn’t add the number of the stage (stage 3 for spin attack, stage 10 for spin dash)! Sometimes these translators made me really mad 😡 and I won’t tell you how they translated some trophies in other games, but the one in Birth by Sleep about Terra’s story “The vessel” needs to be explained, since they wrote “The tool" or "The instrument” ("Lo strumento" in Italian). 😭 Ok you can say Terra is a Xehanort’s tool, but the vessel has a more important meaning for the Terra's story, especially when you see the new Organization XIII at the end of Dream Drop Distance, right? My apologies for the OT. In the end, is a fun game (but I don’t think is a real Sonic game like the previous ones due to what they removed) with some good challenges, especially the speedruns. In this way you explore the levels in order to find the shortcuts and the fastest way to reach the end. After all Sonic is a speedrunner, right? 😉 P.S. yellowwindow7 put a good remark about Sparx in the Spyro games. Well, I've always written She because I was referring (and I was always thinking) to the dragonfly, which is female in Italian, and sincerely I've never paid too much attention about Sparx's sex, since, according to me, it's a dragonfly, then a female. My apologies Sparx! 😇
  11. A new entry in my RPG collection: The only game I bought during the Black Friday (together with the Spider-Man season pass) with a 50% discount. 😌 Unfortunately the Italian cover misses the Tokyo RPG Factory logo on the top left, which appears in other covers, like the UK version (at first I thought it was an ice flake ❄️, but when I looked more carefully I realized it was made by three swords in an hexagon pattern. Really nice!). 😉 The cover is beautiful, I really like it! 😊
  12. Ok, one post for two platinum trophies! Nos. 89 & 90. Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage! Ripto’s remorse Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon Party like it’s 2024 Most of us are playing these games, so I don't think I'll add something new, but I can try. 😉 First of all I’ve never played these two, and they’re really fun, but I still prefer the first entry (yes, it's nostalgia!). The two is my least favorite just for a couple of issues: no eggs, no dragons, only orbs. And three seasons. Why? I expected four worlds, and not three. What happened to the Spring? 😟 Anyway, I found (as usual) a fun glitch during the Giantslayer trophy in Fractured Hills: after I smashed one of the first rock giant I was waiting for the third arrow of Hunter to knock down the last one, but strangely Hunter was still. And suddendly I got hit. What?! I thought the last giant threw a rock, but he was also still. And then another hit. And finally I realized: one of the giant that I defeated was alive and invisible! 😮 I could do nothing. Luckily, on the next attempt it didn’t happen again. I report again the same issue that I found in the first game (and in the third one): the camera is too close! And it made some challenges more difficult, like the Conservationist 2 (usually I didn’t see the circle wall or the Gulp's shots, and I lost something like 13 or 15 lives, only for the trophy), in the Bug control, but also in the underwater levels (in these one I always smashed against a wall). I read before that I’m not the only one and Durandal confirmed this (and one question: do I need to put the @ before the name for the quotation? Edit: no, it doesn't work). The third game added new characters and the dragons eggs (Oh, thank you guys! I wanted to save someone and not to collect orbs again 😋) but I think they made the flying level too easy. Oh, and I really like the Just one note about the platinum title, but I think it refers to the Chinese horoscope, right? So the 2024 will be the Dragon year. 🐲 In the end they are fun games and this remake is very good. The new Sparx detector gem function was a good feature: if you want you can use it, otherwise you can play as usual. And most of the time she detected gems I was sure I had picked up or well hidden by the grass (and I prefer replay the challenges instead of wandering around for 30 minutes just for one gem). But I’ve never used the maps (I completely refuse them. I wanted to find my own path). 😜 Just disappointed for the big update since I had to wait for a week for the download. And I still don’t understand why someone reported something like 36 GB while they were “only” 19,6 GB (maybe I lost something as usual, please forgive me 😊). And a patch for the freaking camera in order to adjust the distance and have a clear sight of the surroundings. 😎
  13. First of all, welcome to the Atelier series. 😊 I'll try to give some help. Maybe you already know this, but when you reach the level cap (20) you can obtain extra point to raise your stats (attack, defense, speed) and improve your skills. I grinded some dragons in the last room of the Fallen Palace in despair difficulty, and every time I obtained 2 points. But don't worry, I defeated the two post game bosses (Thunder Goddesses and Demon King) on easy, since I was really sick of them. 😑 About the synthesis,well, it's not really easy (and this is your first game, right?): usually you transfer the good traits from one item to another (and finally to the weapon, armor or accessory) and some of them are made putting together two traits (a sort of "fusion"). One of the most useful (which I put everywhere) is the Well rounded power (+25 for all stats) and you can obtain when you put two items with the following traits: All stat boost and All stat super enhance (or one item with these two, it's the same) and when you craft the item these two will disappear and there will be the new one. And again you can create the two previous traits putting together the Stats boost or the Stats enhance. I've found this guide with diagrams which can help you in the traits construction: And this process (with items and traits) is almost the same in every Atelier game, so if you play the next games (I highly recommend Firis and Lydie & Suelle, the last one is the best of the trilogy) you'll know already the alchemy synthesis and the traits combinations, so you can only improve. 😉 I hope I managed to explain something about the alchemic synthesis in an understandable way. Good luck with the two final bosses. 😎 By the way, this process is quite similar to the chemical retrosynthesis (you have the final molecule, but you disconnect the atoms in order to find the reagents for its construction). 😀
  14. Platinum No. 88 and 4000th milestone! Spyro the Dragon Gnasty’s demise Well, I played only the first one on the PS1 and this remake is really faithful to the original. The graphic is awesome (but sometimes there is a little framerate drop, especially during a flight) and also the soundtrack is good (but, according to me, the sound seems weak compared to the PS1 version). I still remember every level and every secret room, so it was a really easy finding all the gems and eggs. 😊 And this time Tree Tops wasn’t a nightmare (I always feared that level because I got lost every time with that ramps). And even the egg thieves are always the same with their mocking laugh (I remember they were faster on the PS1, but I think I’m wrong as usual 😒). Some monsters are less frightful, like the orange ones in the 3rd world (they were on the back cover of the PS1 game, I've always wondered what the hell they were, and I still don't get it!), the carnivorous plants in the Swamp (it's a pleasure to burn those freaking plants! 🔥), the monster dogs in the 5th world, but I think it’s due to the graphic and the remake (or maybe because I was a child when I saw them for the first time! 😱). I like every single world (except the Swamp, it was the least favourite, and I remember the PS1 version was darker), but my favourite is always the 3rd (the Magic Crafters) where there are the wizards with their “Waow!” and “Ah ah ah!” (with wall and platforms coming from everywhere), the mountains with the water, the ice and the clouds. 🏔️ 😇 And this music, of course! I don’t know how much time I spent listening to this one, but surely it was a lot. The only annoying issue was due to gems I was sure I had picked up, but when I reached the end of the level I saw they were missing, so I back tracked the level and I found them still lying on the floor in plain sight (“Really?! I was sure I had picked them up!”). And also the camera. It seems too close, and I had some trouble when I was speedrunning through the corridors, since I always smashed to the wall. And this is not fun. 😠 Now I’ll play the other two (yes, I finally managed to end up the download of 19,6 GB after almost a week) and these will be completely new games.
  15. New Platinum No. 87! Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online 4 Goddesses Online Master Well, this is my first Neptunia game, so I knew almost nothing about the background story and the characters. This should be quite different because the combat system is hack ‘n’ slash and not turn-based. Fun and easy RPG, you don’t have to worry about the trophies since most of them are event-related (I gave a look only for the abilities level), and the grinding wasn’t boring since I always changed my party. Maybe it’s a little boring doing the 100 sidequests in the post game, but I’ve done worse grinding sessions. 😆 About the game I put in the spoiler tag some things: Surely I’ll play other games of this series, but the PS3 retail versions are really rare (like the Atelier ones: for example, last week end I saw a Neptunia mk2, but the next day it was gone…). 😞 And finally: my favorite character? My apologies Neptunia, but it's Noire! 😜 Oh, right, I almost forgot this one about the soundtrack. I think the music played in the city (Return of the Goddesses) has a tune quite similar to A song for bygone days from Fire Emblem Echoes (one of my most favourite tracks). If anyone wants to give a look to them, I put the links: (Cyberdimension Neptunia, minutes 0:20 - 0:38) (Fire Emblem Echoes, minutes 0:48 - 1:18)