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  1. I know, that they don't work, so I left out the picture.
  2. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV A new dawn - Reached the true ending. Finally I've reached the end of this long narrative arc! I've mixed feelings about his game: some parts were boring, bad and unnecessary (especially the chapter 2), but the 3rd chapter was the best of the game, with some good plot twists. Anyway, I shoud post a pitch black screen for the trophy, but I add the one where the trophy should pop, with the "thank you and goodbye. We shall see you somewhere..." screen. Last trophy of this year, see you again in a better 2021! ๐Ÿ€
  3. Platinum trophy No. 203! Another Ys game! Ys: Foliage Ocean in Celceta Kai ๅ†’้™บใ‚’ๆฅตใ‚ใ—่€… (I think ot should be "Timeless adventurer") The PS4 version of Celceta! Unfortunately there's only one international list (both Vita and PS4 versions share the same list), so you can obtain a double platinum only with the Asian version! So, this is my first Japanese game for someone who knows nothing about Japanese language (just a very very simple knowledge)... and it was fun! Luckily I already knew the game, so I had no problem about the game progression (only tracking down which trophies I obtained was a little bit difficult) and the platinum route. Only a couple of trophies could be annoying, especially the Master cartographer, where you are forced to hug every single wall of every single area, because the game doesn't track you % for every sub-area (unlike Ys VIII, which is very useful), and I remember this nightmare on Vita version: my % reached 99,5% and I started seeing every single pixel of the map in order to find a grey area (and finally the trophy popped suddendly in the ancient desert basin). But here I had no problem, and it popped when I reached the final area. But I didn't see great differences between Vita and PS4: a more polished graphics, maybe the 60 fps, but the IA is crazy as usual (sometimes the start running in circle like crazy). Oh right, I had to get used to the switch between and in Japanese games. The game is fun, and has a very solid soundtrack (made by the great Falcom Sound Team jdk ), is not like Ys VIII ost, but very close to it: Black wings is pure epicness! But also Burning sword is perfect for the beginning of this journey, together with The Great Forest of Celceta, the dungeon theme Harlequin's tempation, the strange boss theme Battle #58 (why the number 58?!), the melancholic Forest of Dawn, the Ys Origin vibe from Tower of Providence, and also two solid rock tracks like The morning after the storm and Ancient land. Enjoy the music!๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽถ And finally the Japanese platinum screenshot! There are also other games that I completely skipped in this thread, like the double Hollow Knight platinum (which I put as 200th platinum milestone ), or my first Souls game (Salt and Sanctuary), b ut is fine, I don't want to write a huge wall text! Now I go back into the final act of Cold Steel IV!
  4. A couple of Compile Heart games, together with the new Falcom ost! Reverse Babel (which I think it should be the track of the final dungeon) is brilliant! Actually I was scared when I opened the parcel, because I found a CD with a different cover, then I read the title and I thought "Ok Falcom, you did a nice surprise!" And now I've got all the four PS4 Neptunia games (except the Japanese re-remake). And I also added another Falcom ost thanks to the Ys Origin special edition! Finally this game has a beautifil retail edition (which I can put next to the Asian version! ): too bad I can't add a 5th Ys Origin platinum. At least I've two Celceta platinum trophies...
  5. I'm going for a double platinum for another Ys game! And there's also a bonus CD with rearrangements of Ys music! I'm ready to hug again every single wall!
  6. It's finally here! Trails of Cold Steel 4! Actually it arrived last week, and I've finally cleared the Act 1. Well, this part is really slow, and it looks like nothing happens. You just go around in almost every town you explored in ToCS 3. But the interlude Shattered blade looks really interesting! And staying always on Falcom's side, I decided to pick up also a couple of Ys soundtracks! The arrangements of Felghana are really great! Too bad there isn't a PS4 porting of the game. And I've never played Ys Seven, so I know nothing about the ost. But I trust Falcom, and I wasn't disappointed!
  7. Finally my copy of Sakuna: of Rice and ruins. This game has a very wonderful ลŒkami feeling, is full of Japanese atmosphere. Also the grapchis are really good, especially when you see the different seasons, from spring, to summer, the falling leaves of the fall, and the snow of the winter. The Divine edition has also a beautiful artbook, the soundtrack (3 CDs), and, unlike the EU limited edition (which has a reversible poster), the NA LE has a Japanese charm (or watever is its name ). Oh, and I also received an Atelier Dusk keychain, referred to the Switch version . But the best thing of these releases are the booklet inside (together with the reversible artwork). Nowadays these items are really ultra rare! And it's really nice start reading all the stuff before playing the game. Time to farm some rice plants! ๐ŸŒพ๐ŸŒพ๐ŸŒพ
  8. A couple of Compile Heart platinum trophies. Nos. 197 & 198! Dragon Star Varnir The Witch Who Holds the Truth I finally managed to find a retail verison of this game. And I think is one of the best made by Compile Heart. I know that their "masterpiece" is Fairy Fencer, but a retail version of this one is really hard to find... Anyway, this one a very short JRPG with a very beautiful (and dark) story based on the fate of cursed witches, and soldiers who have to kill all of them. Until one of these soldiers (Zephi) turns into a witch by accident... Like most of CH games, also this one has different ending: a normal one, a "madness" ending (something like the "conquest" ending in Neptunia Re;Birth 2, where everything goes wrong) and a "true" ending. The ending is based on the dialogue choices and the "time management" between chapters 4-10: every time you explore a dungeon, you need to go back and feed teh three little sisters, but you have to be careful, because, if you overfeed them, they turn into dragons and you have to kill them...๐Ÿ˜ฅ The combat system is also interesting: turn-based with the "devour" component (you have a % which let you kill the enemy with one hit and also adsorb its "dragon core", which let you level up the characters by raising the stats or adding extra active/passive skills). And thanks to the 2devour" skills, the lv 99 grinding is really short: put the game on "inferno" difficulty and devour every single monster you see in the post-game dungeon. I reached something like Lv 200! And I really liked the art of some cutscenes, like this one: We have Noire! Also the soundtrack is really good: some tracks were also composed by Motoi Sakuraba (Tales of), but my favourite is the one played in the Witches Den! And finally the platinum screenshot with the entire party. My favourite witch is Laponette! Death end Re;Quest 2 DERQ DERQ Goose! You Win! I really liked the first game: the two stories (virtual reality, and outside), the different bad endings (and some of them were really dark and cruel) and the characters. But this one has something wrong. Ok, you have three new characters (which I really didn' like the ones in the previuos game), a story based on unknown, the same combat system of the first game, based on "pinball damage" and glitch mode. But here the difficulty is really low: you enter in glitch mode in almost every battle and you annihilate every enemy with the super powerful 3rd attack. And the games throw at you the previous "avatars", so I kicked out Liliana and I put Celica! I liked the slow development of the story and the construction of the daily life with the different characters in the orphanage, but the game didn't catch me like the first one. ANd there's also the annoying Mr. X (like Resident Evil): sometimes it spawns and you have to run away (or simply run past him), since you can't kill him. The soundtrack is solid and dark, and I'm also glad that this track came back, because is one of the best of the first game! And remember: the day-one edition has a code on the backcover, which gives you avatars, a theme, the digital ost, and extra items in-game (like weapons). And it looks like there will be a third game: I hope it goes back to the mechanics of the first one, since in NG+ you see extra cutscenes related to the first game, ad maybe an anticipation to a 3rd game. I'd be really glad! Platinum screenshot with the menu after the speedrun!
  9. No, around late 80% if you do the first four pantheons. You achieve the silver trophy when you clear the fourth pantheon, while the gold one is related to 112 % completion and reach one ending again, so you need to beat the Sealed Vessel (+ Radiance, if you wish). You achieve 112 % when you collect everything in the game and when you complete the first 4 pantheons. The 5th pantheon adds nothing to the %.
  10. I'd say around 78%, since there are two gold trophies (Pure completion and Embrace the void) and one silver (Soul & shade). When you're missing only two golds, I'm sure the % is 82 % (Outlast II docet), and usually a silver trophy counts 3-4 %, so I think you completion should be around that number. Actually the first three pantheons aren't really difficult; the fourth (related to the silver and one gold trophy) requires that you know how to beat Pure Vessel, while the final one is simply annoying: it's useless fighting over and over again the same bosses. There should have been a checkpoint system, especially for the final two bosses (Pure Vessel and Absolute Radiance).
  11. Nah, don't worry! It's easy to mess up with these Projects when you have so many names, ranks, etc. And probably you were also right, since we're going back to Seeker of Darkness due to Melody of Memory, and I'll stay there forever. I watched a couple of videos and I couldn't follow all the elements on the screen on hard difficulty (I'm talking about Wave of darkness I). Goodbye, Master of Hearts rank Maybe a (very) stupid idea: why don't you add something like this ๐ŸŽต for those who complete Melody of Memory?
  12. Sorry for being annoying, but I don't see the stars for KH III Re Mind.
  13. Hollow Knight Charmed - Acquire your first Charm I'm trying to make a different run in this beautiful game. First charm acquired just at the beginning of the game, doing pogo-jumping on the spikes! Test of Resolve - Defeat Hornet in Greenpath Finally I've acquired the dodge ability!
  14. Another great JRPG! Platinum Nos. 195! Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA (NA) (PS4) Adventurer Extraordinaire My 8th Ys platinum trophy, and it's another version of Ys VIII! Nothing to add about this beautiful game: it's my favourite JRPG on PS4. Everything is amazing: story, characters, combrat system, soundtrack. It's one of the few games where there isn't unnecessary grinding, because every single side activity is important: rescuing the castaway people increase the shops in the village and also add extra bonuses during the raids, fishing is useful because you obtain extra items from the Shoebill. Same thing about the exploration of the island, but is very fun exploring every single corner of this beautiful island. Probably a piece of my soul was shipwrecked on this island... The soundtrack is really beautiful, one of the best made by the Falcom Sound Team jdk, and the final theme, Everlasting transeunt, is really bittersweet, because it's the ending of this wonderful journey! Unlike the PS Vita version, where Dana segments were something similar to interludes, here they're expanded further, adding two more combat styles (in order to have "three" members with different weakness against the enemies) and more explanations about the story of the Eternia, especially about the Maiden of the Tree through the Sanctuary underground dungeon. And the final battle in the sanctuary was really fun, since you have to keep changing your attribute in order to follow the enemy's weakness, it's something similar to a dance! And you visit again it during Adol's era in the post game. I didn't remember anything about this one, so it was a nice surprise going thorugh it again! But I remember very well the night explorations, especially the one in Pan Gaia (rescue again the egg): enemies everywhere, and you keep running for your life! The platinum screenshot was taken exactly at the end of the Sactuary, where I defeated the post game final boss. And here I used something like 30-40 reviving fruits, since the boss kept one-shotting me! See you again Dana, in another stackable version of Ys VIII! Probably the Japanese ones!
  15. Hello! I don't think it should be too difficult, especially if you have no restrictions. I made a single run on the PS4 version with: proud difficulty + speedrun + unchanging armor + no continue. And it was really tough, especially the Shadow Sora in Neverland. I cleared the game with 14 hours, and the last 2 hours were spent only for the final bosses (after The last breath). And I completely skipped Atlantica and the Olympus (except the first tournament for the Sonic Blade ability). I agrre with your choice about the Divine Rose, it's one of the best Keyblades (except the Ultima), since it has the counterattack ability. And with the proper equipments and abilities (MP rage forever!) you should have no problem.