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  1. Hello! I don't think it should be too difficult, especially if you have no restrictions. I made a single run on the PS4 version with: proud difficulty + speedrun + unchanging armor + no continue. And it was really tough, especially the Shadow Sora in Neverland. I cleared the game with 14 hours, and the last 2 hours were spent only for the final bosses (after The last breath). And I completely skipped Atlantica and the Olympus (except the first tournament for the Sonic Blade ability). I agrre with your choice about the Divine Rose, it's one of the best Keyblades (except the Ultima), since it has the counterattack ability. And with the proper equipments and abilities (MP rage forever!) you should have no problem.
  2. After Dragon Star Varnir (which I think it's their best game) another Compile Heart/If game: Death end Re;Quest 2, The day one edition has also a code behind, which you can use to obtain extra item in-game, together with avatars, digital ost and a theme! It came together with a couple of... collectable cards? One from DeRQ 2, while the other should be Mary Skelter 2.
  3. Platinum trophy No. 194! Sword Art Online: Lost Song ALO's Strongest Player My first (and probably the last) SAO platinum trophy. There's nothing to say: the plot isn't really interesting, the fun stuff is due to the hilarious dialogues between the main characters. The combat system is fine when you're fighting on the ground, but I found it really atrocious while you're flying. Then you've to fight over and over again the same 4-5 bosses. But the grinding session wasn't so horrible: you just need to level up the three OSS to Lv 100, one main character to Lv. 500, the 100 sidequests and 100 extra sidequests... Maybe Hollow Realization looks interesting, but when you have +80 hours grinding... Well, no thank you! Platinum screenshot after I unlocked the 100 different weapons! Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC - 100% complete! Surely it's not a great DLC: the plot is a festival recycle (80%) + some kind of time travel with Sora? Just an excuse to replay the same epilogue of the base game. The best part was exploring Scala ad Caelum with its beautiful theme... Just for 10 minutes! Then you have the huge boss gauntlet: a copy/paste of the Data Graden from KH II FM, but it's not the same. In KH II FM every single battle was really unique: Vexen with the replica Antiform, Lexaeus with the power gauge (but I stull don't understand how should I trigger the commands!), Roxas (and Sora wielding three keyblades!), Marluxia with the death counter, Zexion and the trap book. But I found the new battles quite weak, and I didn't find them "unique" like KH II FM. Just powerful bosses where you need to struggle in order to find an opening. Don't get me wrong, some battles are great, like Terra-Xehanort (my favourite!) and Xion (which was really hard due to her stupid light rays that cut down you max HP bar), but I really hate other bosses, like Master Xehanort (the worst battle, it's a huge bullet hell) and Saix (another battle where I managed to survive with brutal force: change forms, elixirs and pray to stun that stupid boss). And finally you have Yozora, and you understand that the series KH is officially dead. This boss is much better than the Garden gauntlet, but he has so many moveset, and you really need a guide on order to study all of them and the openings. And it's not over. You need another playthrough in order to gain the Risk-taker trophy, where you need to fight the bosses of the main game (and strangely not all of them) using the "Pro codes", which make the game more difficult, like: go back to Lv 1, zero defence, HP and MP draining, no limits, no items, no magic, no Kupo coins, no fusions, etc. I cleared the main game using all of them for almost every boss (except Monstropolis, Arendell and the Dark Inferno), and I cleared the Garden with 362k points. Unfortunately I turned them off durin the Re Mind, so I gained almost zero points from the Armored Xehanort (and I didn't want to replay it again!), so I was forced to fight Yozora. But you obtain an ultra rare trophy and the 100% for KH III. The only good (and best) things of this DLC are the new rearrangements of the bosses music, like Force del male, Lord of the Castle, The 13th dilemma, Dismiss, Vector to the Heavens and so on. These are pure gold for ears, trust me! My favourite is this one, when Shimomura meets the Falcom Sound Team jdk: the 13th dilemma - Data Saix version! And probably the same thing for Vector to the Heavens! But I'm disappointed by the official tracklists of the KH III ost: some names are really anonymous....
  4. A couple of Dana pictures! Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA (PS4) Elegant Wandering Maiden - Thoroughly explored while playing as Dana. I was just grinding the tectite ores in the underwater cave and the trophy popped up! But I remember that the Vita version has a different name: "Kingdom Tomboy" or something like that! Reel Big Fisherman - Achieved 100% Fish Entries Logged. The Anciet Abyss fish refused to appear, so I had to teleport from one side to another of the island... But I finally caught it!
  5. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA (PS4) Towering Coral Forest - Made it through the Towering Coral Forest. One of my favourite dungeon themes in this game! The next one will be the Dark Eroded Valley!
  6. Platinum trophies Nos. 192 & 193! Crystar CRYSTAR The story of this game is really good, and also quite dark. Take the magical grils from Blue Reflection, togethere with a dark setting from Death End re;Quest and a hack 'n' slash combat system. I found really interesting the idea of the afterlife: no Hell, no Heaven. Simply a Purgatory where the souls reach the Cogs of Renewal and they retunr to life as new people, without knowing anything of the previuos life. But probably the combat system is weak, because is very simple and can become boring. And that's why that I change the difficulty to easy after the first ending. And this game has more ending, one worse than the previous one... But the game forces you to replay the final two chapters over and over again, maybe three times, but every time the story is completely different. And finally the main character manages to break this endless spiral of pain and death (something like the opening of NieR:Automata: "we are trapped in an endless spiral of birth and death" or something like that). If you're looking for a game with a very interesting story, well, this is a good choice! And platinum screenshot with the fluffy dog! God of War (PS4) Father and Son I've never played a GoW game, so this is the first one. And I really liked it: the open world with the Lake of Nine (where you can hear so many stories), the Northen mythology, the story (but actually I expected more at the end of the game) and the growing relationship between a father and a son (which I found it very touching, especially for someone who grew without a father...). The bosses battles are really epic, especially the first at the beginning of the game (but also the final one, even if I didn't expect that a peculiar character could be the final boss). Maybe the game needs more variety for the enemies. And there are too many collectibles , especially those annoying Odin's ravens (and that one on the right of Lake bridge). Platinum screenshot where everything began: at home! Too bad you can't go inside anymore after the secret movie...
  7. Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind Risk-taker - Reach the highest PRO Code merit rank. Re Mind DLC is finally completed! Too bad I needed something like 2.000 points, so I needed to fight Yozora again . Anyway, it's over. Time to move into the next JRPG! Ys VIII -Lacrimosa of DANA- (PS4) The Isle of Seiren - Cleared Chapter 1 - The Isle of Seiren. Washed ashore again onto the Isle of Seiren! I'm ready to explore this wonderful island again!
  8. Hello, I'm back! Finally I've played and complete the Re Mind DLC, so now KH III is 100 % complete! You can add me those shining stars! 🌟 Thank you!
  9. Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind Beyond the Curtain - Defeat Yozora. Finally I've defeated fake Noctis Yozora! He's tough, really tough, and has a lot of movements, which you need to study in order to block and take advantage. And again, another (useless) accessory, which you can't even use in NG+. What a waste... I wanted a crown like KH II FM, maybe a platinum one. Time to start the Risk-taker run!
  10. Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind Analysis Complete - Eliminate Thirteen Darknesses in the datascape. Garden of Assemblage completed! The hardest boss was Xemnas and his damned laser cage, which always kiled at the end. 2nd place to Xion: she's very fast and the blue lasers which cut down your max HP. Third place to Dark Riku, probably because it was the first battle I tried, and also because he's very annoying: he spams dark bombs and always screams YOU LIKE IT? / I'M DONE WITH YOU! I'M UNSTOPPABLE and other stupid phrases. The Dark Riku from KH I was really epic, this one seems a really stupid guy. Even the Riku Replica from CoM is more epic and fun than this blank phoney. What else? The easiest was Young Xehanort! And a screenshot with a very useless accessory. What the hell am I supposed to do with these items? I hoped they dropped items like ATK+, DEF+, MAG+, not a bunch of belts or bracelets. Now is Yozora's turn. This guy seems really tough...
  11. Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind Behind the Curtain - Clear KINGDOM HEARTS Ⅲ Re Mind. I don't know what to say about this DLC. I think that the story is a huge mess together with a 90 % recycle from the ending of the base game. My favourite part was the exploration of Scala ad Caelum, especially for its theme, since now you can hear it during the battle (together with the Lost Masters' theme), but you stay here only for 10-15 minutes... I kept the expectations low (Kratos docet! ) but actually they are even lower... No trophy pictures, since they're pitch black screenshots, but I add a free Aqua stained glass! Simply because I'm a huge fan of stained glasses! This was the only good think of the DLC, together with music (of course!) Start Analysis - Eliminate One Darkness in the datascape. And now the copy-paste content from KH II Final Mix: the Garden of Assemblage with the Organization Data. And on Proud I find them really hard. The first one was Dark Riku. And I'm worried about the others...
  12. And again, a couple of short platinum trophies! Nos. 189 & 190! Utawarerumono: ZAN ZAN Enlightenment I'm not a fan of musou games. I played only Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle on PS3 (and I really liked it, except the boring extra challenges, which were all the same), but I didn't like this one. There's a story, but I found it very rushed. Then, you have to replay every chapter on hard difficulty (which isn't really ahrd, except one) and grind exp points. Probably I think that the best part of the game is the character art style and the artbook. Yes, it was my party for the entire game, switching between Kuon and Haku, all of them dressed in blue (except Kuon)! And the platinum screenshot! SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics Retro God This collection was fun, really fun! And it's also really well done! Too bad that the challenges are related to less than the half of the games included. But probably is also good, because the progresses are glitched, since they can be erased once you close the game. It happened to me when I tried 4 or 5 of them (the easiest) and the game erased them, so I decided to clear them in one run! The next day, when I restarted the game for the last two trophies, I saw that the game erased (again) my challenges: 0/20 done... Thank you, glitched game, but I have my trophy! And I left the last one in a Sonic game: Sonic Spinball. I think I played it more than 10 years ago, when I was 14 or 15 on the PS2 woth the Sonic Mega Collection Plus (or something like that), which was a gift for my birthday in 2005. I really loved that collection! I've also the Mega Drive collection for PS2, I missed the PS3 collection and I picked the PS4 version. Edit: I went to check it into my collection, and this is the collection, with a very thick 50 pages booklet! Now, this is the definitive collection of Sonic games that Sony should bring back on PS4 again, with trophies and platinum! And this is the platinum screenshot with Sonic, waiting for the previuos collection back on PS4!
  13. Sword Art Online: Lost Song Skillmaster - Raise Asuna, Yuuki, Rain, and Sumeragi's OSS to level 100. Grinding almost complete! Jts do this extra mission over and over again! Skill Maniac - Learn every possible Sword Skill, Magic Skill, and Special Skill for a single character. And the grinding is over! You just need to level up three weapons skills until Lv 400. Not a fan of the two hand swords, but the screenshot is nice!
  14. God of War (PS4) Hello, Old Friend - Retrieve the Blades of Chaos Well, it looks like things are going bad... It seems like Outlast II's chapter 4, Golgatha: you just need to add the bloody rain and it's perfect! Round 2 - Rescue Atreus ... And we're back into the Underworld! Thank you, Atreus!
  15. God of War (PS4) Dragon Slayer - Defeat the Dragon of the Mountain I'm really loving this game! And that's how you defeat a dragon!