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  1. Platinum trophy No. 170! Atelier Totori ~The Adventurer of Arland~ DX First-rate adventurer Second chapter of the Arland DX trilogy! But moving from the Rorona Plus/DX into this game could be a little bit traumatic, since this game seems very old, especially for the menu navigation and the search functions (which are very useless, since you don't have an option for finding a peculiar trait...). This was the most annoying aspect of the game, but the story is really interesting, and also the world exploration: there are a lot of areas, and it was really nice revisiting some place that I'd already seen in Atelier Lulua, like the Ancient Monastery, the Golden Plains, the Stein Hill with the platform sections , the Rolling Hill, the Forgotten Village with the mist. And the part where you travel on the sea and explore the different islands was really fun (but I forgot to bring a powerful bomb in order to advance and reach the eastern continent, so I had to reload the previous save...😅). And finally I also met the little Piana in the snowy village! About the final boss in the demon tower I have a (stupid) idea, maybe there's a relationship bewteen Evil Face and Ficus... The soundtrack of this game is different from most of the other Atelier games: I found it sadder and nostalgic, like Following the footsteps (Forest and Plain), but also The peaceful ruins and The decaying monaster. If someone is interested, I add a couple of tracks! Unlike the previous game, in order to unlock every ending, you need to trigger the final flag of the character you chose, see the ending, reload the previous file and do the same thing for every ending. Then, for the true ending, you need to trigger all of them... And this time you can skip the ending credits, but not the final long cutscene... And you can't take the trophy screenshots related to the endings, so I took my platinum one with my camera (Zestiria was a good training for this...) But some other ending were really fun! #1 "friends forever?" ending. I really liked Mimi, and I was really happy that I could see her again in Meruru! #2 FF VII Remake ending: Aerith vs Tifa in Train Graveyard. Sorry for the long title, but it was the first thing I though when I saw this ending! Poor Sterk...😥 #3 Chims everywhere ending. Nothing to add about them... Except that I forgot to remove the command bar. By the way, I also took a break from the Atelier games and I decided to try Ys: the Oath in Felghana on Nightmare difficulty. Surely this is the hardest Ys game among the ones I've played (is followed by Ys Origin), since some bosses are really brutal on this difficulty (but all of them kill you in 3-4 hits!). Then I tried also the Nightmare Boss rush (the single fights, not the entire boss rush): for most of them I was 1 level above during my run, bur for the final boss I discovered that I was 2 levels above... And I'm still not able to dodge his fire balls, especially when you're on the ice platform. Nothing to say about the ost: amazing! Shock of the Death God is really godd for facing these huge bosses! And these are my times: Note that I have really long times for the two fire dragon bosses: the fire eater Guilen (which is really annoying) and the fire dragon Gyalva (which has the worst battle design, based also on RNG). But this game was really fun, and I hope Falcom decides to bring the old Ys games on PS4. P.S. Sorry for the long post, but the spoiler tags didn't work.😭
  2. I was referring only to the main game + DLCs for the 100% (seriously, it's the biggest game for number of trophies in my list! ), unless you want to create another category for the 100% of the entire FF XV universe, but I think it could become really demanding. And I'd leave the spin off games for your rule used to reach the platinum goal (3 spin off games for 1 main game, 6 for 2, etc.). But this is just my idea, let's see what the other FF players here think.
  3. Atelier Meruru ~The Apprentice of Arland~ DX Changing room cheerer - Changed clothes in the dressing room. After Totori DX platinum I've finally started the third game of the trilogy, and luckily is much better compared to the previous (gameplay and menu navigation). This is the first trophy, and I didn't know that there was one related to the clothes... Again, double trophy screenshot. Choose you favourite outfit on Meruru: Rorona or Totori's one? I pick Totori: I love blue! One normal day - Let Keina help you change at the workshop. An Atelier game can't start without an explosion at the beginning of the game! Rorona introduction - Watch as a legendary alchemist and her troupe visit the workshop. What the hell is this?! I wanted to see Rorona in her 30s, not this one!
  4. Atelier Totori ~The Adventurer of Arland~ DX Haunted doll? - Learn the truth about Pamela. Now this is the Pamela that I know! And please, don't curse me! Fishing Festival - Hold the swimsuit contest. This is quite similar to the Water Festival in Atelier Shallie, but this one is funnier! I don't know if you can change the winner of this contest (in my run Totori was the winner). And I don't know how I managed to do this, but I have a double trophy screenshot! Pick the one you like!
  5. Atelier Totori ~The Adventurer of Arland~ DX Unlikely party - Reminisce with Rorona and her friends at Iksel's restaurant. Old friends are together! But Iksel has really grown up in these years! Legendary drunkard - Went with Tiffani and Filly to have a drink. Drunken Tiffani event part II! Seriously, this woman scares me... And I don't want to think to part III in Meruru! But Iksel is always the same: "This is just your problem, I can't do anything!"
  6. Platinum trophy No. 169! Atelier Rorona ~The Alchemist of Arland~ DX Complete Double platinum for Rorona! And I'm also surprised by the rarity % (6% on PS3, 21% on PS4), but acutally I'm more shocked by the difference between the Totori platinum! Strangely, on the PS4 version the female Hom doesn't have any voice... But now you have a turbo mode for running and for the battle actions! Well, actually isn't really fast, so you shouldn't expect a turbo mode like Trails of Cold Steel (unfortunately): is just a little bit faster, but nothing more. And you can't skip the ending credits. That's right, you need 7-8 minutes for every ending (and they're 13 or 14, so you can imagine how many minutes you need to waste in order to unlock all of them). This is really a stupid choice... About the game, nothing more to add: the time limit could be very tight, but if you already know what to do it is very lenient. This time I managed to mess up a Sterk event during the 10th assignment (I simply forgot to fight the dragon! ), so I had to replay again that part. And the second Demon battle in Machina Domain is always annoying as usual... And now you can take all the screenshots you want, but most of them are pitch black pictures (unless you take them manually after 1-2 seconds). This one should have been the platinum screenshot!: Usually, if you did everything right, the platinum screenshot should be the one related to Let's meet again But at the end of the game I found that I'd missed an ending,the Esty's one, so my platinum screenshot is a stupid picture with the number of my saves: And I add my favourites ending pictures!
  7. Catch of the day - Haul in a "fishy fishy" from Alanya. I didn't expect that my first meeting between Rorona and Totori could happen in this way... Cuteness swarm - See the event detailing Chim's birth. Chims everywhere! But I'm still thinking to the original Hom in Rorona...
  8. Atelier Totori ~The Adventurer of Arland~ DX A day in the life - Watch the opening event. After the Rorona DX platinum I've started the Totori DX. Unlike the previous game, here the trophies pop up during the cutscenes, so you don't have pitch black screenshots! This is a great Atelier beginning! Monstrous power - View Melvia's introduction. The soundtrack in this game is weird. I already knew every track (because I found it for a very good price last year) and the very first tracks, Following the footsteps (Forest and Plain) are very sad and melancholic... I don't know, I think they fit much better in Escha & Logy, due to the progressive desertification... I know that these two lines of text are OT (compared to the trophy), but what I shoudl write about Mel? And the ost was the first thing that really impressed me. Like the flesh - Get rescued on your way to Arland. What happened to my favourite grumpy knight of Arland?! It looks like he made a class up (or better, a job change! ) No Totori, you shouldn't say that...
  9. Hello! First things first, congratulations on your newborn! And I add also for your future career! After more than a year I finally came back into this PP just for FF VII Remake (which is really an amazing game!), so now I should have 9 games. Maybe the next one could be the 3rd Mana game. And I also saw that you managed to organize this huge PP with main games, spin off, side games, extra games, etc.. Good job! By the way, probably this one could be a stupid question, but I didn't see anything related to a 100% FF XV. Surely I lost posts related (maybe) to this one, and I can understand if it didn't manage to obtain its own space, since the FF XV series is a huge beats: main game (with tons of DLC), the FF XV pocket edition, the VR fishing Monster of the Deep, the stand alone Comrades, a King's Tale... Did i forget something? Again, thank you for your effort in this PP. Keep it up! And I was searching for a nice picture (related to FF) to add at the end of the message, and I found this one in my folder. For those (but not only) who completed the FF VII Remake and are waiting for the next parts (but you can extend it to whatever you want. I simply liked the sunset and the hope for a better tomorrow)!
  10. Atelier Rorona ~The Alchemist of Arland~ DX Drunken Tiffani - Obtained after the event with a drunken Tiffani. And this is why Pegi rated Atelier Rorona Plus/DX in Europe with the "sexual content"... Seriously? Anyway, please Iksel, do something! (And they also rated Atelier Ayesha for 16+ age and "drug content". Stupid Pegi...)
  11. Atelier Rorona ~The Alchemist of Arland~ DX Assignment 7 - Obtained after clearing the 7th assignment. Almost at the end of the 2nd year!
  12. Atelier Rorona ~The Alchemist of Arland~ DX To the lake - Obtained after the event where Rorona goes to the lake with everyone. A couple of funny events. The first one is the lake! But I didn't remember that Pamela had a swimsuit... Hom and kitten - Obtained after the event with Hom and the kitten. Another pitch black screenshot... So, this artwork is for those (like me!) who love cats!
  13. Atelier Rorona ~The Alchemist of Arland~ DX The Ghost & Teddy Bear - Obtained after the first Pamela event. My favourite event in Atelier Rorona! This is one of funniest event! Assignment 5 - Obtained after clearing the 5th assignment. Almost halfway! And Pamela is everywhere in these screenshots!
  14. Atelier Rorona ~The Alchemist of Arland~ DX The cabbage girl - Obtained by winning the Cabbage Festival contest. I've just cleared assignment 4 and the cabbage festival. Nice title, Rorona! Now let's go into assignment 5! The wandering bard - Obtained after the first Tantris event. And now I can recruit Tantris. Actually, I must recruit him, since he requires a Lv 80 friendship! Now Sterk can take a rest! And since I have a pitch black screenshot, enjoy the event just before the trophy popped up!
  15. I can confirm: shared list with the PS Vita version, like the AS list. 😥 I found an old tweet from XSEED, the NA publisher.