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  1. Ys Origin

    Finally I managed to beat the last three bosses in the Nightmare boss rush with Yunica (Kishgal, Dalles) and Toal (Darm).

    Darm was the hardest, I couldn't believe I had managed! And I survived with 1 HP... ;) If you're asking, no. I didn't use the trick of falling down and recharging the burst gauge with the Inferno invincibility, because I can't manage to time it properly and I take damage most of the times. So, I was running around with my 60 HPs, waiting for the gauge and sometimes throwing a couple of attacks- All the training was worth!



    Now Yunica. The two hardest bosses were Kishgal and Dalles. Well, with Kishgal you can only use the fire phoenix and hope he doesn't throw you tons of attacks which can't be dodge, like falling spikes + ice bullets, or falling spikes + twin ice dragons, and you should add all the ice cages he builds around the area, which sometimes limits your movement.

    Most of the time I took down half of his HP bar (and I survived with 200-260 HPs), then, with a couple of Kishgal's attacks, I found myself with 30-40 HPs...:facepalm: Once I almost managed, since he had very little HPs, and he threw the lethal combination falling spikes + twin ice dragons. I had no hope, so I ran towards him and activated the Yunica's force field... But Kishgal jumped away. And I knew I was doomed, since, once the skill was over, everything'd hit me. And that was the result...😵


    (By the way, even with the game over, Kishgal wasn't happy and cast also his final move <_<)

    Then, after 20 minutes, I had a supeer lucky run, since I destroyed him and I Yunica had half of her HP bar! xD


    And about Dalles, I always had trouble with the 3rd phase and his stupid purple spell... I tried to keep him in the center of the area and running around him. In this way I could avoid his dark beam, and also managed to hit both turrets with the phoenix. But the final part of the 3rd phase is insane, since there are too many attacks, and the Yunica's force field is a game over here, since you can't move and, once is over, everything hits you (just a last resource against Dalles' huge beam if you can't run away... And hope the turrets doesn't throw you their spells). Anywa, I managed also against this boss! :)


    Surely I won't attempt the entire nightmare boss rush with both characters. Probably I should leave the PS4 on for days (with a random blackout behind the corner or a game crash), so I'm really satisfied with these results! B)

  2. Platinum Trophy No. 132! Atelier Shallie Plus All trophies obtained Two Atelier platinum trophies in a row! And finally I closed also the "Dusk trilogy". Not one of my favourite Atelier (actually, my least favourite), just for a couple of thing (well, more than a couple): too many playable characters (from all the two previous games, and even someone I didn't expect, like the Homunculus or Solle with his personal Homunculi Army! I really wanted Linca back, and I didn't like leaving her on the background. Also, she's not the same person you met in the other games!), and too many events, especially at the beginning of some chapters (something like 10 events to watch in a row! 😴). And there's a NG+. Well, at least is not like Escha & Logy (which had a good 95 % "copy & paste" from the previous run). But the final good traits are available only by mid-boss drops like Sea Phoenix or Silver Dragon (and not by rare relics like in Escha & Logy), and the Lv. 99 grinding was a little bit boring just for the cap exp points after Lv. 80 (but I found two useful bosses which gave me a super boost exp points!) But also good things. First of all, the soundtrack! I really liked the Sand Sea theme and all its variation (Forest, Cave, Ruins, Trade Area, etc.) and the Aquarius battle theme (it's a Ys battle theme!). Also exploring the world was interesting (especially the Ghost Ship with the corridor of illusions), and the story of the struggle to save a thirsty dying world. The combat system was fun, with all the assist moves which change every time the three characters in the first line. And finally Ayesha is back! Together with Keithgriff! You can imagine who is my favourite playable character...😏 With the final move "Hand of Dusk"! He's followed by Miruca, since I'm almost exactly like her... What I really like in the Dusk trilogy are the clothes... Some of them are really amazing! 😎 But I didn't like the new Logy's outfit (the blue version): it was better the previous in the 2nd game! And if I should choose a moment among the trilogy, it would be Awin's ending at "The end of the world". I really wanted to know something more about this place, especially what there was beyond that waste land...It was really a special moment and I stood there for 5 minutes, watching the sundown. Too bad it wasn't in this game... 😢 And finally the platinum screenshot with the two Shallies! And a nice bug I found during NG+: during the fights Shallotte has no broom! it's invisible!
  3. Atelier Shallie Plus Admirable Alchemist?! - Saved from a predicament by Wilbell. Well, finally I saw the first meeting between Shallotte and Wilbell. But Shallotte should throw away that stupid broom. You're not a witch, but an Alchemist!!
  4. Atelier Shallie Plus Bridge with Central - Assigned to Stellard as new officials. Finally I've completed the first run with Shallistera, and also both Lv. 99 grinding, and I crafted also "good" equipments. Now the NG+ speedrun on easiest difficulty. I hope there are more new cutscenes with Shallotte, and not a "copy&paste" like Escha & Logy (with a couple of extra scenes).
  5. Oh don't worry, i don't mind reading them i just rpely shorter or if i write a lot it would take me days not some hours to reply xD (I write on your profile since maybe we are bothering Wolf on his, i don't know) 

    Meh i hate how it's called in American, ti's just another American way to Americanize something (Like Football that they call soccer because they don't wanna call their sport Rugby...), for me it's chronicle, it's better it's original and it's the title that refers to the actual story, a Chronicle indeed! Not a Dark cloud like it was in the first one with the Genie above everything in the castle in, as title, a Dark cloud! 


    Ah neat so like every Level 5 game which is pretty nice to not having to play the first one if not for some characters! Oh i'll play it in English so no problem. I don't knwo the 2Nd one but God the first oen is one of the most awful games translated in Italian, seriously, i stopped playing the Demo back on Ps3 when i read the Guy talking in a Roman accent, ugh, terrible.... 

    Yeah no i think it's really overpriced the Remaster. It's a Remaster so just update graphically and from Ps3 to Ps4 not even that much generational difference, FFXII Was on PS2 so quite a big jump! 30 € would have been honest, i mean Medievil cost 30 € and it's a Remake from the Ps1 game!!!


    And how do you delete a message? xD I only see "Report" as option that's why you see 2 Post of mine in Wolf profile before.

    And it adds only 1 Post, if you write more as you saw it adds another message entirely.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Sora9427


      Ah i see, i don't have it indeed, no Option and then Delet, neither there or here now! I don't knwo why! Maybe i touched something back in the Past in my settings here on the forum, i should check it out. I just have Report :(


      Eh personally for me not really, plus if we want to actually check out the FF Series, they choose a Great name for an RPG back in the '90s and keep up the number that's it because the onyl Thing in common what is it, the Summonings? xD And the Magic things i guess. I mean the gameplay too, until FFXII at least...

      Yeah true but that's a Bad Translation for a Trophy, i can accept that, i'm annoied when it's translated bad or not rightly in the game tself which thankfully KH3 is good in Italian too! (Plus i can hear and fix myself anyway there if needed :P). I honestly don't really care about the Cover Language, the onyl ones i don't liek are the German one sbecaus eof the BIG Pegi Sing on them, too Big meh ugly. 

      Oh that people have for hobby to complain nowadays i agree it's incredidble... Well i choose 100% of times Japanese if i can, plus in Rpgs unless they are made by big Companies such as Square they have Awful English Dubs. (Even Atlus now P4 Golden? Amazing Eng Dub nothing to say, a pleasure. P5? Ugh i don't wanna listen to it, check it has half of the HN roster in it to say how terrible it is. Same Catherine now thanks God it will have Japanese because i don't think Troy baker and others are in it this time making a Great Dub)


      Oh i was wondering what you were talking about and took a while it is Medievil xD

      Honestly? Who know? :P I can't remember, i just rememebr the beginning of the game and that's it, i palyed it when i was a kid like 4-6 years old i don't even know if i got to that forest figures later that youw rote down all this bosses and progress to do! I just played it a little liked it but then never went on with it. That's why i wnat it too to Actually properly play it now!

      When i was a Child i played Most times Spyro and Crash :3 That's why i Got Crash D1 and gonna get Spyro in Few Days :P 

      Well i guess they noticed how expected it was and decided to do an actual retail evrsion luckily! As said i'm sure a limited will be out but it will actaully be super limited like 100 maybe 500 Max Copies available! Like for J&D as said.

    3. Phoenix_argentea


      Wow, the huge German Pegi square.. Yeah, I'm not a fan of it. It looks like an intruder... I already hate the random PEGI rating...

      Usually I've mix feelings about the voices. If I like them, I leave English (but I check also the Japanese), otherwise, Japanese! Actually, on Vesperia I went directly with Japanese and I never tried the English, because I liked them too much!


      And sorry. I didn't realize I hadn't written MediEvil in the long post! :facepalm: You don't remember the glass demon in the haunted church? That was the first boss, and the books around told about creepy stories, with a menace "hidden in the deep dark dungeon of the church"... Well, at least I wrote a little guide for the game, otherwise you can always ask me anything! :)

      And more or less I played the same games when I was 10 years old: Pandemonium (1 & 2), Crash (1 & 3), CTR and Wipeout (the only two racing games I played. I forgot to mention CTR in the other post), Croc (1&2), Spyro (only the first game), Tombi! (and the original name is Tomba!), MediEvil (1 & 2), Rayman, Worms Armageddon, Heart of Darkness. Spyro and Crash on PS4 are awesome! The only annoying issue about Spyro is the dimension: 60 GB, and on the BD there's only the first game, you can access to a couple of levels of the 2nd and 3rd game, but you need to dowload "the remaining part". :blink:

      But I hate that super limited edition (The J&D you're talking about id the one made by Limited Run, right? These disappear after 0,02 microseconds. But usually the made LE about digital games, like Iconoclasts, Celeste or J&D, which is only digital on PS4. I don't think they'd make a LE, since there's a retail version. But I could be wrong...)

    4. Sora9427


      Yeah it's waaay too big on the Cover it's annoying, i dont mind the Rectangle one it's small in the Corner but that is a Giant square! 

      Nah i always choose Japanese if i can no matter what! Especially in a JRPG, Original Language is 99% of the times better! Vesperia got my attention for the Language too, when i noticed it had Japanese, no doubt!


      OH Np, figured it once i connected to the previous phrase! I remember the Church but the Boss already no, nothing. As Said i was like 4-6 years so quite a while ago :P YEah Tombi & Croc were AMAZING, the golden age of Platforms, nowadays there are so few of them :(

      Really? Damn that sucks, didn't know that, guess i'll keep some space in the storage for it then, if activision doesn't fuck something up it's not them...

      Yeah, they usually dissapear fast being actually really Limited. Well, maybe fi this Medievil will do good enough betetr than sony expcted you'll see more and better Retail version of a Remake for Medievil 2!


  6. Platinum trophy No. 131! 😊 Atelier Rorona Plus Complete My 7th Atelier platinum. And it was a beautiful journey! Surely the time managent could be very tight if you waste too much time, so you must be focused on the assignment (and if know previously what the kingdom wants, you can complete some of them during the first day, leaving you 90 days where you can freely explore, raise friendships, gather, and also start crafting some useful ultimate equipments). And it's a shame Guts didn't keep the animated cutscenes in the next trilogies, because they are really fun and amazing! A lot of interesting characters, so I was very curios about their developments. Surely my favourites are the grumpy Sterk (and I finally saw the famous "dragon accident" mentioned in Lulua) and Cordelia (and someone should tell me how can she call the two men in black during her special attack...😏). What else? The overtime period was fun, since you meet Totori (my favourite!) and Meruru, but the Demon Lord was really painful. I spent a lot time crafting the ultimate meteors, elixirs, and armors (which seem cardboard after one of his attacks) and you can do nothing. Four or five battles where he had the first turn and I could do nothing, just watch... And the elixirs were useless (probably because Rorona died after one hit). But finally when I started a battle with a couple of turns I managed to kill this freaking demon! Astrid was useful only for the overtime period (and she's very strong), but what I think about her is a very huge censorship. When you see the goodbye between the girls you realized you've really reached the end of the game...😢 And then you see the platinum trophy during the ending credits: But my favourite picture is the one related to the (normal?) ending. I really love the colors of the sky! I think this one should have been used for the true ending... 😊 Edit: sorry for the spoiler tags. Sometimes they don't work with me and if you click on them, they refuse to open, so, I'll put only two pictures. I don't want to create a huge post. My apologies! 😥
  7. Atelier Rorona Plus True ending - Obtained by seeing the True Ending image. Finally I managed to obtain all the ending (also the Rich ending). I was worried about Cordelia for some hidden requests which didn't appear, but luckily I manage to fulfill her requirements. And strangely the pie master ending didn't trigger, probably because the dragon pie had exactly 80 quality. So I reloaded and I made a better pie... This is the picture for the True ending : But the Sterk ending is much better 😇: But my favourite picture is the normal ending (I suppose, actually I don't remember 😅). Leaving Arland and travelling around the world (with Hom)... I'll keep the picture for the platinum trophy post! Now I'm ready for the Overtime period (and finally I'll meet Totori and Meruru )
  8. Atelier Shallie Plus Confection Fair - Participated in the Confection Fair. A nice event! And I cook exactly like Solle: i need to measure everything, otherwise I can't cook! And someone should explain me this glitch: an enemy with 0 HP who is still alive...
  9. Atelier Shallie Plus Water Festival! - Enjoyed the Water Festival A random event at the end of chapter 8. It's perfect for summer! Atelier Shallie Plus Chapter 8 clear And finally I've also Keithgriff in my party!
  10. I know your frustration. 😥 I managed after 16 attempts (in 10 months...), so I can give you some suggestions. About Nick & Laird, if you're talking about the section after the first demon chase in the school (when you find youself inside the wardrobe), usually you should reach the house with the doors (I skip all the details about reaching this house), lock both doors and crouch under the opened window (don't let them see you!). And wait (if you want use the microphone to detect Nick & Laird). When Nick & Laird knock down the door jump over the window and sprint towards the exit. In this way they shouldn't see you and you are safe, but if you hear some phrase like "Rest my Lord!" they could hit you! Next section: walk on the log and, as soon as you see the fire arrow, start sprinting and reach the other side (if you don't sprint you won't manage to take shelter behind the rock). And now lure Nick & Laird in order to make them shoot the arrow behind your rock, sprint to the next rock, and repeat this process also for the second "hide and seek" section. And if you're talking about the final chase in "The last supper", well, there's a little bit of RNG. Make sure no one sees you while you reach the upper side with the log, walk down, take the rope and start sprinting to the right, using the houses to protect you against the arrows. And you should be fine. About the library chase, there's a map of the library: And remember that there's a battery on the table near the exit which shines in the dark (and you can see it through the books): it's the hint you're following the right direction in the dark. You can apply the same strategy when you have to cut off the electricity in the mines, since the switches shines in the dark and they could help you to save the battery (also, don't break the only light source in the corridor, crouch under it and when you reach the turn, walk backward until you see the shining switch on your left). The mines are the worst part (according to me). It seems that the last patch removed some chases (some heretics in the 4th chapter, the final demon chase in the bathrooms, and the heretics when you sprint to reach the elevator), but in the mines I found a lot of bugs, and one killed me. In my 15th attempt I got stucked in the first tunnel during last Val's chase (and I couldn't move anywhere), and in the next one I got stuck by the lamp on the ceiling (before falling down in the water cave). I don't know if it happened only to me. Surely you need the battery in this chapter, and a little bit in the final chase when you leave the mines (it's short, but it's easy get stucked by anything. Remember there's a sharp right turn and avoid the dead end before the exit! And don't get stuck by the metal slip!). As @iamrb2212 said, be careful with the last Martha's chase. As soon as the chase begins DON'T SPRINT! Walk, reach the end of the room and look behind you. If you see Martha following you, then you can sprint until the end of the chase. I know it's a very difficult game, long (usually it takes 2 h and 40 minutes), unskippable cutscenes (theese are the worst part, because the first chapter seems endless), pitch black which doesn't help you. And a single mistake is game over, since, if you take a hit during a chase, you start bleeding, you start slowing down and it's game over. Actually I don't like the bandages in this game because they are useless on higher difficulties (you can't heal during the chase, but only after it, if you manage to reach the end...) and the "life bar" of the first game was better (you take a hit, your vision blurs but you still can have a chance to survive and escape). Saving the battery is not really difficult if you know every section of the game. I ended it with 3 bars left (and I used it entirely during the last chase in the mines), but if you see you're struggling too much, take a break of a week and then come back to Outlast II (actually I took breaks of months, but I saw every time better results) 😉. There are a lot of video guides on Youtube, but if you want more written suggestions I'm here! 😊
  11. The patch 1.05 added different "cheats": infinite stamina, super strenght (one hit you kill every enemy), and invincibility, but in order to obtain them you need to create an account on https://www.(URL not allowed)/n16240/the-evil-within-2-patch-adds-cheats-trophies-still-unlock About the Classic mode, it's not really difficult. Simply some parts become boring because you play them over and over again, like the chapter 7, where my game crashed so many times (and my previous save file was after the nebula obscura boss. So I need to go through the Marrow and face a giant white monster before reaching the chapter 7). Surely you need to think about the positions of the seven saves: usually after 2 or 3 chapter or before the hardest part. There are diffferent ideas on web, but you can change some of them according to your strategy.
  12. I don't know anything about Onechanbara Z2: Chaos, but I played both The Evil Within, and I suggest this platinum because I like the platinum image and it's my favourite horror series. Compared to the first game, the plot is better and focused on Sebastian's past, graphics are improved and there are the semi open-world sections (someone likes them, others hate them. According to me, I really like exploring every house and looking for ammos and collectibles in these houses). And this time you have something similar to the Resident Evil "item management", because you gather different materials which can be combined to create ammos or medikits. The new enemies are really good (the nebula obscura and the huge demon with the saw! And all the Anima chases in the Beacon mental hospital) and the first villain is really great (the artist Valentini). Just a couple of things I didn't like: for example the missing matches (I really liked burning all the enemies in the first game! And it was my main weapon during the Akumu run), the story which is splitted into two parts which are completely different, the recicled bosses of the first game (don't get me wrong, they are really unforgettable, but putting them all together without facing the boss of this game is really strange ), and all the crashes I had during the Classic mode run in chapter 7 (I hope they won't happen to you, but I found it was probably related to the route I was following in the chapter). And also the difficulty: compared to the first game is easier. But it's a good horror game, so I pick this platinum! 😉 But please, don't use the God mode! Just unlock the infinite ammos beating the Classic mode!
  13. Well, the only one that I know is Megadimension Neptunia VIIR. But it shouldn't be entirely based on the VR, and I read you can obtain the platinum even without the VR. So it should be used for extra stuff, like seeing Nep-Nep in 3D!
  14. It looks good! What about the 100 % of Final Fantasy XV? Finally there are no more DLCs! 😉 Could you add an extra section for this huge game or there are too many of them? Just for curiosity! Up to now my rank is stuck (I should really pick up and start FF X 😥), but I'm always following this PP, because I love Final Fantasy, and I saw this PP getting bigger and more complicated. And every time I see the care and attention that you put in this huge PP. So this post is a simple "Thank you" for all the work you put in this Project. Keep going this way!
  15. Welcome to this huge community! There are a lot of events on this site, like Project Platinum and Let's Play, which gives you also special emblems or trophies! It's also nice to meet another Italian gamer who is also a JRPGs fan. See you in some JRPGs thread! 😉