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  1. Platinum trophy No. 123! Atelier Lulua ~The Scion of Arland~ Atelier Lulua My 6th Atelier platinum! I know almost nothing about the Arland trilogy, so I have no idea about the previous references (except the three Alchemists). I'm still thinking that Rorona and Lulua look like sisters instead of mother and daughter. 😏 The story is not so great, but probably the ending seems nonsense, I mean The alchemy system was really fun 😊: there is more the tetris grid of the Mysterious Trilogy, but you have 4 different bar elements (fire, ice, earth, lightning), but sometimes they erase each other, like the couple ice/fire. And there's the awakening effect, which can put the items created into another category (es. I brew a medicine and I add the awakening effect "dragon" or "plant". In this way I can use the medicine as a dragon or plant material!). Disappointed by the neutralizers: now they are called "supplements". Seriously? I played 5 games and they have always been neutralizers... Also the Alchemyriddle was fun, but I was really stupid, because I missed a bridge in the first area, so I have most of the extra pages locked until chapter 7 or 8. I mean, I had a simple pickaxe and fishrod, no super mining bomb, so I couldn't obtain the other ore materials and a lot of healing items. But the most restrictive issue was the quality cap, since, at the beginning, is locked to 50, and when you complete two chapters it raises to 200 and 999, so I played most of the game with a very low quality! Again, this game has no time limit, so you can freely explore Arland without any worries, but, since there's a calendar, I'd like to see the different seasons (there are only the Dunkelheit and Arland festival, which happen only in November and December, but they could have added something more). I liked also the new artworks style, and I put an example. As usual, under the spoiler tag. I add only one thing: the call of Cthulhu! And finally the platinum screenshot, when I finally completed the 100% materials in every area. I'm surprised by the game date, because I earned the platinum on the same day (9th June) :
  2. Hello! =) I've found on Amazon a Spanish copy of Atelier Shallie (PS3), which has the double languages cover (Italian and Spanish). But I've a question about the booklet language(s): is it in Spanish or double languages like the cover (Italian and Spanish)? Is there anyone with a physical Italian or Spanish version who could tell me the language of the booklet? Thank you!
  3. My third Tales of game. But I expected a bigger box, since there is a lot of stuff. And I'm sure it will be a lot of fun! The only thing that scares me (just a little bit ) it's the platinum time with 100+ hours. Usually my platinum times are 40-60 hours and my longest platinum was Dark Cloud 2/ Dark Chronicle with 96 hours. Surely this one will surpass my previous record... By the way, what I really like about the limited editions are artbooks and/or soundtracks. And when I opened this I didn't see any CD case: "Where the hell is my soundtrack?!" ... Really, I felt bad for 10 seconds because I thought my copy was wrong... But the 4 CDs were inside the steelbook! "Oh, I see, that's why the box was so small!" Strangely iTunes and a quick search on Google give me a two tracklists with different title tracks. Who is right?
  4. Nep-Nep and Jurassic Park! 😊
  5. The first DLC (The lair of the lost lord) added a labyrinth with 100 floors and a boss fight every 20. And you had to clear it on hard difficulty, so you had to grind some good weapons in the labyrinth. The boss can be difficult, since he summons enemies and shots magic bullets which follow you, so you have to rely on the new Ding-Dong Dell combat style. And the added also collectibles (the scrolls used to max out the two new combat styles) which can be everywhere (dungeons, cities, even in the world map!), just like FF XV (yes, they have the same appearance, since they are blue sparks...) The second DLC (The tale of a timeless tome) adds some references to the first game and should add something to the plot (don't expect a huge development, but at least they put the soundtrack of the first game, like the Executor Knight. It's the only good news of the DLC ), but it has the Coliseum. 30 fights (with 3, 4 or 5 rounds), ultra-rare drops at the end of the last fight, too many weapons and armors which you'll never craft (I mean, I crafted only two swords with a couple of silver ingots) and you have to achieve S-rank on all the 30 fights. S-rank is only time limited, and here you have to rely on the new wizard combat style using Evan or Leander and spam spells (except a couple of bosses which have a huge magical defense, so you have to destroy them with physical attack, like the final huge serpent of the 27th battle). Every time you have to change your equipments (higgledies, accessories, weapons, etc.) according to the boss' elemental weakness, and the difficulty is set after some battles (it should be normal for the first 15-18 battles, then it becomes hard, and in the last 5 or 10 battles it is set to extreme!). In the end, among the two DLC (and the free one) I liked the first one (the free Adventure Pack), but I don't want to see anymore that stupid Coliseum! It was really bad designed...
  6. Iconoclasts (PS4) - One-hit challenge Beat Challenge Mode. Double challenge mode trophy! And this time it was easier. Maybe this trophy could end up in my 5 rarest trophies, since the Outlast II trilogy Omnipotent-Messiah-Saint keeps raising its rarity %. Anyway, this time I have a wonderful pitch black screen:
  7. A new little update! The coming Celeste DLC (Chapter 9 - Farewell) has over 100 levels! 😍 I'm ready for it! 😎
  8. Iconoclasts - One-hit wonder (PS Vita) Beat Challenge mode. The hardest trophy of the game: beat it on challenge difficulty, The Evil Within Akumu mode of this platform game (one hit and you are history). Luckily you can add three upgrades (called "tweaks") in order to have more room for errors, like the iron hearts which give you extra hit points. I found that two iron hearts + double jump are the perfect combination, since the double jump gives you more movement and makes most of the bosses really easy. I made the first run on harder difficulty (and it wasn't hard, except the Mother's Corner extra boss), while chellenge mode was easy for 2/3 of the game (I beat almost every boss on my first try), then, once I reached the One City, it became more difficult- Sometimes you have to rely on RNG and hope the boss doesn't make strange attacks (like the giant moving rock of the Mother: she made it three in a row in too! And I still have no idea how I should dodge it...), and sometimes they should have put a checkpoint when the boss has more forms, like the two bosses Agent Black + her transformation with two phases (beating Agent Black 1st phase over and over...). I'm still confused by the final boss: in the first run I had also Mina which gave me a help against it, but during the challenge mode run she wasn't therer. I don't if this was due to the dialogues or if I made some strange choice, or maybe I messed everything up during the challenge mode (by the way, Mina was my favourite character of the game, together with Royal. And the trophy screenshot: If you like platforms metroid-style game with pixel art, then give a look to this, because it's very fun. It reminded me Celeste and both Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knucles (especially for the death bosses animation). Surely I'll add also the PS4 version of this game!
  9. Platinum trophy No. 122! 😎 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 Master I played only the Cyberdimension Neptunia, so this is my 2nd Nep-Nep game... It's fun but there are a lot of dialogues (sometimes too long 😴), but I'm disappointed by the dungeons. I think there are something like 50 dungeons, but they are always the 4 or 5 with the same exact map (and the same music ), and I hope they changed these dungeons in the sequels Re:Birth 2 & 3. There is also a huge item hunt, and since I was tired of searching on Google for every single item, I copied the list from a guide and I converted it in pdf in order to make a quick search. 😉 The 100 million grinding isn't so bad (I saw worst grinding sessions. This one was a joke ) but I changed my party since I didn't have Compa and MAGES. ultimate weapons (I don't know what I missed, but I've never seen someone fighting with a huge syringe, except Lucille in Atelier Escha & Logy), so I put Neptunia, Vert and Noire and spammed the EXE drive on the poor little Clione. My favourite character is always Noire (Vert is my least favourite. Seriously, she's a stalker!). But I add also IF and Broccoli (and Falcom, who I think is a female version of Adol, right?) The platinum screenshot: followed by the Nep-Nep huge thank you. It's the first time that I see all the characters thanking me for playing! But I'm really curious about the original game on PS3 and all the differences with this remake . Probably I'll start looking for it... I add also the two 100% I obtained on my Vita: Limbo and Icononclasts! 😊 The challenge mode was quite easy for 2/3 of the game, then it became harder when I reached the One City, but in the end I managed!
  10. Limbo (PS Vita version) - No point in dying Complete the game in one sitting with five or less deaths I'd already played and reached the 100% on the PS4 version, but I wanted to come back in this beautiful game with another version (and probably I'll pick also the PS3 version in the future 😇). A funny Sunday with this game, but this trophy is ultra-rare because you have to complete the game in one run with 5 deaths or less. And it's full of traps that are only waiting for you...😰 I remembered some of them, but others i had completely forgotten (unfortunately). And the no deaths run is full of tension and heart racing. Seriously, I had this feeling only during the Messiah runs in Outlast II or the speedrun in Little Nightmares, and not during my attempt on the Limbo PS4 version (6 deaths on my 2nd run, 2 deaths on my 3rd run ), but this time I managed during my 2nd run with 4 deaths, but most of them were really stupid: my run was perfect for 40 minutes, then I died twice in the part with the two boxes and the circular saw (yes, I managed to waste two lives here! ), the 3rd on the H of the 2nd Hotel (I wasn't paying attention and I comlpletely messed up the jumping, since I landed perfectly when the electricity was on... 😵), and the 4th at the end with the last gravitational jump (I managed to get touched by the saw for 1 micrometer... Really, this death was awesome! ) Not a great screen, since the trophy popped during the ending credits (but I remembered that in the PS4 version it popped when the boy broke the glass in slow motion... But maybe I'm wrong):
  11. Platinum trophy No. 121! Valkyria Chronicles (Remastered) Valkyrie of the Battlefield I'm not a huge fan of war games, but this one is the exception! A really good story (a fictional Second World War in a different Europe continent), with some dramatic twists plot, like and interesting characters. You see Squad 7 doesn't trust their new young commander (Welkin), but after some battles, you see them change and become a huge family, (especially Rosie and her hate against the Darcsen people). About the gameplay, you can save during every turn and you can try a luckier shot, especially the anti-tank lancers (their aim is ugly due to their weapons 😵), and sometimes you can try a different strategy. The hardest levels were the 7th with the huge imperial tank (I spent two hours only in this mission, since I had no idea how I should have stopped that beast tank. I destroyed also all the 6 turrets but it kept moving... And in the second part there was the Valkyria Selvaria who killed three soldiers, so I was studying a path in order to save them and not to be killed! 🤕 What a nightmare...) and the 13th (or 14th, anyway the one with the two tanks and the never-ending enemies soldiers waves. Seriously, I had no idea of what was happening here, since I killed all of the 6 soldiers every turn and I thought they would stop after destroying the tank... Well, I was wrong, since they kept coming and one scout was more than enough to put an end to the battle, since he only put the enemy flag in the camp I previously occupied, then... Game over after 9 turns 😥! I was sick of it, so I reloaded and I placed the lancer before the appearance of the tanks... The battle was over in two turns 😅!) My favourite characters? Alicia (of course... 😊) and the sniper Marina (with her "My way" and "extra shot" potentials... Seriously, the snipers are really great. With them I cleaned the map of most of the enemy soldiers and snipers, so I could create a secure path for my scouts ). Platinum screenshot is quite bad, since the screenshots are all the same in the audience hall (except one which is a pitch black screen): And this is bad, since they should have put the platinum in the decoratin album with all the medals. This could have been a great platinum screeshot! 😎 Surely I'll play also the Valkyria 4 in the future. I really liked this strategy game!
  12. It arrived today... It's my first Atelier limited edition, and I really like the artwork! 😍 And with the Kingdom Hearts hair clips I had to put it next to the Kingdom Hearts III Deluxe Edition! 😊 I've never played the Arland trilogy (and I'm still looking for the Atelier Shallie, sadly...😭), but I'm really curious about this Alchemy system, since I don't know if it's similar to the Mysterious trilogy or is something similar to the Arland one. A bad news about the definitive cover (according to me): Now it's time to improve my (poor) Alchemy knowledge! 😉 *adds a flask emoticon*
  13. At first I thought the Japan version could be delayed, but when I saw the shared list I thought it was following the same fate of Trails of Cold Steel (the PS4 shares the same trophy of the PS3/Vita, as @Arctic Cress reported). With "your copy" you mean the PS4 Japan version, right? Does it have also English text or only Japanese? I hope for a different western list, but surely I'll buy (and play) that version . But it's strange that Celceta has this shared list while Origin and Lacrimosa of DANA have two lists for PS4 and Vita. I mean, what's wrong with Celceta? It doesn't deserve this treatment!
  14. I completely agree with @Ala-Arska about the differences Vita/PS4 of Ys VIII. The Vita version has less contents, but it's always a great game! 😊 Seriously, after I finished the Vita version I wanted a NA version of the game for another platinum... I didn't miss all the extra stuff of the PS4 version, maybe the Dana segments are weak compared to the PS4. But surely the fog saurus in the Dana segment is harder on Nightmare difficulty, since you had no equipment, some dragon fruits and level locked to 60. I struck it down it after 4 or 5 attempts, but you need to study its attack pattern and master the flash move/flash guard, because every hit deals a lot of damage. It's hard, but not frustrating. 😉 Anyway, I wanted to know something about the PS4 version of Memories of Celceta. Since I didn't find any trophy list during the previous days, I searched on the "games section" of the site... And I've found the Japan PS4 version shares the same trophy list of the Vita one! 😭😭 Seriously, no stackable platinum for Memories of Celceta? Is there anyone who knows something?
  15. I'm really curious about this game 😊, because I played very few strategy RPGs, like Worms on the PS1 (Armageddon & World Party. I know these aren't RPG, but they are strategy games, where you move your "worms soldiers" and use the strangest weapons you can imagine, like the holy grenade!) and a couple of Fire Emblem games (Echoes and Fates: Conquest). I've just played a couple of chapters and it looks really fun: sometimes the aim is really bad and you have to reload and hope for a better shot (especially the lancers, who can miss a huge tank! You can see the missile flying through the field and it ends nowhere... ), but the snipers and the scouts are the best!