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  1. Hello! =) I bought recently a PS Vita and I discovered this unique feature: the ad-hoc mode. I searched on Google (and some trophies guides) but I didn't find a clear answer about which games have ad-hoc trophies. In my case, I'd like to play LEGO games on my Vita (Harry Potter Years 5-7, Lord of the Rings, Jurassic World). Since all of them have the coop mode, is there also any ad-hoc trophy? Thanks! 😄
  2. Platinum trophies Nos. 103 & 104! Yomawari: Night Alone The Night Alone Finally I bought a PS Vita (yes, I know, I joined terribly late the PS Vita club...) and this is one of first game I wanted to play (together with other RPG...😏). This is a survival horror where you are a little girl wandering in a night town full of demons and horrors, which are behind every corner. And you have to run away and hide before they reach you… And some monsters are quite disturbing, like the giant spiders with the shaking faces 🕷️ I think some monsters are similar to the ones that I found in a manga called Kuro Somato. I really enjoyed the sequel on the PS4, Yomawari: Midnight Shadows, so i wanted to know the story of the first game. And it’s good, but the only negative issue is due to the lenght, because it’s too short (8-10 hours for the main story are more than enough, and there is a stupid trophy about playing for 50 hours!). I really like this graphics and wandering in the town, looking for the collectibles (except for the ones RNG-based. One of them require a cat which should turn into a giant cat head that follows and kills you. I found it the first time I entered in this area… And he killed me! I had no idea there was a collectible, so I avoided that area… Until I read there was a collectible. And, of corse, the cat didn’t turn into a monster, so I had to teleport and re-enter in the area for 30 minutes). And I got stuck in the factory chapter, because I missed the rusty key and I had already activated the checkpoint at the end of the area, so I had to go back to the beginning and try to avoid Mr. Yomawari (a giant demon that runs straight against you) and all the following shadows in a narrow corridor, just for a freaking key! If you like the survivor horror give it a look. This is a good starting point, but Midnight Shadows is a great improvement. And I hope for more games about this series. 😋 And here there is my first Vita platinum! Rayman Origins (PS Vita) Sweet dreams! Rayman Origins was my 2nd game on the PS3, and of course, like all the Kingdom Hearts games on this console, it has no timestamps (but now I’ve another version with the timestamps! ). And I prefer Origin instead of Legends, not only for the online trophies (missing in the first game!) but also for the worlds, because I think it’s a very good remake of the game on the PS1 (my first Playstation game. I’m still waiting for a porting of the PS1 version…). You can see the evolution of the worlds through the years: Jibberish Jungle/Dream Forest: there are the same enemies which are now older. And luckily Rayman can swim (in the first game he died every time you touched the water). Mosquito and Betilla are back too! Desert of Dijiridoos/Band Land: well, nothing to say about this world. There are no clouds with eyes that shoot lightnings (I hated them so much in the fist game...😠); Gourmand Land/Candy Castle: this was the final world of the PS1 Rayman (but it was only a medallion with four levels. Too bad!); Sea of Serendipity: my favourite world in Origins 😍. Maybe this one could be an evolution of the Skops Caves, due to the underwater caves and the levels in the dark. (I see analogies everywhere…); Mystical Pique / Blue Mountains: and this one was my favorite world in the PS1 game, and there are the same enemies: the statues throwing the lava ball! Unfortunately there is no Picture City (which I’ve always called the “School World”), but you can see Space Mama at the end of each level in the photograph panel! And there is also the Teen which acts like Mr. Dark, the most coward villain of the first game because The relics added to the Vita version were a nice feature, because you have to look everywhere on the screen for these shaking things! And for some of them I touched every single pixel of the screen because I couldn't see them...
  3. Time to update my huge platinum list. Nos. 101 & 102! Tokyo Xanadu eX+ The legend of the X.R.C. I started the first run on calamity difficulty (the hardest)… And it was quite challenging. The first chapters were hard, since I had to practice the commands and the bosses had a lot of HPs. 3rd and 4th chapters were not so hard, but the boss of the 5th… The mist witch was the hardest! In the end I spent more than 20 minutes dodging, shooting and charging the X-drive with Asuka. 😎Oh, right, and the final boss in the Afterlife was insane, nothing more: someone who kills everyone with one hit is not fun, so you have to abuse the X-drive and charging it with elixirs. No, it’s the only boss I don’t like. And the NG+ was boring. I mean, after you clear the game with the hardest difficulty and trash equipment, there is nothing else to challenge. So, speedrun with infinity mode (+ 60 levels to every monster) + normal difficulty. 😒 The combat system is very good and it’s quite similar to the Ys series, and you can customize your weapon with different orbs (and surely the most useful are Mirage and Chaos Mirage due to the invincibilità extension of the dodging ability). I like wandering around the town and its streets, talk with people and visit the shops (especially the video games shop where there are the advertisements of other Falcom games, like Ys VIII and Trails of Cold Steel. Something like this: My favourite characters? Xion Sora (and Yuuki). No, it’s not related to Kingdom Hearts. Simply she’s a fast attacker, and for the same reason I always avoided Shio (except the dungeons with the locked characters), because he’s too slow. And I hope for a sequel, but probably in the meanwhile I’ll play again the Vita version. 😌 Nights of Azure Nights of Azure (the same title of the game. Yeah! ) I really liked the characters, their interactions and the funny cutscenes (Lilysse with her mortal cupcakes that no one wants to eat, the “pervert” professor Alucard who is always stalking Arnice [the character you control] in order to make her his research assistant, the pirate merchant Lloyd who is always quarrelling with the professor, a silly black cat that makes you mad, a strange phone which always comes out from nowhere in the middle of a dungeon... Seriously, I hate that phone!). The story is simple but good: Arnice’s friend (Lilysse) is a Saint which should be sacrificed in order to stop the Nightlord. So you can imagine Arnice’s dilemma: you have to protect your friend in order to sacrifice her on the Blue Altar, so in this way you can save the world from the eternal night but you’ll lose your friend… The combat system is a hack ‘n’ slash where you can summon four Servans, which can be healers, supporters or fighters (or useless cats that digs up the ground… But you need these cats in order to acquire all the items, so grab a shovel and start digging for the item collection! 😉). The only grinding trophy is related to the 300 sidequests, so you’ll end up watching the 5 sidequest available each time and studying which one are in the same area in order to clear them as soon as possible. 😑 Surely I’ll play also the second entry in the future.
  4. Yes, I know, it's a strange couple, but they're both dressed in red! 😆 My favourite games are the RPGs, but sometimes I need to change. And the last horror game I played was The Evil Within 2 during the last summer. I've never played the original version on the PS1, so I have no idea about the horrors waiting for me. 😱 Finally I bought the Yarny bundle. Don't trust the price: I payed it only 7,99 €! But I saw also a something that made me in this way : Anyway, now I have no more excuses, so I have to face its dreadful speedruns! 😥 I hope they won't make me hate Yarny, because I really love him! 😘
  5. Ys: Memories of Celceta - Master cartographer Completed the map of Celceta. Open the map, look for a faded path. Add +0.2 to the percentage. Re-open the map, check another path, nothing added. Open again the map... And finally you reach the 100%! But I saw also a fusion between Adol and Karna! 😏
  6. Actually I've got a lot of trophies to update, but this deserves a post on its own. And it's a trophy milestone (100th): Kingdom Hearts III KINGDOM HEARTS III complete master After years it's the end of a chapter. I had a lot of fun but I’ve also mixed feelings about this game: some things are really great (huge worlds full of details, graphics, the open space with the gummiship), but there are others I dind’t like (I mean things they could have improved or changed, not wrong). I put everything under a huge spoiler tag, maybe someone has not seen everything and I don’t want to ruin their surprise. And it’s just my personal point of view: And now the funny moment with my gummi ship against Schwarzgeist (I copied it from Google. I still don’t know how to write it): I defeated him on my second try with a junk gummi ship (3 cannons and 2 lasers, but you die with 4 hits). I lost the resurrection ability at the beginning of the battle due to the laser, but I managed to destroy it: “Yes! I did it!” and I left the controller… Then a little Voyager came out from the big ship and crashed against my gummi ship. “??... Eh???” 1 HP left and recovery kit charging at 1/3. “!” “Hold on a minute! What the [huge censorship] are you?!” I picked up again the controller and I spammed the dodging ability (and the shooting), and I destroyed also this one. And I earned the A rank! In the end, it’s a very good game, but I think it doesn’t surpass KH II FM. And, as other people said, I expect a Final Mix DLC for post-games contents. And a critical difficulty, of course. 😊
  7. Hello! I've just found this news: the Ni no Kuni anime movie has been announced! 😊 Made by Warner Bros. and Level-5, it should be out this summer in Japan. But it looks like there is no Studio Ghibli... 😥But there is Joe Hisaishi for the soundtrack. 😎 Anyway, the plot is completely different from the two games and there are some theories about this (maybe a Ni no Kuni III or a remaster of the first game). Here there is the link: Under spoiler the pictures. The main characters: And some places. But these drawings style give me a familiar feeling... I hope I made everything right adding the pictures from the link. Should I remove them and leave the link alone?
  8. Nights of Azure - Handy woman Done 300 requests. And the grinding trophy is done. Yeah! 😆 Now I can finally focus on the ending. 😌
  9. You gave me today a very good news, thank you!! 😉 I'm looking forward to playing this version! 😋 I hope that the retail version is similar to the PS4 Asian version of Ys Origin with English subtitles. 😇
  10. Update! My 100th Platinum trophy is Kingdom Hearts III, and finally this long story is (almost) over. Now I've completed all the Kingdom Hearts games. 😉
  11. Hello! 😄 Finally I've conquered the Kingdom Hearts III platinum trophy (and it's my 100th platinum 😊). With all the games completed now I should be Master of Hearts, right?
  12. Kingdom Hearts III - No stone unturned Complete the Treasures section of the Gummiphone. I've finally reached the final act of the story: I delayed it as much as I could and I finished every side quest (gummi ship missions, the 7 Orichalcum+, cooking, lucky emblems, tresure chests, almost every synthesis tasks), since I didn't want to know the final plot developments. 😭 Yes, this is my reaction after a couple of the boss fights in the Anyway, a good screenshot in Arendelle
  13. Hello. =) You don't need to equip every weapon and accessory. You simply need to "hold" it once in your inventory, nothing more. Since the little robot is still saying that you need "more items", surely you are missing some kind of item. For the weapons you have to upgrade only one for each character to tier 3 with the trapezohedron (and you don't need to max out): Omega Weapon (Lightning) Total Eclipse (Sazh) Save the Queen (Snow) Nue (Hope) Nirvana (Vanille) Kain Lance (Fang) But you need all the tier 2 weapons (8) for all the characters (6), so you should have done 8x6 = 48 weapons upgrade (+ the 6 upgrades for the tier 3). If you have all the weapons, then you'll miss some accessories. Check slowly the list and finally you'll find the culprit. 😉 I remember this long grindind session and when I checked the list I noticed that I missed the Water charm and the Earth charm, which were (luckily) both in two chests in Archylte Step. Maybe you miss them too. Good luck! 😊
  14. Finally it arrived. Yeah!!! 🙂😄😆 The last thing I saw was the 1 minute opening, and I didn't like the song. They should have put a song made only by Utada or an orchestral version (like the 3D opening). And then I didn't open any news on the web, I completely refused. A couple of days ago I looked for the soundtrack and I listened only to Scala ad caelum. 😇 Wow! But I didn't open the new Dearly beloved, and I hope it'll be beautiful like the X BackCover version. Probably I'll look at the main menu for 5 or 10 minutes, just for the Dearly beloved. 🎶😌🎶 Oh, right. And I still have no idea about the steelbook. I hope it will be like the cover of the game and not a simple black box full of symbols. 😳 Surely I dind't expected the rainbow hearts on the box 🌈😉. And a new pin for my travel bookcase! 😍 Finally tonight I'll start the final journey... 😎
  15. Wonderful project! 😋 I'd like to join this Let's Play. I have only Ys VIII (PS4) and a double Ys Origin platinum trophies (PS4 international version and Asian version).