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  1. Connor - friends with Hank, found Jericho through Simon's memories, became deviant and gathered other androids, but unfortunately shot Marcus at the end, unable to disobey his orders Kara - Luther died at Jericho, together with Alice crossed the border by boat Marcus - led a peaceful protest, thanks to the supportive opinion of the public the army backed out. Simon died at Stratford tower
  2. Thanks, now it's working
  3. Whenever I try to play local multiplayer, the game doesn't let me choose the second character, and I don't know what to do
  4. It worked for me, "The Nazis" popped up after I drank the tea
  5. Propably a joke cabinet full of perverted/sex theme trophies
  6. When you start the game you have to choose one of the cards like kitten or wizard. You have to play a game with each card at least once. You can also use the guide on psnprofiles, if you didn't understand the explanation. Edit: I messed up, I wrote an explanation for Unique Profile