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  1. Thanks for the event, and the badges. Played some great games during this event
  2. Completed Spider-Man for 10 Lords A-Leaping and my bonus game. Also finished The City That Never Sleeps DLCs, with Black Cat as the Femme Fatale.
  3. Completed Beholder, dark in both style and its theme.
  4. Completed God of War (50th platinum) for 6 Geese A-Laying.
  5. Completed A Way Out for 3 French Hens.
  6. Two games done this week - Celeste and Persona 5. Both awesome with amazing soundtracks.
  7. Nothing completed yet, but I'll throw in an update for my list: 1. A Partridge in a Pear Tree 2. Two Turtle Doves 3. A Way Out 4. Beholder 5. Persona 5 (you earn a lot of money from palaces) 6. God of War 7. Seven Swans A-Swimming 8. Eight Maids A-Milking 9. Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps DLC 10. Marvel's Spider-Man 11. Celeste 12. Drummers Drumming - Yakuza Kiwami (karaoke minigame)
  8. I've figured most of the games for my list: 1. Yakuza Kiwami 2. 3. A Way Out (developers from Sweden) 4. Beholder 5. 6. God of War 7. 8. 9. Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps DLC 10. Spider-Man 11. Persona 5 12.
  9. Connor - friends with Hank, found Jericho through Simon's memories, became deviant and gathered other androids, but unfortunately shot Marcus at the end, unable to disobey his orders Kara - Luther died at Jericho, together with Alice crossed the border by boat Marcus - led a peaceful protest, thanks to the supportive opinion of the public the army backed out. Simon died at Stratford tower
  10. Thanks, now it's working
  11. Whenever I try to play local multiplayer, the game doesn't let me choose the second character, and I don't know what to do
  12. It worked for me, "The Nazis" popped up after I drank the tea
  13. Propably a joke cabinet full of perverted/sex theme trophies
  14. When you start the game you have to choose one of the cards like kitten or wizard. You have to play a game with each card at least once. You can also use the guide on psnprofiles, if you didn't understand the explanation. Edit: I messed up, I wrote an explanation for Unique Profile