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  1. So you must leave, you'll have to go To Las Vegas or Monaco And win a fortune in a game Your life will never be the same
  2. Thanks Steven. #Zolkovo Lvl20 (You might want to remove your email from the video).
  3. After KZ2 I wouldn't touch any game that has shitty online servers with a 10 foot pole. Nothing worse than having an entire day's progress wiped. And in some cases an entire week.
  4. What I've come to learn from my time here is that everyone is beautifully different. There's no right or wrong profile. There's no better or worse. And I'll be the first to admit I've been guilty of thinking otherwise in the past. I personally don't see the allure behind UR enthusiasts because their choices are largely governed by statistics. In much the same way as ezpz connoisseurs they'd probably have an entirely different PSN gaming history without trophies. But that's not to say their profiles are any less or more than anyone else's. I love and respect profiles that are coloured with diversity or show a clear passion for a particular genre. Those are the perfect ones for me because they are driven by their love for gaming and not some arbitrary numbers. It doesn't matter how difficult or easy any of those games are perceived to be or how many of those trophies they've opted to go after. But every profile is perfect in the eye of the beholder because it's a reflection of them. It's human nature to strive for perfection but its definition varies from one person to another. Like a perfect job, or a perfect partner. Our PSN profiles are no exception. So at the end of the day as long as you're having a blast it doesn't matter at all whether others consider your profile noteworthy. Chances are they have a profile far from perfect in your own eyes.
  5. Welcome and I hope to see some of your creative flair in the artwork thread over the coming days
  6. Ah damn what a shame! One thing I can think of to circumvent Sony's concerns is by using PSNP's own friendship system (as you suggested) or even use the existing follower system or something to that effect. That would work right, especially if the infrastructure for it is already in place? Are there other concerns/obstacles preventing this sort of thing from being pushed up the pipeline?
  7. This got me thinking. Is there a way for the site to import the friend list of someone's account, if they've set it to public? In the same way PSNP can read trophy info based on privacy settings? A friends' leader-board would be so much more appealing and meaningful than the overall one competing against team accounts, cheaters and no-lifers. IMO. Although I can see this potentially take up a lot of resources, but is it something others would be interested in or just na? I'm sure you could then have various stats analysis too amongst your friends, like average rarity, completion ratio, plat count etc etc. Also going off on a bit of a tangent (should probably make a new thread for this), but would it be possible to implement some kind of calendar event system tied to events and competitions? So for those who register/sign up to said event, as soon as it goes live, all their progress is automatically tracked from the start of the event. Sort of like a live event leaderboard kinda thing... I'm not sure if your forum engine is equipped to deal with that request but I'm sure most of the community on here would love something like that (especially event hosts). @BlindMango @Sly Ripper Would something like either of the above be viable?
  8. In my case I lose interest rather than getting burnt out from gaming. I started gaming in the late 90s and it's happened countless times whether it was an MMO, PC gaming or the xBox. Sometimes it lasts a few years, other times a few months. I'm just one of those that drift in and out of various hobbies depending on where I am and what's going on in my life. It is really refreshing though to come back after a long break and experience games with a fresh pair of eyes. This is actually the longest I've ever gamed continuously on a console so I do wonder how long I can keep it going. There just seem to be so many good games on PS that I still need to play!
  9. Lol what an idiot. If he had access to that info, you don't have to be a brain surgeon to round it up or down a little. I hope one of the winners wouldn't mind telling us their submission; I'm curious how far out I was.
  10. @Crimson Idol Can't wait for the NFS:Payback guide
  11. I'm one of those minority that even plan level up milestones (probably the only one tbh) Just adds a fun extra dimension to PlayStation gaming for me! I particularly like these as PSNP can't scrap it and change the system undoing all the effort, like they can and have with the generic system of milestones. I agree though that most people wouldn't be interested in such a feature. I think the resources would be better put towards implementing the option to toggle between the old system of milestones and the current ones as has been discussed in various threads.
  12. I really just want to know what the correct answer was for the God of War question Their question was ambiguous to begin with as there is no way for them to track the statistics of people who play their games on an offline system. Especially in the case of God of War which is an exclusively SP experience.
  13. That's a valid point, some games certainly have trophy lists that go beyond what I would consider a "perfect save file". That's also why I stated a full trophy list is part of that 100% journey. But more often than not I find you can get a platinum only exploring about 50% of the game's content. It's not very often that there's a trophy for 100% completion. The only examples that come to mind are Tomb Raider, Arkham games and some of the GTA games but it's few and far between in the grand scheme of things. But yeah these categories aren't definitive and I fully expect most people to have characteristics from multiple ones as I've defined it. Oversight on my part, fixed.
  14. It's always difficult to say just based on someone's profile, which is kinda the underlying point of this thread. But if I were to hazard a guess it seems to me like you play any game that you find enjoyable until you don't
  15. Toughest thing for me was actually not even tied to any of the trophies. I went completely OCD and re-did the entire sphere grid, removing all the +1s, +2s, +3s and replacing them with +4s. This was all post platinum too. Many 100s of hours later after a shit tonne of farming and grinding I had the perfect sphere grid. Getting 255 luck was the biggest bitch. I even replaced HP/MP nodes even though I never use Break HP Limit or Break MP Limit. Almost done maxing out my Blitz team, although I can't get Tidus to learn Anti-Drain for the life of me.