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  1. R.I.P all the painstaking work I put into getting relevant level up trophy names
  2. This was an awesome event idea old friend, sad I missed out! Hope everyone's having a wonderfully festive month of gaming
  3. Ah I was just going to squeeze in the counting tonight but you sir, @Dragon-Archon, are a legend. Also for the record I contributed a jaw dropping one whole trophy to the event.. a bronze at that too. You're welcome everyone.
  4. @Beyondthegrave07 Thank you so much for the tag and reminder.. I've been hardcore real-lifing and have more or less forgotten about gaming! Will find something to play tomorrow and maybe even get back into the allure of pixels (And once again thank you for hosting this.)
  5. I understand where you're coming from. While there is a black and white way of viewing cheating, there's an awful lot of grey too. Like buying trophies, using shareplay etc. Even boosting is not how the developers typically intend a game to be played so I can see why people view it as cheating. But at least with boosting you yourself are putting in the effort without using someone else's work e.g. save files, buying trophies, shareplay and so-on. Unfortunately it is not currently possible to regulate some of these methods of gaining an unfair leaderboard advantage, but save file use-age is more often than not easy and straight-forward to detect. In my opinion, I consider trophy shops, save files, team accounts and share-play to be on equal par (in the context of trophy hunting), with CFW being the worst form of cheating. I don't have a problem with boosting, especially if the developers release a sucky game that has content locked behind a nonsensical 1000 hour online grind. But I can see why someone may use that same logic to argue for save file use in SP in place of say a turbo controller for example. I guess in technical terms save-file use often involves some type of soft-hack whether it's resigning or whatnot, which is probably against Sony's T&C. Account sharing whether it's to buy trophies or play a team account is probably also against Sony's T&C but fairly difficult to prove and I'm pretty sure Sony have the capacity to take action should they ever care. Share-play is a built-in feature and boosting also doesn't involve any kind of hack so those tend to be largely regarded as fair play. Anyway I think this dispute can be locked now @MMDE @grimydawg
  6. I wasn't around for the previous iteration(s) of this event but really looking forward to this year's. Happy to help in any way I can!
  7. I would imagine it to work in exactly the same way as psprices, which only shows historical price for digital copies sold via the official PS store. I'm also not sure about this but there are hundreds of sites that use the metacritic rating not just for video games but also movies, music, TV etc.
  8. It would be a horrible database design if trophy lists and the game metadata were pulled via users; I certainly hope that's not the case!
  9. My first suggestion will probably only appeal to fellow cheapskates like myself (or bargain hunters if we're to dress it up a little). Often for whatever reason, many of us like to glance at a game's metadata, trophy info etc. on PSNP before committing to a purchase and in my case I like to have a look at the cheapest digital price it has been listed at on the official PS Store via https://psprices.com/region-gb/index I'm not sure how that particular site extracts the data, but it would be great if PSNP could display a simplified version of that (i.e. just the cheapest recorded price) under the Releases row shown below: This can be shown for either each currency or the currency relevant to the user's region. Region specific stacks can just display the respective region's currency. Even if you're not of a frugal nature, surely it's fascinating to know exactly how much more you're forking over than necessary. Especially with our ever-increasing backlogs. Most of the lowest recorded prices occur at set intervals so one can certainly hold out for it. I'm sure there'll be a few complications like cross-platform releases with a single trophy list e.g. FFX-HD but hey I can't do all the legwork here. I'm sure you guys can figure that out. Additionally, I'd really like either A link or snapshot of the average user/critic metacritic rating Metacritic is regarded as the foremost online review aggregation site for the video game industry(1)(2) PSNP's own rating system whereby owners of a game can rate the game on both overall gameplay and trophy difficulty (seeing as this is a trophy/profile site) Potentially require a platinum in order to rate Helps circumvent fanboys skewing data (e.g. Soulsbourne, TW3) Platinum obtainers will have a much more rounded experience of the game in order to provide a more objective/fair rating These would be a couple of useful new additions which would help PSNP evolve into a one-stop hub imo.
  10. Although not exactly in the same boat as you, I can tell you that moving from the xbox to PS resulted in me re-playing a large number of great titles and it is a bittersweet experience. Some games just don't age too well and some that I remembered very fondly ended up being a grind-fest the second time around. Anyway I personally think it's awesome that you shared your story, and it's nice that you've gone back to your roots re your love for gaming.
  11. 2.5D, some people also call it Pseudo-3D but that's a little different imo. More specifically you might call it paper cut-out layering. You'll be all caught up by the time I get back
  12. So you must leave, you'll have to go To Las Vegas or Monaco And win a fortune in a game Your life will never be the same
  13. Thanks Steven. #Zolkovo Lvl20 (You might want to remove your email from the video).
  14. After KZ2 I wouldn't touch any game that has shitty online servers with a 10 foot pole. Nothing worse than having an entire day's progress wiped. And in some cases an entire week.
  15. What I've come to learn from my time here is that everyone is beautifully different. There's no right or wrong profile. There's no better or worse. And I'll be the first to admit I've been guilty of thinking otherwise in the past. I personally don't see the allure behind UR enthusiasts because their choices are largely governed by statistics. In much the same way as ezpz connoisseurs they'd probably have an entirely different PSN gaming history without trophies. But that's not to say their profiles are any less or more than anyone else's. I love and respect profiles that are coloured with diversity or show a clear passion for a particular genre. Those are the perfect ones for me because they are driven by their love for gaming and not some arbitrary numbers. It doesn't matter how difficult or easy any of those games are perceived to be or how many of those trophies they've opted to go after. But every profile is perfect in the eye of the beholder because it's a reflection of them. It's human nature to strive for perfection but its definition varies from one person to another. Like a perfect job, or a perfect partner. Our PSN profiles are no exception. So at the end of the day as long as you're having a blast it doesn't matter at all whether others consider your profile noteworthy. Chances are they have a profile far from perfect in your own eyes.