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  1. Quick post for those of you who want to read ahead, as this trophy (De Vespe Secret Archives) is missable and can glitch in one location. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it), the DLC is very short and the trophy requirements can be rushed through in about 30 minutes if you do miss it on your blind playthrough. Locations below: Happy Hunting!
  2. Friend! How long have you been back?!

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    2. eigen-space


      It looks like the UK equivalent is postgraduate studies??? I'm getting a Masters degree.

    3. Beyondthegrave07


      I was going to get the gang back together with @Dav9834, but nevermind! 😛 (See what I did there?)


      Been pretty boring on my end. Just been doing my own thing here and working from home for the past 15 months. Still a CPA, still doing accounting for asset managers and hedge funds. Nothing terribly exciting.

    4. Dav9834


      LET'S DO IT! 

  3. Just wanted to say a quick thank you @Golden Devil Gamer Very well written guide for users of all skill levels. I'm guilty of putting this one aside for a long time because I wanted to buy a full version rather than buying multiple DLCs. However, I didn't anticipate SE separating out one of the DLCs. For those of you with basic network understanding and/or a managed network at home (i.e. managed layered switch, firewall etc.) the relevant info is in steps 8 - 11 for the path re-mapping to get 1.26 downloading. My steps summarized for Digital Royal Edition: Noted IP of VM (virtual machine) running proxy server, and the port the proxy server is using On PS4 kept network on custom LAN, but enabled proxy server and entered IP and port as gathered in step 1 Kicked off FFXV download from library and did not check any add-ons when prompted Followed OP's steps 8 - 11 to remap patch download path Cancelled current installation (mine was still only calculating requirements at this point) Re-download from library, I didn't check any add-ons when prompted but you probably can Removed proxy server on PS4 network settings as soon as the download had began (73.530GB), as my proxy server throttles download speeds Selected all available add-ons for downloading while main game was downloading, and priotized these Disabled PS4 network port on switch (i.e. disabled network connection) when all downloads were complete (took about 1.5 hours on 108Mbps fibre line) Loaded game To those wondering if this still works, I purchased the Digital Royal Edition today (22 May 2021), and can confirm I've used OP's method to download patch 1.26 and successfully load up Comrades DLC in game. I've taken a few shots of the game download and information page with all add-ons (less episode ardyn) on v1.26 so you can use as reference: A couple of further shots of the comrades menu + in game footage after character creation:
  4. R.I.P all the painstaking work I put into getting relevant level up trophy names
  5. This was an awesome event idea old friend, sad I missed out! Hope everyone's having a wonderfully festive month of gaming
  6. Ah I was just going to squeeze in the counting tonight but you sir, @Dragon-Archon, are a legend. Also for the record I contributed a jaw dropping one whole trophy to the event.. a bronze at that too. You're welcome everyone.
  7. @Beyondthegrave07 Thank you so much for the tag and reminder.. I've been hardcore real-lifing and have more or less forgotten about gaming! Will find something to play tomorrow and maybe even get back into the allure of pixels (And once again thank you for hosting this.)
  8. I wasn't around for the previous iteration(s) of this event but really looking forward to this year's. Happy to help in any way I can!
  9. I would imagine it to work in exactly the same way as psprices, which only shows historical price for digital copies sold via the official PS store. I'm also not sure about this but there are hundreds of sites that use the metacritic rating not just for video games but also movies, music, TV etc.
  10. It would be a horrible database design if trophy lists and the game metadata were pulled via users; I certainly hope that's not the case!
  11. My first suggestion will probably only appeal to fellow cheapskates like myself (or bargain hunters if we're to dress it up a little). Often for whatever reason, many of us like to glance at a game's metadata, trophy info etc. on PSNP before committing to a purchase and in my case I like to have a look at the cheapest digital price it has been listed at on the official PS Store via https://psprices.com/region-gb/index I'm not sure how that particular site extracts the data, but it would be great if PSNP could display a simplified version of that (i.e. just the cheapest recorded price) under the Releases row shown below: This can be shown for either each currency or the currency relevant to the user's region. Region specific stacks can just display the respective region's currency. Even if you're not of a frugal nature, surely it's fascinating to know exactly how much more you're forking over than necessary. Especially with our ever-increasing backlogs. Most of the lowest recorded prices occur at set intervals so one can certainly hold out for it. I'm sure there'll be a few complications like cross-platform releases with a single trophy list e.g. FFX-HD but hey I can't do all the legwork here. I'm sure you guys can figure that out. Additionally, I'd really like either A link or snapshot of the average user/critic metacritic rating Metacritic is regarded as the foremost online review aggregation site for the video game industry(1)(2) PSNP's own rating system whereby owners of a game can rate the game on both overall gameplay and trophy difficulty (seeing as this is a trophy/profile site) Potentially require a platinum in order to rate Helps circumvent fanboys skewing data (e.g. Soulsbourne, TW3) Platinum obtainers will have a much more rounded experience of the game in order to provide a more objective/fair rating These would be a couple of useful new additions which would help PSNP evolve into a one-stop hub imo.
  12. Although not exactly in the same boat as you, I can tell you that moving from the xbox to PS resulted in me re-playing a large number of great titles and it is a bittersweet experience. Some games just don't age too well and some that I remembered very fondly ended up being a grind-fest the second time around. Anyway I personally think it's awesome that you shared your story, and it's nice that you've gone back to your roots re your love for gaming.
  13. 2.5D, some people also call it Pseudo-3D but that's a little different imo. More specifically you might call it paper cut-out layering. You'll be all caught up by the time I get back
  14. So you must leave, you'll have to go To Las Vegas or Monaco And win a fortune in a game Your life will never be the same