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  1. interesting.
  2. mine's loud but I use headphones that somewhat block out the sound. the surround sound in those takes care of the rest of any background noise I hear. I'm too busy having fun to notice once I start playing, only when I take them off for a break do I hear the loud noise lol.
  3. Oh jeez, lol.
  4. hoo boi.
  5. There's one thing said in the game that might lead to a stand alone DLC of sort, but i haven't heard anything at all on that. then there's the ending. i hope you weren't on reddit lol. i believe there will be a 3rd game, a trilogy, just my opinion. i personally thought it was a step up in alot of areas from the first game. TEW 2 does alot of things fine, nothing i thought was BAD.
  6. NG+ on DM is EZ lol. if you're already familiar with the game and abilities (which by that point you are) then nothing is really challenging. As for the combat in general, yeah its not that challenging. Quen and Igni are easy mode. i enjoy a challenge so i use Aard as my go-to and Axii. the game prepares you really well so combat shouldnt trouble anyone.
  7. friends..? i dont follow, what are those?
  8. EZ Clap. stay tuned for more reviews.
  9. Your Undoing.
  10. relatable.
  11. Alter Bridge - Cry of Achilles.
  12. Until Dawn.
  13. Uncharted 1.