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  1. relatable.
  2. Alter Bridge - Cry of Achilles.
  3. Until Dawn.
  4. Uncharted 1.
  5. i enjoyed Shadow of War, alot. it's a good enough excuse to jump back in. i dont mind DLC. as much as everyone says they don't like it, they'll play it lol. the microtransactions didn't stop me from liking this game.
  6. so basically Akumu Mode in The Evil Within 1.
  7. this is one of those games that looks really interesting to watch, but i feel like i'd get bored immediately. with the emphasis on realism and historical accuracy, i dont feel like it's for me. maybe i'll change my mind, but best of luck to you trophy hunters going for the platinum!
  8. welp, looks like i'm up for another song. Nine Lashes - Anthem of the Lonely.
  9. ooh that's a nice one, i love The Evil Within games.
  10. shit, im still waiting on a good Superman game to be made, period. lol.
  11. Audioslave is a favorite of mine, my dude.
  12. I like DLC too, bringing me back to a game i like (example: Horizon Zero Dawn) is a nice change of pace. i too lose interest in games, certainly after i beat them. and going for platinum can take alot out of the game for me. not all DLC is bad, sure gaming is in a state we dont like, but there's plenty of good things too about modern gaming.
  13. Mass Effect Trilogy. Trilogy story with Andromeda combat (about the only good thing to come from Andromeda). and do something with those ME 3 endings, we dont want people feeling a bitter taste in their mouths if they keep it the same. or keep it the same. as long as they change that combat, that was boring to me.
  14. Tremonti - My Last Mistake.
  15. definitely some heavy hitters coming to PS in 2018, im hyped.