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  1. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
  2. Hmm you got a lot to choose from but I would go with dragon quest 11
  3. The Witcher 3, also even tho I’m not the person you asked but to answer your question. When destiny 2 first came out those trophies didn’t stack and you had to do a separate prestige or normal leviathan to get each trophy but I believe in later patches they now stack.
  4. Grats man, I remember doing this a long time ago, spam thunder surge like a blind mad man and hope for great RNG.
  5. I used this guide for missables. What you want to look out for specifically is: -Arms Race (Decisions will effect) -Burn after reading (it doesn’t make mention but after the second epilogue fight, go to your camp and go through all your letters in there) And all the recruit party members trophies (decisions will effect) -Arf Arf Grrr -Do no harm -Out of the sizzlixer into the fire -For the good book states
  6. 44.63%. I think it will get to sub 40 one day. Been playing a lot of tough games lately.
  7. The answer is yes! 😬
  8. Sorry the arena trophy is giving you some grief man. I would say just give it one shot every couple or few days. I think statistically you should eventually get it.
  9. Metal gear solid 2
  10. Going with Dying Light
  11. Sweet list, if I had to pick, fallout 3 I think.
  12. Multiple of the same premium cards count.
  13. That means you can’t play Spider-Man, yikes!
  14. A little bit, ultra rare means it just goes into my ever growing backlog instead of cutting to the front of the line.