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  1. In the base game you are able to do this as well so long as you cleared a puzzle atleast once so you don’t have to ‘play’ through the entire game again just to see a different ending.
  2. Marvel Vs Capcom 3
  3. Crash team racing
  4. I’m picking up Salt and Sanctuary. That’s been on my wishlist for awhile.
  5. Wow. Nice profile, a tough pick for me but I would pick Dragon Age. I played it on PC a long time ago, one day I’ll get the plat on psn.
  6. Bouncy Bullets
  7. Stardew Valley - Hardest and my rarest too, all because of one trophy.
  8. Red Dead Redemption
  9. A vanity leader skin is just a skin that is different than the original leaders skin. You equip it in the menu in which you can also equip your deck and game board skin (in the menu before clicking ready to join queue I believe). The easiest way to obtain one, off the top of my head, is to max out all the rewards for a specific leader in the rewards book, although the game has had a lot of promotions and updated rewards so I’m sure there is an even easier way now.
  10. I think it should be known that the problem isn’t that there is easy plats. Easy plats have existed for a long time now and that has never been a problem before. The problem now is that there’s been an exploitation of the system by creating as many stacks of the same game, usually up to 6 for no reason other to exploit a niche community. I want to preface my experience by saying I do like to lurk other people’s profiles. I like seeing lists of games completely different than mine and thinking; ‘I completely forgot about that game, I might try that next’ or ‘this game looks pretty interesting’. However, It seems lately I’m looking at lists and instantly closing out of them. I’ve tried to sift through 20 lines of the same 3 games but I just find it a chore and it’s making me less engaged with this website. I don’t mind at all that the community is willing to try something in order to curb this. I’m all on-board for it. How I picture using this ribbon system is by immediately inspecting a profile I can see if it has 100 plats and only 10 ribbons then I need to scroll no further, personally I know there will be nothing of interest for me and to move on. At the end of the day I think there needs to be some sort of solution. Ideally the solution would be that Sony does some sort of moderation, having publishers justify a game to have 6 stacks, but obviously that requires resources from their end and I guess they don’t seem at all to interested in implementing that and I get it. Anyways, I am yay for this proposal.
  11. Stardew Valley
  12. Borderlands 2.
  13. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
  14. Hmm you got a lot to choose from but I would go with dragon quest 11