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  1. Nope, they’ve all been fixed, in what I think was the late January patch.
  2. It seems BioWare doesn’t have a great grasp of the frostbite engine. Ever since they migrated to it, the games developed on it have been nothing but a bug and glitch fest in my experience. Surprised to see that it’s so bad that consoles are being bricked.
  3. Seems like you like games that have a real challenging platinum. A lot of ultra rares and 100%s
  4. Yea. I was determined to get it. I just got so frustrated because my game crashed on world 3-2 twice. I also made it to Fectors 3x prior but didn’t have any power up and he killed me with about 50-30% every time. I messaged a handful of recent achievers to see if they had any of their own tips that maybe the prominent guides werent too specific on. A lot told me not to give up and I said to myself, man if I can get to Fectors atleast once that means I can do it again. So I got to him a 4th time but died. Got to him a 5th and finally had a machine gun power up and the rest is history.
  5. Is there some way to cheese this? I feel like there has to be a way. Either making the game lag or drop the frame rate or glitch it or somehow. This is extremely annoying. Not only do I need the perfect RNG run on spawns, coins and power ups but I also need great RNG on it now crashing deep into the levels, my game crashed twice on the ending of 3-2.
  6. Winning 6 arena matches in a single run would probably be the “most difficult”. Once you have an understanding of all the cards and their value and play a handful of runs it shouldn’t be too difficult. I’ve played arena maybe 15x or so and I’ve gotten past 6 wins maybe 3-4 times. The rank 20 trophy is easy. The rest are boostable or require grinding. I’d say the arena trophy makes it a 5/10, 6 if you just aren’t good at CCG’s at all.
  7. Red dead redemption
  8. Tomb Raider: Underworld
  9. Fector’s Challenge, a nightmare of a RNG trophy.
  10. October 30th