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  1. I agree with you completely. I don't understand why people hate multiplayer trophies, it's not like they're difficult to begin with. It takes time sure but if you're that worried boost them, the game will be busy since it'll be "new" so it's not like people will struggle for awhile. Also if it's that much of a problem don't play it but it's just trophies at the end of the day, it would be silly not to play a game just because of some multiplayer trophies.
  2. This kinda defeats the purpose of the game if you're just doing that, the whole point is to earn the rooms and not cheese it just for the platinum. It's amazing how people will enjoy a game without trophies but as soon as there is trophies/achievements people only care about that.
  3. Quote #7 "Wishes can come true, but not if you just wait for miracles. Miracles are things we make for ourselves. Here, and now." - Vanille/Final Fantasy XIII
  4. Just play the game. The game is made so that you can have endless amounts of options which will work and raids are random, just do whatever you want since it'll do the same as any other layout.
  5. You clearly understand what people mean, also if this was PSN fault other people would be in the same situation as you but they aren't. Blaming it on PSN isn't going to work, there's no way that would affect a difficulty unlocking or a trophy.
  6. Quote #6 I go find yummy-yummies! - Quina/Final Fantasy IX
  7. Quote #5 "How do you prove that you exist...? Maybe we don't exist..." Vivi/Final Fantasy IX
  8. I met my partner on this site almost four years ago (we both had different accounts back then). I made a thread for Ratchet & Clank asking something and he responded, after that I made a status saying how I almost had the platinum and again he responded, after that we added each other on the site back when you did that instead of following and talked a little. After sending a few messages we added each other on Playstation and the first thing we said was "Snap" since we were both playing Ratchet and Clank at the time, after that we've talked everyday and he taught me pretty much everything about games and trophy hunting. Of course it's a long distance relationship but luckily we don't live that far away, about a six hour train journey. We've met a few times now and when we aren't together we play games together regularly and make sure we mic everyday along with Skype often, it took us two years to meet for the first time but at the end of the day it shouldn't matter as long as both people want it. One day we'll live together sure but for now we're happy how we are and thanks to him I'll always have a co-op/boosting partner for games, Ratchet & Clank will also always have a special meaning to me since I would have never met him without it.
  9. Quote #4 "To be forgotten is worst than death."- Freya/Final Fantasy IX
  10. I think it needs to be overall since the 1,000 didn't pop until I actually had 1,000 on hand.
  11. @SlimSanta94 Is this game about you?
  12. Quote #3 "Maybe we'd fall short. Maybe we'd never even come close. But someone, someday, would know we'd tried." - Vanille/Final Fantasy XIII
  13. Quote #2 "If you want to believe in need to overcome doubt first. Belief without simply a lie." - Chiaki/Danganronpa
  14. That moment you've never played a fighting game but steal the controller off @KaiserMaglorix who's playing Dragon Ball FighterZ and earns the 200 combo trophy. =D 

  15. The wording was fine, they said earn one trophy a day so its obvious what they meant. Especially since they said you can earn the platinum so that would mean you can earn more then one trophy a day, the only reason it said eleven was because that's the minimum amount needed in a row.