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    - I'll be trying to stream a lot so feel free to have a look, currently steaming Nioh. =)
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  1. Finally convinced my brother to let me have World of Final Fantasy early! =D

    1. skateak


      +10 to persuasion 

    2. ExHaseo


      w00! Hope you enjoy it!

  2. I've just finished watching King Of Thorn/ Ibara no Ou and I really enjoyed it, a lot of the comments was about the manga so I'll have to check it out soon. ^_^

    1. Avatar_Of_Battle


      Never watched it, but I did read the manga years ago. I don't remember too much other than liking it a bit more than I thought I would.

  3. I'm happy not having it but a lot of people aren't, It would be very confusing who is who on friends lists and sites unless they made it obvious. I doubt it'll happen though, there's been lots of rumours, news or leaks in the past and every time people assume it's true.
  4. Think the next game I'll play is Rune Factory Oceans, I don't know much about it but when watching gameplay it looks like a nice game you can sit back and relax with. =)

    1. Froopy


      That sounds really intriguing.  Even more so it sounds very similar to Harvest Moon. *memberberries intensifies*

    2. LuciaRosethorn


      @Froopy From what I saw you do have your own farm, you can tame monsters and you need to go to dungeons to beat bosses with a wide selection of different weapons. It seems to have everything =3 

    3. Froopy


      Nothing like killing the hell outta some monsters before getting married.  It does have everything :D 

  5. Well I won't say the name of the person since privacy and whatnot but I met him on this site after posting about Ratchet one day over 3 years ago and we are still best friends and also partners, it's amazing how doing one simple thing can earn you a life long friend.
  6. Platinum #1 Nioh =)
  7. I keep forgetting to do this but I got my first platinum Nioh a few days ago, I really love the game and all I've got left is all the DLC. ^_^ 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. SlimSanta94


      Well done! Sorry I missed your stream! I'll watch next time :)

    3. Scyther


      Nice work!

    4. daftprophet


      Congrats on your first platinum.  Many more to come!

  8. I honestly don't think it's Bloodborne 2, people want it so bad anything which looks dark and creepy people just assume its that.
  9. I've platinumed the game before any patches and with, it does add some extra missions but you can get people to help you. In all fairness not much is different, you should just play it and enjoy it. =)
  10. I might be wrong but I think lamp 1 is Bioshock and lamp 2 is persona 5. =)
  11. I'm on a 6 hour train journey and the only thing I hate is the tunnels-_- At least I can play Slime Rancher when I get home =D

    1. Xionx


      I saw slime rancher when it was early access alpha . It was interessting but boring very quick. Is it better now? on long term i mean.

    2. LuciaRosethorn


      @Xionx I have yet to start it, my brother brought it for me while I was away so I'll get back to you about it.

      I have heard it gets boring quickly but it reminds me of Viva Pinata so I'm hoping for the same experience. =)

  12. My friend has the correct layout, it's only me who has the problem but I probably will have to wait for an update and hope it fixes it. I just have no idea what could be the cause since I can't find anything online about it so it can be a common problem, thank you for your input anyway.
  13. So straight to the point, basically since the playstation app got the new layout I've had a problem with the text. Most of it is fine but on some pages it's cut off ( pictures below) and I'm not sure how or if I can fix it. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, change the font size in my phone settings and looked online but couldn't find anything, I have a LG-G3 phone if anyone wonders. As I said there is pictures of what my phone looks like and what it should look like from a friends phone (they have an iphone). Any help would be appreciated and sorry the pictures aren't perfect. =)
  14. No, the beta boss is later in the game and is called The Ogress. =) @Trugo314 From someone who has platinumed the game before, all the bosses are hard and the main thing is dodging, learning their moves and ki pulse. Ki pulse is when you regenerate your stamina with R1, there was a tutorial for it. Another good thing to do is summon your spirit guardian when you get low on health since they do a good amount of damage and you don't need to worry about anything during that time. If you still need help send me a friend request and I can go through the levels which you struggle on.
  15. I wasn't expecting trophies to be added to DragonBall Xenoverse 2. :hmm:

    1. Scyther


      Right after I buy the game too... Well, guess I'll hope for a DLC sale somewhere down the road.