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  1. The servers are almost the same as in the beginning, but it's hard to gind other players. Takes a long while to find someone. You can start a match with just 2 players including yourself. And there are a lot of people boosting right now, bc servers are closing down. If you want to i can add you to a boosting group
  2. Whats up everyone, just looking for some other players who want to team up and try to get the trophies together If so hit me up!
  3. Thanks guys, i am go back and hunt that mf down.
  4. So is there a possibility that Hans volter will spawn as a boss, when you are playing solo? Thnxs in advance
  5. So i need to find three friends to be able to get this trophy, anyone else who needs it wants to help me?!
  6. Its defenitely gonna be crash bandicoot: wraped for me