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  1. You can paly up to 29 matches on squad battles (more than that will put you in division 6 I think, or even lower). Use the coins from these games to complete some nice SBCs, you can get the solutions on futbin. If you do this you'll have enough money to build a decent team to try to qualify in rivals, for div 4 you'd need 3 wins in those 5 games. To be honest, unless you're really good, you will not be able to do that, since at this point, you will face some very strong teams. But even so, you can gradually climb the ranks, it is not hard to get this trophy, you just need patience. Hope this helps, good luck man!!
  2. The problem is no one I know has this game.
  3. Hello guys, I was wondering if there are still people playing this game. I need help for the Smash trophy, as I dont think I'll ever do it alone.
  4. I had already collected rewards jn different sessions, but finished the whole group in the same. It worked for me.
  5. Yes
  6. I dont think so. Its fairly easy to build a Strong team, my starting squad value is around 900k in less than a month, with almost zero luck in packs. Most of these OP teams in low divisions are from bad players that are playing FUT since last year.
  7. You Just have to close the game when you are losing, and the loss will not count towards your game record.
  8. So guys, I just finished my calibration games with a record of 3 W and 2 L, resulting in 1280 skill rating, wich was just enough to get do DIV4. I strongly recomend playing the 29 games of squad battles and doing all the SBCs that gives you tradable rewards, as you will be most likely be facing strong teams in these matches (500k to 2kk squads, 87+ rating.) The team I used costed about 200k, but I was already experienced with FUT20 and played a bit on Seasons mode to get the hang of the gameplay, so this might be a little hard for new players. Good luck.
  9. The FUT champions is over already, só it is not possible tô get rewards. On rivals the rewards depends ok tour rank an your division. With few people playing is very easy tô get rank1, it Will give you 100k - 200k per week if you choose the agradável option.
  10. Yes, it is true
  11. The trophy has been patched. It is possible to register fo the next weekend league now.
  12. That's not true anymore, the weekend league registration will be open for the next 10 years in both FIFA 20 and FIFA 19. They posted an ingame message explaining this will happen so no one gets locked out of this trophy.
  13. Yesterday I finaly achieved 2000 FUT Champions points but I can't register to the Weekend League. It says the registration period has ended, or something like this. Do you guys know anything about this?
  14. EA has confirmed that the trophy will still be obtainable after the weekend league ends on the 27th. I'm not sure if it will be up until 2030, but it's very likely
  15. Try changing your height/weight until your overall drops to 79 again, then you'll be able to improve these stats