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  1. Try out to go for heavy rain, if you haven't experienced the story yet, it is just amazing, visually, it aged a little poorly but seeing different endings is worth it!
  2. Defintely has a favourite game, can't say what tho hmm
  3. RDR Online Trophies brother..
  4. All the fucking FIFAs.. also Sonic & All Stars Racing after 4 years of absence! Good job!
  5. GH Live, if you dont have the skill in the game, you just cant get it. kudos.
  6. That's how they get ya. Me too btw.
  7. ^ GTA V. How could ya finish it in 1 week mate
  8. No, nothing unusual had happened like a power outage Will try that, thanks for the suggestion!
  9. So after playing this game following the guide for the optional photos, I recieved the corresponding Trophies for getting all Pictures in Chapter 1 & 2, but not the one in 3, even though I have the Trophies for collecting them and them showing up in the Journal. After skimming through the Forum and the Internet, there seems to be no real solution for this, some people on Xbox said to just wait and eventually (some times after a few months even) the Trophy had popped for them. Has this happened to anyone here and if so how do you/I fix it?
  10. EU here, we too.
  11. According to the Screenshot I was giraffe-coptering. Am on the Ps4 Pro, in Germany System Language Englisch UK. Was wondering why the guy with all the other trophies didn't have this one lol.
  12. Just popped normally for me..