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  1. Mein Leben..... 😭
  2. Gryffindor Black swan Pine (Dragon core, 12 1/2") I've done the test around 10 or so times throughout the years and It's a near 50/50 on Gryffindor and Slytherin with 2 Ravenclaw and 0 Hufflepuff. My patronus is usually a bird and dragon core vine wood for wands. Can't wait for the game!! 😁🏆
  3. You lot are ridiculous.
  4. This is the way.
  5. What a mess of a game. Good thing I stayed out.
  6. 70 hours!? Exactly what I need/ want 😁 waiting for reviews and trophy guide before I shoot. The game is looking fantastic!
  7. I got the platinum...... Using my PS Vita as a controller. It's challenging at times (4-5/10), so I imagine that would drop to a (3/10) with a normal stick.
  8. Sounds good to me, just hope it's not woke.
  9. Badly designed trophies take freedom away from the experience.
  10. Hogwarts Legacy Jedi Survivor AC Mirage Lies of P Spiderman 2 Burning Shores Phantom Liberty
  11. Wish it was 60fps + easier city trials. 😁🏆
  12. $2.70 in Canukistan, after taxes. How does it run on PS5? Kind of willing to buy it, if we can group up and hunt the plat together, just for the lolz. 🤣
  13. #214 What Remains of Edith Finch (PS5) All Done Fun = eeeehhhh/10 (easy and fast plat 😁) Difficulty = 2/10 Time = 3 hours
  14. #213 Gris (PS5) Personal Growth Fun = 10/10 Difficulty = 2/10 Time = 5 hours