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  1. But can we buy trophies? Really liked that feature. πŸ˜‚
  2. Chelsea, City and AtlΓ©tico are on the way out AND..... EDWARD FAILWARD is getting the SACK! πŸ†πŸ˜πŸ‘ Now we just need the rest of the clubs to step away from this garbage.
  3. # 187 Subnautica Platinum Trophy Fun = eeeh, used a guide. Looks like a solid 7-8/10 πŸ€” Difficulty = 2/10 Time = "2 hours" I would play this legit.... but the controls are clunky, no 60 fps, etc. Ill have an eye on the sequel tho, looks cool.
  4. No more Leicester and/or Nottingham Forest fairy tale stories, no more trebles. Nothing, just United vs Milan/ Barca week in and out.... it will lose its importance. This will kill the dream, the meaning and emotion.
  5. United fan here. Absolutely disgusted by these news, it'll be the end of the beautiful game. Edit: ESL = no more this and not only for UCL but all leagues and other cup competitions:
  6. Thanks, looks simple and fun. If reviews are good, I'll buy on release and if not, I'll buy Demon's Souls Re instead.
  7. Jak & Daxter NFS MW KH2 GTA San Andreas Ratchet & Clank: up your arsenal And many, many more. PS2 is still the peak generation of gaming.
  8. Wolfenstein 2
  9. My first point. How do you go from good to shit, in 2 games time? Maybe he didn't really write the first game. Never in my life have I seen something like this happen. You don't just simply pump out something good and come in the next day and do garbage.
  10. Explain to me how they went from a masterpiece to a game that at least 3/4 of the fans hate? Stolen? Maybe he was in the group project but of course he was not the one calling the shots/ doing anything that would improve it (TLOU1)? Him and his people have killed the franchise. I hope Sony wake up soon and clean house or it'll be the end of ND.
  11. A remake of TLOU with Neil and co!? That's gonna be like SW 4-6 remade by Kathleen Kennedy.... But worst. It's a no from me.
  12. # 186 Maquette All Done! Fun = 8/10 Difficulty = 3/10 Time = 5 hours
  13. COD MW3 season pass Crysis 3 DLC GR FS DLC 2-3 Probably $100-150 Not gonna bother as I have no way to play those games and Sony will never give us backward compatibility for PS3 games.
  14. Downloading. I'll play on a guest just to be safe. If I like it, I'll buy it later. One question tho, is this the PS4 version? Doesn't say PS5 on the top left, beside the game name. Example: DIRT 5 tm | PS4 πŸ€” Edit: Good game, might buy it later once the complete edition is out. The music is great too.
  15. No and honestly, don't bother with rankings, it's only tracking some players and to be up there you are gonna need many consoles, people for one account and play a shit load of garbage games. It's just pointless. It's not worthwhile because it'll negatively affect you mentally. Some day they'll throw some BS at you that you won't be able to beat, such as Mein Leben and that will send you into a suicidal spiral (at least I've seen some people here like that). Be like me.... Play and 100% what you want/ like. Most 100% accounts are super planned, full of easy games or paid for anyway.