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  1. \[T]/
  2. -Aim for 100% always but know when to throw the towel to BS such as UC2-4, Wolf2, NFS2015, etc.... the shit I'm missing. -Don't stack, that's for trophy whores. -Stay away from games that are clearly designed to be "plat per hour" and predate on our hobby. -Never have anyone else unlock a trophy for you. -Play at your own pace and have fun! Don't stress about rank, amount, speed, etc of trophies/ profile. It'll ruin the experience and end up killing the hunt. I think that's all. 🤔 The point is to be real and never fall into the trophy whore category.... that shit looks bad and sad.
  3. Triple frontier.
  4. Wouldn't mind an expansion like the frozen wilds but we gotta wait till all challenges are out.... so sometime in September or October for any announcements. But hey, that way you can buy the game on black friday for almost nothing. 👌
  5. Damn, now I want some popcorn.
  6. Nope, it'll most likely be my black friday buy. THIS!! + don't forget Take2. This is the biggest reason why I'm gonna wait, the game could be shit, full of predatory practices and or they could treat the player base awfully. Also, the full edition will be cheaper than standard by black friday. 😂🏆
  7. Rain is love/ life
  8. I need a new game. Hope there is a flash sale this weekend and that one of the games I want is there.
  9. Abzu
  10. A plague tale: innocence 🏆
  11. No, or at the very least I did not have any problems.