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  1. Authentic is great, authentic +/++ (whatever is called) is pure BS.
  2. This guy gets it. πŸ˜πŸ‘
  3. You'll learn as you go, so don't worry.
  4. Hope it's true, wanna see Sony's take on this. If good and decently priced, I might buy. Otherwise, I'll be changing controllers every 2 years 😒 thanks to drift (just got my second through trade on the past sale).
  5. They say it'll finally end at the end of this year. Really liked the game but it's time to stop and move on the next one.....
  6. Not as difficult as we all think but do get a third player that knows how to carry and cheat, just in case.
  7. Yes, they fixed the performance mode "shimmer" problem and it looks πŸ˜˜πŸ‘Œ
  8. Do TNO and TOB, they are awesome. Wolf2 is one of the worst games I've played and that trophy is the cherry on top. Heard YB is trash, so you might want stay away from that one too. You could do the first 2 and then play the others on a guest account.
  9. Invis frames Expansion Weapon customization (let me carry whatever arrow I want and not be forced to have 2/3 ice, 2/3 plasma, etc).
  10. Last COD that will release on PS?
  11. This is all nice and dandy but tbh, go on YouTube and get the saltiest build you can find, max it and off you go.
  12. Just finished the NG+ Ultra playthrough and yup, no way of lowering diff. 😩 I'll start NG++ later tonight. The final boss was a pain in the D hole, explosives (specially acid) will be your best friends here. My equipment was: (all Max) Seeker hunter bow Firestorm Warrior bow The skykiller Carja stalker elite Not the best and don't recommend going with these weapons, aside from the harpoon but it's what I liked using before.
  13. These trophies are poop!! Just made it past Gemini, which was horrendous. Had to throw not the house but a whole shopping mega mall at it. Not looking forward to the grind for tokens, so might have to do that on an NG+ story. Somebody tell Sony and co. to stop this BS of NG+ and extra difficulty trophies down the line. Again, extra trophies should only be on expansions.
  14. Thanks! You also get them by doing the outposts, tall necks, etc too. So it doesn't seem like it'll be as bad as we thought. Already pass the first time we meet Beta and I've only died once (blew myself up with the harpoon 🀣). So, should have 100% done within a week TOPS.
  15. 😩 And no shield wiaver. Oh well, at least it'll give me something to do. Edit: Performance is beautiful now 😍 and the transmog works like a dream!!