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  1. #194 A Plague Tale: Innocense Innocense Fun = 10/10 Difficulty = 2/10 Time = 10 hours One of my favorites. Cant wait for Requiem!!
  2. Don't know, don't think so and hope not. Either way.... TUNERS HYPE!!!! Finally an update for us car guys. 😁
  3. Decoration. I really like the plat icon for Dishonored 2 (my favorite 🤔), inFamous SS, UC4, TW3, etc and that's why they are there. I could do a theme some time, maybe GOTY of the past 10 years?
  4. Come on England! 🏆
  5. I'll get Valhalla some time later this year or next and leave.... It's over. GG, it was fun while it lasted. Pointless edit: Ezio is best and Evie is bae.
  6. Spider-man MM, Returnal and R&C Rift Apart. Demon Souls was a present. Non of them are worth full price :/ The rest are through PS+ and or free upgrades.
  7. Just copy and paste Tsushima MP and they'll have a winner. Either way, I'm in!
  8. About to hit 500 hours with this game, so more content is a HELL YES from me! It would be nice if they added some new maps and unlocks for the MP too.
  9. This and Mirror's Edge.
  10. Sweet! At this rate, I might actually hit 200 plat milestone this year. 😁
  11. GOTY so far and trophy list was well made. What I would have liked is either more game or lower price. So far, non of these $100 (Canada) priced games are worth it, wait till they are at least 25% off.
  12. Welp, that's another 100% I won't be able to get :'/
  13. Slightly off topic but is anyone playing this on a Samsung q70t? Everytime I start the game it turns game mode off and then on + it seems to run its own tv settings. Oh and Performance RT > all
  14. Day 1 for sure!!