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  1. This is what happened to us. We made it to the fifth boss and the mofo wiped us within 5-10 seconds. It was the blue needles worm guy (one of the new bosses). I keep telling everyone that the Devs should either nerf their attack, speed or turn them into wet toilet paper as they should be on NORMAL, when we are decked in good gear, 3+ levels above, etc. It's doable to get and beat 10 (which is what we all want) but it shouldn't be as difficult/ painful on NORMAL.
  2. Anyone wanna team up? First we'll do the story and then survival. Edit: OK, gave survival a go and we made it to the fifth boss (new spike wall guy). Mofo wiped us within 10 seconds and we were 3-4 lvls above. Moral of the story? Pray you don't get any of the new bosses, they are all broken.
  3. Same thing of always BUT the prices are actually really good. I think I'll finally pick up Medievil, should I got for deluxe? Edit: Nvm, I was looking at Murican prices, here in Canukistan is still extortion as usual. Back to BF2 I go!
  4. Only played the demo of VIIre and it completely destroys anything else they've released. Nier gets second and XV third. Gonna wait for full version (PS6 2030 😂) of the remake to buy it.
  5. I got some like KZ2, R2, GTAV (twice), D1, etc but I'll go for something more recent with Gwent. Getting those 6 arena wins was very VERY painful for me. I don't recommend anyone to go for this (servers closed now I think) + that wasn't all, there is also lots of grinding but getting the Thronebreaker platinum helped alot with that. The thing is just too RNG focused, 8-9/10 in difficulty but still a good game.
  6. Rarity: 9 out of 10 Platinums are Ultra rare, so don't worry about the stats of this wedsite or you'll go insane. I see so many worrying about leaderboards, quantity, rarity, etc when in the end this website only tracks a handful of players. Again, shit is the definition of pointless. I say the only things that are alright to worry about are Completition and milestones, you don't need to no life, go out of your way too much to do those and more importantly, they are solely focused on you. Grind/ Difficulty: No trophy should require the player to no life the game, play the game in a super unnatural way, etc to get. So do make your voices heard but be decent about it.
  7. Pierce and shield are your best friends. Here is my run:
  8. "Always in the wrong spot/ situation" -Many
  9. Everyone talking at the same time, kids, crap music, bad Mics, people eating while playing (poor controllers), etc.
  10. Yeah, of 200+ games (all my life) I've only failed at that with a handful, Wolf2 been one of them and the one to hold the poop crown. Sounds good? Course it does.
  11. Just gotta be able to sniff what's trash and what isn't.
  12. Save your money and stay away from this trash game. Story is terrible, characters are bad/ underused, gameplay is off, difficulty is absurd.... And then there is Mein Leben trophy as cherry on top. Worst game I've ever played.
  13. Day 1 for sure and thankfully it's not alphabetified 😁
  14. Legit don't know what to do with all this money 😂 no 2020 games for me till Tsushima and garbage sale after garbage sale in between.
  15. Dad of Boi HZD Jedi Fallen Order Loved hunting those 3 and would do it all over again. Honestly, I've enjoyed hunting 95% or so of my platinums. I need a new platinum to hunt, my last was over a month ago 😩