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  1. # 169 Erica Thats a Wrap Enjoyment = 7/10 Difficulty = 3/10 (4/10) cuz it got a bit boring Use this guide!! MAKE SURE you read the first comment.
  2. PS1: CTR PS2: Jack & Daxter PS3: Journey PS4: Dad of Boi VITA: UC Golden Abyss
  3. As a PS only player.... Nothing of value has been lost. No DH3+, Wolf is trash now and can't be arsed to give FO a second chance. I don't see them making anything good out of Starfield and TES6, 2 Ls (MS + Bethesda) don't make a W and really don't care about the other franchises.
  4. Fuken tune m8! 😘👌
  5. Not unless they auto pop. Some of these games took way too much to 100% (UC4, TW3, etc).
  6. Just the console (disc). I'll buy Spider-man digitally and leave DS re for boxing day.
  7. Got mine (disc version) from Best buy Canada for $712 😁😩
  8. Just do whatever is double XP. Resets are on Thursdays, so hopefully they do double $ and XP on contact missions tomorrow. It won't take too long tbh, maybe a week or two at most while putting 3 hours per day.
  9. Today is a good day.
  10. Demon Souls stole the show for me. The game looks so.... Real/ Natural. I didn't care much the first time they showed it but it's now on my list to buy. 😁
  11. I'm still surprised people fall for this sort of shit. What exactly needs to happen for you lot to learn that GAAS = Scam.
  12. I got in the little room and nothing, does it have to be under the timer? Nvm.... Look at this BS.
  13. Good but too bad the combat and movement will still be meh. If only those were like Bloodborne or Dad of Boi....
  14. Think I'll wait and see how the game evolves, how the players are treated by the devs, etc. The trophies look easy but sad there is no platinum :/
  15. Non of them, they were all easy. 😉