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  1. #160 Death Stranding Enjoyment = 10/10 Difficulty = 3/10 Time = 85 hours
  2. You need to do 20 of each of the 4 categories. Make sure they all say that you haven't done them on that difficulty and or S rank.
  3. Huawei P30 lite.
  4. Try and take the ones that have you travel across the map, I once leveled up from 57 to 64 with one of those. It also helps to carry many orders at the same time and also more weight. Take a truck and load it up with many deliveries and that will help on the score (I think).
  5. Love the game and Higgs design is pretty cool.
  6. Death Stranding Growth of a Legend Hardest trophy out of the way and now full attack mode for platinum 😁
  7. Here is my web from the first map
  8. Kojima now wants you to learn French. 🤔😁👌
  9. 5 > all One of the greatest boss battles of all time.
  10. Not possible. Best thing to do is a network of zip lines.
  11. I've been putting some on the mountain region. It's a Godsend later on for time saving and avoiding BTs. 👍
  12. You gotta make it far enough to get the items. I finally got the bridges cap and can of course turn it gold.
  13. Hey Todd.... 😉
  14. Loving the game so far, only thing I need is either a gun for BTs or pampers cuz they have me shiting. 😂 Graphics, sound, gameplay, story and characters are top level, just need a bit more action. So far it's in the 8-9/10 bracket.