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  1. Looks decent, just hope it's not woke.
  2. The only hard ones are #2 and the one with the maze. I give it a solid 3-4/10 in difficulty. Wouldn't mind more DLC on this (story) or a second game.
  3. By then we'll probably have guides. 😁
  4. # 196 Kena: Bridge of Spirits All Trophies Obtained Fun = 9/10 Difficulty = 4/10 Time = 20 hours Tied with R&C for GOTY 2021
  5. My most anticipated game of 2021. Hope it's good! 😁
  6. Forget this trash sale, trophies are finally vertical.... Fuken VERTICAL!!!! πŸ˜πŸ†
  7. Looks fun, will buy later on sale.
  8. Need help with the 5 shades. Is this boostable? Edit: Nvm, just got it along with the 100%. I recommend using the first map. 4-5 games and lost the last one by a hair (last enemy was hiding -_-) + my teammate was AWFUL. Good mode but don't see myself spending too much time there. Bring on Ghost 2!
  9. 4-5 hours. πŸ€”
  10. Meh DLC that isn't worth the price ($23 Can), so I say wait till its at least 50% off. The only difficult part are some of the time trials and the final boss (4-5/10). Hope they move on to their next game.
  11. Thanks. Exactly 13 hours and it's a 4-6/10 depending on your play style. The game is locked on hard difficulty, Perma death and the new crap is just the annoying checkpoints throughout the city and no fast travel (sort of). Lost Aidan and Wrench on the same mission early on to absolute BS. Later in the game lost most of my legion (3-4 toons) on the mission below, until I found this crazy play on YouTube. Again, this mode is annoying and pointless. Nobody.... ABSOLUTELY NOBODY asked for this but oh well. In the end I had Mina (underrated), the Albion guard you have to get (super useful) and a paramedic. I recommend getting a barrister too. Do know I was going as fast as I could without going crazy/ messy, so I only had the starting pistol but I did take the time to get some hacks to at least lvl 2.
  12. This mode is more annoying and pointless than anything, all we wanted was NG+ and for the MP to be stable. Should have the trophy by the weekend.
  13. #195 Watch Dogs: Legion Completionist Fun = 8/10 Difficulty = 4/10 Time = 50 hours