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  1. Days Gone: Surviving is living
  2. Damage difficulty isn't to bad, just keep moving vs freaks and lots of cover vs humans. Survival mode is more annoying than difficult because of the lack of fast travel and having to press R3 all the time to see your stuff.... specially when driving from A to B. Only real difficult part (for me) was the braker boss and the first mandatory horde. Hope Sony or whoever makes trophies stop doing this garbage of adding extra diffs after release. Either do it like GOW4 (best trophy list of all time) or if you are gonna go with It, add NG+ so it isn't so annoying.
  3. August and December for the remaining episodes.
  4. Same and 100% agree. Love the game but I'm glad I got my 100% back.... survival was more annoying than difficult.
  5. Love that game and hope we get a sequel.
  6. MK11. I like the banner 👍
  7. Only problem is the framerate.
  8. Don't like leaving things unfinished.... unless is pure bullshit + I enjoy hunting trophies.
  9. That I remember: Resistance: fall of man AC 1 Naruto storm Haze 🤔
  10. Will there be NG+? I'm gonna start my survival run later today or tomorrow and don't wanna start now to find out that if I waited a bit I could go fully decked out.
  11. First was evil eats from InFamous and I just made it past 8K, so I'm maybe 2-4 years away from 10K.
  12. Gwent. The 6 arena win drove me to madness, very happy and very proud with the platinum. Borderlands the pre sequel.... later today.
  13. Don't go for this if you don't like racing games. It takes a long time and will get boring and frustrating, if you plan to 100%
  14. Trash games, save the money for booze and hoes. 👍😉