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  1. # 168 MW2 Re Is That All You Got? Enyoyment = 9/10 Difficulty = 4/10
  2. Here is my winning run: TF2 is still the hardest for me.
  3. #167 Ghost of Tsushima Living Legend Enyoyment = 10/10 Difficulty = 3/10
  4. Are you jealous of accounts with 100%? Don't be, most are full of super easy trophies/ games, heavily planned and or paid for. Edit: You have a nice account with very high competition, just keep at it and don't worry too much about total perfection. Like I said above, 100%ers are mostly fake.
  5. Just finished the game and should have the platinum sometime tomorrow. It really is awesome game, deserves all those sales, the 9-10/10 and GOTY awards. The final boss.... 😒❀️
  6. "All regions" Canukistan is on a whole different intergalactic dimension, so no chance for me....
  7. Quality. I could easily be in top 100 or so of the charts here in Can but I refuse to buy and play trash games made for trophy whores.
  8. Mein Leben on Wolf2. I managed to get to mid game a couple times but kept on getting killed through walls and having the game crash many times finally made me throw the towel. If the game was actually good like the other two, I think I would still try but nope, the only thing good about this one are graphics and sound. Fuck this trash game, trophy and the people that came up with it.
  9. No sequel I want more than for The Order 1886. The first game is a diamond in the rough, kind of like Uncharted 1 but this franshice can have a much higher ceiling, if Sony treats it well.
  10. So far my favorite from the game and can't wait to blast the full version while doing God knows what in Night City.
  11. 10/10 are usually bought and paid for, full of bias, etc. They cannot be trusted. New rule of thumb is 7-9/10 > 10/10 most of the time.
  12. Looks simple and fun, it'll be my next platinum. 😁 The trophy designs are mint!!
  13. Finding a 2020 game good enough for me. >:|
  14. Idk man, all 3 (AC, WD and FC) look super dated, mediocre and straight up boring :/ I can also smell them predatory practices from here.
  15. Buying/ preorder Wolfenstein 2 day one. I went thinking it was gonna be awesome like the previous games but it turned into top 3 worst game I've ever played.
  16. This guy reviewed the game very well. Pros, cons, it's all there. This one is also very good too but its not necessarily a full review of the game and more about its politic views.
  17. Thanks for the guide, I'll use it if I ever go for this plat.
  18. CLEAR black but this is still nice too. Nvm what I said, GO WHITE! 😍
  19. Wish they went with clear black boxes but this is still good and can't wait for the game! 😁
  20. I've seen lots of negativity thrown at anyone that critiques this game (in this site). If anything, I'm amazed of how rude some of you lot have been to people simply pointing out the clear and awful faults of this game story, characters, etc. Hell, I even got a strike point for voicing my opinion. I always thought we were better here :/
  21. Easiest = Storm boy Hardest = Gwent πŸ€”
  22. I have yet to buy a 2020 game. Was interested on FFVIIre but it's incomplete, so I rather wait for the full edition on 2030 (PS6). The game I really wanted was TLOUp2 but we all know how that turned out. Ghost of Tsushima seems like it'll be my first.... Hope it's good.
  23. #166 Star Wars Battlefront 2 Enjoyment = 8.5/10 Difficulty = 4/10
  24. Oh it came out today? Let me get some of that expensive popcorn I bough with the $90 I saved for not buying this trash "game". πŸΏπŸ’ TELL IT!
  25. SNES PS1 PS2 PS3 PS4 GBA GBA SP DS lite PSP PS VITA Also played many 64 and GameCube games (friends) but never owned one.