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  1. YEEEEESSSS! Darksiders 3 season pass is on sale, I'll finally be able to 100% it. 😁👍
  2. No! Do the challenges either first or before survival 2 cuz the patches will make things slightly less tedious.
  3. 2 playthroughs. Do everything on normal and then survival 2.
  4. 50 = Dead Space 3 100 = Horizon Zero Dawn 150 = A plague tale: Innocence Currently at 157 and have no clue what will be my 200th, that one is probably gonna be my first PS5 game milestone. Edit: I think you should make your 400th platinum something special. Death Stranding perhaps?
  5. Nerd!.... No but seriously, this is awesome and thanks for making it.
  6. Hmm, might finally try Soma but looks a bit to spooky for me 😩 (not a fan of horror games). Might also get Medievil and After party at some point.... Those are just the right dosage of "scary" for my heart.
  7. Lads.... Just use the dupp glitch. 😉🏆
  8. Nope, ND next game will be a new IP.... Or so say the rumors.
  9. Yeah that's kind of cool I guess but honestly, I'm just glad that it's finally over.... Decent game but worst AC so far and it's all because of the greed and laziness of Ubisoft. Hope Ash and his team can save the franchise with Ragnarok or whatever setting they plan to do next.
  10. It'll be the first time I'll buy on release (usually wait 1-2 years). Hope that it's all butter smooth and that the starting lineup is great.
  11. Plat/ Completition. The rest is irrelevant, specially rarity and leaderboards.
  12. Is this a joke!? Maybe because it went from been a 50/50% to 49/51% (game/ casino) and that pissed the fools off.... It was finally to damn much!! 😂
  13. Ubisoft is on the box.... I fail to understand how you lot expect anything good from them these days. The rule of thumb, if you still wanna buy any of their games is as follows. Wait at least 2-3 months for SP games (AC, WD, FC, etc) and 6+ months if it's an MP game such as this one.
  14. FFXV Ignis food. 😘👌
  15. Syndicate and Origins were great and I liked the new playstyle of Origins more than the dodge and counter of old. Odyssey was a complete mess tho.
  16. Activision and all their people can go burn in hell! They are one of the pillars of why gaming is the way it is right now.
  17. Absolver Crysis 2 KZ Shadow fall GTAV GTAV
  18. #157 | Remnant: From the Ashes Enjoyment = 8/10 Difficulty = 5/10 Highly recommend this game.
  19. Remnant: From the ashes 😁
  20. It worked, I finally got it! Thanks everyone. Set the game to offline and have a duel with singe.... Or wichever boss you think you can solo flawlessly.
  21. My friend did it that way and nothing + it's now unlockable on MP.
  22. Most trophies and most points.
  23. Already beat root dragon twice, totem father and wolf without taking damage and nothing. All these were done on MP as both host and non host. My coop partner did take damage tho. They (gunfire) owe me a platinum.
  24. They should just flat out not do any sales if they are gonna be this garbage. Only games here I recommend are Control and SE V2. Still waiting for Darksiders 3 and SE4 season passes.
  25. Pro: No MP trophies to worry about. Cons: Everything else. I know and agree where you are coming from but all you need is a good team that knows what they are doing and you'll be fine.