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  1. No more content but there is an 8th slot on the tomb menu. Could be a glitch or maybe we'll get an extra one for free.
  2. Digital Croft goes on sale all the time. Go for that one.
  3. Wait for premium week and getting the platinum on Thronebreaker was a HUGE help too.
  4. No but it has affected my viewpoint on platinum milestone. I Kind of plan out which platinum i want to get for every 25th. 150th might be either A plague tale: innocence or Sniper Elite V2 remastered. Not a big deal tbh. 🤔
  5. Buy games done with heart and not by business men. Wolf2 = pure garbagery. Hope YB and Wolf3 are more like the older games. Oh and please, no Mein Leben trophy. Don't take metacritic or any other reviewer seriously, specially IGN. Most of them are non gamers, haters or sheep. Buy games done with heart and not by business men.
  6. Because these sort of trophies force trophy hunters into a second+ playthrough that they may or may not want to do. Again, leave it as it is and only add trophies for expansions.
  7. Don't care, game looks great to me. Gonna preorder in a couple hours.
  8. I've been waiting for this game and platinum looks easy. Could end up been my 150th. 🤔
  9. Easier trophies help sell more copies.
  10. Yes, awesome game.
  11. Very nice, can't wait for the game.
  12. Telltale games. I need to get me Batman S2 now that i think about it. 😲 Next time it goes on sale.
  13. Rise, 2013 and the shadow for me.
  14. Yup, I'm safe and quest is done.