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  1. Red dead redemption 2
  2. Resident evil 2
  3. The last of us The best waybi found to get all the radar attacks, was I left the game running while I was at work. Only took doing that 2 times to get them all...I hope that helps 😊
  4. Red dead redemption 2....I can not be bothered finding and skinning every animal haha
  5. Assassin's creed 2 Yeah it's drags on a bit if you're playing it alone. It's super fun with friends though, I thought
  6. Hannah Montana 😝
  7. Yooka laylee - I got a bug towards the end of that game that prevented me getting the plat 😔
  8. Assassin's creed 2
  9. Salt and sanctuary
  10. Assassin's creed black flag 😊
  11. L.A Noire....I loved this game on ps3 back when it first came out. I'll have to get it on ps4 some day