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  1. You can just fight CPU on the lowest difficulty.
  2. Haven't been in this thread for a while. It's nice to see so many people attempting and beating Mein leben, sharing new strateges (even glithces, for Chirst's sake). This game isn't perfect by any means, but I love the challenge thar developers set up for the players and I, as well as many others (maybe in this thread) are looking forward to see more of this staff. Let us hope that DOOM Eternal will have some sort of Ultra Nightmare again, but with the trophy. P.S. We have great and understanding community😉
  3. Well, I'm taking my words back. This game has more to it than I thought.
  4. 50/50. Can't say that I hate the game, but can't say that I like it either. Generic at best (even Space Marine was more interesting).
  5. I understood. That's why I wrote previous message.
  6. What's all about that "guilty" part? You did't copy your save in cloud/USB devise. If there was a mod, where you could only load and save at the begining of the level (hello, Shadow Warrior), than fine.
  7. I don't remember any cheese spots (only random glitches that I encountered), the game is not hard without them. I played it twice and most of the time on Nightmare, I just ran past the enemies (the only difficult part was when androids began to hunt people down). Sometimes they caught me with a single headshot. Alien is easy to deal with, if you utilize the tactic of walking backwards with Flamethrower ready. He will never charge at you. He may not even appear, if you move while crouching, but only before some script happens.
  8. Nerfed damage didn't make the game harder🙂
  9. So there is nothing special left. With Soul Cube it's very easy. On PC there was none of that. First few levels of forth episode were a mess and pain, but once you pass them and get BFG, the game is a cake walk.
  10. Rezurrection of Evil if a bit tough at the end, when you have to fight Maledict. On Nightmare I did it with 1 HP (you can still save during the fight though). Lost Mission is annoying at best. It's just a bunch of maps sawed together for no reason, but relativily easy. If we are talking about something really hard in this edition, than it is definetely DOOM 2. Not imposible, but old school as hell (Got that? Hell! hahahaha...ha...because it's DOOM).
  11. Great, but you can do few steps back and just one shot him. The second one is a bit trickier because of the soldiers running around. P.S. Zerstorer, man.
  12. The damage was decreased pretty great. I played prologue on Mein leben and was shot by three soldiers at the same time (survived apperently). Before the patch, I was easily killed withing few shots from SMG by only one enemy. And that happened many times. It's not like the game is a cake walk now, but it can finally be played like DOOM (2016) on Nightmare rather than Gears of War on Insane. This sums it up perfectly.
  13. Yes, they finally did it.