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  1. @kanzenchaos You definetely enjoy some japanese storytelling huh lol But i'll take Red dead redemption, can't get that one since my ps3 is out of order, and it's been a while since i got an ultra rare, so congrats on that
  2. Just bought this one on the sale, didn't know it have performance issues, that sucks, guess that's why it's cheap
  3. @sirkwyjibo Your backlog is pretty big, and there's lots of enjoyable plats there. First you should finish that metro 2033 and go straight to last light, battlefield 1 is also an easy one, and battlefield V is fixed now and you can earn another easy plat on that. Bloodborne is a hella fun plat, but you probably didn't enjoy the game, onrush is easy just takes time, destroy all humans is an easy 10~15hrs platinum, then just do a bat week and finish up all the arkham games you have sitting on there.
  4. Yeah, you can't get undefeated and i'll be back on the some run, for some connor's death you need to fight and lose. And since i'll be back pops on the end of Night of the souls, you need to do at least 2 full extras playthroughts, feels bad lol
  5. Didn't know about that, would definetely make things easier. But using the exploding cars cheat, wouldn't fuck up the stats before you even start the sea sparrow method?
  6. Psn: Phantochi Mainly on ps4, but sometimes i go for vita and ps3, feel free to add me and ask my help in any game we have in common, just let me know you're from here tho
  7. @hrywlms already gave you some secret strats, i'll just give you some tips on weapons. You’ll want to get yourself the Banuk versions of the Sharpshooter, Hunter, and War bows ASAP. As well as having nifty feathers sticking out from each side, they deal a ton more damage and can have one extra modification more than the Shadow variants. And if you hold down the right trigger for longer, they charge up to deal even more damage. Don't mind the shards, bluegleam is the real deal, go to the dlc portion of the map, uncover that region with the help of longnecks, and just go collecting them from the map, or by doing side missions, they give you access to the better weapons, and some nice looking clothes. The Champion Bow is hands down the best Warbow in the game, even better than the Lodge Warbow. Both the Powershot and Striker bows pack a serious wallop (but need handling mods to compensate for the overdraw delay).Take three freeze arrows, charge them to full power, launch them at a Rockbreaker. If you have decent mods - instant freeze, super-quick grinding at the spot where there's two Rockbreakers. I would also recomend the improve icerail, and the improve stormslinger, you just need to complete some side quests for them, both at the dlc, but it's worth, you can kill any machine with only a couple shots. Besides that, just have fun, try different weapons, different mods, do some crazy stuff, and enjoy the game, hopefully you will like it better after a few more hours, to me this is one of the best games this gen.
  8. Hope that's fake, because that nemesis looks stupid, Jill on Remake/remaster of re1 look way better, and Carlos looks like a Rambo wannabe, but no one cares about him so whatever.
  9. @timpurnat You praise lord umbasa, the sun, and.. The moon?! lol
  10. What if okachi is already there?
  11. No. Have you ever unintentionally earned a plat?
  12. @Ealezemk Death Stranding. Haven't played it yet, but looks like fun, and i heard that it's trophy list are pretty grindy, so congrats on that.
  13. Arrested for suggesting that robots shouldn't defend themselves
  14. This is a 10~15hrs platinum, with a 2/10 difficulty i would say, hard part is play this shit for 10 hours lol
  15. Yep! God of war? (the boi one)