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  1. To me it was just a mediocre game, it has gorgeous, stylish graphics that I wouldn't mind hanging to my sitting room walls, a nice core idea, and beautifully quirky sound effects, but that's where the good of it ends. To me, it was just barely interactive enough to call itself a "game". In some sequences, you're left wondering whether your commands are having any effect on the game at all. This lack of interactivity wouldn't be so damning if Burly Men worked as a piece of fiction–but for me, it doesn't. The humour falls flat more often than not, and the branching story is just a series of disjointed encounters without a narrative arc. Worse of all, the text that accompanies the beautiful images is overwritten and dense with adverbs.
  2. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. I played the second one a while ago and hated it, for many reasons, but i hear good things about the first game, specially about the characters and their development, which i didn't liked in part 2, maybe i'll throw this one in my backlog
  3. I'll go with Trackmania Turbo, always good to pop a hard and ultra rare plat, congrats on that
  4. Best place by far is Marobashi, the mission where you fight all the weapon masters in a row. They all drop lots of amrita, and gear, and since they all spawn in the same spot one after another, you can cheese them to death easily. Parry fishing, paralysis groundfires, knockdown guardian spirit attacks, etc. Let the final weapon master, the katana guy, kill you so you don't have to go back to the mission select screen and go through the loading screens. You unlock Marobashi by beating the sword and spear mystic art dojo missions, then beating the mission that unlocks where you fight the sword and spear weapon masters at the same time. If you can't do that yet, the best farm is always in the highest level mission you have access to. Run back and forth between whatever two shrines have the highest concentration of enemies and kill everything.
  5. Legend of Zelda: Zelda's lullaby, this song have the ability to pull my heart strings to bring me back to my childhood
  6. I'm afraid that question has no right answer, i'm going through those as well and I've found that skipping the cutscenes makes it harder, i was trying to get a gold on "Home improvement for Beginners", which every guide says it's the easiest gold medal, but i could not get it after several tries, then i just let all cutscenes play out and got it first try. But on other missions, skipping the cutscene definitely helps. There's a mission in Chapter 6 where Arthur has to rescue a set of horses from a sinking boat and lead them to shore in 1 minute and 30 seconds. If you skip the cutscene that shows the boat crashing, you'll start in the water with the horses literally right in front of you. So, i guess you'll have to try out and see what works best for you, if you skip the cutscenes and still failed the complete in x condition, try watching the cutscenes and see if it changes something. Watching a youtube video for gold medals also helps, so you can see what's the ''best'' strat for each timed objective
  7. I hate anime songs, i only let the opening play for the first time i'm watching a new anime or new season, but after that, i skip them all Except the 1st season opening of Mob Psycho 100, this song got me psyched for all 12 episodes, loved it!
  8. I'm currently leveling up my army as well and i don't like this pit strat, takes some time and it's a 50/50 chance of sucess like you said. I just assign a low level captain to kill the highest level enemy captain on the map, lets say a level 40 ally assigned to kill a lv80 enemy, then i just join the mission and kill the level 80 enemy captain myself as fast as possible. My captain will gain easily 20+ levels, and once they are above 70, i use a training order. That's the best and most effective way that i found so far to level my army, can't tell for sure that this is the best method tho
  9. I'll go with Deus ex Mankind Divided, it's on my backlog for ages. Congrats on your list btw, it looks insane.
  10. You need his consent, otherwise it won't happen
  11. Sounds like peps were just creating non chinese accounts to access netflix or the hub lol China is right, gotta close all backdoors, those are highly dangerous individuous
  12. This one is my original, never changed it and never will. I actually have this username for ages, i used to play some mmo's way back in the day and always picked this name for a character, it was a pain to pick a name, every nick that i tried was already in use, except this one, so i kept it
  13. This one is in my backlog, so thanks for the heads up. That's a problem with lots of guides here, it would help a ton if anyone who got a plat could place how much time it took them so we could see an average of said platinum
  14. Since side missions and errands typically only show up when you get close enough, it's possible that the map still have something undiscovered, did you remove the fog from all areas? For reference, there are 22 side missions and 14 errands. Also, if you obtained some allies after completing the game the first time, you'll need to rest before the final battle to trigger the trophy