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  1. Alright, made some final changes to my list, figured it's better to knock some old backlog games than start new ones and drop my completion even further Resident Evil 0 (3%) Final Fantasy X Remaster (3%) Outlast (3%) Hollow Knight (4%) Darksiders 2 (11%) Devil May Cry 4 (13%) Dragon Age Inquisition (16%) GTA San Andreas (21%) Resident Evil Revelations 2 (24%) Dead Rising (25%) Enter The Gungeon (27%) Batman Arkham City (27%) Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep (29%) Saints Row 4 Re-Elected (32%) Days Gone (50%) Good luck, and have fun everyone
  2. I'm down! I might add some ps3 games later on, but for now i'm happy with my list: Erica (0%) Shenmue (0%) Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (0%) Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage (0%) Resident Evil 0 (3%) Final Fantasy X Remaster (3%) Outlast (3%) Darksiders 2 (11%) Devil May Cry 4 (13%) Dead RIsing (25%) Enter The Gungeon (27%) Batman Arkham CIty (27%) Dishonored (27%) Saints Row 4 Re-Elected (32%) Days Gone (50%)
  3. Hello, I'd like to join please. Here's my list, only PS4 games for now: Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragon Keep (0%) Greedfall (7%) Hollow Knight (4%) Stranded Deep (0%) Mortal Kombat X (0%) Remnant: From The Ashes (3%) Resident Evil 6 (15%) Dragon Age Inquisition (5%) Shadow Warrior (25%) Sniper Elite 4 (0%) I think that MKX is a short game when it comes to the story portion but i can't tell for sure, also on RE6 i remember finishing only Leon's campaign, does that count? Let me know if you guys want me to change any of those
  4. I remember people having issues with trophies if they saved during the middle of the mission then returned to finish them at a later date, and by downloading a DLC, maybe you did one of those? Also, go to mission select and then check if they have an icon next to them showing that you've completed it on veteran. If you don't have that icon, then you'll have to play through the whole thing again
  5. Instead of waiting for plus/now and be disappointed again, for my last two games i'll add games that are in my list for a while now, and i also changed the order a bit, so here's my final list: Spyro the Dragon Remnant: From The Ashes Resident Evil 0 Shenmue Outlast Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Erica Dishonored Subnautica Final Fantasy VIII
  6. I was about to say the same thing lol
  7. Significantly better, imo. Darksiders 2 has more characters, a better storytelling, environments and art, a leveling and loot system, dungeons, and it has a better combat system.
  8. Yeah, that's the one, "Ancient Master: the weapon you maxed out". You probably accepted it and didn't even noticed it lol Good luck.
  9. The cave of the master swordsman, there you'l find a quest "the trial" for the weapon you maxed out, just accept it and the ancient sidequest will appear on the map right after
  10. You need to have a style maxed out, since you already got it, just go to the Cave of the Master to activate the Ancient sidequest.
  11. Well, i'm finishing FF7 Remake as well and that doesn't give me much hope lol Anyway, you should go back to TitanFall 2, you're only missing a few campaign related trophies, same with RE Remake 2, besides the collectibles, you're only missing Hardcore, which is not that Hardcore tbh.
  12. Nope, Full Strength pops in the ending, at the start of the credits.
  13. Soul Calibur 6 Bandai did it again.. Soul Calibur 6 is a reboot of the series. I wasn't planning to play this, but i saw it on sale and bought it because i had fond memories of Soul Calibur 2 - 4, and i wanted to relive some of that greatness. The fighting mechanics are there. It may come to personal preference, but i like 3D fighting games to focus more on parries, combos, and juggles, but in here the focus is the new reversal edge mechanic, supers and critical edge, they are too lenghty, and to me, it disturbs the flow of the combat too much. They also changed some of the character's move sets, i'm a Voldo main since SC2, but they massacred my poor boy in here, he seems so one dimensional, it's mantis crawl mix ups all day basically, i miss my SC4 voldo. I don't agree with some of the changes they made to some character's move sets, but the core feature of the game is there and it's good, not great, but good. The soundtrack is filled with grand orchestral tunes, much in line with what has been done in the past. If you liked music from earlier games you'll like what's offered in Soul Calibur 6. Multiplayer is completely dead and the netcode is really, really bad. The single player game offers a "story" mode, called Libra of Soul. You go fighting enemy after enemy until the end, on your way to the end you level up, get new weapons, etc. The problem here, is that the narration and writing is atrociously bad. It bothered me to the point where i could only play Libra of Soul in short bursts. Besides Libra of Soul, for single player you can also hop in the usual Arcade mode, and that's about it. The content in here is so bad, specially when compared to every past release. Where is the bad ass opening CG movie and in game cut scenes? Shitload of voice acting but who cares? A bunch of lore writing in the museum, but who cares? Where is Time Attack? Where is Team Battle? Where is Survival? Where are extra game modes that actually switch up the gameplay? I'm afraid you won't find any of that in here. Since it's a Namco Bandai game, you can expect some of the most predatory sales practices being instituted in this game. More than half of the the characters are behind a DLC paywall. All of the characters are being released individually to maximize profits. Even some of the gears that you can use on character creation are being held hostage behind a paywall and much of that gear is a blatant copy&paste from previous titles of the series. They are making us customers pay money for old content that should have been included in the base game from the very start. If you want all the current content, it will cost you $90 for the deluxe version, which includes Season pass 1, and an extra $33.99 for season pass 2. Even though this game is dead, there will likely be a season pass 3 and possibly a season pass 4. If the price of future installments stays the same you're looking at a $150 - $200 purchase, and it's not only Bandai doing this shit, every fighting game now is filled with this garbage. I cannot support these business practices and shoddy workmanship anymore. This is blatantly ripping off a fanbase for all the money it's worth. I will no longer support Soul Calibur, Street Fighter and any other fighting game in the future. I know that zoomers and journos love their DLC, but this is unnaceptable to me. Final Fantasy VII Remake Finished up my first playthrought and i want to share my opinions, still have a few things left for the platinum, including a whole another playthrought on Hard. Final Fantasy 7 is a legendary game. Not my personal favourite Final Fantasy, but there's no denying the impact this game had on the industry, this makes Remake 7 an ambitious project, and i'd say Square have done a good job updating such an immersive story for modern era. It has excellent music, fun combat, beautifully designed characters and environments, but it's far from the original. My first playthrough was on normal mode, besides the 10h drooling over Tifa and Aerith, it took me around 40 hours to complete the game, including the side quests. They have done a very good job telling the story of Midgar and it's characters, but most of the side quests are bland, pretty much bloating, stretching, meaningless sidequests. I enjoyed the dungeons and boss fights a lot, but the side quests were poorly made, and there was no need to expand the Midgar section as much as they did considering they didn’t make the city open for us to explore. The whole game actually have a lack of exploration, It’s like an adventure game where i’m spending most of my time watching stuff unfold, walking slowly, and waiting. When it comes to soundtracks, it is amazing. Some of the scenes were seriously breathtaking, especially in combination with the soundtrack. The English voice actors also did a good job of bringing the characters to life, but i'm not really a fan of how characters act in this game, they seem borderline crazy, overacting, flirting, so many thumbs up, etc, and the new characters had no purpose. The combat system is one of the greatest strengths in this game, i just don't like how you can buy Materia, from Materia vending machines. The combat feels impactful and rewards you for successfully pulling off certain actions, the only problem with the combat comes when you're fighting flying enemies, those are a pain, Tifa and Cloud can do some Aerials combos, but since flying enemies keep moving non stop it's hard to hit them, so if you don't have Aerith or Barret in your party, or are not loaded with a Magic element that the enemy is weak to, the fight is gonna leave a bad taste in your mouth. And the ending of Remake 7.. Oh the ending.. It's another one of those confusing endings that don't create any emotional investment. Send Tetsuya Nomura back to Kingdom Hearts, keep this clown away from everything else. I am always down for a Remake of an original and old game, especially when you get to see the story play out differently, showing different character fates, interactions, new endgame material, that is beyond exciting, and the original game will always be there, and it tells an amazing story on its own, but the more i see of this remake, the more i realize it was not made for fans of the original, which i kind of saw coming.
  14. There is chapter select on the ps4 version, so everything is the same. Besides Full Strenght, there's no missable trophies.
  15. Agreed, most games now are sold as a service and not as a product so brace for worst, but still, to me there are cases where season pass are fine, like @gnova mentioned, it’s not greed to charge for content that they put significant resources, and in every case, you can simply choose to not buy it. But with fighting games it's different. Fighting games are mostly niche, they need it's community to survive, they need a healthy player base to have tournaments to generate hype and income, but when those greedy companies charge you extra for a character who was in past releases, they are doing the opposite. And you can also say that it's totally pay to win when it comes to fighting games, because if you want to get better in the game, you can't simply choose to not buy it, because without buying you can't even learn a DLC character moveset in training mode, so how are you gonna beat a Hilde player in ranked matches without paying $7 to get access to the character in training mode? For Soul Calibur 6, the developpers were already talking about DLC characters, pre-order costumes, season pass, pre-order bonus characters and shit like that when the base roster of the game wasn't even known yet, that's how you know you're going into a scam. One of the DLC's in Soul Calibur 6 is the Character Creation Set, there's a bunch of them, each costs around $1.99 and the description reads: "Additional items for use in Character Creation; These items include the following: Brand new items for SOULCALIBUR VI". That is a lie, most of those Creation items, are straight copy&paste from previous entries, and they are behind a dlc paywall.