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  1. I'll go with Destiny, i love this game but i got into it kinda late to the party, it's impossible to do the mp stuff nowadays and i'm not a big fan of boosting with more than 1 person. And don't give up on Red dead 2, you already got all missables, keep grinding and you'll get it someday
  2. I know that Jump force is Japanese audio only, and FighterZ you can pick English or Japanese, but i can't confirm if there's an everything in japanese option, also don't remember if Tekken 7 had japanese dub options but it probably does
  3. Thanks! I was playing some easy plats just to keep my profile moving since i don't feel like playing anything Yeah, i also get spooked really easily, but i love horror related stuff, i always hold off every game and movie to enjoy all together during october, i have a bunch of new games to go for during next month like RE remake 2 and 3, and i'm really looking forward to play those, so maybe that's the motivation i need like you mention
  4. lmao, agreed, this shit is super hard, and all the bugs and glitchs just makes it harder, and if you started on easy, just you wait until your normal and hard playthroughts
  5. This is the deal that will win the console war
  6. #204 - Final Fantasy XV Fun game with great atmosphere and characters. It's at the same time not your classic Final Fantasy game, but still keeps a true Final Fantasy feel to it. A big key feature in FFXV is the exploration, and i must say it has been crafted very well, the dungeons you can find are among the best in the series and are a blast to go through. The linearity of the story was a little troublesome at times but it was a feat overcome due to the amazing battles across this epic world. An issue for me was the story's length, as with Final Fantasy games you're normally engaged for an average of 50 hours, and this is the time it took me to get the platinum, with the story itself being half of that time. Another issue related to story is that some characters felt rushed, like Luna for example, also the end chapters felt super rushed, almost as if each chapter were wrote by a different person, but it was still a good story, with a good ending, i even cried a little by the end. The characters are the best part of this game, the characters that inhabit this world are some of the most interesting in the series yet with Noctis being a definite standout among the others, your party members are also great companions, in fact they are part of the story, their relashionship is the main plot since the beggining and Square Enix did this so well, too bad you need to play the dlc's to know more about them, but there's enough in the main game to keep you interested in them. Wrapping this up, i would rate Final Fantasy XV an 8/10. The game is truly one of the best of the series and a welcome return to the franchise, can't wait for XVI
  7. Yeah, you're good, just keep making backups saves and checking both the stats to see if they're right, otherwise you'll join the 190/191 club, like me :'(
  8. Nah, don't give up, keep on trying and it will pop for you, try to do only 2~3 runs per day, and make a break between runs, don't let the frustation win You mean the hotel you go right after you leave the sewer area, right? Just camp on the door, give a couple of random shots and all enemies will rush down the stairs to get you, just keep an eye on the corner to your left, sometimes a enemy show up there, after they're done go up the stair and the next wave will spawn, just run back to the door and do the same thing, when you go to the 3rd floor another wave will spawn, if you have the battle walker, you can cheese their spawn in the second floor on a room where the roof is broken, just double tap x there and run back to the door once again, then just make your way to the rooftop, there will always be 3 enemies on the rooftop, don't rush it and you can kill them pretty easily, the main thing you need to watch our for is the dog, there's always a dog roaming around in the hotel, and there's also a chance that a second dog will spawn, and they don't run towards the door, watch out for them
  9. That's a great list, the only one that will give you some headaches is Rayman Legends, i see you haven't done much progress towards truly awesome, so get ready to play this game for 30mins everyday, for 2~4 months lol anyway, welcome, and have fun on your hunt
  10. What section you're having trouble with? It helps if you play throught the game on i am death incarnate making saves at the start of every new section, that way you can practice the harder ones without worrying about the perma death
  11. I'll go with Skate 3, never played it but i always hear it's one of the best skate games out there. Congrats on your visual novel collection, that's pretty cool.
  12. I wasn't, until they announced that this one won't be another episodic game. Super hoping they pull this off, it looks good and I’m hyped as well, but also cautious.
  13. Hey everyone, long time no see, i finished a game for the level 3 of my pyramid and didn't updated it here, since then i'm kinda lacking the motivation i guess to trophy hunt or to even play games in general, recently i started a few more games that i'll probably never go back to, and also went back to Final fantasy XV, finished the game and i'll go for the platinum, i ended up loving that game so much, even cried a bit in the end, they kinda rushed some of the characters development imo, the ending chapter also feels a bit rushed, but i overall it was fun. Also finished my first playthrought on Metro last Light Redux, i'll definetely go back to it and finish the platinum, i love the metro series and this is the only one i'm missing, but i'll do it in the future, for now i'll go back to this challenge and start a game on the level 4 of my pyramid, which will be *rolling a d4* Batman Arkham Knight, only played a few hours of this when it came out, so i'll start with a fresh save, this is will probably be my last game here for a while, i'm planning to do a horror month next month and only play horror games, but i'm a big pussy, so maybe i'll keep one of those games on the side just so i have other stuff to play when i ran out of diapers, but i don't know yet LEVEL ONE Grim Fandango LEVEL TWO Destroy All Humans 2 Knack 2 LEVEL THREE Crash Bandicoot Warped Metro Last Light Gravity Rush Remaster LEVEL FOUR Lords of the Fallen Unravel Dragon age Inquisition Batman Arkham Knight LEVEL FIVE Resident Evil 6 Prey Mass effect Andromeda Hollow Knight Devil May Cry 4
  14. When is season 5 coming out? What is Rick's IQ? Where do lost socks go when they go missing? Is a hotdog a sandwich?
  15. I don't think it's possible for me to care any less about this