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  1. A Way Out, Mercenary Kings, Dragon's Crown, all three God Eater games, Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil 6, and if you're not picky on difficulty or length then Nioh and Monster Hunter: World are good choices too. I would also say Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off The Record but the co-op is kind of buggy but it's nothing too serious. Just be sure to save often.
  2. The whole thing is just a mess and it's just sad that everyone that has worked with him for decades decided to stab him in the back because they are afraid of Twitter mobs. And then you have people that only sort of worked with him joining in the dog piling for brownie points. This situation among others are just proof that sites like Twitter were a mistake and we would be better off without them, along with places like Reset ReshitEra. Last I heard of anything of it though is that I think Monica's husband tried to rally people by making up stuff that didn't stick and then when Vic brought up a lawyer he backed down. But I guess it doesn't surprise me they still keep trying. I guess the good thing to come out of this is that it shows how scummy some of these people are that worked with him and seeing them get called out is pretty funny because they trip over themselves when anyone starts to question them.
  3. #153: Father and Son - God of War A bit late to this one but I finally decided to get it and play it. I had expected to not really like it or it to bother me a lot due to how different it is to the previous God of War games but it didn't really bother me that much. I only really wish the combat was like the previous games or if they really wanted the camera to be the way it was, make it like the Arkham games where it zooms out while in combat since I didn't feel like the close to the shoulder style camera really complimented the combat all that well. It's fine for exploration and puzzle solving but for combat it was just hard for me to adjust to especially having down on the d-pad to do a 180 to the point where I just never really used it since it's just something I've never done in other games. It certainly wasn't great for the Valkyrie fights especially the one that would spam their charging grab attack move constantly. Some more weapon variety would have also been nice since after getting a certain weapon halfway through the story the axe just became more of a convenient tool for solving puzzles than a weapon. But other than those I thought it was just fine. Not bad but also not really something I would say was mindblowing or amazing. There were a couple boss fights that I actually liked because of the spectacle and it felt like something that would have been in a previous game. And I liked the interactions between Kratos and Atreus more than I thought I would save for one moment that they don't really explain much of but I'm sure that and hopefully other issues I had will be addressed in the inevitable sequel.
  4. Final Fantasy VII, Persona 5, and Trails of Cold Steel can be played one handed. Pretty sure Dragon Age: Origins can be too.
  5. I found Mahjong to be worse in Kiwami 2 since in comparison to Yakuza 0 and Kiwami it felt like the AI really did not want me to win anything and I struggled to even get a good hand while the opponents were calling Riichi after a few turns. I know Mahjong was kind of like that previously but it felt way more extreme this time around. There are however three cheat items you can get called Peerless Tiles that automatically let you win but if you want to get Mahjong done in one playthrough you will have to be very selective about when to use them. There's also a sub-story where you have to win at Mahjong with the disadvantage of only having 1,000 points, which is the most ideal place to use a Peerless Tile. Otherwise you can just go into NG+ as many times as you want to get the Peerless Tiles and grind out the wins that way but it means more playthroughs so it's more of a damned if you don't and damned if you do situation. The other mini-games weren't so bad I thought. I think the only one I didn't really like outside of Mahjong was the Majima Construction one mainly because it felt like it dragged on after a while and leveling up your characters felt grindy. The Hostess Club stuff is back in it and it plays pretty much the same way as Yakuza 0 and I actually enjoyed it. It's also the best way to get money since later on when you have better hostesses you can get about 10 million each time you play the mini-game. You also have to play Virtua Fighter and a mech fighting game but the requirements aren't so bad since they just want you to beat certain opponents and play as all characters. I'm probably forgetting a couple other things but outside of Mahjong the mini-games aren't too bad.
  6. Mine was Shadow of the Colossus on the exact day.
  7. I only started playing with a friend last week and we are working on getting all the perks and upgraded weapons but yeah, I would like to think you don't need Extreme since Hard can be a pain at times even so I can't imagine how Extreme is especially since playing with randoms is a 50/50 ordeal. Sounds like it could though if Cruise Control counted for a regular playthrough :/
  8. So since the recent update added Extreme difficulty, does anyone know that in order to get "Well, what did you achieve?" you would have to complete Extreme or can you just do Insane and still get it? If so, then I guess this thread can be used for tips and whatnot.
  9. If you really want to play the first one then yeah I would go ahead and get it but be warned that there are probably still glitches and stuff present. One of them being if you play online, everyone but the host will be laggy making it harder to aim and shoot enemies. There is also one where Mad Moxxi's Arena might crash for you but that didn't happen to me thankfully. There are a few others that I'm probably forgetting but the lag is the worst one for me.
  10. Yeah Kiwami 2 has more to do than Yakuza 6 and has some grinds although I don't think they weren't as bad as Kiwami 1's myself. Plus they want you to not only win all Mahjong tables and tournaments they want you to go out with Riichi or Tsumo 30 times which is easier said than done because from my experience the AI would rarely let me win anything and I just wound up using the Peerless Tiles you can pick up. So yeah if you don't want to do those sort of things I wouldn't play Kiwami 2 right away.
  11. I wouldn't go that far. I'm sure it's a good game regardless so to avoid playing it because of a Platinum is a bit silly and unfair to the devs since they actually do make good games even if they often ask you to shoot for the moon for the trophies.
  12. Wow that really is insane 😬 Hard is one thing but damn. I would take Climax Battles or just about anything else over something like that any day.
  13. @Greidis For Puyo Puyo what do you mean by you have to get a 20+ streak by the way? Like you have to break the blocks (or whatever the equivalent would be for Tetris since I know nothing about this) or you have to win 20+ times in a row?
  14. Me 10+ years ago getting a game like MAG or Warhawk and then not playing them long enough because I didn't really mind trophies that much at the time and neither did I really care about MP stuff. So it was really me who set up my own demise from the start, and before I even started caring about trophies to boot. At least I have an appropriate use for this picture now But no I haven't hid my trophies and there really isn't much I can do about the stuff I haven't completed and can't complete anyway.