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  1. If I'm really into the game then I don't but otherwise if I'm going for collectibles or just wandering around I will listen to or watch videos.
  2. You have to S Rank them all with each character.
  3. -I often shift positions to where I'm either leaning on my left or right side. -If there's a game or a mini-game or anything that only requires me to play with one hand I will get a snack while playing otherwise I will wait until I can get to a point where I can pause. -I generally play one game at a time if I can help it. If a game is long I stick to the long one as much as I can or until I complete it. -I keep the lights off, mainly because it's better that way but also there's a light that reflects off my screen. -I also keep my PC on, but that's mainly for collectibles or anything else I might need to look up and to have videos to listen to/watch while grinding.
  4. Stan Akiyama
  5. Yes, as long as you have the Vita Chambers off and keep them off you will get the trophy. And be sure to save often because the PS4 version tends to freeze and crash randomly.
  6. -Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance 2 -Star Wars: Republic Commando 2 or alternatively it would have been called Imperial Commando. -Knights of the Old Republic III. I don't consider the MMO to be the true third game. -Batman: Arkham Beyond where it's the futuristic setting of Batman Beyond while playing as Terry Mcginnis. -Lastly, I know the thread says sequels but I would like a prequel to Mass Effect about the First Contact War. Maybe if done right the whole thing could technically be a sequel and the war is portrayed through flashbacks. Unfortunately the only one of that list that seems like it could realistically happen is Arkham Beyond but it doesn't sound like they are going to do that anytime soon. The rest are wishful thinking, however...
  7. I've seen people get in a panic about the difficulty and how it sounds like it will be Dark Souls or Sekiro but going by the gameplay I doubt it will be that demanding and I imagine the game will be more forgiving in regards to checkpoints. Reminder that in the inFamous games you also couldn't take much damage and would have to play carefully despite being a superhero character that shoots lightning, so if anything I picture Ghost of Tsushima being more like that. Plus the devs have said that there will be difficulty selections to choose from.
  8. Since God of War, Assassin's Creed II, and Shadow of the Colossus were already mentioned, I'll say go for The Force Unleashed I and II.
  9. I started Yakuza 5 today, and unlike Yakuza 4 I didn't watch a LP of it beforehand so I know almost nothing about it I left off after fighting the boss duo early on but with what I've played I really like the combat. It feels fluid and I really appreciate there being a move that lets you go through enemy guard with certain moves and I even got the Tiger Drop and other Komaki techniques already. The R2 Heat mode is also super broken 😆 Looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds with this one, as well as playing Kiryu's Crazy Taxi
  10. - #184: Innocence - A Plague Tale: Innocence The first I saw of this was when it came out and someone I normally watch did a LP of it. I didn't watch it all the way through but I thought the game interested me enough to get it on sale at some point. I've seen the game described as really artsy but I didn't really get that impression at all, not to say it was dumb or bad. I found the story to be simple but good and the gameplay involving the stealth mechanics felt engaging enough. I expected some jankiness too but unless they patched it out I was surprised that it wasn't really janky except for maybe a cutscene or two. I especially loved watching the rats swarm a guard and then see only a skeleton remain And yes, this game features lots and lots of rats. So many rats in fact that there are times where they can be described as a sea of rats because in the distance there will be rats that move around like water. So obviously this isn't the kind of game you would want to play if you have a fear of rats For the trophies it's not hard especially if you have a guide for the collectibles and make sure you use your materials wisely for the crafting trophies. This game also has one of the more convenient collectible systems where once you get the collectible you have it even if you reload a checkpoint or die right after obtaining it which is very greatly appreciated.
  11. I completely forgot about the morality system and didn't consider that they could have implemented it but I'm glad they didn't include it this time since this seems like the kind of game where I would want the option to go both ways whenever I want.
  12. - #183: Personal Growth - Gris I had heard this was good and since it was on sale for $8 I figured I would play it. It's certainly an artistic and colorful game, and by that I mean it's very pretty and the animations are nice to look at. I'm pretty sure most of them are hand-drawn so there definitely was a lot of passion put into it. As for the other artsy side of it, I think I understood what was going on with it, although I feel like there's still stuff left up to interpretation. I liked it in the end, and I would be interested in seeing the devs make a bigger game and see what else they can do with their artstyle.
  13. It mainly just comes down to watching their attack patterns and seeing an opening. I know it sounds basic but that's really all it is although some enemies like to trip you up or it might be hard to tell sometimes. There was one fight I remember where I felt like I couldn't get an opening at all and on Death March the monster killed me really quickly so I just left it until I could lower the difficulty post-game. I assumed it was a bug though, but maybe it wasn't and I was just using the wrong strategy. And yeah, health items are important, but also be sure to make potions like Thunderbolt and Swallow and to get the formulas to enhance them when you can.
  14. Quote


    I don't remember that moment in Season 2 or 3, granted it's been years since I played them and I mainly remember being frustrated with everything else happening in Season 3 but I remember in Season 2 when Kenny's girlfriend gets bit they immediately cut her hand off but she still was under the threat of turning anyway. Or at least that's how I remember it happening. Either way it seemed to me like Clementine was ready to turn in just a few moments and I just don't think with her condition she would have made it anyway. If it's something that has also happened in the show or the comics then I didn't know about it, but it always seemed to me that once you're bitten it's only a matter of time before you turn.


    As for as AJ being right I meant more about how it felt like the game took my choice away and said "See, he was right all along. How dare you not trust this child that mostly made bad decisions throughout the game?" by having Clementine just survive and then Clementine say she was wrong like it's the game speaking for me. And then not only that but in one ending he just shoots Tenn and Louis gets rightfully mad about it but I guess it turns out he just forgives him anyway. It just felt to me like they wanted to make a happy ending and it felt kind of forced, even though I do understand that is what they wanted to go for I think it could have been done differently.




    Continuing The Walking Dead conversation in that topic would get me a warning, so i'm replying here.




    That's one reason why I would recommend anyone new to the series, or who hasn't played it in a while, to play the other seasons first (in order). It's an amazing experience and allows one to not only see how their choices has affected story/dialogue with Clementine going forward, as well as understand a lot of the references and callbacks throughout, but it also allows consistent following of the overarching narrative without or with less false memory from past seasons, such as the Lee bite and Sarita (Kenny's former girlfriend) bite situation. Speaking of which, Sarita is another false comparison, because she ended up getting bitten again after her arm (optional) was chopped off. 


    I'd rather not get into this, but yes the tv show has also explored this concept a few times. In the main series, Hershel survived a bite because Rick acted quickly in amputating him after it. In the Fear the Walking Dead universe, some character also claims himself to have survived a bite. (The comics I don't read.)  But as I alluded to in my first line, separate universes have their own storyline and rules—even if it's a part of the same franchise—so if something happens in the show and the game but both have differing results, it's not necessarily inconsistent or a flaw on one of the sides.


    Well, games don't really ever give you complete freedom over what the character says or does, even for the genres that give the player the most choice out of them all. It would make storytelling and game design insanely complicated. But as I said before, I don't see the issue with Aj being right on this particular thing and Clementine admitting to being wrong. (No-one is ever right on everything, regardless of their wisdom and experience.) If Clementine said Aj was wrong, that would have been complete dishonesty and robbed Aj of his accomplishment and lucky but effective judgment. What would be the point in having a choice there, which would likely feel forced, for that little segment? Clementine's very life was spared because of Aj's choice, so why should she and you make him feel bad for it? (Technically, I don't even think she literally says "you was right. I was wrong". She just says like "if you had listened to me in the barn, I'd be dead".)


    I'm indifferent on the Tenn and Loius thing, which is why I didn't mention anything on that font before.


    I think the ending turned out well enough for a much shorter team consisting of just some former (TT) employees that was assembled after Telltale's closure. The ending also isn't that much of a happy one, as many characters died along the way and some have permanent injuries. including the MC. SPOILER incoming for Until Dawn . . . It's not like Until Dawn, where you can keep all the characters alive, even though that's optional.



    1. Redgrave


      Sorry but I don't really want to talk about it further especially since it also involves talking about the other games which I played forever ago and don't remember that many details about. I gave my opinion on the game and you have yours and I don't think we would be able to see eye-to-eye on it.