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  1. Like Phantom Pain I also held off on completing this but I went back to it to clean it up. It's kind of weird going from Phantom Pain back to this because of how different it feels and a couple of the mechanics felt less refined. Probably the most notable one for me was holding enemies up and telling them to do something with L1 since it felt like you have to kind of wait for the animation to finish before you actually hold them up. It's hard to really go into it but it didn't feel as good as it did in Phantom Pain. And man, the Depth trophy along with having to replay the Ground Zeroes mission or other ones that involving extracting people really make you realize how easy you had it when you have the Fultons. But yeah the 100% isn't really too bad although really repetitive which I guess makes sense because it was basically a $30 demo. The trials were probably the most annoying part of it since they all require you to mark all the enemies on the map on Normal and then beat the missions twice on Hard except for Intel Operative Rescue which only had to be done once. Otherwise S Ranks weren't bad although I found them tense for a couple of missions because I was so used to relying on Fultons and the other stuff that Phantom Pain gives you to make missions easier.
  2. I saw there was an MGS2 VHS tape back before it came out that basically just showed a trailer for it and other games. I love the song that plays 9 minutes in though. 👌
  3. Quite a lot of stuff for this week. Ame played more Elden Ring and for the outro in that particular stream she used one of the trumpet weapons to make it look like she was playing the outro music 😛 She also played Mario Galaxy 2 twice (Stream 1) (Stream 2) and as expected she raged a fair amount although I guess to be fair I feel like it's because the Wii remote can be kind of awkward when it comes to certain movements. You can kind of see it in the following clip because she uses her 3D model for a handcam. She also played more Mafia even if not for very long since a couple hours later she did a collab with Gura where they played a VR game where they both violently terrorized people at bars and other clubs. After playing though they both used their 3D models to make poses 😛 Here's a Tweet from one of them. It was nice to see though even if it wasn't very long since it feels like a long time since her and Gura actually did a collab together. Second to last today her, Fauna, Calli, and Sana did a Collab playing Ultimate Chicken Horse and as of writing this she was playing more Elden Ring. Fauna played more Black Flag and I think she's further than where I left off when playing it but I'm not sure. She at least likes the shanties and tries to collect them when she can. 😛 She also played the Nintendo Switch Sports game which she later did with viewers. The day after she did a Desserts Tier List and I'm kind of disappointed that she put Pecan Pie in the D-tier since I feel like it's a great dessert especially on Thanksgiving and when you have it with some sweet tea 😋 But it looks like her original song drops tomorrow so I'm sure that will be good. Outside of the Ame collab Gura played some horror game called Happy's Humble Burger Farm which was really weird and I didn't know what was going on 😛 She also played more Minecraft with all the Council members. It was just a lot of them talking about whatever but Kronii left to do her own stream before they finished and they were all talking about different ways to mess with her with Fauna suggesting they trick her into helping them build something and not tell her where it is which I guess suggested that they were going to mess with her Bunkeronii. I think it's just funny to hear Fauna scheme like that 😄 For Mumei she did a quick stream earlier where she used a helium balloon and as of writing this she is doing an endurance karaoke for 640k subscribers "or something". 😛 The last Hololive related thing was I saw Korone talk about how she likes Jar Jar from Star Wars and would still like him even if everyone else hates him. It was also funny seeing the way she messed with chat by giving the chat avatar the Jar Jar eyes 😆 Outside of Hololive, Lisa finished Revengeance and she seemed to like it a lot. She said she wants to do the DLC too which would be cool. Amiya played more KOTOR which is nice since she seems to want to make choices based on how she feels so it's nice to see someone not go fully dark or light side. 😛 I just hope I can catch her streams live more often. Shiki also played some horror VN by the name of Iwaihime which seems pretty interesting. It's been a while since I've actually watched her along with Pikamee who seems to stream more on Twitch which is a shame because I really don't want to have to use Twitch to watch her.
  4. #246: King of the Wasteland - Wasteland 2 Another game that I started and couldn't get into so I dropped it for a while and decided to pick it up again. I think what put me off from it the first time was I wasn't really used to CRPG type games and so I think playing Divinity probably helped me pick it up again. Another thing that put me off was one of the early areas in the game called AG Center that just felt like a slog to get through and even on replay it kind of was but it wasn't as bad. The only other thing was I found the combat to be kind of basic since nothing about it really changes after starting the game so I didn't really find it too engaging. But I think after giving it another try I warmed up to it more to where I was more engaged with it since like I said I think playing Divinity probably helped with that. I still think the beginning of the game is really slow but once you get past the AG Center the game starts to pick up and when you get to the second map of the game in California it gets really good and I felt a lot more engaged with the setting and the factions that inhabit it. My understanding from what I briefly read (I could be wrong but I'm just going off what I saw a couple people say) was that Chris Avellone mainly got involved when they started California and so that's why it kicks up when you get there. So once the game picks up I felt like I was affecting the world in some way and I like the thing about how the Rangers are trying to bring law and order back to the wasteland. Overall the setting feels like a somewhat more grounded Fallout but without the "World of Tomorrow" type technology and somewhat more crude humor which I felt was fine because it wasn't distracting. If anything, I would love to explore Wasteland's setting in a sandbox RPG game since there was a lot that left to the imagination. When it came to playing the combat again I still didn't find it too great but that doesn't mean it's bad even if I did wish it was kind of like Divinity's combat. Beyond all that there is some jank to the game and it's prone to crashing especially in California for some reason to the point where I would save before leaving an area because I felt like there was a 50/50 chance that it would just crash. I actually had it crash during the final battle which really sucked because in that fight for a trophy you have to protect a pretty weak NPC in an already tough battle, so I had to do the final battle twice. That said I think the story and setting make up for these things and I really do like all the different factions and the questlines once you get to California. I assume that Wasteland 3 solves most if not all these issues since it looks like it's of higher budget. The trophy list isn't that bad despite the Platinum being Ultra Rare (I know there are different regions but still) since I think the only thing to really be worried about is collecting all the lore books which a guide helps with. I did have a scare for one trophy because it involved resolving a quest peacefully and none of my characters had a high enough Smart-Ass skill so I had to go level up more to resolve it but I guess I was worried because I thought the quest might have been timed for some reason and I didn't want to go out of order from the guide. I'm glad I gave the game another chance since now I feel like I can appreciate it better even if there are some things about it that I'm still not very keen on but it makes me look forward to playing Wasteland 3 more now.
  5. I managed to do them without the wingsuit. The challenges in the Old Town were made a lot easier with the low gravity while a couple in the Slums were still a pain in the ass, namely the Favela Run one since there are a lot of spots in that where jumping really high puts you at a disadvantage. Otherwise most of the other Slums challenges were made annoying because sometimes I would get stuck or jump off something I didn't mean to. It's kind of random they would decide to include this event but I guess I'm grateful they did since I know when I tried doing it legit even with the wingsuit it was just annoying and too much of a pain to where I didn't want to bother. Great game but I hate it when devs put in those kinds of challenge DLC's.
  6. Ame played more Elden Ring. A good part of it was her fighting the Godskin Apostle but she managed to beat him after a while. Afterward though she put a sign down when she was about to fight a hard enemy and begged told chat to praise it for free heals and she kept getting a bunch of heals when fighting it 😛 Ina also played the new Lego Star Wars for May the 4'th and I think she said she wanted to play more. She said she likes the 1-6 saga and "we don't talk about the sequels" so I think I appreciate her a bit more 😛 I guess this means so far this is the only Star Wars game they have permissions for. I would like it if they got permissions for the Jedi Knight and original KOTOR games but I definitely don't see the original KOTOR permissions happening until after the remake comes out. IRyS has also started RE2 Remake. She thinks Leon is hot which is fair 😛 No bosses as of yet but it's funny hearing her get chased and startled by the Lickers.
  7. Tom Bombadil is a merry fellow Bright blue his jacket is and his boots are yellow!
  8. To be honest I don't really know why this guy still keeps getting so much special attention when I'm sure by now there are hundreds of players that could solo her just as well. It was amusing at first but now I'm just confused why everyone is still gushing over this particular guy and it just feels like a really forced joke now.
  9. #245: Legend - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Well here's a Platinum that I didn't really think I would get. Not because of difficulty but because when the game came out I felt really underwhelmed by it and I just didn't feel like playing after the first 10 or so hours. A couple years later I tried playing again and it still didn't really click with me. It also didn't help that I knew what the ending was and I felt like it wasn't really worth playing for the ending and what was essentially an unfinished game because of the Chapter 51 stuff that got cut out. I also had my issue with the open world where it felt barren with nothing much to do other than go to outposts and take resources, not too unlike a Ubisoft title but in those you get to capture them and they give you bonuses and do affect the game in some way. So that along with the repetitive Side-Ops I just couldn't bring myself to really love it like everyone else seemed to. But like the saying goes, the third time is the charm right? Turns out yes it can be the charm. After all I'm posting that I have the Platinum 😛 But yes this time I think it helped that I just kind of pushed on and I think another thing that helped was all the upgrades you could make at Mother Base which helped to at least look forward to working towards something that would make the missions easier. I also used some mechanics that I didn't really know about at first like taking out the anti-air radars that can make landing zones for the helicopter and you can disable communications by destroying the comms equipment. I think a lot of me not liking playing it initially was not understanding a lot of the mechanics so once I actually picked up on it I wound up having an easier time playing it and getting into it. When it came to the story I think I warmed up to it a bit better this time though I still wish a lot of it wasn't either cut out or on the tapes. I'm still kind of mixed on the ending but I think overall I'm more positive about it now. Probably the best character was Miller because he's basically just pissed off throughout the whole thing. 😛 Along with the story I feel like there was a lot of gameplay elements that were cut out or not implemented. In Ground Zeroes there is mission variety where each mission has something different such as eliminating AA guns or a turret section where you're flying in the helicopter. In MGSV the only levels that have some variety like that are early on but afterwords it's mainly just capturing someone or retrieving something and I can only assume that it's because Kojima didn't get to implement everything he wanted because Konami wanted to get him out as soon as possible. There are Side-Ops but most of them are just capturing or retrieving or the same "Eliminate Heavy Infantry/Tank Unit" stuff that gets repeated over a dozen times which is a real shame because I feel like it doesn't take advantage of the setting to what it could have been. For example since the first half takes place in Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion it would have been cool to have unscripted battles between the Soviets and Mujahideen that you can take advantage of by either helping one side or using the fighting to sneak through an area kind of like how MGS4 has those segments early on where two factions are fighting and you can either help one or just go through the area without fighting anyone. But despite that, the parts where some unscripted things happen such as weather changes causing sandstorms that can conveniently help you out can be cool. One of the more notable moments for me was when I was trying to take an Outpost for an emblem they went on alert and outnumbered me but a sandstorm came in which let me pick off the guards and when it came down to the last one they went inside the building looking for me yelling "Where are you hiding!?" where I then charged in and shot him but not before seeing how terrified he looked. It made me think of how the enemies react to Batman in the Arkham games when they get really scared. 😁 Probably the biggest thing though that wasn't included and I can only assume would have been given enough time that was in Peace Walker was co-op. I feel like this game could have been really fun with a co-op feature put in and added even more tactical options on how to approach missions or outposts. But like a lot of other things in the game it gives a feeling of "What could have been", a sort of PHANTOM PAIN if you will. But with what's there I think I am glad that I gave it a third chance so I think I can appreciate it better. It's been done and said to death but it's a shame with what happened with Kojima and with MGSV it's something of an end of an era with the Metal Gear Solid series and I would rather the series just be put to rest instead of Konami puppeting the corpse with more pachislot games or a zombie survival game no one asked for. And even if they intend to do remakes I have doubts about it being faithful or good without Kojima involved, so as painful as it is to say I would rather they just do with MGS like they have been doing with Silent Hill and just release merchandise occasionally. One last thing that's something of a fun fact: The Platinum time it took me to get the Platinum for MGSV was just one week shy of Peace Walker, so had I waited another week I probably could have had the Platinum time for both only a few hours apart. 😛
  10. All the food made by these fellas.