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  1. If you lose the button prompts they would get mad and say the game is harder than "Shadow Spirits".
  2. The Metal Gear Solid series, especially MGS2 with the themes about finding out about yourself and how you want to live your life as opposed to living it the way others (or your genes) want you to. I also like to think back on Big Boss's line in Peace Walker. "We gave up our homes. But we're still alive. We're still fighting. And there's always another reason to keep on living." That one stuck to me since I guess when I heard it I was going through a rough time. It's definitely a series where I feel the story and messages are timeless.
  3. I can't wait come Friday to find out how unintentionally accurate this video winds up being.



  4. Did I just see not only Tracer and Chun-Li, but also the Battletoads, a Gundam, and the Iron Giant all in the same trailer? This could either be the best thing ever or the worst in a funny way.
  5. #117: Platinum Trophy - BioShock 2 Like the first BioShock this was something I didn't play last gen but was glad to play it since I enjoyed this one more gameplay-wise than the first one. Story-wise it was fine but it didn't have as much memorable moments. But being able to play as a Big Daddy is a lot of fun and I really appreciated the Research stuff being easier. Overall a great game even if it was made by a different studio, and I'm glad they left the MP trophies out for the remaster.
  6. Yeah, after going back to the game to do Frozen Wilds I was surprised by how long the loading times were. I assume that it has to do with the game loading in all the graphics though, since I can't recall a single moment of seeing texture pop-ins or draw distance issues which is one of the things that I feel the game really excelled at while still running at a consistent framerate. That said I agree about the combat since most of it to me was just using the arrow and the spear while forgetting I had the sling and the other thing. And lots of dodging. I would have liked to have used more gear like I would in a game like the Arkham series. In Horizon, especially in Frozen Wilds, it felt like the arrow and spear were intended while the other stuff were just there if you felt like it. In something like Arkham there's always options no matter what fight you're in and there's many different ways you can beat the enemies there. I can't really comment much on the navigation and climbing since I don't remember having an issue with the navigation and I felt the climbing was good enough and let me get where I needed to. It's also possible the navigation didn't really bother me because I wound up fast-traveling everywhere once I got the backpack.
  7. It's only a trailer and I'm already mindboggled by this game. I can tell it's going to be a blast especially with all the Lovecraft stuff going on Also did that baby inside Norman Reedus give a thumbs up?
  8. Persona 5 and NieR: Automata.
  9. I've only heard good things about it. It sounds like something you would get if you wanted Mario Odyssey but don't have a Switch, or just want to play something similar to classic 3D platforming games and have it tick all the right boxes while also having it's own sort of charm and originality to it. Before the reviews I only really heard of it because it has best birdman JonTron voice a character in it.
  10. I love how BioShock 2 made loading screens enjoyable and all it takes is putting good music to them.






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    2. PooPooBlast


      Wait you never played infinite? :o Lol just go in and do it. You won't regret it. I'm one of those who view it as one of the best stories out there. You'll see. It's a total mind***** in a good way ;) . Won't say much more than that. Oh and the dlc... Yea I'm also not going to say anything about it but it's also pure awesomeness

    3. Redgrave


      I was tempted to get it a long time ago but I think the mixed reviews put me off from it. I know less about the DLC other than there's a part that gives a jumpscare :P

    4. PooPooBlast


      Well nows your chance :). Hope you enjoy it man :D

  11. Full Crew is missable if you wind messing up one of the questlines for any of the characters required for it. Otherwise the only really missable thing is getting all the Gwent cards but as long as you use a card guide you should be fine. Here's a couple I used. Other missable trophies like completing all the horse races or fighting tournaments have a final race or fight that you can lose (at least as far as the race I'm sure you can lose that, I don't remember if you can lose the fight and don't get another chance) but you can avoid that by just saving and reloading if you lose. There's also one quest that is missable but I think you would have to be actively avoiding doing quests to miss it, so you really shouldn't miss it provided you're doing everything. Definitely be sure to save scum when it comes to the Gwent tournament for Gwent Master. So really just be sure to have backup saves if you feel like you messed up somewhere and be sure to do all the quests and you're golden. Enjoy the game!
  12. I would like to vote for the Yakuza 0 guide by Undead Wolf. The amount of work involved is something that looks like more than one person worked on. Everything is very detailed and despite the game itself feeling overwhelming (at least for me), the guide helped me understand things a lot better and what to do during certain parts. Then there's also the mini-games and other side stuff like pocket racing that it helps out with. I can also appreciate the fact he made his own videos for the trophies and made a sub-story guide for the best choices to make during them.
  13. I would definitely be able to get Plats from more recent Ubisoft games since they label where all the collectibles are for you. Plus the challenges they have aren't really that bad. But if we go further back like AC2, it would take me forever to look for all those damn feathers on my own. It would also take me much longer to get stuff like the Arkham series Platinums because of those Riddler trophies, which can arguably be considered worse than the feathers because a lot of them have puzzle elements to them. The challenge rooms on the other hand I would probably be screwed at since video guides showed me some tricks to those that I wouldn't have even thought to try. Then if we're going with games that have missable things (which is one of the reasons I look at guides beforehand) then I can see some games taking more playthroughs than necessary at the very least. So yeah, this thread made me appreciate guides more now that I've said that.
  14. "We don't want to violate the Star Wars canon" meanwhile you can play as Kylo Ren fighting alongside Darth Maul and Battle Droids and Luke Skywalker and Rey fighting with Clone Troopers. If anything that just comes off as a real flimsy excuse that wasn't even thought out to hide their real intentions. Just because you can customize characters doesn't mean it's going to shatter the delicate lore. It's a video game for crying out loud, and one heavily multi-player focused so it's not like the battles in the multi-player are going to matter to the overall story. Every other week it's something new with this game and every time I see something about it the more I feel like I dodged a bullet. I wouldn't be surprised if there were at least one or two other controversies before the end of the year with many more following until the one year anniversary. It's nice to see all of EA's bullshit catch up to them, and the thing that kicked it off was pissing off Reddit.