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  1. I think the gameplay is rough around the edges in some places especially in regards to combat since even basic enemies just block everything constantly. Along with that a lot of the minigames are more frustrating than they need to be but all that can't really be helped since it was the first one they released on PS3. The story is great though and still holds up really well. I would definitely put it in the top 5 as far as the story in these games go. As for Yakuza 4 the combat is definitely better since enemies in that don't block constantly, and Yakuza 5 has a lot of versatility in the combat in that you play as multiple characters each with their own movesets. So yeah, Yakuza 3 can be rough in terms of gameplay but they definitely do improve on it with the later games.
  2. The only one I listen to that's active is Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast by Colin Moriarty and Chris Ray Gun. Here's their channel if you or anyone else reading the thread wants it.
  3. I don't really see the point of remaking a game that's almost a decade old and as far as I'm concerned is timeless anyway and I don't see why it would need the remake treatment. The article mentions Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was the original idea to get remade which is what I would much rather prefer since from what I understand it's not a bad game but it is pretty dated compared to the rest of the series.
  4. "Take out those fucking PT boats!"
  5. Yeah you don't have to romance any of them as long as you fulfill their quests and they stick around to join you so you're free to go with Yen and not have to worry about romancing Triss.
  6. It's not that hard with only the time trials being the main obstacle but the times are pretty lenient from what I remember. The only Colossus that I remember giving trouble for the time trials were the last two otherwise the rest are either easy to do or trial and error with very slight RNG involved. Once you do the time trials you will get items that will make the later playthroughs easier. One of which is a sword that kills them quicker and the other being an invisibility cloak that makes the final Colossus quicker to deal with.
  7. The Free Planets Alliance (a.k.a. Space America) anthem from Legend of the Galactic Heroes
  8. #207: Is That All You Got? - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Another classic from the PS3 that I'm glad got remastered so I can Platinum it. I actually got really close to getting the Platinum on the PS3 version since all I needed were all the Spec-Ops Stars and one other misc trophy but unfortunately at the time the person that was supposed to help me chose to be an ass and fail the missions intentionally, and for some reason I never bothered going for them again probably because I couldn't find anyone else to help. But now that the remaster was made I finally got to get the Platinum a long time in the making. 😁 I found it to be just as good as the first game's remaster with the only real issue I had was there wasn't a way to adjust the music so that way I could hear it better. There were some moments where in the original I loved replaying because the music was so good, particularly the music in The Gulag and Of Their Own Accord where you're controlling the choppers gun at the end. In the remaster it felt like they made the game audio louder than the music which is fine but as far as I could tell there wasn't really a way to adjust it. Either way it was great playing this again and I still hope that we can get World at War and Black Ops remasters at some point.
  9. Like others have mentioned the biggest hurdle is the multi-player which is really just a matter of getting someone to boost it with you. The only other for the 100% is the DLC which I think the more challenging one is the zombies one due to the final level. Definitely do co-op on those but otherwise they aren't too bad. Otherwise the base game is easy, which leaves the only other thing being completing the game on the Infamous difficulty which isn't actually so bad since you can use the DLC weapons that are really overpowered to help you out. But you can get around this by having someone help you skip the game if they have a save from before doing the final mission on that difficulty which means all you would have to do is liberate the first area of the game which only takes like an hour to do, then join them and do the final mission which will give you the trophy.
  10. #206: BFA - Darksiders Warmastered Edition I didn't play this back on PS3 but I managed to get it on sale for $5 during a recent sale. I don't think I missed out on much but I think in terms of games that are kind of like a God of War/Devil May Cry mixed with Zelda kind of game I thought it was good and felt original enough. The character and item designs were pretty cool, and the gameplay was fun even if it didn't feel as good as God of War or DMC. It was also cool having Mark Hamill be The Watcher since he gave out hints and talked about other stuff if you held the touchpad, so it was kind of like having a demonic Joker follow you around. 😛