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  1. #133: Conqueror of the New World - Monster Hunter: World I've never played the previous Monster Hunter games so I wasn't really sure what to expect with this one but it's safe to say Capcom really earned the praise with this game. This is definitely an ideal game to play with friends and it has so much content and replayability that it would be hard to put down for long. I really hope Capcom manages to outdo themselves with this series and continue what they have been doing lately since they have made quite a big turnaround from a few years ago. The trophies themselves aren't really that bad, but the biggest hurdle is going to be the Crowns but thankfully they do Events to get most of them save for the Elder Dragons (at least yet but who knows if they will really do that) a bit easier. And if not there's investigations which while takes longer, gives you a better chance. It also helps to have friends that can help along the way (I can't thank @Undead Wolfenough for playing with me and sticking out as long as we did ) and keeping track of your investigations. But don't be intimidated by them, since eventually you will just start to get them over time even if it's one by one. Overall a great game that first-time players like me and veterans can play. It's pretty neat how Capcom managed to find a middle-ground for that sort of thing. Definitely get it if you have friends to play with
  2. Can't wait for JoJo Friday's to come back.
  3. I don't really know any quotes from this game. I just like this song for some reason
  4. I went with Miranda initially but then I went with Tali after that. I only wish Tali's face reveal wasn't disappointing, or they at least kept it a mystery.
  5. Like I said, I don't think ME2 was the sole reason for it but I think how ME2 pretty much has a blank slate from the first game didn't help that much along with a good portion of the game being filler material for the third game that mostly didn't matter too much anyway. Dragon Age also suffered this in it's own way with Dragon Age II not really having anything going on up until the final act and as far as I remember, almost nothing you did in Dragon Age: Origins or Dragon Age II didn't matter for Inquisition except influence some dialogue options and I guess slightly change the way the political structure of the world was built. But yeah, Mass Effect 3 did have signs of it being rushed. I remember a video a long time ago showing that the game had re-used textures and some assets from the previous games. And yes, definitely the biggest issue with the final battle for Earth was how you don't really get to see all those assets you built up put to good use. It would have been great seeing Elcor artillery or something where if you don't have them the final battle changes a bit more. The space battle portion was okay, but the ground battle was the real meat of it and you don't really get much out of it apart from seeing Krogan and Asari in a couple cutscenes that they were probably already going to be there in anyway. Thinking on it, they really missed an opportunity to have it like the way the last battle in Dragon Age: Origins was done where you could select to summon reinforcements from whatever faction you were allied with. It would have been a cool mechanic to be able to call in Asari snipers to pick off Reapers or Krogan brutes to charge in and take damage. Ah, what could have been :[
  6. Yeah, Mass Effect 3's problems are more than just the endings, and as much as I loved Mass Effect 2 I think that game is also to blame. But I think a large part of it is because the main writer for Mass Effect 1 didn't really have anything to do with it since he was busy with The Old Republic MMO and the Revan tie-in novel for it, and Mass Effect 2 was pretty much just a build-up for ME3 in the way Dragon Age II was for Inquisition in which there was a lot of filler content that didn't matter that much in ME3 or they would handwave a lot of the issues from the first game away. Like despite everything that happened, the ending of Mass Effect 1 made it seem like some big thing was going to happen in ME2, but nope, everything is just reverted to a sort of blank slate because the story handwaves a lot of things that happen in the first game. ME3 sort of does this too, and I really feel like it's because the main writer wasn't on board so whoever was put in charge of ME2 and ME3 weren't really sure what to do, so when ME2 happens almost everything gets set back, yet a good majority of the events in ME2 don't matter that much in ME3, so Mass Effect 3 also takes a hit from it because there wasn't really much to go on apart from the basics. And a lot of the issues from the writing also comes in the form of the characters as well in which the characters from the first game feel completely different in both the second and third. For example, Ashley is a hypocrite because in the first game she's all "I don't like aliens" but when she learns you're in Cerberus she shames you for it even though Cerberus sounds like it would be right up her alley. And apart from The Illusive Man, there wasn't really an interesting villain. You're supposed to pretend Kai Leng is cool, but he's really just a lame jobber that gets beat up by a dying Thane (I also want to include that in a novel he snuck into Anderson's apartment and ate his cereal. I will not let anyone not know about this). If you want a game with a cyborg ninja that's actually cool, play Metal Gear Solid 4 or Revengeance. I'm sure there are plenty of other examples but it's been so long since I've played the games, and I don't want to make this post a big essay. The basic gist is yes, Mass Effect 3 has a lot of issues that are more than just the endings, but I think the cause can also be pointed towards Mass Effect 2 and the changing of the writers. Gameplay-wise, I did feel the cover-shooting stuff was a bit better than the others but I might be remembering it differently. But in terms of side-quests and whatnot yeah, a lot of them were just generic fetch quests that didn't really matter in the long run. However thinking back on it, Mass Effect: Andromeda makes all the issues from Mass Effect 3 seem pretty tame by comparison. Like I wish Mass Effect 3 was the way the series went out, but Andromeda had to hit the ground so hard that it would have to look up to see rock bottom.
  7. I stuck with Roland pretty much the whole way since I felt more comfortable with him. I did use Tani in a couple spots to beat the harder optional bosses with her poison bow however. Otherwise I stuck with Roland, Evan, and Leander since I like to have at least one person using magic and Leander leveled up the fastest for me.
  8. "Baiken... What a beautifully fierce rage."
  9. Glad you got it
  10. Are you doing it on Infernal difficulty? Doing it on Hard or Normal lowers the damage you do. Otherwise it sounds like you are doing all the right steps for that class, though you might want to make it to level 99 or above just to play it safe.
  11. It's supposed to be pretty brutal especially since Giorno takes advantage of Gold Experiences abilities while doing it.
  12. I didn't realize it until it was pointed out, but it's funny how the last three main characters voice actors have Ono as a last name But yes, I'm sure it will be great either way. I can't wait to see the 7-page MUDA MUDA! barrage.
  13. @Oblivion @wackt1 The Adventures of the Bizarre Italian Gang are looking pretty good.
  14. Nioh has Yokai Realm, which is basically co-op with either randoms or a friend without having to use the games equivalent of Humanity or Insight. It pretty much allows you to co-op nearly the whole game with the exception of these certain side-missions that you have to do solo. The only real differences I believe are some enemies and bosses receive buffs and you and your partner have a shared meter that acts as a health bar so if either of you die the meter will go down and if it fully depletes you fail the mission. You can restore it by praying at the Shrines however. I'm also pretty sure the game doesn't scale down high level players as much as Soulsborne does, since I've been paired with randoms that decimate even bosses in just a couple hits. To top it all off, you can replay the missions as much as you want, so you don't have to do co-op to farm bosses like Soulsborne does. I also think it's the games Diablo-style loot system and upgrade trees which gives you tons of more options to work with and you don't really have to stick to a certain style if you want to.