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  1. Halloween? Spooktober? In this house it's NostalgiaWeen.



  2. #255: Arisen - Tales of Arise My third Tales game experience. I played the demo thinking it was only okay but playing the main game now I think it's better than it gave on even if it's not a night and day difference. I'm no expert on the series since I have only played Berseria and Vesperia but I guess it is safe to say this one is the more streamlined game and after completing it I can't help but wonder if it went through changes since the fantasy and sci-fi parts feel like they are from two different games. Not really a bad thing to mesh together, but it kind of reminded me of Final Fantasy 8 where there are suddenly futuristic environments and space ships (which I know are shown at the beginning but still) and I feel like there wasn't really much exposition on it. Maybe it's just me though since I normally like it when that kind of setting is fleshed out and explored a bit more. I don't think it really takes away from the game though. The thing that did feel weird to me though and made me assume something changed through development or was rushed were the side-quests. Pretty early in the game you will get side-quests for fighting level 40+ mini-boss enemies that you won't be able to take on for quite a while. I pretty much felt discouraged from doing any of the side-quests until later in the game because I never really knew what level I was actually supposed to do them in (a recommended level next to the quest would have been preferred) and so unless the level was a basic fetch quest I avoided doing any of them until I was at like level 40+. In fact there is one side-quest where you fight a level 40 enemy and then the next part of it has you fight a level 15 one. Like what kind of sense does that make? The only thing I can think of is they were rushed and so they weren't really able to refine the side-quests and couldn't really put in much at all that have variety. I remember Vesperia and Berseria had side-quests that were unique, so that just makes me think they didn't have much time. The combat is kind of like Berseria only there aren't really combos you can do since R1 does your basic attack string while the buttons do Artes. I did like the combat however I and I know others have felt like the bosses especially early on have a difficulty spike and on top of that have high health pools so the fights tend to go on for quite a while. I think it was the third or fourth boss where I just decided I had enough and lowered the difficulty to Story but even then bosses still have a ton of health. The final dungeon is also another case of me thinking something was rushed because the final dungeon is technically two dungeons but the second part is just the first dungeon flipped over. On top of that most of the enemies are damage sponge enemies that just made it feel like a slog going through. I feel like the intent was to take advantage of the fights being really flashy which I can understand but when you fight back to back enemies that take what feels like forever to beat you start kind of feeling burnout. But thankfully that only applies to the final dungeon and outside of the bosses I enjoyed the combat. But like Berseria and Vesperia, Arise has a nice cast of likeable characters for the journey. Apart from Alphen and Shionne I really liked Law and Rinwell (and her owl companion Hootle 😛) and the banter between the party members. I think the only one I would say is the most forgettable is Dohalim but that's just me. The fishing mini-game with Kisara was also fun even if it was simple and come to think of it the fishing was the only mini-game in the game. For the trophies it definitely doesn't ask as much as Vesperia and Berseria did and presumably the rest of the Tales games. There are titles to get but they are pretty simple to get and I think the only thing you really have to go out of your way for is getting to level 100 and making 100 weapons but getting to level 100 is pretty easy when you get the right Artifacts and by the end of the game you should have more than enough materials for 100 weapons and might have to only farm for a couple of them. So yeah there's nothing really crazy to do but I still liked the game. I did play the PS5 version and I might do the PS4 version at some point for an extra Platinum but I'll see. One last thing I'll say is I really liked the vibration. It felt pretty good in some of the cutscenes as well as when you do certain Artes.
  3. I only have the basic PS+ as well but I would also like to know if there is a fix however there probably won't be until Sony fix it (meaning probably never). I know the PS Store has its history of issues that are still ongoing but when I search for a game I should at least be able to see the actual fucking thing I'm looking for instead of having to go to the New Games section or whatever. I wanted to download the Valkyrie Elysium demo and instead of seeing the actual game in the search results it gave me only Dark Rose Valkyrie. Or if I try to search for Far Cry 6 I get Far Cry 4, Blood Dragon, 3, and for some reason Resident Evil 6 and Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry. I really would like to believe it's some problem on their end because it would just be baffling if it was intentional.
  4. Platinum difficulty can vary. I would say DMC1 is only slightly more difficult than the mainline God of War games (I haven't played the other titles so I can't speak on their behalf) because of Dante Must Die difficulty and that it's the first of its kind so there are some moments especially on that difficulty in regards to bosses that can be pretty ridiculous. There is a way around it but it means replaying the game a certain amount of times to collect items called Untouchables that can make that difficulty easier. Devil May Cry 2 depending on what version you're playing is the easiest of both DMC and God of War. If you have the NTSC PS3 version then you will unfortunately have to suffer through Bloody Palace for 4 or 6 hours give or take. But if you have the PAL PS3 version or the PS4 versions then you can change your system language to I think Chinese and that allows you to use the cheats to use unlimited Devil Trigger and go through the mode in like an hour. If you have the PAL PS3 version then you don't have to do that but for the PS4 version they have it where if you do that everyone can get the cheats. Why Capcom didn't just make the cheat work regardless I don't know. But trust me you want to do it because DMC2's gameplay really isn't great. Devil May Cry 3 is more refined compared to the previous two so while there is a learning curve in terms of difficulty once you get past a certain point then the game becomes much more manageable. You have your harder difficulties like Very Hard and Dante Must Die but unlike DMC1 you can get around it by farming for items easier and when you beat Very Hard you can unlock the Super Dante costume that gives you unlimited Devil Trigger that you can use for DMD. You will still get hit pretty hard though but if you use items and Gold Orbs then you can get through it even if it roughs you up. The only other thing that makes this Platinum stand out from the other two is that you have to S Rank all the levels which also isn't that bad since you can use a Super costume as well. DMC4 and 5 I would put definitely being the more difficult than at least the mainline God of War games by far. On top of having to S Rank all levels (on all difficulties might I add barring one) you can't get out of it by using a Super costume either because the game will halve your score for using one. On top of that Bloody Palace in DMC4 can make or break your Platinum since you have to do it as all the characters and some of their playstyles will probably not be your liking. With DMC5 you have to do the hardest difficulty called Hell and Hell which means you die in one hit while the enemies are on Hard difficulty and you have to S Rank it. So yeah, it's basically relying on skill with these two and there's no real easy way out of it. DmC is the easiest of the bunch outside of DMC2 and arguably more so on the PS4 version because the trophy requirements were made easier and you don't have to do Hell and Hell difficulty unlike the PS3 version.
  5. Gura had her live 3D concert today which was nice to see. It was mostly JP girls that sang with her but she had Kronii sing too albeit Kronii was just a cardboard cut-out since she doesn't have a 3D model and after some banter Gura picked her up and threw her away off screen 😄 Along with that she had an animation that played at the start which she uploaded as its own video. So yeah I guess these are the projects she said she was working on and why she was busy most of the time to where she would only stream like once a week. She still needs to answer for not giving Mumei a birthday message though 😛 Other than that I watched Airi play Dark Souls and now she's beaten pretty much every boss except Gwyn including the DLC ones. At the end of the stream she said she was considering Nioh 2 or Sekiro which should be fun but she would probably get filtered by them pretty hard especially since Nioh 2 has a learning curve that's kind of hard to overcome if you aren't familiar with the stats on the equipment and such. If she does Sekiro I think it would be funny if she managed to go through that as well as she did the Dark Souls DLC bosses. Shiina played Ace Combat 7 on YouTube (changed from Twitch for reasons I didn't hear) and used her HOTAS joystick but she struggled a lot on the first Score Attack mission the game makes you do which I guess is fair because those missions even on Normal can be difficult because of the high score requirement and there basically being no checkpoints 😛 She also did a collab with Airi in Minecraft where it was basically two hags learning Minecraft. And lastly she played Dark Souls 3 and beat three bosses in one stream and I think beat Aldrich in one or two tries. The second Gundyr fight made her mald pretty hard though 😄 Lastly Pippa played Fall Guys with viewers. I think she intended to play Among Us too but got too distracted and just stuck with Fall Guys. It was funny though because Lisa from Tsunderia joined in the call for a bit and there was a moment where Pippa was bragging about how good she was and that she intentionally lost because she said one player was a Make a Wish kid and Lisa got onto her 😂
  6. We should never have let trailers featuring Linkin Park or similar style of bands go out of style.
  7. Pretty good State of Play imo. Getting Like a Dragon: Ishin and Rise of the Ronin were the highlights for me. Rise of the Ronin looks sick and the kind of Samurai/Ronin game I have been wanting since Ghost of Tsushima. Otherwise Project Eve looks cool and I'll likely get that.
  8. Really glad to see we finally get Ishin after all this time of begging and pleading Sega waiting patiently 😛 I kind of figured they would have wanted to do it on the Dragon Engine to take advantage of it and the PS5 and from the trailer it looks promising so I'm definitely looking forward to it.
  9. I knew it was bound to happen eventually considering how old she was but when I heard the news earlier I was still surprised by it. I would often think about how crazy the world must have been from her perspective since she was such an important figure on the world stage that saw the world change and countless events that most people at this point only know from history books and what have you. I may not be British but I still found her to be interesting in that regard and in a way it's kind of sad to see a royal figure such as that gone. Regardless, may she Rest In Peace.
  10. This plays in the Castle Crashers mini-game called Back Off Barbarian. I didn't think to try and look for the original song title instead of just the Castle Crashers OST like I had been doing.