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  1. Lotus Juice and JoJo needs to happen more often 👌
  2. I remember trying the demo of it a long time ago and thinking it was cool so it would be nice if this was true. Though yeah, if they remove the MP that would be nice since I imagine the activity would be very low anyway.
  3. Looking forward to seeing more stuff about the Iceborne expansion. With the way things have been going with Capcom I'm actually excited to see what they will bring with it
  4. If you have For Honor there's an event today where you can use lightsabers. Probably the closest we've gotten so far to an actual lightsaber dueling game in recent years.





      Man, got this from Ps Plus and havent touch it... Looks hard to master.

      But thanks for the head up!

      If any of you are interested in geeky stuff like lightsabers and the such. I buy my weapons of destruction from https://www.thinkgeek.com/ They also having a light saber sale atm.

    2. Redgrave


      I don't know much about it myself but I do hear the learning curve isn't that bad. Learning to parry and how to parry each characters attack seems to be one of the ideal things to start out with and go from there.

  5. The only real advice is to just keep going and you'll get it eventually. The songs and their notes will be pretty second nature when you do them enough. But if there's one thing that can help a bit is to keep the vibration on for your controller since some songs will have it where the controller will vibrate before certain notes and if you press whatever button as it's vibrating you are guaranteed to hit the note.
  6. Majima really is the gift that keeps on giving
  7. Oh 😬 Well, I wish you luck anyways. It would suck to be robbed of a Platinum all because of that. Just keep trying and hopefully you can get it. Maybe if you can get three other people on it will connect you easier.
  8. Yeah, I get you. Hopefully you can get it soon. If you can't get it within the next day or so then maybe try waiting for the game to go on sale since people will probably buy it then and want to get the MP trophies out of the way.
  9. Yeah, I guess chalk it up to being an archaic thing from 2010 but I don't know, they should have just cut out that mode altogether since there really isn't much reason for it to be there. If you really want to try you can see if you can get a boosting session open with it and try it that way.
  10. You can but private matches don't count unfortunately otherwise it would have been a lot more simpler. So yeah, they basically expect you to sit there and wait until three other people come in and hope that either the game doesn't crash or none of them leave :/
  11. Yeah they were pretty barren when I did it a couple years ago so I can't imagine how it is now. It sucks you can't make a boosting thread and just invite people :/
  12. It will be great seeing Rich or Jay try to make sense of the character and source material for Mike. But I think the biggest question is what episode of Star Trek it reminds him of.
  13. Persona 5, Ni no Kuni II, and Trails of Cold Steel. Trails of Cold Steel's sequels are also getting remastered so if you like the first one then you don't have to wait too long for the sequels.
  14. #149: Borderland Defender - Borderlands Game of the Year Edition Another one of those games I missed out on last gen. I probably didn't play it because I didn't really have anyone to play it with at the time but it gave me the impression it would have been something I really enjoyed and that wound up only being kind of true. I'm not sure if it was just the hype or something but I didn't love it in the way I thought I would. I had always heard about how funny the game is but only one or two jokes actually made me laugh while the rest of it just came off as something that I don't even think I would have laughed at back when the game came out. At least it wasn't super dated and meme-y like most of Borderlands 2. And it wasn't great that a lot of the missions were fetch quests and how a lot of the trophies or something just felt like a joke that was taken too far especially for the DLC trophies. The ones that come to mind are the Claptrap and zombie DLC's where you have to grind for RNG crap that doesn't really do anything, and in the zombie DLC's case there's quests where it wants you to keep getting brains where the requirement gets higher each time. Just really tedious and unnecessary but I guess the devs thought it funny enough to put it in the game. And don't even get me started on that Moxxi's Underdome DLC that overstays its welcome by making tournaments last 3+ hours each with no breaks. So yeah, not exactly the best experience I had with the game but it was at least fun playing with @Undead Wolf I guess I got my expectations up for it a bit high but I recommend it if you have people to play with. I hope Borderlands 3 winds up being a lot better.
  15. RIP to being able to play as Vergil and having actual co-op then. Oh well, it was a fantastic game anyway and it was nice to be able to experience it after waiting so long. Now can we please, please have Dragon's Dogma 2?