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  1. I think I'll pass on this. At least RE: Resistance had something going for it with the whole Master Mind thing but this just looks like generic MP stuff they just felt like tacking on. Also the cel-shaded style looks weird.
  2. - Exit Stage Right - Batman: Arkham City
  3. As the saying goes: You know you messed up when Crowbcat wakes up to make a video. πŸ˜› I'm glad I held off on pre-ordering it since I intended to play it on PS5 whenever they release the complete edition. But seeing all the bugs and glitches is a shame to look at for a game that promised so much. They had a ton of good faith from The Witcher 3 and I guess it could be said that it was going to sell well no matter what because of that since CDPR had a lot of trust compared to most other devs. Like I can't imagine any other dev getting the same amount of optimism for all those promised gameplay features the way CDPR did. I really want them to earn that trust back but I feel like they won't be able to have all the features they intended without basically re-doing most of the game. At the very least I think I would be okay with the bugs and glitches removed while also adding things that make it seem like a game that actually came out in 2020 whereas in the current state as the video shows there are games from the 2000's that have more features going for it.
  4. The Crazy Rabbit of Dojima has start Yakuza Kiwami πŸ˜„ She really liked Nishikiyama in Yakuza 0 so I look forward to her reactions seeing him in Kiwami. That and how she will deal with the Majima Everywhere system. πŸ˜›
  5. I did mine based on how much I liked the games mixed in with some struggle and challenge. In hindsight a couple of them aren't so bad but at the time it felt great getting them.
  6. Yeah, it went fine thanks ☺️ Congrats on your 200th as well πŸ˜„ I remember having fun with Far Cry 4 even though I don't think I quite liked it as much as 3 and 5. And yeah, Steins;Gate 0 was great and I still need to play Elite myself. πŸ˜› I understand that since they can be long games. The first two require a 100 hour play time for a trophy funny enough and with ToCS3 it's apparently just long its own without a trophy like that so I bumped the difficulty down once I got a few combat specific trophies since I figured the difficulty being on Normal would make them easier to do. Still, they are great games so you can't go wrong with starting them.
  7. With Todd Howard producing it I bet the actual title will be "Indiana Jones and the Search for the Elder Scroll".
  8. It's really not that bad. It really just means enemies hit kind of harder and if you lose all your health you will have to load from a previous save. This is only really an issue for a couple of parts in 0 and Kiwami due to a car chase sequence you have to do but it shouldn't take more than a couple tries at best. In most of the games you can also earn some cheat items like an item that gives you unlimited Heat (special move meter) and a Golden Pistol which has unlimited ammo. It's pretty cathartic to use in Yakuza 3 after all the blocking the enemies do πŸ˜› But alright, hope you enjoy it whenever you get around to playing it! And hopefully Chaosbane is fun too. ☺️
  9. No you don't have to do them thankfully. I think they were added in during one of the patches or DLC's but I didn't do any of them and still got the Platinum.
  10. I'll go ahead and answer the combat difficulty question too but the combat isn't really hard especially when you learn more techniques. Yakuza 3's combat is kind of rough around the edges at times but it's the first one that was put on PS3 so the combat wasn't as ironed out as it would have been in the later games. There are difficulty levels yes and all but Yakuza 7 (since it doesn't really have a difficulty except for NG+) require you to beat the game on the Legend difficulty which really isn't that hard since you can just play them in NG+. Yakuza 0 is the only one that doesn't let you for whatever reason but apart from one section it's not really hard either. Kiwami 2, Judgement, Yakuza 6, and Yakuza 7 are on a different engine so the combat in those games will feel a bit different compared to 0, Kiwami, 3, 4, and 5. But like I said, I think it's better to start with 0 since you get better context to things that happen in Kiwami and the later games.
  11. I think it's supposed to be more of a Diablo style game but my only experience with that is the demo for Diablo 3 forever ago. But yeah, those games always strike me as more fun with friends if they have co-op. If I remember right one of the trophies or at least a couple of them involve having to play on Hard for whatever reason. The game initially didn't have a difficulty option but people complained about it being too easy so they added in a difficulty option which didn't feel very balanced. It's one of those difficulties where you spend more time in the menu using healing items in fights than actually fighting a boss because the boss will just kill you in one or two hits. Playing on Hard gives you better equipment but it didn't feel like it made any difference and I just didn't have the patience to grind especially since I didn't feel like it made much difference at all. I would say go ahead and get Kiwami if you can and then get Yakuza 0 if it's on sale now or just wait until later. I think it's gone on sale fairly often but yeah the Yakuza games are really good in terms of story and gameplay and I highly recommend them if you want a good crime drama story.
  12. Chaosbane has co-op I believe so if you have someone to play it with I imagine it wouldn't be too difficult. But I haven't played it so I don't know what it all entails. Ni no Kuni II's base game is fine but if you want to get the 100% for all the DLC then prepare to not only grind a lot but to deal with a difficulty spike. Personally I couldn't be bothered to do it all. Yakuza Kiwami I do want to recommend and even though it has some lengthy cutscenes there is a lot of gameplay involved in the form of a variety of mini-games and combat encounters but I think it would be best to start with Yakuza 0 since it's a prequel and you will get better context for the events that happen in Kiwami and later games should you decide to play those too.
  13. I only beat this game once or twice but I don't remember this song at all. It's a lot more intense than I was expecting it to be.
  14. Takes me back to playing the MGS2 demo disc that came with this game. Also for a thread like this, this is a requirement to be posted πŸ˜›
  15. Happy holidays and New Years to you too! Hope it went well for you despite being busy ☺️ Thanks 😁 It's not the most difficult Platinum but I'm still glad to have made it my 200, especially since my 100 was just a visual novel πŸ˜› And thanks, I've been wanting to play Trails of Cold Steel III for a while and the Yakuza remasters were one of the reasons I held off on it but I'm glad to play it now. I know what you mean about it being a bit overwhelming but I think you can start with at least the first two just fine or at least that's my understanding since I wound up doing that.