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  1. I didn't get to play the original outside of a demo (at least I'm sure I played a demo anyway) so the stuff that's like "don't hit any obstacles during this part" sound more tricky to me than they probably are. Still I'm glad to be able to play it now
  2. Like every series it has its highs and lows but often the lows are self-contained in their own stories or one-offs that don't really affect the overall series. As for where to start there isn't really a bad place to start but the Eisenhorn series is often recommended as a good start. The Ciaphas Cain stories are also pretty good, especially if you like black comedy. There's also: -Gaunt's Ghosts -Blood Angels -Grey Knights -Last Chancers -Ultramarines -Word Bearers -Space Wolf -Soul Drinkers And I do believe there are books on Dawn of War, specifically ones based on the Blood Ravens. The real meat and overall background of the story is the Horus Heresy (a.k.a How Horus ruined everything for everyone and made the universe a more bleak place than it already was) and there's a lot of stories from those and it's still kind of debated on what order to read those or how to start. But I often see others recommend reading them from publishing order. It's certainly difficult to describe, but basically once you start somewhere, there's no wrong place to really go. And if you like a certain faction then you can also read something based on them.
  3. New Ky and Sol trailer from TGS
  4. Oh no I don't mean get rid of the Pawn system, but just have the option to have either another player or Pawns tag along. Either way would be fine for me really but I would think it would be really cool to travel around a big open world like that with a friend. But yeah, I figure that's only a matter of time since I'm sure they know lots of people want it and there was that thing where Itsuno said he had to choose between DMC5 or Dragon's Dogma 2 and went with DMC5 instead. I'm sure they are willing to use the RE Engine on a big open world like game eventually.
  5. I feel like they are still experimenting with the RE Engine and are probably using this to test what it can do with multiplayer games which I'm fine with as long as they don't stick with MP focused stuff down the road. I mainly tell myself this though in the hopes that they make Dragon's Dogma 2 and make it look really pretty in the RE Engine and add a co-op feature to it.
  6. The idea of having someone act like the AI director from L4D is cool but I was hoping this would have been more of a campaign focused game. I guess I'll wait and see how it turns out.
  7. It really sucks that it's going to be another decade or so before we get to see Yuffie, Vincent, and Cid since it takes place in Midgar only :[ On the other hand it looks like they are going to show more about what happens after that section of Midgar gets destroyed so you can take in the aftermath a bit more which is cool. I also want to see what these things look like
  8. #155: Total Shocker! - The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan I didn't expect much when getting this and was mainly interested in the co-op aspect of it but I was surprised by how much I wound up liking this game after doing the first playthrough. I thought it would just be a generic jumpscare thing that repeats what Until Dawn did and while there were jumpscares I think it did them right and played the horror aspects really well especially in co-op where one player will see something the other player doesn't. It also makes different playthroughs a bit more interesting when you know about what's going on. Definitely recommend especially if you have a co-op partner to play with. It's a shame some people are giving it bad rep at the moment and I hope that doesn't affect the devs making future games since I really love what they did here and I think there's tons of potential for all sorts of different horror stories to make. The whole character of the Curator is cool too and it's pretty cool to see him in the background of certain scenes. Most of all though I hope they keep the co-op aspect part of it too since that made things so much more interesting. Thanks again to @Undead Wolf for getting spooked with me!
  9. No, no classes. Just certain builds you can use. This is what I went with when I did it but I'm sure by now there are far better builds.
  10. Early in the game there are some enemies that can kill you pretty quickly but it's not that bad as long as you learn their attacks. If there are enemies that do kill you in one hit it's because you tried to fight them while either underleveled or unprepared. The game does let you know what level a quest is and if the quest name is in red then that means you're better off not doing it and you can just go back to it later when you're a higher level and have better equipment. Also for Death March you can choose to do it in NG+ which makes it a lot more manageable. The expansions also added new mechanics in that let you use more stat increasing items and other stuff I'm probably forgetting. So at this point Death March probably isn't too big a deal compared to when I did it and didn't have all those options. There are also a lot of builds that people have listed that you can use too.
  11. The Witcher 3 sounds like it would be up your alley. Tons of content and lots of stuff to do and the expansions are fantastic. I assume by tedious or infuriating gameplay you mean more on the combat side so I'll just say that The Witcher 3's combat is kind of samey there's also some more depth to it. Like for certain monsters you will need to apply certain oils or bring certain potions before fighting them.
  12. Yeah it was the PC port that was basically cursed for whatever reason. I don't recall any bugs when I played it so I'm sure it's all patched well and good by now.
  13. You'd better not do that if you know what's good for you 😬 I loved levels where there were pitfalls and other things you could do acrobatics with. I remember replaying that specific one in the gif a lot just so I could do all sorts of tricks in it. It really felt great when you pulled them off. It felt even cooler if you managed to slice off a limb while doing it.
  14. I think it's time to teach the kids all about the good old Force Choke and throwing them off a cliff trick.