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  1. I wouldn't mind another spin-off type thing or even another prequel like Yakuza 0. If it were something like Kiwami 3 I'm not sure if I would be on board with it but maybe it's because I feel like it's too soon especially since they released the remasters not that long ago. The biggest thing would be how they would want to do the combat since I would like it if they went back to the more traditional style but if they find the JRPG style easier to do then they might stick with it for a while, so if they did do Kiwami 3 or 0-2 and had the Y7 combat style I'm not sure how I would feel about it. Maybe if they wanted to do a more fantasy style setting I would be more open to it. But watch it be Yakuza: Dead Souls 2 featuring Nero from the Devil May Cry series.
  2. I'm sure it will but I imagine it will probably just be standard "Beat X on Y mode" with probably the toughest one being something involving beating a boss on one of the harder modes but I'm sure it won't be that bad if you have a good team.
  3. September 21st is best day in September.
  4. No, you can quit the game out if you want and you can pause as long as you press the Options button like in RE2 Remake. The best times to save for me were: 1. After the power plant area with the spiders. 2. Before fighting flamethrower Nemesis on the rooftop of the burning building. 3. Before fighting Nemesis in the fountain area. 4. After the hospital segment with Carlos when you gain control of Jill again. 5. Right before the final Nemesis fight.
  5. I would really like a World at War remake to hear this again.
  6. As far as the game reveals I thought FFXVI looked good but after FFXV I'm going to hold back my hype for it since if it's anything like FFXV combat-wise where you just hold a button and drink potions every two seconds I don't think I'll get it. It will be a definite no if it also winds up getting a ton of DLC while also being an incomplete game. So I'm going to be cautiously optimistic for it. The Harry Potter game is what I'm guessing was the rumored RPG and I thought it looked pretty good so I'll definitely keep an eye out for it. I'm glad to see that they are adding Vergil in DMC5 finally but I don't think I want to pay full price for the Special Edition if all they are adding is Vergil and what looked like Legendary Dark Knight difficulty. At the very least I'll get it cheap but even then I'll see. Demon's Souls remake looks fantastic and I'm surprised there wasn't a release date. Lastly while I wouldn't say I'm excited about God of War: Ragnarok I am interested to see more of it. As for the console itself it's nice that we got a price, although I intend to get a disc version so I guess I'll be paying $100 more. However I don't intend to get it on release day so maybe I'll be able to get with some kind of discount by the time I decide to get it.
  7. Now all that America needs-- no, that the world needs, is the return of Freakazoid!
  8. Kiwami 2 doesn't have Climax Battles. Probably the only thing close to that is the Bouncer Missions but those can be made easier if you upgrade Kamiyama's shop and grind money from the Cabaret game like mentioned above. You can get I think 10 million each session when you have all the girls maxed out. But when you have enough money buy the Photon Blades, Poison Knife, and get the best armor you can. I forget what the best set is but one of them is getting a Dragon God Amulet or maybe it was Eye of the Dragon. The other mini-games apart from Mahjong are pretty easy compared to the previous two games. To me it felt like Mahjong was a lot worse in this one because it really felt like the AI did everything to make sure I did not win by giving me bad tiles. Haruka's requests are more or less the same as they were in Kiwami but they are easier. You do have to sing Otometal My Life again but I found it easier this time. Only other mini-game is Majima Construction which can be fun but it gets repetitive after a while. Just make sure you have characters that can boost damage and give defense while also having ones that can heal others and repair your structures.
  9. If you haven't done so already you can do the Ultimate Matches to unlock the War God Talisman and give that to Saejima which makes the Jiro fight a lot easier. With that during the first phase you should be able to grab him and when he brings his hammer out he shouldn't be able to knock you down with it because of the War God Talisman keeping your Heat at max. As long as you have that and health items you can just do charge hits on him then run off to heal if your health gets too low.
  10. - #191: Lionheart - Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Before playing it my only impressions of the game were clouded by a review I watched ages ago but after playing it myself I don't think the game really deserved the hate it got despite its shortcomings. I wound up really liking Squall's character arc and despite the story going a bit nuts near the end I still enjoyed it. I also think the Junction system was interesting but it became a hassle having to Junction the party members back and forth at times and drawing magic constantly got kind of tedious. It's a weird system but I think I would welcome something like it with some more tweaks. In the end though I'm glad I got to play it despite having a rough impression of it for the longest time.
  11. I wasn't able to watch the streams for the introduction of the girls before Gawr but Gawr won me over real fast The moments where she was peeking from behind the image of Amelia and her singing were my favorite parts, especially the moment at 2:40 in the video πŸ˜„ Amelia Watson was also a lot more high energy than I was expecting, especially with the "Watson Concoction" bit that had me laughing πŸ˜† I look forward to seeing what they will do later on and I hope Watson plays L.A. Noire at some point For the other girls I skimmed through their VODs but I look forward to seeing what they will do too. Ninomae's art looks really good so I can't wait to see what else she makes. ☺️
  12. I figured Pikamee was a good balance between English and Japanese but it's nice to see they want to try and branch out for overseas fans. Gawr Gura seems right up my alley with the shark themed stuff so I'll definitely check her out
  13. I'll give it a watch even if I'm not really hype for it. We'll have to sit through the first few episodes of him trying to find sailors while occasionally trying to get new gashapons first.
  14. Glad I could help you feel better @Suminya ☺️ I think the subtitles are the right size and the colors are fine too, so no worries. And thanks for the Pekora video 😁 It's nice to get a reminder that she has a really good singing voice when she's not doing funny screams. And speaking of, I saw this too πŸ˜›