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  1. I use a MadCatz headset. It's got really good audio and microphone quality to where everything sounds clear and microphone quality sounds really clear too. I got it for about $30 on sale but I think when not on sale it's like $60-$70, so it was definitely worth the investment.
  2. I don't think we watched the same gameplay. Polished, maybe, but I wouldn't call it exciting by any means especially compared to the previous ones. Sure, it was a simplified version of Devil May Cry combat but it was engaging and fun. The new one reminds me too much of Hellblade, which just comes off as a massive step-down in comparison. They chose to focus more on narrative than gameplay and it shows. That just isn't what God of War is. There's also the fact that the violence seems toned down. I know super-violent isn't everything but that's been the staple of the series since the beginning. In the newest one enemies don't seem to bleed but rather have glowy insides for whatever reason and it looks like they spill out orange juice from their wounds. This whole thing just comes off as another game that just so happens to be titled God of War and the guy you're playing as just so happens to look like Kratos with a beard, but it lacks a lot of the things that actually make it God of War. You may call it "innovative" and "mature", but I call it watered-down and boring. Some games can just be dumb fun and that's perfectly fine. Not every game needs to be the next The Last of Us.
  3. That's pretty cool. It makes me tempted to get the game. I also hope there's a "Damn you're ugly!" taunt
  4. #123: The end is a new beginning - RiME Got this for free on PS+. I'm not too big on games like this but I don't regret playing it. The ending kind of got me, although I feel like the ending was easy to see coming if you paid attention to the trophy titles. I also understand the theme they were going for with the game but I feel it could have been done a bit better. Overall not a bad game and I would recommend it if you really feel the need to play something that's simple.
  5. #122: The Horned Boy - Shadow of the Colossus (PS4) On my list of things I did not play during the PS2 or PS3 is Shadow of the Colossus. I very much enjoyed this game. BluePoint did an excellent job with the environments and they definitely do deserve the praise they get for this. Especially with how great the Colossus' looked and their hair movements. I think overall though, the best way I can describe this game is "satisfying". It feels satisfying when you beat a Colossus after climbing on top of them or figuring out how to get to their weakpoints, or when you manage to outrun one that chases after you. It's definitely a game worth it for that feeling of satisfaction alone. Overall the Platinum itself wasn't bad. The only really hard thing about it is the time attack mode. Some Colossus are pretty simple, and others you have to kind of manipulate or hit an extra weakpoint which can be annoying because for some reason the ones you need to manipulate will just decide to wander off or do nothing and I never had this sort of issue on my first playthrough. The ones that have an extra weakpoint will have them in spots where you have to take extra time climbing them and in the case of the 15'th Colossus it's really annoying because he will shake a lot. I'm not sure if these are something that was leftover from the PS2/PS3 versions, but I do know that on the PS3 at least they would shake a lot more which made them more difficult, so I'm thankful they at least made it where they don't do it as much as I can't imagine how annoying some of them are. The speedrun trophy is also easier than it sounds (especially if you use time attack items). That said, yes the game is definitely worth it and I'm glad I got to play it.
  6. Now that's more like it
  7. Yeah you're right, that is pretty disturbing. I mean why doesn't the dog, the mom, and the daughter also have guns? I have a hard time believing this is an American family having a cookout. But looking at the trophy descriptions, this game seems like it might have some dark humor in it. I think I'll watch a playthrough of it since I don't have a VR.
  8. Devil May Cry trilogy (especially fixing everything wrong with DMC2) or Onimusha would be nice.
  9. "So this is what they call a heartwarming family reunion, eh?" "You got that right."
  10. Speed Demon: Shadow of the Colossus Complete Hard difficulty in under 5:41:28s
  11. I prefer going back so that way you can get an extra hour of sleep. However going forward sucks. Especially since going forward can cause the elderly to have heart attacks...
  12. Speed King: Shadow of the Colossus Obtain all Time Attack Items as One Set Basically completing both Normal and Hard time attack modes and getting all the items. Glad to get that done and over with, so now I get to enjoy using the Queen's Sword.
  13. A three, since there's really nothing hard about it other than it may crash on you or you might miss some collectibles assuming you aren't using a guide.
  14. I would probably play it. I played Crisis Core which was kind of like an action RPG and I really enjoyed that one (and I would love to play a remake of that in 200 years). I haven't really been keeping up with the news of the VII Remake but it's my understanding they have been making the combat more like Kingdom Hearts which honestly I don't have an issue with since KH1 and 2 have pretty solid gameplay. I think the other thing would be what all they would decide to add if anything. I assume they are going to add extra content which may or may not go well, so I think as long as the gameplay is engaging and added stuff (assuming they will) isn't bad I would be on board with it. And what I mean by it being bad is I don't want it to be like FFXV's extra stuff. I mean I don't mind the story things but they seem to keep adding in things and they don't stick with me to the point where I don't feel interested in playing them. If FFVII Remake is adding in new stuff I want it to be something I can look forward to playing.
  15. "Like I said Jack, kids are cruel! And I'm very in touch with my inner child!"