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  1. #224: Platinum Trophy - Alan Wake Remastered Since I didn't have an Xbox 360 or a PC capable of playing this, this was something that I was really glad to see that it got to go on PS4/PS5 since I had heard it was considered a classic. The only other way I experienced this was a Game Movie some time ago before the remaster got announced and what information I was given from the Control DLC. I think it lived up to its reputation very well since the story and setting was great and despite knowing most of what happens it still pulled me in. The side-characters were really good, I especially liked Barry and the town rock stars that went by Tor and Odin. It did really well making the setting this sort of small town setting where everyone knows each other that I believe was inspired by the Twin Peaks series along with other stories that feature that, like I know they mention Stephen King a few times. The gameplay still holds up pretty well I think, even if the combat did get kind of predictable later on such as it being pretty obvious when you were going to get ambushed and attacked. I feel like the earlier Episodes made getting attacked feel less certain but maybe it was because it was mostly in a forest area whereas the rest are in more linear and narrow areas. But that's not really a strike against it. I think the one thing I wasn't really a fan of was getting attacked by the possessed objects since I felt like they became more annoying later on since they don't get staggered when you shine your light on them and if there was one behind you they could smack you in the head and kill you pretty quickly. If the Dark Presence really wanted to kill Alan all it really had to do was possess a bunch of random crap and throw it at him instead of sending Taken in the form of loggers and other human types 😛 Trophy-wise it's not that bad even with Nightmare difficulty. It's mostly just collectibles and other stuff you would mostly get without trying through normal gameplay. Nightmare difficulty itself wasn't so bad even if some sections were more annoying than hard but the game does give you plenty of items to use and since you can skip most fights you can beat levels a bit quicker. But yeah, it's a very enjoyable game that I'm really glad I got to play. I also really love the choice of soundtracks that they used, particularly how the credits song is Space Oddity by David Bowie and there's a trophy where it wants you to play the "Put the lime in the coconut and drink'em all up" song 😛 #225: Living Legend - Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age My first dive into the Dragon Quest series and man what a journey it was. I know this series has a reputation for pretty much being an event in Japan and after just playing this one I think I understand how these games have such an iron grip on Japan's economy to where if they released it on a work day it would basically collapse and there would be chaos because no one is working that day to be the first to play Dragon Quest 😛 But jokes aside it's a fantastic game from start to finish and I'm glad that I did save it for a milestone Platinum. Ultimately I think the thing that makes it great is that it's just filled to the brim with charm and I think that is attributed to the character designs by Akira Toriyama along with the story and characters being a mostly feel-good high adventure kind of thing that definitely captures the imagination of pretty much all ages. I can see why Ichiban from Yakuza 7 used it as an outlet for his undiagnosed schizophrenia 😛 But yeah, it's a very beautiful setting with all sorts of characters that while some are cliche archetypes they are still very enjoyable and likeable characters. The one thing that I think tops off the charm is the soundtrack. My understanding is that the original soundtrack for the base DQXI wasn't considered very good whereas with DQXI S they actually had an orchestra with it which I think was a good choice. Unfortunately in-between me playing and getting the Platinum the composer, Koichi Sugiyama had passed away and so going back to completing it so I can make it a milestone Platinum and hearing the soundtrack hit a bit differently since it is one of those soundtracks that I didn't really get tired of hearing even if I heard the same songs a lot. I think I can best describe the soundtrack as "beautiful" since it captured that adventurous and other-worldly fantasy spirit very well. I'll even say that the original soundtrack doesn't sound so bad really, but I think having it be orchestrated really helped out in its favor and added on to making it a memorable experience. To continue further with the story and characters they are both great and there was one moment where you get a secret character that I thought was really cool, and there's a later part where everyone gets their own kind of personal side-quest that were all really great and with at least one of them I remember getting misty eyed from it. The other thing was how after such a long journey to beat what is supposed to be the final boss the game opens up a third act which feels like it's opening up a whole other game. So yeah, the game definitely is quite the adventure with its twists and turns 😛 As far as the trophies go it's a pretty standard JRPG list with I think the only one that you have to go out of your way for was the Dedicated Follower of Fashion one where you have to get every characters costumes but it wasn't really that bad apart from having to grind in the Casino to get the materials I needed. There's also something of a grind to get everyone to level 99 but thankfully it's not that bad once you have everyone set up the right way. At the end of the day I don't think I can really praise it enough without repeating myself. Like I said it's a fantastic game with lots of charm to it that I think I would recommend to anyone looking for a JRPG.
  2. Yeah, I got into her I think not long after her GTA V streams and maybe when she started Bully. 😛 This is the moment I was referring to but since it's Twitter it's 50/50 the link works. I haven't seen much of anything from Iofi but that was pretty sweet 😛 There was also Gura and Fauna's Mario Kart 8 collab that was pretty great since they seemed to bond really well over doing valley girl accents and such 😄
  3. Bloodborne would be good if you want to play something horror themed for October. Otherwise I would pick Nioh though as a heads up it has a faster pace than Bloodborne and I know a lot of people consider it to be faster than other Souls games too. Nothing really insane but you do have to approach things differently than you would in a Souls game but with all the equipment you can get there's a lot of versatility in how you handle bosses and other areas.
  4. Welcome back 😛 And yeah, the icons Gura used were great. Mumei and IRyS' were my favorite ones 😄 I know in a previous collab for Kronii she had her head over a clock full of beans 😛 And yeah it's nice to see Pikamee is back. I saw that the first thing she jumped into was Getting Over It and I watched some of it before Pekora started and I heard Pikamee do a long teakettle sound 😁 I'm sure she'll improve since she's still pretty new to karaoke. 🙂 I think she said it was her first unarchived one too. As for Brand VTubers I'm not really a fan of it. I mean with Crunchyroll it at least makes sense because they are an anime company but like @Undead Wolf said, if whoever is behind it now quits or can't do it for whatever reason they will just replace her and so it feels less personal. It's also probably tempting fate but I really don't want to see fast food places and whatever like Wendy's or KFC start doing it because I can't stand their whole "lol we're relatable" thing that they do on social media. So if they wind up doing it I feel like the only joke would be "haha Wendy's and KFC VTuber everyone laugh" and it would just feel really fake. I also have my own issue with KFC because every time I have something from there I feel like I just ate out of a dumpster and regret it. Like if you're going to do this whole "look at us we're relatable because we post memes on our Twitter lol" schtick then at least make food that doesn't make me feel like my insides are melting. 😬 Along with Crunchyroll and Netflix mentioned there is also PlayAsia that has one and that one seems okay. I think they have done karaoke but I haven't really watched them. The model is at least cute so I feel like they are trying 😛
  5. Lots of karaoke this week between Ame, Fauna, and Mumei. I think IRyS did one too but I didn't see that one. Probably my favorite moment from the Ame one was she got Gura on so they could both sing Disco Queen 😁 For Fauna, I really like that she sang Feel Good Inc. and the song from AI: The Somnium Files. She even sang City Escape from Sonic Adventure 2 which I think she also said that she wants to get permission for 😛 And like mentioned above I watched her play RE7 and it was funny since she seemed to get genuinely scared of what was happening but it was funny to see her warming up to Jack Baker but I don't blame her for it since he's a pretty funny guy. 😄 Mumei's karaoke was short but sweet since she was really tired. Bless her for trying to pull through just to entertain us though 😛 Along with that today, Baelz and Nene had a collab which was nice since it's good to see Nene interact with someone from EN and they seemed to understand each other pretty well. 🙂 Shiki also played Among Us with members which was pretty fun to watch even if Among Us has waned in popularity lately. 😛 Unfortunately she's sick though so she had to cancel her pretty well line up of streams this week. She was going to do more Corpse Party, Alien: Isolation, and Among Us with her other Prism Project members but her doctor told her to rest for a bit. It's a shame since she had a good lineup after a while but if it's to help her feel better I don't mind. Hopefully she feels better soon.
  6. This weeks theme will be spooky space music.
  7. Definitely L.A. Noire and Saints Row. I only wish they would remaster the first two Saints Row games. The Witcher 3 as well.
  8. Probably FFVII's world since it's a nice mix between a steampunk and fantasy setting but there's a lot of nice towns and similar stuff mixed in with nature that make it pretty ideal. The main goal however would be to help Yuffie rebuild Wutai back to its former glory. Otherwise I think Devil May Cry would also be a cool setting but only if I get whacky woo-hoo pizza powers like Dante and Nero do.
  9. I had seen people I like on YouTube and Twitter say they liked this so I gave it a watch and thought it was pretty good. It's a zombie movie that takes place in South Korea and is essentially Zombies on a Train but the characters were great and there were a lot of tense scenes. The way the zombies moved was also pretty freaky because instead of them being sluggish and slow they would run and twitch their limbs erratically.
  10. #223: Rise Not! Thud! - Raging Loop Since it's October I got this horror VN on sale. This one was quite the treat since it hooked me in pretty quickly. 😁 As the title suggests it's about a character going through a loop scenario but the way it was done along with how good the characters were made it really great to read through. Without giving away too much, the premise is basically Werewolf/Mafia (or Among Us depending on how you look at it) in a village and the main character goes through loops to try and stop it each with different results and learning about the other characters every time. In a way it's also like Zero Escape too since you unlock certain paths through "Keys" that you can only get from certain endings. It also has its humorous moments like every time you reach an ending you can get hints from a sheep character that kind of reminded me of Monokuma from Danganronpa 😛 Again, I don't want to give away too much but all I can say is that it's well worth the read especially if you want something spooky.
  11. I'm pretty sure you have to see them and then beat them. I don't think saving beforehand, seeing it, and then loading will count towards it. It would definitely help to make a save before fighting them though just to make sure that you do see them and if they don't do them then you can load and try again. For Shigure, you have to have Rokoro out of the party and then get hit by it. Then after getting hit by it, have Rokoro in the party so he will block it the next time he uses his MA. Edit: I forgot that he has two fights. So I guess for the first one that's when you have Rokoro out of the party and then for the second one you have Rokoro in the party. It's been years since I played it so I don't fully remember how his worked. Dark Turtlez will use one randomly in the battle, so just wait him out. His second one he will automatically use when you use an Item in battle. So just wait for him to do his first and then use an Item. Phoenix will also do one in the battle sometimes, but he has one that he may or may not use when his health gets to 0, so if you get his health to 0 and he doesn't use it then you will have to load the save and beat him again while also seeing his first Mystic Arte. So his is the one that's probably the most RNG.
  12. I actually wanted to post the song that plays when Colonel is explaining the S3 Plan but I couldn't find it so I'll have to substitute the equally creepy music that plays in Arsenal Gear.
  13. That's some unfortunate timing 😛 But at least everyone seems to be okay. Maybe they should leave the fortune stick thing alone for a while just in case 😬 Yeah, they are great games and it's great to watch others experience them for the first time because of the silly sub-stories that they come across 😛 I know Kiara played Yakuza 7 but it would be nice if one of the other EN girls played the other Yakuza games as well. Maybe Ame would like Judge Eyes because of the detective stuff. Seems like a lot of big things are happening in Minecraft lately 😛 I assume they will eventually merge the servers with the others as well. Then Pekora can have more victims for her pranks finally play with Moona 😛 As far as Gura's DMC4 stream it went fine even if she didn't play very far. She at least did the first real boss although she got frustrated with a platforming segment where there were spikes on the ceiling which is understandable since that part really sucks 😛 I look forward to her continuing it and hopefully playing DMC1 eventually.