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  1. [DMC5] Started Dante Must Die difficulty and it feels kind of like a slow crawl a lot of the time. Mainly because some enemies and bosses just feel really spongy. Fighting V's first boss being an example since I'm basically just mashing two buttons for 10 minutes, kind of like DMC2's bosses. Oh no...

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    2. EmoKitten4


      DMC3 enemies felt pretty tanky on DMD but normally i beat Bloody Palace with vergil and use inf DT to level the field.

    3. Redgrave


      It's been a while since I've played DMC3 so I don't remember what all they were like. Well except the Chess Board, I remember that taking a while to beat :P I should probably get the PS4 version at some point.

    4. EmoKitten4


      3 DMD Chess Board is a nightmare -_-

  2. Oh okay, thanks. There's a lot of moves that involve moving the left stick back and forth so it's hard for me to keep track of all of them
  3. Ayy nice job on getting the Platinum and adding a walkthrough for each level with their own tips. I didn't realize Shadow and Griffon were invincible when Nightmare was out, so that's nice to know. Sucks to know that they also go down in one hit on HaH though. I feel like I should mention that for the Mission 19 Vergil fight if he has the Spiral Swords around you, you can also use Rainstorm to get rid of them. I know you mentioned to use Dr. Faust but I figure it's worth mentioning if someone doesn't want to use it for whatever reason. I actually found out about it when I watched this video and I felt dumb for not trying it out myself And when you use Buster on an enemy while in Devil Trigger, you can press square to shoot the shurikens out for a bit of extra style and damage. This is another carryover thing from DMC4. I'll have to try that Mission 12 skip though. I can't see them patching it out since it's part of the level design.
  4. Personally I like the new sword although I do like being able to do Round Trip But yeah, the new sword might take some adjusting to but I wound up really liking it after a while and upgrading it some more. The swords it summons can be helpful with keeping your combo up especially if you use it in Gunslinger Style.
  5. Pretty sure you can't do it with that, but the game lets you equip Rebellion again after completing the story.
  6. If you haven't played the others before or anything else similar outside of Bayonetta 2 (I don't have any experience with that one but I hear it's easier than the first game) then yeah this is going to be quite the mountain to climb to put it lightly. You have to S Rank not only all the difficulties save for one but also a one-hit kill mode with only three lives and no checkpoints across 20 levels. You should definitely play the originals first (except DMC2 unless you have the cheats if you're in the PAL region or you just really want to play it) and even the reboot if you're up for it. Then maybe play the first Bayonetta so you can ease yourself into this sort of genre. You don't want to bite off more than you can chew. Plus the originals apart from DMC2 are great games. You could even try playing the first three God of War games if you have a PS3 since they are pretty similar.
  7. That's what gets me about people talking about it though. It sounds to me like they went into a game with different mechanics with a Souls mindset and so that made it more difficult than it needed to be. Sekiro looks like the sort of game where you have to take advantage of being more maneuverable and unlike Souls or Bloodborne where you weren't really agile it would be very difficult approaching this game like you would in those. It's what often tripped up a lot of people when they played Nioh, they went in thinking it was a Souls game and while it kind of was, it was a faster game with different mechanics. That's not to say Sekiro can't or won't be difficult in its own way, but it feels to me that people are overestimating how hard it actually is because they tried to approach the game in a way they just thought was going to be similar to a Souls game because it's a FromSoftware game. If this were an Armored Core game and someone tried to play that like Dark Souls it would also be very difficult to play.
  8. To be honest I don't see them nerfing this anyway since the whole point of Dr. Faust is a high risk/high reward system and so nerfing it or lowering the amount of orbs dropping would go against the whole point of it's mechanic.
  9. Call of Duty: World at War is at 5 years and 8 months mainly since it was a game I went back and forth with before I really started caring about trophies and for some reason I didn't realize I only had one trophy left I could easily do by the time I did it so I probably could have gotten it sooner
  10. "If you acknowledge any gods... start praying, now!"
  11. Man I'm really underestimating the hat Oh yeah and for Urizen's tentacles I'm not really sure the best way to go for those. I have a hard time dodging his attacks in general especially when he gets more aggressive and starts shooting the lasers out. Maybe Royal Guard if you think you can block them quick enough? The only thing I might be able to offer advice on is to remember that Nero can use his Buster on bosses although it seems unlike DMC4 you don't do a ton of damage when you do it but I guess it's something that can build up your Style meter. It's also kind of hard to know when you can do it too since for that one boss with the giant bird thing I thought you could do it when she's knocked down but you have to wait for some kind of bubble to form under her or something. I could never really tell what let you do it. If anything else though it's the Fury and the enemies that have two scythes on their arms that also give me trouble. I'm not exactly sure on how to counter the Furies and the other guys teleport around too much so I wind up spending most of the fight chasing after them than hitting them.
  12. Going by the Powerpyx guide it sounds like you can't get hit/die once otherwise you won't be getting an S Rank since I guess you get a big bonus for no damage, so you don't actually have to focus on combos too much. As for the second question it sounds like you're referring to the scripted sequences where you automatically get hit. If so then I highly doubt it since you don't seem to actually take damage during those parts. For strategies I can't really offer much except for Nero his Charge Shot 3 seems to do a lot of damage to bosses, so try using that. The other two I'm not sure what I can say except for V try to let Shadow and Griffon do the work and summon Nightmare when you can. In their battles I often just mash both square and triangle at the same time and they manage to do fine.
  13. Yeah with Royal Guard they made the timing more lenient but at the cost of a Devil Trigger bar which is fair if you ask me. I wouldn't mind using it more though since it does look fun to use once you really figure out how to use it. I'm actually using the Faust now for some orb farming to buy the rest of the abilities I need. It is pretty good, but I was hesitant to use it before because I didn't want to put my orbs on the line But I might use it more on DMD provided I don't lose too much orbs at once. Yeah the Mission 11 boss teleports as does the Mission 17 one. The ones on Mission 18 also have a habit of running off a bit so using Trickster makes it easier to keep up with them. The boss on Mission 19 also teleports but from my experience it's not a good idea to try and teleport close to him especially on the second half. Trickster does help with his more area of affect attacks though, same goes for the one on Mission 16 when it charges up its area of effect attack.
  14. I mainly do Swordmaster since the melee weapons seem to be stronger (especially Devil Sword Dante). I feel like I only really get mileage out of Devil Sword Dante though. Balrog is cool but like Gilgamesh in DMC4 I don't really feel the need to use it all that much and against most enemies it feels kind of risky to use. The same kind of goes for the nunchucks too. As far as ranged weapons go I mainly just use Ebony and Ivory along with Double Kalina Ann in case I want to use the rocket barrage ability. The guns feel more situational for me, but unfortunately I can't really find much use for the shotgun even with charged shots. Royal Guard Style is helpful when it comes to those Fury enemies especially once you figure out the timing on their teleports. Fighting those things on Son of Sparda is annoying and I dread fighting them on Dante Must Die. I'll use Trickster for bosses that teleport off in the distance so I can close the gap faster but beyond that I also haven't really used it as much as Swordmaster.
  15. I would hope Sega doesn't take the worst case scenario and just not give it to the West especially now that Yakuza has gained more popularity since Yakuza 6. It would be a bad move after getting so much traction. But them changing the model is a possibility since they did that with that Chinese assassin guy in Yakuza 0 for I think the Chinese version of the game. If that's what they feel like they need to do to release it then I guess I'm okay with it even though I would rather have it the way it was originally.