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  1. L.A. Noire has something like that, especially near the end. Niko in Grand Theft Auto IV also deals with something similar.
  2. I guess this was expected for quite a while. Now that EA has the Star Wars and Battlefield money train to go on they don't have to really care about their other stuff for quite a while. If they can't get BioWare to get anything good out for the next few years then the noose will tighten around them too.
  3. Guest characters can be cool, but with Injustice 2 I think they should not have included the Mortal Kombat characters since it's starting to look like Mortal Kombat vs. DC 2. I get it's by the same company but still. Having Hellboy and Spawn are cool though since they haven't had much of an appearance in anything noteworthy the last decade as far as I know, so giving them some kind of spotlight is nice.
  4. Just to make sure, I looked at the quest you said you were on and it turns out you still have a ways to go. The quest where you can officially recruit everyone is called Brothers in Arms which is several quests away from Missing Persons.
  5. Ermion should just go when you ask him to. What happens when you try talking to him? For Hjalmar, did you let him become ruler or did you let his sister? If you let his sister rule, then you will have to talk to her first and she will send him your way. For Roche, did you do the Eye for an Eye quest? If so, did Ves die during that? If you let Ves die during that then he won't want to talk to you, plus Ves also counts as an ally.
  6. I love these frauds.



  7. Nice. I'll go ahead and update my guide to mention this. Thanks for confirming!
  8. Let me know if that's what happens so I can update my guide on it. I didn't even know that was a thing.
  9. You can get it in NG+. I did a quick look and apparently the game doesn't count the Refusal ending as beating it. So try loading a save as close to the ending as you can and try to pick one of the other choices.
  10. I want to recommend the Zero Escape series but I don't think those have a Japanese audio with English subtitles. Otherwise Steins;Gate and Danganronpa are excellent choices.
  11. I found it hard to enjoy after the first few hours. As someone who played the other MGS games it just didn't sit with me that well, and I felt like it was missing things that made the other MGS games enjoyable. Probably the biggest issue outside of the story I had was the fact it was pretty much open world for the sake of being open world and all there is to really do is a huge shopping list of things that I didn't feel motivated to do.
  12. Transformers: Devastation - 1.16% Helldivers - 1.94% Dead Rising 2 (PS4) - 3.43% Rebel Galaxy - 4.01% Just Cause 3 - 4.60% Samurai Warriors 4 - 4.71% Batman: Arkham City - 5.03% DmC: Devil May Cry (PS3) - 5.77% Assassin's Creed III - 5.84% Devil May Cry 1 HD - 6.65%
  13. The cliche'd answer is "be yourself", which can work but it's also about putting yourself out there so to speak. I normally just throw stuff at a wall and see what sticks. Sometimes literally (not really). But yeah, it's also about finding things you have in common with other people, like other games or anime or TV shows and whatever other hobby you're interested in. One thing I like to keep in mind is be aware of the company you keep, or however that saying goes. Basically it means be aware of who you're friends are if you make some, since while they may seem like people you want to be around with at first, it can wind up going 180 in more ways than one. This is an unfortunate fact that I have learned over the years. That's not to say always be suspicious of everyone you meet, but just don't open yourself up right away without testing the waters a bit first. This sort of thing applies to both online and real life friends. Otherwise the only thing I can really say is just keep things formal at first, and then go on from there. Throw in some jokes every once in a while, see what sticks and you'll make friends before you know it.
  14. Definitely Wolfenstein.
  15. Yeah, I forgot to include that in my original post. I was editing it in when you quoted me But yeah, like I said in the edit, I've come across several situations where I get screwed over no matter how careful I am.