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So, you've decided to visit my profile to learn a bit more about me eh? Well don't worry I've got you covered! So take a seat and get comfortable so we can get started, especially since I'm pretty terrible at making introductions.


So I guess the best way to start would be to introduce myself as Redgrave. Why the name? Well, it's actually an alias Dante from Devil May Cry uses in some novel from a long time ago. I found the name cool so I figured I would just stick with it. It's certainly better than my PSN name or any other ones I could think of. So yeah, there's really not much mystery behind it :P


Now for the better part of this story, or more accurately, my experience with video games and trophy hunting in general. My experience with video games started in either 1998 or 1999 where I had a Nintendo 64 and I am pretty sure my first game was GoldenEye 64. Not too long after that I also got a PlayStation 1 and I remember playing some Spyro along with other things I am surely forgetting. From there on I just found myself playing more games from Grand Theft Auto and Metal Gear Solid while also playing plenty of Star Wars games since I am also a fan of Star Wars from around that time.


I dabbled in a mix of games across PS2, Xbox, GameCube, and even some PC at the time along with my cousins which I admit I mostly watched play games since I wasn't very good at them without using cheats at the time. :P But when the PS3 era came around I stuck with a PlayStation 3 since I just found its games more appealing to me along with the console in general. I remember being blown away by the beginning of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and thinking that graphics couldn't get any better. And then I played Metal Gear Solid 4 which is still a game that I hold dear to me to this day and I think that was when I started seeing video games as more than just surface level "You fight an alien/monster/evil bad guy and win" thing and can provoke a reaction better than most movies can. Looking back now even Call of Duty can help you learn a bit about history and help gain a new perspective. But this is just my personal experience and I don't mean to sound like I'm preaching gospel or anything.


Anyway, my trophy hunting more or less started when Call of Duty: World at War got the trophy patch not too long after release. Or maybe it had it from the beginning I don't really remember. Anyway, I remember getting a trophy and thinking "Hey, that's pretty cool." and while I didn't right away start focusing on it, I did think it was cool to get trophies for doing things in games. This slowly graduated to me beating games and getting those trophies, to trying out the trophies that require specific things (e.g. from World at War, sniping that one general in Vendetta with a pistol) to eventually going for difficulty related trophies which I never normally did because I would often struggle to play games even on Normal difficulty.


I think it wasn't until I got my first Platinum with The Force Unleashed that I really felt like going for Platinums. It felt nice to get that after going for all the other trophies. Sure, it wasn't the hardest game in hindsight but I was still pretty proud of that Platinum. From there I started getting more and playing different types of games that I probably wouldn't have and now here we are. So yeah, I think it's safe to say that trophy hunting has broadened my horizons somewhat and I'm even willing to say helped out my problem solving a bit since I used to be pretty terrible at being able to figure things out in games without a walkthrough or using cheats. I'm also certain that I wouldn't have been able to meet new people and play fun co-op games together either.


So yeah, there's my gaming and trophy hunting story there. I hope I was coherent enough :P Now comes the probably less interesting part where I just talk about other things I like.


Beyond video games I am a fan of other stuff too. One of those I mentioned earlier being Star Wars or at least the first six movies and most of the games that came out before 2012. I could go on about the current state of Star Wars but I won't here since this isn't really the place for it. But along with that, I also like the first three Lord of the Rings movies (I only saw the first Hobbit and couldn't watch the later two without feeling bored) and I like 80's/90's action movies like RoboCop, Lethal Weapon, and Starship Troopers.


But wait, there's more! I also like anime which might also be a different origin story in itself however for brevity's sake I will just say that I am certainly positive that I first came across anime one afternoon when Sailor Moon was on and my dumb child brain was entertained with the flashy lights and effects :P However I remember getting into Dragon Ball Z too among a bunch of other stuff like Cowboy Bebop.


Ranking anime is very difficult for me, along with ranking my favorite video games too. But I will go ahead and mention my all-time favorite anime here, and that anime is... *drum roll*





Yep, it's JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, which is also another long paragraph for me to explain why I love it so much :P But to keep it brief, I love it because it's got all the right stuff for me. Good action that doesn't drag on, no filler episodes, great characters that I feel and root for (even the antagonists such as DIO), and a lot of crazy (or as some may say... bizarre) moments that never fail to make me laugh. Even the video and my description of it doesn't really do it justice and I think it's something that I think can only really be experienced by watching/reading it. :D


So there you have the basic gist of my backstory and getting to know me a bit better! If you read it all the way through then here's to you!




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