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  1. My endgame stats BB certainly liked this one I'm glad I got this a second time since the first time I didn't screenshot it in time. Pretty interesting jumpscare. "Ladies an' gentlemen, it's the pain in the butt." "Pain to the Max!" "It's not the end of the world, but you can see it from here."
  2. Will it take three days to respawn if you die?
  3. Terminator, Terminator 2, Predator, RoboCop, Lethal Weapon, and Starship Troopers come to mind. These too if Star Wars counts, but definitely Die Hard and The Matrix too. It also reminded me of when I saw Revenge of the Sith in theaters around when it came out. It was a pretty good time, especially since I played KOTOR I and II back to back and watched that animated Clone Wars series that came out before it. I only wish Grievous was as cool in the movie as he was that series.
  4. #163: Greatest of Great Deliverers - Death Stranding After there being hardly any info on the game even before release such as what it's about or what the story even was and myself being disappointed with The Phantom Pain prior, I was cautious about this game but I really did want it to be good, and sure enough I wound up liking it a lot more than I expected day one of playing it. The setting and the mood of the game grabbed me really quickly, especially with the music choices that play when walking around during calm moments. And the story while weird kept me interested and I didn't feel lost even at the end. I'm really glad to say it delivered especially after waiting for so long. It's really unfortunate that it gets quickly dismissed as a walking simulator when there clearly is more to it than that. Sure walking plays a big part but I don't see how some people don't notice or brush off the whole thing about building bridges with other people reflected in both the online and the facilities/shelters you deliver to. But I digress since I think it's easier to just experience it than have someone explain it. I will definitely look back at this game fondly and I kind of hope it does get DLC so I can play it again but I doubt it will. It was fun building structures for my fellow Porters and I hope that the ones I left behind will be helpful since I did try to put them in good spots as best I could. But with the online component, it really can be said that the true Death Stranding were the friends we made along the way.
  5. I remembered another one that scared me as a kid being the IG-88 boss fight from Shadows of the Empire. His intro cutscene makes him look pretty menacing but throughout the fight he makes weird garbling sounds that I remember would creep me out and because of his rapid fire gun that did high damage I had a hard time beating him and was too scared to keep fighting him so I never beat him until I played it again years later.
  6. They are pretty grindy yeah. From my experience with Vesperia and Berseria they aren't really hard grinds but they do want you to go out of your way to do a lot of stuff that you wouldn't normally do. Though I have read some of the grinds for the other games are pretty nuts but don't take my word for it. If you were to play only one then I would say Berseria since it's more streamlined which I guess is the right word here. Vesperia is good but since it is a JRPG from 2008 it's dated in certain spots. Like you pretty much need a guide to tell you how to find all the obscure stuff or just where to find certain NPCs to talk to and there's a lot of missable things. Again, it's not a bad game but you will need a guide whereas I'm pretty sure Berseria marks things for you and there's a quest tracker. If you play Berseria and then like it, I would definitely say go ahead and do Vesperia too and then see if you like that one enough to try out the other games.
  7. On top of Trails of Cold Steel I will also go ahead and recommend Tokyo Xanadu Ex+ since it's made by the same people although it has more of an action-RPG style of combat. Tokyo Xanadu Ex+ is basically the definitive version of the game with more story content. I'm also pretty sure the same devs have also made the Ys series but I can't really vouch for that yet since I have Ys VIII in the backlog but I know a lot of people will say it's good, but if it's by the same devs then I'm sure it's also great. The Tales of series is also another thing I'll recommend even though I have only played two entries. Tales of Berseria is probably the most beginner friendly and you don't even really need to play the others to understand the story to it since it's all pretty self-contained. The same goes for Tales of Vesperia although going from Berseria to Vesperia will probably be kind of weird because the combat in Berseria is 3D while Vesperia is 2D which for me took a while to get used to.
  8. Now that I'm doing deliveries more to rank up certain facilities I would have liked a thing on the cufflink menu that shows you deliveries you can make to and from certain facilities that way you don't have to guess which one needs you to go to a certain place or if they don't have it. For example the Weather Station, I would like to know if there's a place that needs me to deliver something to them and instead of me going back and forth to other places that don't need me to deliver anything to them I can just look at it on my cufflink and then go to the facility to get the package(s).
  9. #162: Imperium - Mercenary Kings I was expecting this to be a bit more like Metal Slug at least in terms of level design but it was nice that it was its own thing. Some of the platforming was a bit much though and I really didn't think the resource farming was necessary but making the OP guns was cool. After having it for so long it was nice to be able to play it with @Undead Wolf
  10. I actually would have liked it if wildlife played a part in the game since there are deer and whatnot in the intro, and you do hear birds sometimes. I think it would have been a neat mechanic where if you see deer in the wild perk up and run off it means a Timefall storm is coming and you can also take advantage of a BT getting distracted by a running deer. Or birds suddenly not chirping meaning MULEs or some other danger is near by. Other stuff I would add or change is how long a MULE camp can be cleared and possibly have the option to just keep it permanently clear altogether but I guess that would be removing one of the only few threats in the game. The other being that the BTs aren't set but rather random in the areas they are supposed to be. The way they would stop showing up in certain areas in the story made it seem like the BTs wouldn't always be in the areas they are supposed to be, which I thought meant that certain routes would be safe sometimes but now that they are pretty much fixed to be in a certain area you have to pretty much make sure you have a path around them or can zipline through them which isn't really a bad thing but having that bit of unscripted events would make traveling and delivering things more interesting.
  11. In their defense they probably weren't really wrong but more that what they said was accurate at the time but because Team Ninja kept constantly nerfing all the really good builds making a lot of useful tips pointless to the point where the Fextralife Wiki couldn't even keep up with all the changes they kept doing. I can't even think of any good builds that don't rely on Kingo or Hayabusa since those are the only ones that seemed to work when I played it. At least anything that will really be worth its salt by end-game/DLC anyway. I know there are some builds that can keep you through a part of the game but for end-game and DLC stuff you have to really go for something like Hayabusa or try farming the Abyss.
  12. Do you have all the DLC installed? If so then for the final DLC you could get the Hayabusa armor set which when I got it, it made a big difference. The only issue is fighting Jin Hayabusa is hard and farming him even more difficult but if you can pull it off then it's well worth the grind. The set is also good for both sword and kusarigama builds. Otherwise I can't think of much else to offer since all the really good and OP builds have been nerfed to kingdom come so trying to recommend any good build is a gamble since chances are it's nerfed and not worth going for.
  13. #161: Vic Boss - Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Officially my longest Platinum overtaking Call of Duty: World at War by two years, so it was seven years ago (Kept you waiting, huh?) that I played it for the first time. I probably could have done it sooner but at the time of playing it I didn't really have anyone to co-op it with and I often avoided online stuff anyway but I also didn't know what to do with the AI Pod farming since I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere with the parts, so I didn't even really beat the game at the time either. So it kind of felt like a lost cause until @Undead Wolf convinced me to get PS Now and play it again and I certainly don't regret taking that opportunity The game itself I really felt like it was underappreciated both for the story and gameplay. The gameplay really shines for the co-op because of all the cool gear and equipment you can make that makes them more fun and the harder missions easier. It's also great because of all the silly things that can happen, like this slingshot that requires four players It was also really cool to see the Monster Hunter crossover and how they went through the effort of making cutscenes for it as well as an original monster design. There was definitely a lot more love put into the game than it could have had and I'm glad they went that extra mile since it really gave a nice charm to the game. It's a shame The Phantom Pain wound up not having a similar co-op experience since I'm sure there would have been all sorts of fun things that could have been done to make really great moments like in Peace Walker. So yeah, it's definitely one of the best co-op experiences one could have and the story is good too if you're into the MGS story. I hope Kojima or someone else can find a way to make a similar game again. But I'm certainly glad I got another chance to Platinum it again since I really didn't think I would have gotten another chance to. Now all that's really left to say is...
  14. You get Ochoko Cups which means you can summon another player from a Shrine to help you but the Torii Gate is a lot better for that anyway.
  15. I got The Sinking City on sale so I'm interested to see how that goes especially since I like the Lovecraft stuff going on in it. I was surprised Terminator: Resistance is getting good reviews though but I guess that rule of "Bad movie = Good tie-in game".
  16. I discovered the Trails of Cold Steel series because @Undead Wolf relentlessly bullied me to play it showed me why it was a good game and I really wound up enjoying it especially since I'm not too much into turn-based JRPGs. I've played the first two so far and I can't wait to play the third one. I guess you could also say I discovered Borderlands too but I did play Borderlands 2 a long time ago but since I didn't really have anyone to play it with I didn't really like it all that much and didn't find it as fun. I did play the remastered version of the first one and I didn't feel like it lived up to the hype.
  17. Looks really nice and it's cool they are bringing in stage transitions. Can't wait for the soundtrack though
  18. Game is officially called Guilty Gear: Strive and here's another trailer featuring our boy Faust 👌
  19. For my PSNProfiles one I mainly changed it to Giorno from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure to celebrate Part 5 of the manga getting an anime. Now I just kind of stick with it since I think it looks cool and I like Giorno. For PSN I use Dr. Faust from Guilty Gear since I think he's a funny character. I would like to change it to DMC5 Dante but Capcom for some reason refuse to make avatars or themes for DMC5.
  20. I would assume the DLC still takes place in the main game, but yeah I guess you wouldn't be obligated to go for it if you want just the Platinum. Either way, I don't see it being 100 real hours since that would be ridiculous.
  21. If there is a time limit to the story like the other games then 100 real hours would be pretty much impossible since the story would surely reach the game over before you could even get to 50. So it probably will be something like using the sign a certain amount of times. So I guess the trophy will depend on how soon you can do that so you don't risk getting the game over screen because you reach a certain date assuming it's there.
  22. I've had that happen too. The only thing I can think of is maybe it will show other players that you contributed. Or maybe it's based on how much you contribute, so if someone puts in more resources than you did it counts as them contributing more. I feel like it's the former though since you do still get Likes from it. The only other thing I can think of is it just doesn't register sometimes and will probably be fixed at a later date.
  23. That I'm not sure. The Powerpyx guide makes it sound like you should have gotten it by now. Did you complete a mission and see the results screen? Apparently that's when it unlocks.