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  1. PS Now is unavailable in a few countries, India being one of them. Even here many folks are still on the PS3. So my guess would be that even though multiplayer servers may die out, trophy servers will stay.
  2. The midnight nocturnal.
  3. Hahaha yeah came to know, anyways I completed it.
  4. Cleaning up Driveclub DLC trophies.
  5. Is it still open? Asking this after 4 years of OP. Looking to plat this game.
  6. WWE2k18 hated that game by the time I got a plat!
  7. One of the basic guides I found online:
  8. Nope, target everything in one shot
  9. I need some help for the multiplayer trophies. The online room is mostly dead. Add me: nisheet_lall