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  1. Not much progression today and I'm about to adding new ultra rare games. My progress: 1. Grand Theft Auto IV - PS3 91% platinum (Ultra Rare 0.93%) 2. Grand Theft Auto V - PS3 25%(Ultra Rare 1.78%) 3. Injustice: Gods Among Us - PS3 52% (Ultra Rare 0.28%) 4. Blur - PS3 82% (Ultra Rare 1.54%) 5. Silent Hill 2 HD - PS3 90% (Ultra Rare 3.26%) 6. Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon - PS3 40% (Ultra Rare 2.45%)
  2. I forgot; gta 4 server didn't record your online progress only your offline save data.
  3. I feel you bro, stay strong 👍
  4. Awp isn't glitch only if you disconnect or leaving before the match is over (check your money if increase that means count). Even the server (sometimes) didn't stable the trophy will popped out in corect order.
  5. Can you take some pictures or video? Or maybe you should check your gta 4 trophy progress I'm sure you miss something.
  6. This trophy unlocked once you kill someone in Multiplayers, can you tell me more specific?
  7. Hide the game dude accidently or not it still count as cheating. Also those 50 VIPs latest achievers are cheaters
  8. I don't care they succed or not; at least you tried okay, keep your expectation low or you will be disappoint.
  9. How many servers that got restored? I sign the petition and gave you some rep points. Good luck everyone 🍻
  10. Ultra rare rank when? It would be great if you put some pictures or titles They still worth it though
  11. Alright then i drop this one because if i got this trophy that means i'm cheating cause RLTW trophy unattainable since 2017 there's no point arguing unattainable trophy and there's still no proof about earned this trophy in Legal. Alright those 50 VIP Latest achievers are cheaters let's take them down
  12. So why people still earned it if RLTW trophy unattainable since 2017 i don't know if they were cheating, accidently or legit do we have to report them? I'll drop this one if this trophy no longer unattainable and i will consider them as a cheaters
  13. To the point please is this RLTW trophy unattainable or not?
  14. 0.93% 1.13% 1.66% 2.19% 2.23% 2.47% 3.47% 3.89% 3.89% 4.30% 4.86% I'm start collecting ultra rare because I was bored ratailaka and his friends. I wish someday psnprofiles make ultra rare rank list like psntl 🥰
  15. Some people earned RLTW trophy last earner was 2nd November, does this unattainable or Attainable? Sorry i was Confused about this one i don't want waste my time playing unattainable trophy.