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  1. Personally I followed this guide. You do not have to follow it, but it's incredibly helpful. Pick your main weapon stat and level it up with vitality up to 50. To be honest out of all three starter weapons I think the best choice is axe. Why? Moveset of this weapon offers dmg, stagger, knock backs and so on. Especially tricked axe R2 skill is incredibly helpful. axe - str>skill saw - str>skill (saw is quite forgiving if you pick skill over strength just to swap it for something else later on) cane - skill>str Like some already mentioned pebble. With some enemies you really need to be careful (especially if you haven't fought them yet) and fight it somewhere where nothing will interrupt you so use pebble alot. Also if you can get near the back of your enemy (you need to walk) you can charge R2 and stagger it and then use visceral. Learn how to parry! I mean it... learn it. Aside from dodging and evading at the right time this is the next thing you should learn asap (shoot an enemy [L2] when its about to hit you with an attack and when you stagger them [its like they kneel] get near them and smack R1 and you should proceed into visceral animation). In central yharman you will meet two lonely big guys under the bridge. On those you can practice your timings of your parry attacks.
  2. It's all about to have your own opinion. I can see your points and I even agree with most of them but I still like the game. On the other hand I couldn't get into GoW 3... Camera and controls were like wtf for me so I immediately dropped. Ye I could have invested more time into this game and it would have probably got better over time but for some reason I just didn't want to... Of course that doesn't mean that I think that the game is bad, complete opposite! There are more games like nioh, bloodborne etc. which I don't like (that try hard to get past something and you just keep dying...). Well... What I'm trying to say is that everyone should have their own opinion and we should respect it.
  3. Did you actually play the game?
  4. Events shortens time needed to platinum this game by a huge margin. So keep track of those events. Personally I didn't plan to plat this game but after three events in a row I decided to give it a try. I would suggest to read tips HERE. Try to look for events similar to those listed in that sheet made by the redditor as there's a chance that you might earn some crowns. If you've got no idea how average size of a monster looks you can look it up on youtube as there are a lot of gold crown hunting videos.