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  1. In the world where every game potentially has modded lobbies this would be shortsighted. Thats why everyone agrees that using own saves for autopop trophies considered as cheating. But we talking about 3 certain games. They won't give you a huge advantage on leaderboards.
  2. Sorry if this question already being discussed here, it's a long thread, but why would not just ignore this games? Let's say that trophies earned in hacked lobby are legit trophies. What difference does it make? Cheaters can be removed according other cheated games still, innocent players won't be needing to hide games. Leaderboards? Insofar as there are only 3-5 games with hacked lobbies issue, will it really affect leaderboards?
  3. Hey guys. Have played all maps above, need some help too. https://lbp.me/v/q38b748
  4. What does it mean?