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  1. Looks good! The fact we see Marluxia, does that mean we'll see the absolute horror of Vexen to?
  2. Kingdom Hearts II Level Master Get Sora to Level 99
  3. Man, I love Luffy sometimes.


    Frankie: "Tom's brother actually, his names Den and he's doing the re-coating"


    Luffy: "Oh, then why didn't you just say so? He lives in the Den and he's re-coating your brother for ya huh?"



  4. Saints Row 3 just had to be one of them games where you can't use your PS4 controller. :( 


    It feels so weird using a PS3 controller again after using a 4 for so long.

    1. PooPooBlast


      Oh seriously? I thought all ps3 games support the DS4. Interesting. And totally dude. The DS3 is super small and feels plasticy lol and the analog sticks feel more fluid so your movement feels super sensitive.


      But eh you'll get used to it super quick after like 30 mins. 

    2. LightningVII-


      Yup, I don't think all do it, there's a list of games somewhere where it shows what games are compatible. I wouldn't mind much but it's an open world game and just feeling this hollow feeling controller just feels bad.


      Not to mention, my analogs sound and feel like century old doors :lol: 

  5. Kingdom Hearts II Critical Competitor Clear game on Critical.
  6. Man, Kingdom Hearts 2 ending is so simple but so effective, daaaamn.

  7. Loving everything about Dissidia beta. Now if I was only good at the damn game. :P 

    1. KingGuy420


      I like it a lot too but I am not good lol. I really like the variety between the characters. Gives me a lot to learn =)

    2. LightningVII-


      It's got a lot of great things but I'm definitely the same I suck lol. It doesn't help that the servers are pretty poor. Finding players seems to take forever and it just seems to be constantly lagging. :( 

  8. #12 Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.. Takes a bit longer than the first game but still enjoyable. Grinding levels and collecting cards were by far the most time consuming thing otherwise everyone would of been over pretty quickly. I'm ready for you Kingdom Hearts 2!

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. DamagingRob


       Nicely done!

    3. LightningCharm


      Mad respect to you..i could never finish CoM. lol  KH2 should be easy sailing.  Well done!

    4. LightningVII-


      @LightningCharm Thanks! It's not too bad. Just takes an unnecessary amount of time to do really pointless stuff. :P 


      I hope so. I've made my main playthrough on Critical. So far so good. 

  9. Chain of Memories #12 - Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories First time playing through this game, it sucked when square decided to release the direct sequel to Kingdom Hearts on a handheld console. Probably why so many people were confused with Kingdom Hearts 2 but this game answers all the questions you need leading up to that game. It's a brilliant game in terms of story. There's two stories, Sora's (obviously) and then there is Riku's. It picks up literally straight after the first game and it just gets weird. It's a little confusing to begin with but it makes sense the deeper you get into Castle Oblivion. I love that Sora and Riku just remind me a lot of Naruto and Sasuke's relationship with poor Sakura/Kairi in the middle. Gameplay is a weird one. Instead of your usual fast paced combat you're giving cards which create combos and just plain attacks. It's still fast paced but it's a lot more strategic than the first game. You can run out of cards which makes some enemies tough to fight if you just spam them so it's not the best idea. Gaining enemy cards is probably the biggest chore in this game as the drop rates are pretty poor but just keep going and you'll get them eventually. Riku's story is a lot shorter and simpler. His deck is pre-set so you don't have to figure much out other than spam sleights until you get Dark mode then you're pretty OP. Besides card collecting in Sora's playthrough. Getting Riku to level 99 is the second biggest chore. Just takes a while but it's done now so I'm glad. Onto Kingdom Hearts 2! Enjoyment: Gameplay; 7/10 Story; 10/10 Difficulty: 4/10
  10. To all of you Chain of Memories experts out there. Does the Random Joker card from Sora's playthrough mean Riku doesn't have to pick it up as well? Or does he? Have a feeling it's going to take a while if Riku has to also.

    1. madbuk


      I'm pretty sure they both need to pick one up, but it has been a while so I could be wrong.

    2. LightningVII-


      Aw no way, that sucks. Oh well, just have to hope it drops during Riku's level grind. 😭

    3. LightningVII-


      I tell ya, the power of these status updates. Even though I didn't really complain I go and get it anyway. You were right though @madbuk Riku did need one himself, so thanks for that.

  11. If it's just sat at 0% with no trophies earned you can delete it if you don't want it there.
  12. Chain of Memories Sleight Master Obtain all of Sora's sleights.
  13. Chain of Memories Undefeated Clear the game without using a continue Proud Player Sora Clear Sora's story on Proud.
  14. It’s not that bad, the only thing you can really do is just turn on the PS3 controller, press the xmb button to quit or turn off. Literally takes two seconds.
  15. Platinum #11: Kingdom Hearts (PS4) Too many good memories reliving that game. An absolute must for any fans of Final Fantasy/Disney/JRPGs. 1 down 5 to go. :P 

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    2. Ala-Arska


      Congrats, and the best of luck with

      the rest of 'em :lol:

    3. LightningVII-


      @LightningCharm Thanks a lot :D 


      @PooPooBlast Yeah, I've got it around somewhere, I'll jump on it at some point in the future. I don't mind Zombies games I do love Resident Evil, I've seen Dying Light and that's something I want to play for sure. It looks really good. Heard they were releasing a battle royale for it should be interesting.


      @Ala-Arska Thanks! On chain of memories at the minute and it's a little weird but enjoying it. 

    4. DamagingRob