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  1. Platinum #11: Kingdom Hearts (PS4) Too many good memories reliving that game. An absolute must for any fans of Final Fantasy/Disney/JRPGs. 1 down 5 to go. :P 

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    2. LightningVII-


      Thanks everyone appreciate it. :) 


      @PooPooBlast Good job! Yeah, anything Zombie related is mentally strenuous! :P 

    3. LightningCharm


      That's a good one.  Congrats, dude!

    4. PooPooBlast


      ROFL good one :P .

      Oh man I just started tearing up involuntarily. I was like wtf it's just a video game. But at least it made me realize I'm not a sociopath after that xD.


      What's crazy is that I'm not really a fan of zombie games nor have I watched the show before. I also hated dead island! And I only enjoyed dying light because of the parkour and freedom you have traversing areas which really really resonated well with the theme of the game.


        Idk what genre you like but I highly recommend you try it one day but I can understand if you're not interested.


      Have fun with kingdom hearts man :)

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