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  1. To all of you Chain of Memories experts out there. Does the Random Joker card from Sora's playthrough mean Riku doesn't have to pick it up as well? Or does he? Have a feeling it's going to take a while if Riku has to also.

    1. madbuk


      I'm pretty sure they both need to pick one up, but it has been a while so I could be wrong.

    2. LightningVII-


      Aw no way, that sucks. Oh well, just have to hope it drops during Riku's level grind. 😭

    3. LightningVII-


      I tell ya, the power of these status updates. Even though I didn't really complain I go and get it anyway. You were right though @madbuk Riku did need one himself, so thanks for that.