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  1. #12 Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.. Takes a bit longer than the first game but still enjoyable. Grinding levels and collecting cards were by far the most time consuming thing otherwise everyone would of been over pretty quickly. I'm ready for you Kingdom Hearts 2!

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    2. Squirlruler


      Congrats! I am about to finish this game as well. Sora's level grinding I didn't find too bad, but Riku's is much more boring :{ I am excited to get into KH2 as well! :D 

    3. LightningVII-


      Thanks everyone!


      @starcrunch061 I can see why, it's important to the story though so it's still worth a play even though the gameplay wasn't the best with this one. :P


      @Squirlruler That Riku grind was just boring. I got to Castle Oblivion around level 60 and just went through there took an unnecessary amount of time. :P I've started already. Couldn't wait to jump right in!

    4. Squirlruler


      Haha, I agree with that Riku assessment. And Awesome! :D

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