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  1. G this is an error from psn fix this problem you now
  2. See the screen bro
  4. @ZitMeatloaf thanks for the giveaway!
  5. I voted for Days Gone thanks man!
  6. Worked for me thx man
  7. Thanks bad, in the next days i'll use surely this video
  8. Persona 5 platinum
  9. I have a bug with my current mail since I changed it, so can I politely ask if someone has an extra code for me please?
  10. PSN: manuel-yahoo_it System: PS4 Accept blank requests: Mention that you are from PSNP.
  11. AS -
  12. It's the same
  13. Available from today anyone who playing it ?
  14. I had never heard of it but it looks lovely
  15. Hello guys the game is out early no ? the game seems interesting and after all the trophies seem simple