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  1. Hi guys, I saw that to unlock materials for the three trophies for enchanting weapon / armor / accessory I need "tickets" from Siege mode ... the problem is that I only have one timed Siege mission, that from the actual event, but I'm too low level to do it ... so the question is: how do you unlock "normal" Siege missions? Thanks!
  2. it is out a new patch who fix all trophies problems
  3. I ask to developer if there are any possibilities for fix the problem with the trophies
  4. The servers are up anyway for Soul Sacrifice Delta too
  5. Today I saw on the YouTube page some cutscenes from battle in general and I tell you which are well done
  6. Do you play any Naruto Ninja Storm? Essentially is the same and the anime + film is a very good vision and recommended
  7. Yeah looks spectacular mostly the boss battle it is cute there are also minigames we saw in the anime
  8. Like title say the game look interesting what do u think?
  9. @ZitMeatloaf thanks for the giveaway!
  10. I voted for Days Gone thanks man!
  11. Thanks bad, in the next days i'll use surely this video