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  1. Looks easy, with the exception of The Pacifist.
  2. I was behind by quite a bit for the first two laps but overtook him on the third and kept the lead. It's all about the items.
  3. I have done all of them at this point. Dragon Mines was a bit tricky, but it took me far shorter than Sewer Speedway. Tiny Temple is quite difficult, mainly because you have to hold USF for two whole laps to win. Oxide Station is annoying too, but very double. Those are the only ones that come to mind, the rest were on the easier side.
  4. Pretty sure that was sarcastic.
  5. I think it was 3 for me to get a kill and around 8 or so for the win, which I managed to do with only one teammate. We just communicated better with the ping system and it worked out.
  6. Just do side missions in the main world that will give you skill points.
  7. Afraid of the trophies for this little guy
  8. Now with the recent Symmetra rework, this trophy should not be nearly as difficult to obtain.
  9. I started the game over and got it on my first try
  10. Super Meat Boy, you’ve got a lotta patience
  11. Enjoys torturing himself/herself by going for excruciatingly strenuous and time-consuming completions/platinums.
  12. The 60 minute speedrun trophy seems to be the most difficult. How tight is the timer? You don't have to finish it without dying, but without restarting, which happens when you lose three lives.
  13. No Danganronpa V3 love?