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  1. I just wish they'd have made a remaster or even just re-release of my favourite monkey island, The curse of Monkey island. It was the first game I played as a kid, and even now is still one of the best games I've played.
  2. Whoop de doo
  3. crazycarnz Hitman: Absolution My trophies earnt for this game are all earnt within the timeframe that the servers were still online.
  4. Good to know, thanks. I thought this game was quite fun, which for a short plat is usually not the case
  5. We are still waiting for confirmation but the publisher said the 14th of Feb is the likely EU release date.
  6. Bugger, and here I was hoping for another easy plat. Oh well I guess I will likely just have to pass on this one.
  7. Looking forward to getting stuck into this one. Should be fairly easy I hope.
  8. I have played a lot of easy games, including virtually all telltale games and many visual novels/walking simulators. I enjoy the process of gaining trophies rapidly and I don't mind stacking games or playing lots of easy/crappy games. However, I have also played my fair share of relatively challenging and time consuming games as well, so I'm not a complete trophywhore/completionist
  9. I'm looking forward to starting season four once all episodes have been released. I may even pick it up a week earlier and finish the first few episodes before the last one releases. I Still have to play through the Walking dead collection game on ps4 as well as both the US and EU versions of season 4 to complete every single telltale walking dead game/version.
  10. I guess I will wait until this is resolved before buying the US version.
  11. 007 Night fire and 007 Agent Under fire were two of my all time favourites as a kid. Playing split screen with my mate against the bots was great fun. The campaigns were also pretty good too. Enhanced graphics and maybe the chance for some online co-op/competitive modes would be cool if the ever remastered these games.
  12. 2957 unearned trophies. I am aiming to get this down to around 2000-2500 unearned by the end of the year and boost my completion percentage from 89.3% to around 92. I have recently been clearing up my backlog on some really old ps3 games that I had originally only earnt a handful of trophies in.
  13. Good to know, cheers
  14. I was surprised to see this releasing fairly soon after Chaos on Deponia. I am yet to finish Chaos but I thoroughly enjoyed the first game of the series.
  15. I don't really use twitter, but I think I am getting close to the end of my tether with these quick/easy plats. I've got a massive backlog of quality titles that I've barely touched to get into. After these drowning plats I think I will take a break from these easy games.