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  1. It came as a complete surprise when I saw the announcement for the third game. I honestly didn't expect that. Either way, I'm always happy to jump back into the wonderful world of Ryza.
  2. For those who are still playing this, I have some sad news. Crunchyroll - Love Live! School Idol Festival Mobile Game to End Service on March 31 After Nearly 10 Years It's unfortunate to see this happening. I enjoyed playing this, even though I eventually had to stop playing for a few reasons. One, I had to make a decision whenever keep playing this or stick with the consoles. Two, the constant updates from 2017 onwards started to become rather annoying. I know it's pointless to complain, but was there any reason to have an update every day? Third, at some point, I started to experience technical difficulties. It might be because I performed a system update on the phone I had back then. What happened in the game was at some point, I started to miss notes, even though I tapped the screen at best as I could. I could play 10 minutes or so without issues, but after a certain amount of time, the game started messing with me and literally made the game practically unplayable to me. I could also say that maxing out the cards also took its toll. All these things combined, I ended up putting this game in hiatus for at least two years. I did check it out some time ago and... Man, when times were more simple. I miss those days. Anyway, since I've never posted anything in this thread before, I might as well do so, even though it might be the only time I do that. The following images are taken when I ended putting this game in hiatus. Shown below are my progress, as well as the cards I'm never going to get maxed out (level-wise). And yes, that's my preferred character in the menu. I like to keep things simple. Ad yes, Rin is my favorite character in the series. I have my reasons for that. All in all, I enjoyed my time with this. Once the shutdown draws closer, I'll give a few days for this game. Gotta give it a proper goodbye.
  3. Overcoming the Past - Defeat Yunalesca Master Linguist - Find all 26 Al Bhed Primers Striker - Learn the Jecht shot Yunalesca was much tougher boss than I thought. She's not terribly hard, but it's very easy to mess up, thanks to that she inflicts Zombie status ailment in the 2nd phase onward, meaning that healing is not much of an option. Not only that, but she kills any non-Zombie instantly in the 3rd phase and she will do so in every few turns she gets in that phase. Even when I learned the pattern, I needed a few attempts before I was victorious. I had to use Summon twice and despite Bahamut doing most of the work, it wasn't enough. Somehow, Shiva managed not only to survive her attacks while having very low health, but she also managed to land the final blow. Man, that battle made me nervous. I know I could've summoned Yojimbo, but I don't know if the Gil I had would've been enough for him to activate Zanmato. At least it's over. Not much left before the story is complete. Before I face the last few bosses I have, I'll be focusing on some other things in the game. Starting with the Al Bhed Primers. The reward I got for collecting all of them was nice, but the listening the conversation between Tidus and Rin was a cool bonus. That also takes care of the missable trophy, and I don't have to worry about those until I start the sequel. Next, I'll be focusing on monster hunting. I've collected 1/3 of them, but I'll save the ones I can't do later. Once I've done enough of that, I'll start collecting the Celestial weapons. Most of them aren't hard to get, but the one that's going to take me some effort is Wakka's, and that's only because you have to play blitzball to get it. Oh, man...
  4. Honestly, I think the guy nailed Scratch's voice perfectly. He sounds exactly like the character does in the cartoon.
  5. You could always create a boosting session.
  6. Power Strike - Do 9999 damage or more in a single attack Heartstrings - View the "Underwater Date" scene Chocobo License - Pass all chocobo training Chocobo Rider - Win a race with a catcher chocobo with a total time of 0:0:0 It's All About the Money - Obtain Yojimbo Rescuing Yuna was quite a trip. For the most part, it wasn't too bad, but it wasn't without difficulties. The boss battle against Evrae, as well as the part after that, where you have to go through five regular battles, wouldn't be so bad if you could save after the boss, except you can't. This means that if you get KO'ed, you get sent back and you have to redo everything from the beginning. In total, it took me five attempts and almost 1,5 hours of playtime before I made it through. Half of my attempts ended on the boss, while the other half ended because of those goddamn robots that can kick your party members out of the battle if you're unlucky enough. It might be possible to beat them in one on one, but that didn't happen to me. Needless to say, this part has been my least favorite so far. The rematch against Evrae on the other hand, was a joke. If it wasn't for a video I saw, I probably wouldn't have known the strategy for that. At least the second battle against Seymour offered some challenge, despite that I spent some time on grinding in that hallway before him. Still, I managed to get a stockpile of recovery items, as well as Gil, once I was done grinding. I know I could've saved the grinding later, but it wasn't too bad. As long as I listened to something else, that is. Not to mention, the abilities I learned will be useful in the upcoming battles. Oh, and that "Underwater Date" scene? It was beautiful. Possibly the best moment in the game I've seen so far. No other words needed.
  7. Something I found from a local game store. I don't think I'll ever use these since I rarely drink alcohol due to my job and nature. Still, it's nice to own something related to that game.
  8. Easily my favorite song in the game. I like how it goes silent for a while and then comes with a bang near the end.
  9. I recently started playing this game which also happens to be my first time. Since my journey in the game draws near the end (story-wise), I thought I'd give myself some time off and start listening to its soundtrack. It has quickly become one of my favorites. Since I haven't reached the end yet, I'm saving the last few songs till later.
  10. I happened to see this on sale, so I decided to buy it when I had a chance. I've enjoyed most of the games Housemarque has developed, so I'm sure I'll enjoy this one as well.
  11. All Together - All party members come together A Talent for Acquisition - Steal successfully with Rikku 200 times About time Rikku joined the group. It's been a long time I've seen her. At least the whole party is now assembled. While I've enjoyed playing this game, there's one thing I'm not exactly fond of, and it's that you can't skip cutscenes. The first time I faced Seymour, I lost, and I had to watch the cutscene again. The cutscene itself wasn't long, but it becomes tiresome to watch it again if you lose more than once. At least you can speed up the dialogue in some parts, but not every time. I guess that's one thing Kingdom Hearts HD Remixes did right. Also, something I forgot to mention last time was that this remaster has the option to switch between the original and remixed soundtrack. Since this is my first time playing, I selected the original. I'll listen to the remixed version once I'll get the platinum.
  12. I haven't found any cheap Vita copies, but I did manage to find a brand new PS3 copy in some online Nordic store I discovered by accident. Paid about 30€ from it, which is a fair price.
  13. Just a couple different things I bought from anime convention I attended last weekend. Besides the usual T-shirt and a beanie, I bought some snacks and a couple of DVDs. I wasn't even planning to buy them, but when I happened to see them and the fact that they're sold out in the UK stores, I decided to make an exception and buy them before they're gone. The only complaint I have is the price, as I had to pay about 40€ from each of them. At least I now have them in my collection. Oh, and can't forget about the CDs. When kors k and Ryu☆ were invited as special guests, they also bought some merchandise with them as well. Not only did I buy their CDs, but I also got their autographs as well. Since the latter ones are something I didn't buy, I won't be posting them here. And yeah, the weekend was a blast, even though the weather wasn't the best possible. Now to wait till the summer comes, as that's when the next convention is held.
  14. I usually avoid hosting sessions in games like this, but when it was time to get the multiplayer trophies done before the server closure, I hosted a session which had enough players. When I tried to tell which order to do the trophies, my instructions were mostly ignored and most of the players did whatever they wanted. Fortunately, I got them done in the end.
  15. Here's a game that I started recently. I've never played it before, but I've enjoyed it so far. I especially like the music. I'd say this is my favorite song from the game so far. It's beautiful.