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  1. Collection Freak - Exchanged 100 types of items at shop. *Does not include add-ons. Kins Millionaire - Collected over 200 thousand kins. Receiver of Protection - Initiated Assault Visions 20 times. Fashionista - Collected 100 attachments. *Does not include add-ons. One Will - Gathered all party members. Baki-s - Everyone wore Baki heads. Protect! - Stopped in front of the OSF poster in the hideout. All in a day's work. Now that I've played the game long enough, I'm starting to understand the plot better. Honestly, I can't wait for the final battle. After everything I've experienced playing the game, I'm hoping for a satisfying battle against Karen.
  2. Level 444 Home Run - Wreck 3 opponents with a single use of Mr. Sparkles' breaker in an online match
  3. Got the brand new copy for 20€. If it wasn't for a comment I read somewhere, I'd have missed the sale.
  4. Don't worry, it's not. Unless we're talking about the Solosseum because that's where things get hard and boring.
  5. I think the next update comes once current event has concluded. Anyone is free to correct me.
  6. You'll get there. Take a break every now and then if you're struggling. Challenge no 7 Golden Axe was an absolute hell to me and that took over 130+ attempts to complete.
  7. You Are Not Alone - Saved inside the brain field for the first time. Seasoned Psychokinesis User - Performed 50 successful Special Object Follow-Up attacks. Expanded Brain Functionality - Learned all the skills in one of the Brain Map categories. Brain Field Expert - Raised the EXP bonus to the maxinum. Friendship - Revived allies 5 times. Master of the Psionic Space - Finished off 50 enemies with the Brain Field. While focusing on the story, I decided to get some of the grinding-related trophies out of the way. Brain Field is a pretty cool power, but activating it... It's horrible to see Yuito screaming in pain every time he uses it. On the other hand, I like how he switches personalities there and how he thinks he's invincible. Reminds me of Glitch Mode in the Death end re;Quest games and I liked that feature. Another thing I find amusing is the running animation. It's like the characters are Roadrunners or something. They can also knock over objects like cars or bikes as if they were nothing. The way some of the characters stop running is also amusing. I've also started watching the anime adaptation, though only the first episode. So far, it's pretty good. The animation looks great and it's what you expect from Sunrise. It also follows the game's plot pretty well. I wonder if it stays that way? I'll advance in the game a bit and then I'll resume it. Terminal Velocity - Reach 135 MPH with Callisto in an online match Flame on - Set 3 AllStars on fire at once with Wildfire in an online match Since they added new content (though no new trophies) to the game, I decided to play this in the midst of everything. It's been a while since I last played it, so why not. At least I managed to win a few times, as well as popped a couple of trophies. The latter one glitched in a strange way. Instead of popping immediately after meeting the requirements, I got it after I finished the match, despite that I used the Breaker in the middle of the match and I'm pretty sure I didn't get the required amount. Oh well. I'll take it.
  8. Platinum #137 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (platinum, 100% on DLCs and most of the Titles)



    First of all, I got this platinum done some time ago (1,5 months ago to be exact), so please excuse me for posting this now. I tried to finish writing this, as well as the platinum post, as quickly as possible, but because I've been busy with everything else, I had to delay posting them until they were finished and I was satisfied with both of them. Took me a long time to do so.
    Another reason why it took me so long to write both of them was the fact that I suffered from burnout after I got the platinum from this game, so I had to take a break from writing, but especially from gaming. I honestly couldn't do much gaming related because of that. No other game has managed to do that before. Luckily, it only lasted a few days. After that, I resumed writing, though I had to take a break every once in a while and give some time to other things. I also gave the PS5 a test run, but more about that later.
    The reason for burnout? It's not platinum. It's not 100% on DLCs. It's because I did five S rank playthroughs, as well at least five extra playthroughs for the Titles before the final one, and that certainly took its toll. When I originally started this game, I planned to collect all of them. However, when I put it on hiatus, I gave up on that. After I resumed it and started to enjoy it again, I decided to resume my original plan. Did I succeed? For the most part, yes. You can see my results in a moment. Before I talk about the game itself, let me give a quick introduction of my journey.
    Nine years after buying it, more than six months of planning and several weeks of hard work after resuming it, I've finally managed to get the platinum from a game that was meant to serve as my 100th platinum milestone. And that game is obviously this.
    I originally bought it in early 2013, but I didn't start it until 2020. While I did get most of the trophies done, there were two things that made me give up: the no damage battle against Armstrong in Sam's DLC, as well as some the VR Missions. I kept failing on both things, lost my patience and decided to give up. I just couldn't handle everything the game was throwing at me and I had to put it on hiatus. If I had started this when I first bought it, I would've most likely rage quit and give up on it. Then again, I was very young back then, so what can you say?
    Sometime after giving up, I planned to resume it multiple times, but couldn't do it. Then, when YouTube recommended a certain video out of nowhere (see below), I decided to resume this after some planning and try again. It was a long journey, but with a lot of patience, practice, knowledge and some luck, I managed to conquer this. Overall, I wouldn't say it was that hard as the trophy guides say, but I can't say it was easy either. Yes, I made things easier for myself by using the Fox Blade, but even so, there were some tough parts, like certain VR Missions where you can't use this "cheat" sword or the Sam VS Armstrong battle (No Damage trophy in particular). There is one thing that helped me through this journey and that's the official strategy guide which was a tremendous help. Say what you want about those, but I valued that a lot.
    But what about the game? Is it good? Yes. It's really good. It has some flaws, like the camera being annoying at some points and strict time requirements in certain VR Missions, but other than that, it's really well done. It has great sword mechanics, addictive gameplay, awesome boss battles and a memorable soundtrack. Shame there won't be a sequel or a remastered version. It deserves both of them. As long as Kojima and Konami are still on bad terms, neither will happen.
    In case some people might ask a few questions, I might as well give an answer. 
    - Would I do the platinum again if I ever got another chance? Possibly, since I can still memorize many parts of the game, though there are a few parts I'm really not looking forward to doing again, especially Ranked Battle #2 in File R-04. That part on Revengeance was an absolute pain to get through. Not as hard as VR Mission 18, DLC VR Mission 27 or Sam VS Armstrong battle, but still.
    - Would I do it without the Fox Blade? I could give it a try and challenge myself since that thing pretty much breaks the game. Still, it's pretty fun to use since you're practically invincible (against regular enemies. It doesn't work on bosses, though).
    In the end, I'll consider this as the 2nd hardest platinum I've done. To me, Crash 4 still stands as the hardest one, since that game tested me in so many ways, not just my patience. This, however, mainly tested my skills in certain parts, as well as my patience, although rarely when compared to Crash 4.
    The last thing I have to mention are the Titles. As I mentioned earlier, I could've achieved the platinum a long ago, but I wanted to get something else besides the platinum and 100%. That would be Titles. You don't need to collect these unless you're a completionist, but I decided to do it anyway. I guess I wanted to challenge myself, as well as achieve something that I'd be satisfied with, but I could also say that getting them gave me some good practice for certain VR Missions, as well as preparing me for S rank Revengeace playthrough. Still, I enjoyed them (for the most part). Even the speedrun/difficulty/no deaths Titles were pretty easy, thanks to Fox Blade. I'm sure I would've got those without that, but I'm taking shortcuts whenever it's possible.
    In total, I must've done at least 10 playthroughs (in the main game) to get all trophies and most of the Titles. That's why it took me so long to get this done, besides taking breaks for other reasons. For the record, I'm not going to get the last four Titles I'm missing, at least not now. Even though I've spent so much time on this game, I've seen enough action, cut limbs and memes, so I'll say goodbye to this game for now. I'll come back someday and get the rest of them, but right now, it's time for other projects. At least I can say that I'm proud of owning the title of Master of Thunder, as shown below.
    Please excuse the poor quality of the images. Other than my smartphone, I lack a good camera. Otherwise, here are my final results.


    Oh, and the video I mentioned? It was this. This video was enough to give me some motivation to try again and I'm glad I did. After that, more and more videos started to appear which further increased my motivation. Although that's a good thing, the downside is that, even though I've managed to get this done, something tells me the memes won't leave alone for a while. Ugh...



    Platinum #138 Astro's Playroom (platinum and 100% on DLC)




    Since I got the previous game done, I decided to reward myself by finally setting the PS5. It had to wait for almost six months in the box before it was its turn. Naturally, the first PS5 platinum had to be this. Just like Astro Bot Rescue Mission, I enjoyed this one as well. So many references to Sony's consoles, as well as to certain game series. Honestly, you can't help but love it. Now, onto the game I've been looking forward to very much which is Scarlet Nexus.
    One last thing. Remember my PS5 status update? I mentioned that once I'd start using it, I'd also get the covers edited. I ended up buying black covers, because the white ones don't suit me. But what's on them, you might ask? Since I've already started using the console, I might as well reveal the design I had in mind.



    Why these? I wrote about my thoughts about this series in December 2021 in another thread, but I'll give a short version here. Ever since I first finished watching it from Netflix in 2020 (though it's not there anymore or in Crunchyroll), it quickly became one of my favorite series. Not only that, but some of the scenes were fixed or changed a bit, compared to when it first aired.* It even had a certain song in that one episode Crunchyroll couldn't use, though I won't blame them for that. Finally, it has helped me through these difficult times we're living, for several reasons. From the first time I watched it, to this day. Naturally, I had to decorate the covers with something I truly enjoy. Finding the latter image with good quality was hard, but luckily, the printing shop found it from a rather unusual place: Twitter. Once I saw the designs, I was overjoyed. They were better than I thought. If it wasn't for that, I'd have to come up with a backup plan (not related to that series, though). Also, that PS logo looks cool on it, don't you think?
    As for the console itself, it's great. There are some features I miss from the PS4, like What's New and giving likes whenever a friend earns a trophy or such, but that's pretty much it. Even though I've started using the PS5, I won't abandon the PS4. I still have games I'm going to play on that console. I could play them on the PS5, but that's how I prefer to do things.
    * I first watched it from Netflix and when I watched it from Crunchyroll for the last time before it was removed from there as well, I noticed some differences in several scenes.Yes, I paid so much attention that I memorized that much. I even took screenshots to see if I was correct. My eyes didn't deceive me.


    And that's all there's to say.

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      Mad respect for you in completing Metal Gear Rising. I should pick up on this.

  9. It's been a few years since I first watched this and I loved it. I'd say it's my favorite show from P.A. Works. The soundtrack is one of main reasons, especially the first OP and ED. I should watch it again someday.
  10. Platinum #137 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (platinum, 100% on DLCs and most of the Titles) Difficulty: 7/10 (main game, DLC VR Missions and Sam's DLC), 3/10 (Wolf's DLC) Playtime: 90 hours (completed in 1 year, 5 months) Enjoyment: 8.5/10 (9.5/10 if I play casually and ignore the flaws) "I've got my own war to fight." First off all, I actually got this done some time ago (1,5 months to be exact), but there were two major reasons why I had to delay posting this. - I suffered from burnout after I got the platinum, so I had to take a break from gaming as well as from writing. The reason is not the platinum or the 100% on DLCs. It's because I did five S rank playthroughs, as well at least five extra playthroughs for the Titles before the final one, and that certainly took its toll. Was it worth it? I'm more or less a completionist, but for this one, I'd say yes. More about those at the end of this post. - Before I started my next project (not the extra one included here), I wanted to finish writing this which took me at least a month to get it done. With everything going on, I wanted to make sure I had enough time to focus on this. I've also begun working on a trophy guide for a certain game I played last year. Since it's going to be my first, it's unknown if it's going to happen or not. I'll try at least. With all that said, let's start. Introduction: Here it is. The game that was meant to be my 100th Platinum milestone, but instead ended up being Platinum #137. Before I go any further about that, let me explain a couple of things. Originally, I bought the game shortly after its release in 2013. Since then, it ended up on my shelf and had to wait for its turn. In the meantime, I also ended up buying an official strategy guide book, which came in handy, but more about that in a moment. When I had around 90 platinums collected in 2020, I was looking for a game that would serve as my 100th platinum milestone. After a few months of planning and preparing, I decided to choose this game for that purpose... or at least, that was the plan. While I did manage to get most of the trophies out of the way, there were two things that made me give up: the no damage battle against Armstrong in Sam's DLC, as well as some the VR Missions. I kept failing on both things, lost my patience and decided to give up. Before any of you wonder, I didn't try VR Mission 18 before I gave up, because I knew it was going to be hard. And as for Platinum #100, it was Burnout Paradise: Remastered. Not the most convincing one for a milestone, but I just wanted something to calm me down. A few months later, I planned several times to resume it, but I couldn't do it. After a very long break, I did it and finally got it done. The question is, was there anything that gave me motivation to try again? Actually, yes. In January 2022, I made a list for my next few games I was going to play, which also included this. I was originally planning to resume it later, but then came something that changed my mind. And what was that? YouTube. After it suddenly started recommending brand new videos of this game out of nowhere (one of them found at the end of this post), my interest started to increase. The more I watched them, the more I was hungry for some action and after some planning, ready to try again. In the end, I'm glad that happened because who knows when exactly I was going to resume it. It should be noted that I could've achieved the platinum in 3 playthroughs, but there was something else I wanted to collect and would be Titles. Standard to this series, you'll get a different Title, depending how you did during the game. Here, you can get multiple Titles in one playthrough, which is like in MGS4. This was the major reason why it took me so long to finish this, aside from taking a break for a couple of reasons. As for the Titles, they're pretty easy, but because there are a few speedrun/difficulty/no deaths Titles, I had to backup my save a few times, in case I'd mess up. Since the game saves instantly whenever you die, quitting and reloading the same save file won't make a difference. The death will still be recorded. Unless you copied the save file before that and reloaded it, then it will be different. As for the strategy guide I mentioned earlier, I bought one shortly after I bought the game. I didn't even know there was one until I saw it. You might say those won't do much these days and the internet is the place for those, but I'm going to say the opposite. The guide book was filled with tons of info, which helped me a lot in many different ways, like boss battles, finding collectibles or analyzing enemies. Not to mention, the game doesn't really teach that much about the gameplay, so if you want to learn all the techniques and such, you're going to have to learn them somewhere. In my case, it was the strategy guide and that worked greatly. It also has artwork and even a couple of comments from the character designers, so thumbs up for that. Now that I got the introduction out of the way, what can I say about the game? I might as well point out all the good and bad things. - Sword mechanics. How can you not like a game where you can cut almost anything with a few sweeps? The only thing you can't cut is a cat which you can find at the start of File R-01, as well as in the Japanese Garden in Sam's DLC. - Fox Blade. If you buy the Gray Fox DLC suit, you'll also get his blade as well. What does it do? For those who don't know, this singular blade cuts every enemy (excluding bosses) with only 1-2 hits after you've purchased the special effect. This means that you can complete pretty much every Ranked Battle by using this cheat sword. However, you can't use it in VR Missions. Either way, you can forget RPGs and miniguns. This is without a doubt the most destructive weapon I've seen. On a side note, I didn't start using this until halfway through my 2nd playthrough. Not to mention, it costs 200k points to unlock and the points I spent went for different things. - Excellent boss battles. If there's anything this game is well known for, it's the boss battles. Easily some of the best in the series are in this game. Mix them with some kick-ass soundtrack, and you know you're in one hell of a ride. - Soundtrack. If the excellent boss battles weren't enough, the soundtrack is the one last kick to make them even more enjoyable. Once the lyrics kick in, oh yeah. Now we're talking. - Memes. It wouldn't be complete without mentioning these. It seems that the memes have regained popularity, thanks to YouTube. Something tells me that even though I managed to get this done, the memes won't leave me alone for a long time. Oh boy... As awesome as this game is, I do have some complaints to point out, which I've listed below. - When it comes to entering your inventory during battle is terrible. Unlike in the other games in the series, where you can do it by pressing / , it works way worse in this one. Whenever you want to enter your inventory to switch your weapon or an item, you have to stand still for a second, press and then you can switch. It's a real pain in the ass to do and whenever I had to do so in the middle of the battle, I had to make sure that there were no enemies close to me. Otherwise, if I got hit, I'd have to restart since most of the battles require the No Damage bonus, which is needed for an S rank. - The camera can be annoying at times. Personally, I never had too much of an issue with that and whenever I did, it was usually in certain VR Missions. - Whenever the enemy deals enough damage on you in a short period or you're hit by a certain unblockable attack, you have to waggle , in order to recover/escape. I only have one thing to ask: why not press any of the buttons, instead of waggling? Not only is it a pain in the ass to do, but sometimes it doesn't work no matter how many times I waggle it (I'm aware that the difficulty level also affects it). To top it off, it makes an obnoxious sound. The only time where I always managed to pull it off was during the final battle. - Locking on and switching your targets during battle doesn't work properly sometimes. I usually had a problem with this when facing Sundowner where switching targets in particular, simply refused to work, no matter how many times I pushed . - Dumb AI. Whenever you trigger the Caution mode, the enemy either walks slowly towards you (Cyborgs) or doesn't do anything (UGs, usually Mastiffs). Peace Walker also had this problem, but here, it's even worse. - The game doesn't teach that much about the gameplay. Some might say that's a good way to learn things, but if you want to learn as much as possible like me, you're going to have to look for that from somewhere else. I'm also going to question a couple of points of logic in this game. - Whenever you manage to kill certain bosses, they somehow manage to call you via Codec before they die, even when you've sliced them into a million pieces. - When using explosives and rocket launchers, it's impossible to get hurt by them. You can throw/shoot below you, and you're still fine. I'm not complaining or anything, though. On the other hand, this can be handy in certain VR Missions. - All the bad guys in the game seem to know everything about Raiden's past. I'd like to know where they got all that info exactly. - Raiden can lift both Metal Gear Ray and Excelsus' arms without an issue. While it may seem awesome, I'd like to know how much strength that cyborg body of his grants. - I've seen in a few different videos that you can listen to Codec conversations in the title screen. As far as my knowledge goes, this only seems to be included in the PC and Xbox 360 versions. Why can't it be included in the PS3 version as well? If it does have it, you can correct me. It may sound like I'm picking too many details, but that's what happens when you play the game long enough. With all that now said, it's time for the main event. My journey to platinum, which was filled with lots of funny and great moments, but also had some frustrating bits as well. I'm mainly going to cover boss battles since that's one of the major things this game is known for, but I'm also going to cover certain Ranked Battles and VR Missions as well (though only a few of them each). Platinum journey: Ranked Battles: Boss battles: VR MIssions: Sam's DLC: Wolf's DLC: One last thing before I wrap this up. When I started this game, I planned to collect all the in-game Titles you receive at the end of playthrough. These are not needed for platinum, but if you're a completionist, then you must collect them. In the end, I managed to collect almost all of them, only missing the following four Titles. - Precision Machine - Cleanly sever at least 30 body parts in Blade Mode during the course of a full playthrough without damaging them with further slices.* - Naked and Unloved - Complete the game on Hard difficulty or higher without upgrading Raiden's Life or Fuel Cell capacity via the Customize option or by collecting Endurance +1 upgrades.** - ??? - Obtain all S ranks on all difficulties in Sam's DLC)*** - ??? - Obtain all S Ranks on all difficulties in Blade Wolf's DLC)*** * During one of my playthroughs, I tried getting this, but no matter how careful I was, I didn't get it. At least the Title isn't lying when it comes to its name. ** Easily the worst one if you didn't start your first playthrough on Hard. It's not difficult or anything. You can still get this, but only by selecting New Game from the title screen. However, doing so will reset EVERYTHING. With the exception of collectibles, Titles you've obtained and your progress in VR Missions, you'll lose all the weapons, meaning that you'll have to buy them again. Your BP will also reset which is not the worst since you can get a ton of points in one playthrough. The worst part? Progress in each chapter will reset (with the exception of the DLC), which means that all that hard work I did goes to waste. I tested this by backing up my save file after I got the platinum and it's true. So whenever I'm going to get this, I'll have to do another few S rank playthroughs after getting that tedious Title. Or will I? If I wanted to show off, then yes. We'll see what happens. *** I couldn't find the names of these Titles anywhere, but I did find the requirements for both of them. I might as well say that getting all the S ranks in Wolf's DLC is going to be much easier, while Sam has a much harder time. Well, I guess that's all I have to say about this one. To sum it up, this was easily one of the best and most enjoyable experiences I've had for a while, but it was also one of the most tiring and annoying. Having to restart a battle every time when things didn't go as planned got really boring. I've also seen enough cut limbs and such, so I won't be playing anything this violent for a long time. I'll let the bonus below do the rest before I'll start talking about the next game. Bonus 1 (images): Bonus 2 (videos): Platinum #138 Astro's Playroom (platinum and 100% on DLC) Difficulty: 2/10 Playtime: 5 hours (completed in 2 days, 2 seconds) Enjoyment: 10/10 Last time I mentioned that if I manage to platinum the game I gave some hints about, I'd set up my PS5. Since I managed to accomplish that, I decided to get my first PS5-exclusive platinum, which was obviously this. Considering how short this game is, I'm going to include this one here as well, rather than making a separate post. Anyway, I'm sure that many people know this game, so I probably don't have to go into the details too much. All I can say about it, the experience was worth it. I enjoyed Astro Bot Rescue Mission a lot, and I obviously enjoyed this one as well. It also gave me a nostalgia overload, with the amount of references this game has. It also makes good use of motion controls. Other than that, there's not much else to say. Next project: Now that I've finally conquered one of the toughest platinums I've done, I can finally relax by playing something I've been planning for a while. I mentioned about it last time, but in case you forgot:
  11. The mug itself is pretty cool, but what I wasn't expecting was that it came in a wooden box, instead of a cardboard box. That's actually pretty cool, tbh.
  12. Tag Team Victory - Win 10 matches while grouped up with a Friend Making Waves - Win 5 matches while grouped up with a Crewmate Squad Up - Play 30 matches while grouped up with a Friend Welcome to the Big Leagues - Earn 250,000 XP Point Guard - Score 1000 KO Assists In the midst of my current project, I was added to the boosting group without me even saying anything. I guess that was a good thing, since I got the ones I was looking for done. With the exception of the last one, which I had to do myself. Luckily, I was only missing about a hundred, so the remaining grind I had wasn't that bad. I'm still missing the last two trophies before the platinum is mine, but since it takes at least two weeks to get them, I'll be focusing on other games for a while. Of course, I'll still play this daily, but only about a few matches per day. Wheels Gone Wild - Defeated 5 enemies with 1 bus. Suoh Incident - The Suoh Incident occurred. One Lost in Madness - Ran out of time in brain field. Everyone's Ally - Completed a quest for the first time. The Place Beyond the Pain - Used the SAS over 100 times. Now that I got the most grindiest ones done, I can finally focus on this one fully. With new abilities learned, the combat is starting to get better. Wish I could say the same about the plot, because it has started to get a little bit confusing. I've also found something that I really don't like about this game. Whenever you get a game over, you're sent back to the previous save point. Against bosses, I don't have a problem. On regular enemies, however, it's annoying. Having to redo all that crap just to reach that specific point always sucks. Right before the Suoh incident occurred, I had to replay that part three times. I lost to one of the regular enemies, I wasn't revived and I was sent back. Second time, I reached the halfway point of that part, the game crashed and I was sent back to start again. Third time's the charm, I suppose. I really wish you could save at any time you want, in order to avoid repeating the same segments. Finally, how many times must I face Kasane? The survival battle against Karen was a pain, but each battle against Kasane seems to get harder, especially the third one. Though it wasn't exactly an easy battle, victory felt satisfying.
  13. Career Brawler - Complete 100 Contracts Catch-o-matic - Catch 1000 dodgeballs The grind is mostly done now. Still have some work to do till I pop the platinum. Scarlet Guardian - Completed Phase 0. Power of Observation - Successfully performed 20 perfect dodges. Collector - Used Item Exchange for the first time. *Does not include add-ons. After countless delays, I've finally started the game I've been planning to play for a long time. I played the demo earlier this year, but I only played it for about a few minutes before I stopped. Why? I have no idea. Anyway, I've played about 2,5 hours at the moment, but I might as well say a few words about the game. Has it been worth it? So far, yes. The game looks visually great, the combat is satisfying and it has music that sounds pleasant. I especially like the anime-styled Opening and the theme song, as well as the Suoh City theme, which I ended up listening to for a moment once I got to free roam. For characters, I'd say Hanabi is my favorite so far. Kasane is cool, but I haven't warmed up to her yet. Only time will tell when that happens. As for the anime adaptation, I won't start watching it right away. I'll play a few more hours before I'll consider starting watching it. I've read some comments about it once before, which pretty much said it was ok. Who knows, maybe I find it enjoyable, much like how I enjoyed New Sakura Wars and its anime adaptation.
  14. I'm mainly using this (in addition to the ones from the first Death end re;Quest). The song, as well as all the sound effects from this one, gives me nostalgic vibes.
  15. Well on Your Way - Earn 100,000 XP Overwhelming Victory - Win 10 rounds with five times the opponent's score True Brawler - Play 100 matches Walk-In Closet - Win matches with 10 unique Outfits Boom Goes the Dynamite - Score 100 KO Finishes with Ultimate Throws Rollin' Round the City - Travel 100km in ballform Some of the grindier and little luck reliant trophies are now done. The worst ones are still ahead, but as long I work on them daily, they should come naturally. I've also found myself enjoying this more than I thought. Not to mention, I've managed to get some nice trophy video clips and they're fun to watch. Although I've been enjoying this, I think it's time to start my next project. Right now, I'm hungry for some "brainpunk". I've been planning to start that for a long time and now, I think it's the right time to do so.