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  1. K (episode 5-7) Carole & Tuesday (episode 10-12)
  2. - Killzone Shadow Fall - Resogun - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - Gravity Rush Remastered - Gravity Rush 2 - Horizon Zero Dawn - Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy - Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled - NieR: Automata - Spyro Reignited Trilogy - Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[st] - Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
  3. The ones listed are not in a particular order. If i have to choose, i'd say Paladins is number 1, considering how much trouble i had to see in order to get it. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls (PS4) Somewhat easy, but doing 500 bounties for a trophy was major pain in the ass. Even with the fastest method, it still took me long enough. Hardcore was also pain, since i had to do it solo. Slow and steady, but made it. This might be the only Diablo game i'm going to own. It's just me. Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[st] I'm no expert when it comes to fighting games, but after this game catched my attention at the beginning of the year, i decided to buy it. No regrets. It's hard to master, but fun to play. The platinum itself was quite easy. The only difficulty specific trophy wasn't too hard, despite i got it on my 2nd attempt and did it only few hours after i started playing. Overall, enjoyed this. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled The original CTR is one of the most important games in my childhood, so obviously, i had to platinum this one. Just like with N. Sane Trilogy. When i was going for platinum, it was hard, but not too much. If i had to do it again, it would be much easier, thanks for knowledge, skill and patches. Remember when it was possible to see shitload of Warp Orbs during races? Today, that's history. Death end re;Quest Easy, but one thing i disliked is sometimes it's confusing to figure out where to go. That forest was the worst. Anyway, i'll play (and platinum) the sequel at some point when it comes. Paladins It took me over a year to get the platinum, simply because of a certain trophy. I took a break after i got all but one, then decided to finish it after one of my PSN friends got the platinum. Luckily, someone formed a group of good players and then we worked together till everyone got it. I'm grateful of their help and patience. Even though it took a 2-3 hours to get it, it was worth it. And that's about it.
  4. #70 My Hero One's Justice Difficulty: 3/10 Platinum time: 30-35 hours Enjoyment: 8/10 It should be mentioned that i really don't play anime/manga based games. Same goes to fighting games. I'm not an expert with those. However, i made an exception with this. It turned out to be the easiest fighting game i've played and i actually enjoyed it. The story mode was pretty much self-explanatory. Since i haven't read/watched the manga/anime too much (currently at Volume 7 and Season 2), i had to skip the story at some point, to avoid spoilers. That said, i was aware of some parts of the story. Anyway, it was pretty easy to beat. The only hard parts were the last mission in villain story and the very last mission in hero story. Took me about 15-20 minutes before i got past them. They were that tough, especially the latter. Finally, i went for S-ranks on all missions, even though it's not required. It was easy enough. Not much else to say about the rest. Online mode is not completely dead, so finding matches wasn't hard, though time consuming. Mission mode, with DLC, was easy and quick once i got far enough. Endeavor also ended up being my most used character in the game. He's easy enough to master. If there's anything i disliked, it's the AI. The way it acts is odd. In some missions, the AI focuses on evading which makes it really annoying to land a blow. Especially in those missions where your health gets depleted. Also, f*** Nomu(s). That character is by far the most annoying character in the game. Not only they deal a lot of damage, but that rolling attack is very annoying. Thankfully, it seems they can't use Plus Ultras, so there's that. Anyway, it was fun game to play and platinum. I'm planning to play the sequel at some point when it comes. Finally, let's not forget... Go Beyond! PLUS ULTRA!
  5. Control
  6. So they finally added her, huh? About time.
  7. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots 8 playthroughs, one of them being Big Boss run. That was ultimately the hardest part. Each Act was more or less difficult, with Act 3 being the worst. Not just for this run, but for the entire game. I'm talking about the section where you trail the resistance member. It's the worst part in the game and it was a nightmare on BB run. Why? On any other run, he takes the easiest path, no problem. But on that run, everything went wrong. For some reason, he takes a different path and it's much longer. Not only that, but it feels like it's just going nowhere. After a while, i had to figure out how make him take the easiest path. It took few tries, but eventually i succeeded. Then there's that goddamn motorcycle chase, which is the hardest part in that run, because of no-kill requirement. Even with lock-on aim enabled, it's still not easy. It's basically luck based. Took me some time, but i made it. At least there are checkpoints. Other than the final boss being another hard section, the rest of the game wasn't too difficult. After all that trouble, i made it to the end of the game and cleared that run in less that 4 hours. Hearing that victory song at the result screen was so satisfying. It should be mentioned that even though that run was frustrating at times, i still enjoyed it. It was a good challenge. Once that was done, only few more playthroughs remained and the platinum was mine. Killzone Shadow Fall Clearing the game on hard wasn't too bad, unless i count certain sections in Chapter 7 and 9. Those parts were pain in the ass. Multiplayer however, was rather annoying. Even when playing against bots, the grind was rather tedious, depending on what i was going to unlock/upgrade. I also did the DLCs as well, because why not? Nothing too troublesome, although the Elite mode was a tough one. The sections i mentioned were even more annoying since you have only three lives. However, i decided i wouldn't allow deaths which made things harder. This time, i only needed about 5-10 attempts before i made through them. Also, one thing about Elite mode. I happened to die near the end of Chapter 4. I failed to clear that chapter without dying many times and was starting to get tired of restarting, so i decided to finish the chapter. To my surprise, i still had all three lives when i returned to main menu. Maybe getting revived doesn't count? I don't know. Bloodborne I have no idea why i even bought that game, but i don't regret it either. The first few bosses took me some time to get used to the game, but after that, it wasn't too hard. That said, certain bosses and enemies pissed me off more than once. Anyway, i made it to the end and completed it. Great game, but don't really want to try this again. These three are the ones i'm most proud of. I have something major in store, but more about that if i am to complete it. Needless to say, it's going to be the hardest one.
  8. I have to admit, i didn't know about this game until i saw this thread and later saw the game in the hypermarket. I've watched some gameplay footage and it looks good. The price isn't too bad either, so i might buy it someday.
  9. I still have few games i'm planning to play (as well as platinum) but that won't happen soon. I don't know how long it takes, so i'm going to say 1-2 years.
  10. I own few of them, all on PS4. I'll just list them. Unless otherwise mentioned, they're standalones. Final Fantasy XV (Deluxe Edition) Kingdom Hearts III (Deluxe Edition) Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom (King's Edition) Horizon Zero Dawn (Limited Edition) Persona 5 Control
  11. #69 Control. Easy, but the game was bit frustrating at some points. Other than that, i enjoyed it.
  12. Trackmania Turbo. The difficulty level is way too high in this game. Combine it with poor controls and steering, and there you have it. I regret that i even downloaded it when it was a PS Plus game. At least i got the online trophies so i don't have to worry about missing the platinum shoud i ever resume it.
  13. The plot wasn't as the great as in the previous games. However, the multiplayer was something i enjoyed, despite the grind for platinum was rather tedious at times.
  14. Here's some additional tips i must include. I decided to test them if they work and they do. - Play Solo. - Turn Crossplay option off. Don't know if it's necessary, but it can help. - Here's the most important tip to make it easier. Switch the region to Japan or any other region like that. They're pretty much dead. When i played, ALL the other players were bots. Neat, isn't it? - Just like Ralle1973 above said, get to the center of the map asap. Alternatively, you can also do it my way; once the fog has covered most of the map and there's about 10-12 players (or bots in my case) left, i headed to the center of the map and start searcing for bots to kill. It took me few tries, but eventually got the trophy, with 12 kills. Not to mention, i got lucky 2 more times, in total 3 times in row since that trophy wasn't the last one. Got the platinum after my third match. - While bots may be not be smart, they can be dangerous if they get their hands on legendary weapons. It's possible. Play safe if this happens. With these said, i hope these can be helpful. Best of luck.