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  1. Might be a little outdated, but hopefully it works.
  2. Recently, someone (not here, though) mentioned that the regular edition of this game was on sale, but not in my area. After some thinking, I decided to buy the Special Edition of it. Why I never bought it when it first came out is beyond me. At least I corrected that. Got lucky, and found one on a fair price. The steelbook is also a welcome bonus.
  3. I got something that I've been planning to buy for a long time: Ghost of Tsushima Special Edition. I have no idea why I didn't bought it before, but at least I've corrected that. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to experience this.



    1. AK-1138


      I keep waiting in vain for the digital price to become manageable... may end up getting a physical copy myself as I've seen plenty local-ish listings at an almost 90% cheaper price point.

    2. OhDearDevilRun


      If you can get it for 90% cheaper, do it. You almost cant buy the game under 35$ used physical, been watching it on ebay for months. New? you can expect full price still.

    3. AihaLoveleaf


      Nice looking box. I will pick up this game too but still waiting for that sub-$20 price point. Completing other games will take me several months as it is so no rush for me.

  4. I really don't know where I came up with that "Mr" in my name. I guess I thought it was a cool add on or something. As for Garland, I've been a fan of a certain Youtuber for years and that's how I came up with that. Tbh, I'm not good when it comes to creating names, so I'm glad I came up with a name like that.
  5. Captain - Complete all levels on the easy difficulty Colonel - Complete all levels on the normal difficulty General - Complete all levels on the hard difficulty Rapid Reaction Force - Complete Chapter 1 to 11 playing as Templar Toothpick Master - Get 20 kills with the M32 combat knife They're On Our Side Now - Switch allegiance of Helghast Sentry Bots as Hakha Call Of The Siren - Kill 25 Helghast soldiers with the VnD-10M Siren Backstabber - Get 20 kills with FKS-7 Fury Economical Soldier - Finish a level above 75% hit efficiency Nobody Hides From Me - Finish a level above 90% hit efficiency The hardest part is now done. Overall, it's the easiest one from the series, as long as you don't rush. Only a couple of times I actually had a hard time. Mainly because the checkpoint system in this game sucks. I also unlocked a couple of trophies after completing the game. I'll probably do most of them before I'll start the next playthrough. Luckily, they're easier and shorter.
  6. This brings back memories, since this was one of the first few games I played on the PS3. It's a big improvement from the first game. The gameplay was much better, the story was dark, but epic. And the main theme? It doesn't joke. It's serious.
  7. It was about time I got this.
  8. Queen of Darkness - Defeat the Queen of Darkness. An Island Reborn - Create the Crimson Stone and save Kurken Island. Beyond the Present - See everyone move on to chase their dreams. Fierce Valley King - Defeat the Savage Assassin. Rainmaker - Defeat the King of Storms. After a long journey, I finally managed to reach the end. To say the least about the story, it was good. Nothing too mind blowing, but it was good enough. The ending was sad, with everyone moving on, but at least they will be back in the sequel. With the story now finished, I still have some work to do before the platinum is mine. Before I begin my clean-up, I'm going to platinum a couple of games. After that, I'll be back to this game.
  9. It's still possible to get 100%. I've been helping players in this game since 2017 to this day, so I know pretty much everything about it.
  10. I remember buying this game back in the PS2 days. Despite the flaws, I enjoyed it. Recently, I got a little nostalgic about this series and decided to buy the first game again, this time for the PS3. It's been over ten years since I Iast played it and I've also lost my PS2 copy of it, so I'm looking forward to experience it once more, even though it's not exactly perfect.
  11. I'm glad they changed their mind, as I still play games on PS3 and Vita every now and then. At least I don't have to rush buying games/DLCs I'm planning to buy.
  12. I remember playing this back when it first came out and I enjoyed it. Several years later, I played it again, to complete it 106%. Because of certain flaws the game has (inconsistent platinum requirements and terrible platform controls as Coco are some), it's not as good as the Naughty Dog's classic trilogy, but it's still a fun game and I did enjoy it when I replayed it, despite the flaws. The music is also pretty good.
  13. I've always enjoyed the future levels, now and then. The third level was something the original Warped lacked, which was disappointing. That's why I hyped about it when I first heard of that level. It offers a good amount of challenge and it's also fun. While I did enjoy the level, it has some minor things that doesn't make it exactly perfect. If I recall, the first enemy that's near to a Nitro crate in the 2D section won't die if the crate is blown and the enemy happens to be next to it. Only if it hovers above it, it will die. Another thing that makes no sense is this. If you die a few times, the Aku Aku crate that comes after the second elevator turns into a checkpoint crate. That's weird, since there's already one just before the elevator. In short, there's checkpoint immediately after another. The first time I played this level, I died a lot in the death route, so that's how I know it.
  14. As someone who had more or less hard time getting the gem and gold relic, it feels like this thread (particularly the OP post) is nothing but a slap in the face. I get that it's his opinion, but when you put it "ridiculously easy", that goes too far. It just isn't right. While I'm at it, if you think Stormy Ascent was easy, try the modded version of it (Stormy Descent). If you think that one easy as well, then I don't know what else to say.