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  1. I love this game to death and have done since launch but considering the 100% is unobtainable to new players, the frequent server issues, impending server closure, tiny playerbase and the need for a full group of 5 people for certain trophies, you're better off forgetting about finishing the Platinum and moving on to something else .
  2. This^ The Lollipop Chainsaw Leaderboard servers are trash and always have been but they do still work. The OP wants to know about easy PS3 games, not PS4 titles.
  3. An Asian PS4 version is coming on Jan 1st, 2021, which means the EU release won't be far behind :
  4. You have the generic EU version so UK, German and possibly Australian stores will work but I can't guarantee that any of the other EU regional stores will work, thus you use the Turkish store at your own risk 🤔.
  5. Give it 6 months, then the PS5 will be as up to its neck is shovelware as the PS4 is now .
  6. AFAIK, this bug still hasn't been fixed 🤔.
  7. This list is for the soon to be released JP version.
  8. It depends on the country, because the EU is a hodge podge of rights issues and weird compatibility problems so it's always best to get any DLCs from the store in the same country you got the game from. Post a screenshot of the case and disc, then I'll have a decent idea where it's from.
  9. All DLCs are region locked, thus you must get both the game and DLCs from the same country.
  10. No. One of the trophy DLCs is being removed from the servers but that's it.
  11. Asia: I don't know which way round these next two are but they're EU and NA: Asia:
  12. The DLC doesn't affect the main game and the main game doesn't affect the DLC, thus nothing you do in one, will affect the other so no, you won't void any trophies by dying in the DLC .
  13. Aye . Outbreak has EU and NA stacks on the PS5 .
  14. The EU version is coming soon but there's no ETA on a release date, though it looks to be PS4 only in this neck of the woods.
  15. Not even close. The other BL games had defined parameters you could exploit to get many of the trophies to auto-pop, whereas BL3 is bugged to hell and only pops a tiny number of trophies and then refuses to unlock any trophies at all on the current save. BL2 had an unfortunate glitch that prevented the all challenges trophy from popping if it hit but that was the only issue.