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  1. Ever since the PSN Apocalypse, I never use anything other than PSN cards to fund my purchases as I don't want to run the risk of someone knicking my details.
  2. This^ More DLC will probably come along, before they completely drop the game in favour of PD3. To get absolutely everything, you need to buy the following: Payday 2: Crimewave Edition - The Big Score Payday 2: The Master Plan Payday 2: The Most Wanted There are 2 Free DLCs included with the massive 1.20 patch that you have to download before you can play the game (though this will be hardcoded into the game if you buy it digitally). I don't see the devs releasing a true Complete Edition until they're finished with this game and have moved all their staff over to PD3 and that TWD game they're working on.
  3. The nearest you can get to a Complete Edition on the PS4, is the Big Score Edition but you still have to buy 2 expensive DLC bundles and download a 20-30gb patch to get everything the game has to offer . In terms of Content, the PS4 version is still a few patches behind the PC release and I believe there are some DLCs that we can't have due to licensing problems.
  4. Everything is locked to the save it is redeemed on, thus you will have to redo and rebuy everything from scratch if you start a new Vault.
  5. The Platinum and 100% are completely unobtainable due to the servers closing without warning a year or so back .
  6. Attacks on your vault, are 100% random in my experience so all you can do is play the waiting game .
  7. It looks like this may have been banned in Spain, as well :
  8. Playstation Vita Pets, doesn't have any online trophies so won't be massively affected by the servers closing .
  9. The Aliens: Colonial Marines Platinum, can be obtained in offline LAN matches if you have 2 PS3s so would remain obtainable if the servers closed .
  10. Both of these trophies popped for me, long before I was anywhere near the respective amounts 🤔.
  11. Try the tips mentioned here :
  12. If you import a save that has certain trophies already unlocked, then you can re-pop them on the other system e.g locations discovered, ranking up, unlocking 10 customisations etc. etc. . You can auto-pop approx 1/3 of the trophies in both BL2 and TPS by getting the 100%, then importing them to the PS3 or PS4 (whichever one you haven't already played the game on) and partially redoing the requirements for them .
  13. This^ I also have a large PS3 backlog but as time goes by, I'm spending less and less time on my PS3 - though I doubt I'll ever completely give up on it .
  14. Here's my guide to solving this problem :
  15. The servers closed down years ago at the height of the GameSpy apocalypse but you can create your own server(s) by utilising the GoneSpy program that's mentioned higher up in this thread