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  1. The best option is but the second best is The biggest difference between Achievements and Trophies, is anything goes where the PC and Xbox are concerned. Both platforms often end up with dozens of achievements that never see the light of day on a Sony console e.g. Overwatch and Payday 2 have tons of seasonal and promotional events that get achievements but Sony's strict trophy cap and "no seasonal trophies" rule means we only get a fraction of the trophies. The Xbox consoles even give you Achievements for using certain apps for pete's sake.
  2. This game is currently on deep sale but did the devs ever fix the issues that plagued it at launch e.g. clunky menus, connection problems, slow walking/running speeds, stability problems etc. etc.? If the problems have been fixed, then I'll pick it up .
  3. Sorry, my bad - I've got LBP 2 on the brain for some reason . This^ That inconsiderate act, crippled a lot of Guides and made this game harder/more annoying than it should have been .
  4. It took me 5secs to find this Guide on Youtube: Also, see this one on .org:
  5. The international list for "Neverwinter" needs rescanning please, because a new DLC list has just been added to it .
  6. DCUO has required the Legendary Pass in order to unlock the trophies, for years now so is nothing new.
  7. You only have to do the final checkpoint of each mission for it to count towards this trophy, thus you can finish most of a mission on Easy, then switch it to Extreme, finish the last checkpoint, then change it back to Easy when the next mission starts . Here's my Guide for this DLC:
  8. I used to love EA, because they published some of my all time favourite games but they went completely and utterly down the toilet in the early 2000s and never recovered . EA deserve all the hate they get these days, because of all their scummy and unforgivable practices.
  9. This latest Season Match list needs adding the Other Platforms and Regions box: but it makes my brain hurt to think we've got a Complete Edition for a trilogy of games that have been known about for ages, yet none of them have actually been released 😬.
  10. The Install base for the Vita is tiny in the West when compared to the PS4, plus the system has been officially discontinued by Sony so there's very little incentive for most devs to even bother trying to make a Vita port of whatever game it is they're working on because they won't make much money from it. The Switch has stolen much of what little buzz the Vita had, thus a lot of devs are switching development to that instead so they can reach a larger audience and make more money. I like the Vita as much as anyone but it was dead in the water before it even launched and once Sony lost interest due to poor sales, it was game over for the system and it never recovered .
  11. The first 2 games made it to Europe but after the shit show that was their release, the sequels were only released in the US.
  12. It looks like Dead Rising 4 was changed in some way to differentiate it enough from its predecessors so it didn't fall foul of the German Censor's regulations that keep parts 2 and 3 from being legally sold in Germany to this day. The Onimusha Warlords Remaster is censored, depending on what language you set it to:
  13. All 4 of the games that Gilson B. Pontes has made, are the absolute bottom of the barrel and completely unplayable. Here's what Cornshaq had to say about this matter:
  14. It's a hacker - the Platinum is still 100% unobtainable.
  15. This^ The Vita is all but dead in the West, thus the odds were always low that the Vita port of Catherine would make it over here.