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  1. It's very rare for games to allow DLC owners to play with people who don't own the DLC in question and AFAIK, this game is no exception to that rule.
  2. The 100% is still unobtainable for a lot of people because the Complex Made Simple trophy is super broken in the PS5 version and some other trophies in the two most recent DLCs are also very buggy in both versions of the game. Also note that once you have auto-popped what trophies you can with an imported save, you have to start over from scratch with a new character to get the rest, because of a bug which randomly stops trophies being earned via an imported save . TL;DR version: If you haven't already started the PS5 version, don't bother.
  3. Ugh, why did Sony have to make things so god damn messy?
  4. The PS5 doesn't support save file transfer via USB.
  5. True but if it was widespread for this franchise, we'd know about it by now.
  6. I've never heard of any of the Tekken games having a hacker problem 🤔.
  7. This^ When the show tanked and was cancelled after Season 3, the writing was very much on the wall for the game so it was only a matter of time before it to was shutdown. In fact, I'm amazed it lasted as long as it did.
  8. Unless I have my wires completely crossed, I believe this developer did go bankrupt about a year ago.
  9. JP:
  10. PS5 saves aren't recognised by the PS4 unless the game in question has a built-in cross-save cloud but even then, very few games support PS5 => PS4 save file transfer so you're outta luck if you didn't import your saves from the PS4.
  11. It took me approx 2hrs to get everything done and that was when I had bad internet a few years back but the servers themselves are rubbish so expect connection and stability issues. The longest and most boring trophy is for getting 50 wins but that's easily boosted by having your friend quit after approx 2mins so the match counts towards your stats. The only "hard" online trophy is finding someone who already has the Viral trophy so they can give it to you.
  12. If you boost all the online trophies, they're piss easy but if you do them legit, they're a PITA.
  13. 1: Hong Kong used to be a UK colony so has 2 official languages i.e. English and Chinese, therefore most of the content in the store is available in both languages. 2: The English and Chinese versions of the game are considered separate entries in the store, therefore you must buy the DLC that's applicable to the version you bought, 3: The only time that has happened to my knowledge was with the Shaq Fu reboot.
  14. Nope, this is the final list. It's not uncommon for the Sony console versions of games to get cutdown versions of the lists from Xbox games.
  15. With a tiny number of exceptions, ALL DLC is region locked so has to be obtained from the PS Store in the same country your copy of the game came from. The language of a game has nothing to do with DLC compatibility so don't use that as a gauge when buying any additional content. Virtually every DLC in the HK store is locked to region 3 (even those marked as English) so only games from that region, will work with those DLCs but there are some exceptions e.g. XCOM: Enemy Unknown, AC: Revelations.