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  1. The Leaderboards are just there for bragging rights and have zero impact on the trophies.
  2. This^ I started playing on 1.03 and that crashed and glitched like crazy so I can only imagine what 1.0 was like. If you have to play unpatched for this trophy, don't play it for any longer than you have to.
  3. With a few rare exceptions, all DLC is region locked so must come from the PS Store in the same region as your copy of the game. If you want to use the Asian DLCs, then you must own an Asian copy of the game.
  4. No, you have misread my post. What I said (or rather what I was trying to say) is that the XP I earned offline, still counted towards the relevant trophies and they would have popped regardless of me being on or offline. Long story short: The XP related trophies can be earned 100% offline so won't be affected by the server closure .
  5. I've already tested it, your characters can still earn XP and level up offline . I had an internet outage a couple of months back and couldn't get a stable connection for a couple of days but during that period, I managed to level up a couple of Hunter Skills whilst offline and still got the respective trophies at the end of it when my connection came back .
  6. No, That trophy can be earned 100% offline as all XP is stored locally. The only trophy that is definitely going to become unobtainable, is the one for creating an emblem.
  7. Unfortunately, the upload can sometimes glitch and make it so the game thinks you've found all the animals when you haven't but all you can do in that case is sigh and move on to another planet and pray it works this time . Also, make sure you press the Silver Paw button after finding the final creature else none of them will count towards the trophy. If you get desperate, start a new game offline without the patch installed then you will be able to access the original trophy requirements of just scanning 60 random animals.
  8. This practice happened quite often in the PS3 days and there are even cases where DLC became indirectly attatched to a game's Platinum requirements due to shoddy coding e.g. the infamous incident with Bioshock 2's Minerva's Den DLC, whereby you could corrupt your main game saves by installing the DLC mid-playthrough and have to start over from scratch because the game bugged out and wouldn't recognise them . Destiny 1 and 2 also require DLC for their respective Platinums, because the devs locked a lot of the core game content behind expensive paywalls and changed the trophy requirements into the bargain . Bungie did eventually revert some of the trophies so DLC wasn't 100% needed to get them but they are a major PITA if you don't own the DLCs so are screwed either way.
  9. Sony's patch certification process is a slow one so it's entirely possible the NG+ patch has been caught up in their backlog, thus I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't show up until much later on tonight.
  10. You can be signed into PSN but not be connected to the EA servers, thus it's possible you got signed out of them and didn't even notice. The only fix for any trophy glitch in this game is to either delete everything and start over or load a pre-glitch save and try again .
  11. Sign out of PSN, then you will be able to see the list by accessing your Trophy Collection whilst offline .
  12. Those things are a complete waste of time and can kill your console so avoid them like the plague. The best way to keep your console cool is to position it somewhere it will be well ventilated on all sides but especially where the vents are.
  13. All your MP stats are stored server side so nothing will be lost, thus you will pickup where you left off .
  14. This game doesn't need any DLC for the Platinum. I can count on 2 hands, the number of games that need DLC for the Platinum and this ain't one of them . The Force Unleashed was released before DLC separation was patched in with one of the PS3's firmware updates, which is why all the trophies are bundled in together and not separated like they are in later games.
  15. This^ Most of the trophies had their requirements increased with the 1.50 patch, thus the Platinum will now take longer to get but the DLC trophies are a complete joke because of the inclusion of MP so post in the Taxi thread if you want to knock them out ASAP .