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  1. PSN is acting up for everyone right now so it's impossible to play some games online, plus trophy syncing and patch downloads are spotty at best and completely unavailable at worst.
  2. @NekoRave Here are 2 more lists for you to track down .
  3. Near-Death Experience will unlock eventually, because people have been earning it at a steady rate all month - with the most recent earner being on Feb 24th.
  4. Some games are affected by this mystery problem and can't connect to their MP servers .
  5. PSN is screwing around in general at the moment and giving weird network errors to a lot of people.
  6. PSN has been pissing around for 3 days now but only got really series in the last few hours so it's anyone's guess as to how long this will last.
  7. No, it's 1 series per-game:
  8. I haven't been able to upload anything to the Cloud for about 2hrs now .
  9. PSN as a whole is having massive problems right now so it wouldn't surprise me if this game was another in a long list of casualties caused by whatever the issue is with the network.
  10. No on all counts. Each stack is completely separate from each other so there's no cross-save or auto-pop, plus the saves are region locked so all 5 stacks have to be done entirely from scratch.
  11. It's a stability update, presumably to fix the horrendous issues PS5 players were reportedly having.
  12. It looks like PSN as a whole is having problems at the moment, because I'm reading reports of other games having trophy syncing problems as well so it's not just you.
  13. This^ The PS4 version has been unPlatinumable since launch and the PS3 versions has numerous bugs and glitches that make many of the trophies very difficult to get, with or without boosting.
  14. That is exactly what's happening to me - some games update fine but others either spit out error messages or just sit in a endless loop until I cancel it.
  15. PSN is dicking around anyway, because some of my games are acting very strangely at the moment.