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  1. Refresh the page by pressing CTRL+R then it will display correctly. If that doesn't work, clear your temp files.
  2. No, it's just plagiarism, which isn't uncommon for this series because they used this same tile in an earlier game.
  3. The servers are knackered and have been since launch so all you can do is twiddle your thumbs until they decide to play nice and let you either invite others or for the matchmaking to kick in .
  4. Same here . I was really looking forward to this but will now wait until the Asia English Retail release gets a steep discount. What makes this really disappointing, is that the outfits in question are really tame when compared to some you get in other games.
  5. What are the online trophies?
  6. You will have to ask @Sly Ripper since he's the only one who can change that.
  7. Which trophies are affected by this ?
  8. It's about flipping time they made those changes to the messaging service - now I can permanently erase my messages.
  9. 2 outfits have been removed from the Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water remaster (NSFW link):
  10. There is only 1 JP list for this game and it's this one, the other list is for the Global version that came out months ago. Both games in the Contracts series, have 2 lists - 1 for JP and 1 for the rest of the world.
  11. Singularity: This non-boosting thread has been hijacked by people wanting to boost:
  12. According to some friends of mine, the Contracts series is miles easier than the tough as nail Sniper Elite games. Also, this is the JP stack.
  13. VR: Asia: EU: NA: JP: Asia Retail: Asia Retail: Asia: Asia:
  14. Turn the trophy auto-sync off in your on-site profile, then the Guide should work properly . RX knows about this problem and is working on a fix.
  15. There are multiple stacks for for each game in this series: Bioshock (PS3) Bioshock (JP) (PS3) BioShock: Remastered (Bioshock Collection) (PS4) BioShock: Remastered (Standalone Re-Release) (EU) (PS4) BioShock: Remastered (Standalone Re-Release) (JP) (PS4) Bioshock 2 (PS3) Bioshock 2: Remastered (Bioshock Collection) (PS4) BioShock 2: Remastered (Standalone Re-Release) (EU) (PS4) BioShock 2: Remastered (Standalone Re-Release) (JP) (PS4) Bioshock Infinite (PS3) BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition (Bioshock Collection) (PS4) There are no NA stacks for any game in the series, plus Bioshock Infinite only has 2 stacks regardless of where or how you buy it.