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  1. If it doesn't turn off after 10mins, you have 2 options: 1: Press and hold the power button on the machine itself for a few seconds until it turns off. 1: Yank the plug from the wall and pray your PS4 doesn't complain too much when it boots back up.
  2. This is the EU version but it's almost certainly a mis-tag like the the US lists were so don't be surprised if another list appears in the not too distant future.
  3. That means you have a stack which isn't currently on the trophy servers, thus all you can do is wait until Sony pulls their thumb out and uploads the trophies to them.
  4. From what I've found, this game has been removed from every store except for the US 🤔.
  5. 1: That's the mainland EU version, because it has the PEGI certificate on the case but be careful if buying it from Germany (look for the USK certificate) because some local versions are censored and others aren't. 2: Yes it does come with trophies, because it's the GOTY Edition and all versions of it (except the one released in Eastern Europe/Russia) have trophy support.
  6. This^ To install anything, you have to find out what the download/install size is, then double it to get the amount of space you will need before it will actually install e.g. in your case, you will need 54gb of of available Hard Drive space for MGS 4 to install but since you only have 50gb free, you are going to have to delete some games to free up some space.
  7. Yeah, there definitely seems to be a memory leak issue with the Underdome but the Fire and Corrosive weapons do help with managing the situation.
  8. All you can do with any glitch in a Bethesda developed game, is either load an ancient save and try again or cut your loses and start a new game from scratch .
  9. I've just finished my first large arena and using the Volcano, Hellfire and Vitrolic Crux, helped reduce the amount of body parts that were lying around but the game up and crashed when I got back to the Underdome and tried to exit the game . I think what caused the crash, was a memory leak that occurred by syncing the trophies for both accounts then going back to the game. I'm going to attempt Arena no5 tomorrow so fingers crossed that I get through that without any issues.
  10. The following games also have non-syncing trophies: Unknown Fate (PS4) Serious Sam HD Collection (PS4) I Am The Hero (JP) (PS4) My Big Sister (Asia) (PS4) My Big Sister (Asia) (Vita) Devious Dungeon 2 (Asia) (PS4) Devious Dungeon 2 (Asia) (Vita) The Bluecoats: North vs South (PS3) Barnanza (PS3)
  11. This^ The MP was a nice idea but the devs royally messed it up, then couldn't be bothered to properly fix either it or the associated trophies - thus they were left in a broken state until the servers were closed down without warning a few years back. Long story short, the MP was a soul destroying train wreck that I pray they ditch if this remaster rumour proves to be true.
  12. 1: If it's not registering, then it means either the bullet or something else is killing them and not the DoT damage. Look for weapons with high Elemental Effect and Damage Chance, plus increase your Badass Ranks in those areas and invest in skills that improve elemental damage. 2: See here: https://borderlands.fandom.com/wiki/Area_of_Effect_Grenade but you're at the mercy of RNG as to when and where you will get one. 3: You have freeze an enemy whilst they're in mid-air, then the fall has to kill them.
  13. Any old hard drive will do, just make sure it fits the same dimensions of the one you took out .
  14. It's possible this glitch was caused by the recent 1.05 patch, because I've never heard of this happening before 🤔. I'll dig my copy out and do some experimenting. EDIT: I did some experimenting but couldn't recreate the glitch, thus I have no idea what's going on .
  15. The Surviving Mars list needs rescanning please, because another DLC list has just been added to it .