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  1. It doesn't matter, because until the next patch is released, only the Healing Crystals count towards this trophy.
  2. That problem is only in the PS3 version of GTA 5, GTA 4 doesn't have any such trophy.
  3. It's only the PS4 version that's knackered - it works fine on every other platform.
  4. The Platinum and 100% are both fully obtainable if you're playing with the latest patch installed .
  5. Just being on the PS5 won't help this issue at all, because it's a bug in the code that requires a patch to rectify so having better hardware won't do anything to stop the game crashing in the Underdome.
  6. If you start a new game from scratch, you will lose everything and the timeline will be wiped clean. If you want to mop up any trophies you don't have, use Chapter select instead so nothing will be lost. There are a lot of mutually exclusive collectibles in this game that are only available after making very specific decisions early on so yes, a Violent playthrough will lock you out of any that are only available by being peaceful. My advice is to find a Guide and follow it to the letter so you don't miss anything and will avoid having to do any unnecessary additional playthroughs.
  7. You only need to worry about 2 specific challenges for the Up to the Task trophy but they're easily completed in approx 2 weeks but don't dawdle and leave it to the last minute, else you run the risk of being screwed out of the trophy if any of the known glitches strike and force a restart.
  8. The OP has removed themselves from the site so case closed I guess?
  9. This^ One of those trophies can be done offline but the other is online only, thus any recent earners of it will be hackers so illegitimate.
  10. 10 days might be achievable but I doubt it, because there is a lot of grinding involved and several trophies are impossible to solo. The Plat isn't hard when you know what you're doing but you will need a dedicated boosting group for certain trophies.
  11. That's interesting, because I went looking for a release date and couldn't find one 🤔.
  12. Nope, because the timer is tied to the server's clock - not the one on your PS4 so changing your system clock will do absolutely nothing.
  13. My money is on the 3rd Praetorians HD stack being Japanese since that list has JP as a language whereas the other 2 don't but I have a feeling the devs released the list early by accident, because there's no release date or info for anything other than the EU and NA versions 🤔.
  14. The US version still hasn't received the 1.05 patch AFAIK so is unplatinumable.
  15. They are still up but I imagine they'll be very quiet at the point so boosting will be essential.