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  1. That trophy is currently bugged and unobtainable, unless you use the patch downgrade exploit:
  2. China and Korea have similar restrictions but are even more strict, because you effectively have to be a resident of that country if you want to access their PS Store.
  3. JP:
  4. The JP version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been heavily censored to get a CERO Z rating: In the "Kingdom Come: Deliverance" PS4 Japanese version, the presentation has been changed in the following points that the screening organization defines as a prohibited expression. Some sex change Modification of human exposed organs * There is no deletion per quest or event at any of the changes. In other words, this got the same treatment that the Witcher 3 did. Source (it's right at the bottom of the page):
  5. I'm 99% sure this is the JP stack, because it's the only stated language in the list other than English.
  6. Yes it does but do note there is a good chance the online pass will have expired, thus you may have to fork out for a new one from the PS Store.
  7. Sony's Q/A has failed the title of this list and squashed it together into 1 long title, when it should be 4 separate words i.e. Metal Wolf Chaos XD:
  8. The easiest way to know if this DLC is installed, is to locate the Nuka-World transit center: If the DLC is installed, then this location will be there but there will be nothing there if the DLC hasn't installed correctly.
  9. Here's a link to the relevant article but do note that it's NSFW:
  10. Several of my friends have the Retail version and say it's just a broken as the Digital release but you can mitigate the issues somewhat by sticking to the auto-save and avoiding the manual save option.
  11. If it's not showing up in the in-game DLC menu, then the only thing I can think of is to delete everything and reinstall from scratch 🤔.
  12. You have to rediscover all the ocean biomes from scratch, else they won't be recognised.
  13. This^ Playing with friends is a bad idea if you're going for the location trophies, because locations can randomly bug out and not count. Sometimes you can fix thus by revisiting all the locations but more often than not, you will have to start a new character and rediscover all the locations from scratch offline so your friends don't muck things up for you again. Also, see here for the full list of every location:
  14. It's a shame this game will forever remain a buggy mess, because I was really looking forward to playing it but I can't be bothered to micro-manage how I play so I don't run into a lot of issues . I went through that sort of BS with the Fallout games and can't be bothered to do it again.
  15. That option is more to help prevent burn-in on your TV, than it is to help the console so disabling it will have zero effect on the PS3 itself.