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  1. It was fixed with the 1.06 patch on Thursday .
  2. Nope. All the recent earners are hackers, because there's no legit way to earn this trophy since the servers were turned off 2 years ago.
  3. You only get the DLCs that are mentioned in the descriptions for the respective season passes, everything else has to be paid for separately. The Ultimate Edition is missing several DLCs (both with and without trophies) so even if you buy that, you still won't have everything needed for the 100%.
  4. Same here. I have no issues surfing the site via Safari on my iPad. Have you tried resetting your network settings or even restoring your phone to its defaults?
  5. Correct, there are a lot of trophyless DLCs but if you get the Ultimate Edition, all the included DLCs will show as "purchased" when you look in the PS Store.
  6. How many online trophies are in this game and its DLC?
  7. Nope, there's a new DLC + Trophy, coming either very late this month or early next month. The devs have promised years of support for this game so don't expect it to end anytime soon.
  8. There is no truly complete edition for this game, thus you have to buy the Ultimate Edition, plus the various DLCs separately that aren't included in it (both those with and without trophies) .
  9. Yes but only by using the proxy server downgrade exploit to force it to down to a version before the trophy broke.
  10. You will have to look in the store to see if the DLC is still there but if it isn't, then it has been delisted. There's no point looking a code, because they will all have expired by this point.
  11. JP, not Asia:
  12. Don't bother, these DLCs add nothing of value to the game so should be avoided.
  13. Because it's the only way to avoid the time lock on the remaining missions. Each subsequent mission is locked out until the following week, which means it will take a month to finish each DLC but by playing offline without the latest hot fix installed, you can do all 4 missions in 1 go and save yourself a lot of hassle. These DLCs are hot garbage and a complete waste of money. Charging £8 each for these things is extortion and quite frankly they should have been freebie seasonal events, since they are extremely shallow and offer no real challenge.
  14. The 1.16 patch is now live and includes the Nemesis fixes .
  15. Unlikely. Indivisible is in the same situation but it has been 2-3 years now since the devs were disbanded and its DLC left in an uncompletable state with some trophies that are unobtainable .