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  1. Unless I'm confusing this with a similar issue (which is entirely possible) - I think this glitch can fix itself, because I have a vague recollection of that happening to me when going for this trophy a few years back but I don't have the game installed at the moment so can't double check my stats 🤔.
  2. Here : EDIT: I've just played a match and the same problem happened to me .
  3. It's an arcade game that's due out on Nov 22nd:
  4. "Pwn some n00bs" and "Active Skater" are the only 2 online trophies that are still obtainable so if you're looking to Platinum this game, you're outta luck.
  5. He just means this is the 10,000th game that you can track on this site.
  6. File a support request with Gearbox and tell them what's going on.
  7. Just use the franchise list on the right hand side of the screen for any version of this game and it will show you every single entry that currently exists for it but here's the specific version you're looking for:
  8. There is a Vita version but the list currently doesn't sync. Also, EastAsiaSoft are the Publishers for the Asian and JP versions - not Ratalaika Games.
  9. This list is for the JP version that came out on the Nov 14th.
  10. That glitch has been there since launch but it doesn't always happen.
  11. Thank you for the correction . I must have got my wires crossed somewhere along the line and confused the Playstation => Xbox cross-save Shutdown, with a shutdown of the PS3 => PS4 cross-save for some reason 😳.
  12. This^ The servers are still up but the PS3 to PS4 cross-save was nuked a few years back, thus you will have to Plat it from scratch if you want to add a 3rd Diablo 3 Platinum to your collection.
  13. The Rage 2 list needs rescanning please, because the latest DLC has just been released .
  14. If they got banned, it was because they actually hacked the game or did something else that was against site rules - since the Cheater Removal Team have already said they don't care about this exploit and won't ban people because of it.
  15. I've got less than zero interest in this game, simply because EA is publishing it and I don't trust them in the slightest.