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  1. Thank you .
  2. No, they would have hacked them because the servers are dead and buried.
  3. In both games, the crashing was mainly in the last 1/3 of the story and would crash on a regular basis when doing certain missions. Most of my games have crashed once or twice in their lifetime but other than notorious crashers like NMS and Fallout 4, nothing has come anywhere close to how often DAH! 1& 2 crashed on me . To answer your question though, I did both and they didn't make a blind bit of difference to how often the games crashed.
  4. Here's the only Twitter account I could find for them: The US Twitter feed seems to be part of a separate company now, that specialises in Mobile Phone games.
  5. Nuts, a lot can happen in 48hrs .
  6. NBA Playgrounds 2 is another one, because the 1 person who managed to get it before it was delisted and rebranded/Relaunched as NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 - had it removed from their Download History. Regardless, permanent revocation of download rights is always a possibility in this Digital age so don't take your Digital purchases for granted as they can be snatched away from you at anytime if the publisher/rights owner is feeling vindictive enough.
  7. The EU version has been out for 2 weeks now but the list still doesn't sync . I've Emailed the publishers a couple of times now but has had no effect . If anyone has a Twitter account and can send them a tweet about this, I'd appreciate it .
  8. Unless they do a PT and delete it from your Download History so you can never download it again.
  9. It's still in the HK store as well or at least it was when I looked a couple of days ago.
  10. That's not possible on the PS3, because it doesn't support the downloading of games to external drives to play later so it's the internal drive or nothing .
  11. This list is for the Asian version of LEGO DC Super-Villains :
  12. Those file sizes must be with the Day 1 patch installed, because the PS Store says the install is a smidge over 89gb 🤔.
  13. Until the severs get shut down at some point in the future, there will always be randoms and hackers interfering with your boosting session so make sure you have enough people to lock out a lobby and keep those pests out. As for the OP's question, It's not quite the worst MP ever but it's in my top 5.
  14. The Dragons Online list is a shared one for the PS4 & Vita :
  15. WWE 2K19, is actually closing on May 19th, 2020, not 2019.