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  1. Okay, so I joined the Starbear Taxi devs on their Discord server, and contacted a dev through there. He said he'd pass the issue over to the PS4 port team. It seems they used a different group for porting the game -- hence why it hasn't been syncable. This is how I got the Act It Out XL game to finally be published after a year, so fingers crossed. 

    1. HuntingFever


      Nice one :), this problems has been a thorn in the collective sides of a lot of people :(. Fingers crossed for a speedy resolution.


    2. ArmoredSnowman


      Yeah, it seems easier if the devs have a Discord server. Otherwise their emails/twitter accounts will be inactive or not have DMs open. It's pretty stupid that Sony doesn't have a failsafe in the case the game gets pushed to the store without a syncable trophylist. Because then people demand refunds, while Sony is powerless. 

    3. HuntingFever


      I've been saying that for years :(.