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  1. They changed that years ago so nothing unlocks in offline matches any more so you have to play public online games to unlock anything, though they may have changed things again with the FTP update a few days ago .
  2. The Ghost Mode servers were shutdown on Aug 31st but at some point between now and when Hitman 3 comes out in January, the co-op servers will be switched off and render the 100%, unobtainable.
  3. Tell me about it! I'm still pissed at them for not fixing the Claptrap DLC trophies in the JP PS3 stack of Borderlands 1 and utterly failing to fix the trainwreck that is Mafia 3 😡.
  4. Correct. The Beta 2 patch notes are now live on the official forums and they confirm this exploit is going bye-bye when the next patch goes live in the very near future so use it whilst you can.
  5. Don't get your hopes up, because it's almost certainly a hacker that has the trophy and not a developer.
  6. My Roommate is a Cat - If you haven't seen this yet, I can highly recommend it 😊.
  7. PS4 trophies are very hackable and have been for a few years now, you just need the right tools and know how to pull it off but is also a bannable offence so don't do it.
  8. That link doesn't work .
  10. This^ It's still in the UK store as well.
  11. The TL;DR version is don't bother. The reviews for this game range from "avoid like the plague" to "meh - buy when it's on a deep discount". The devs were amongst the team behind the original Halo but all they managed to do with this turkey, going by the reviews, was make a pale imitation of that game and tack on a load of tedious crap which didn't work properly.
  12. Most of the orbs in the later areas are fakes you can safely avoid - just use a Sniper or Assault rifle with decent accuracy and aim for the ones that have tails on them which attach to the central dispenser .
  13. Yes but only if you don't run into the many game breaking glitches that still exist in the game e.g. the infamous 190/191 locations discovered bug that will really screw you over if it happens near the server closure date and you have to start over from scratch because of it.
  14. The Hackers decamped from the RDR servers years ago so there's almost no chance of getting hacked these days so it's perfectly safe to play but boosting is essential because the player population isn't what it once was.
  15. Ditto, I'll update the one on .org so no-one else gets caught out .
  16. There's already a thread on this here: People want it back but so far, there seems to be little interest in making happen.
  17. Correct, it's just those 2 challenges that require a connection to the Scrap servers. The more camps and crews you have, the faster you'll get the challenges done.
  18. The recent earners of the online trophies will be hackers so report them.
  19. The Rocket League list needs rescanning please, because today's update has changed many of the descriptions.
  20. If this Horde Mode is anything like the one in the previous game, then you have to be there from the beginning else the trophies won't pop.
  21. Sorry, my bad, I thought the OP was referring to a completely different glitch I know of that was fixed 😳.
  22. Nope, there's no NG+ .
  23. There are only 2 fixes for a Lego game glitch : 1: Load an old save and pray the bug doesn't come back. 2: Cut your losses and start over.
  24. The glitches don't care if you start a new game or not, because if they're going to happen, they're gonna happen so all you can do is make tons of backups and restore one if something goes wrong.
  25. They're EU and NA. "Sometimes You" published games like these, are always EU and NA .