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  1. The retail versions of all the TTG titles are 100% Platinumable out of the box - It's just the digital releases that aren't for the most part.
  2. They all have to be bought with real money, because there's no other way of getting them.
  3. That's what happened to me, plus I hit a massive difficulty spike on one of the later levels which drove me nuts so I said sod it and used the glitch instead to save me any further grief.
  4. I've not played this game but I've never heard of it killing any consoles 🤔.
  5. I know that, which is why I said players would be hard pushed to earn enough Platinum before the servers close if they haven't already started.
  6. It does work but is incredibly finicky and if you die after triggering the exploit, you have to faff around to get it working again.
  7. Other than unlocking the DLC characters from the beginning and granting access to the Operations, the Season Pass offers zero additional benefits. The DLC characters can be bought for a few thousand in-game credits but you will easily earn enough to unlock all of them by just playing through story a few times. Without the Season Pass or Season Pass Bundle, there is no way to play the Operations .
  8. The trophies won't be unobtainable but you'd be hard pushed to earn the required Platinum in time to buy the Operations if you haven't already started playing.
  9. The DLC Infusions aren't needed for this trophy but do count towards it and act as a cushion should you happen to miss any of the non-DLC ones.
  10. You have to progress the story and unlock a specific suit, before that power becomes available.
  11. This issue was never fixed in the previous games and the odds of it being fixed this time either are slim to none.
  12. I can't comment on the DLCs, because I'm to low a level to be able to start them.
  13. That's good to hear, I've got the Asian Switch version coming next month but will pick up the EU PS4 release next year when it comes out .
  14. The co-op and MP activities are restricted to specific missions you pick up in the Online Hub so are separate from the main story, which is single player only.
  15. This^ Everything will still be playable after February 2020 but getting the Platinum required to buy the Season Pass Bundle will be a massive grind you won't have time to complete so will have to go down the VIP Pass route instead.
  16. The question though, is will it be censored?
  17. The devs have said they're considering it but there's nothing concrete, thus your only option at the moment is to import the JP version.
  18. I got an email with a code for the theme but even after messing around for ages trying to decode the email, I can't find any trace of a discount code .
  19. The Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour list needs rescanning please, because a new DLC has just been added to it .
  20. I've got a demo for one of their games on the Switch and it's pretty decent for what it is .
  21. Just to clarify, are all the servers going offline next year or just the ones needed for Cross-Play?
  22. This latest list is for the Asian Retail version that's due out next week
  23. Asia Retail, with a release date of Dec 5th: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/10089-end-of-eternity-4khd-edition
  24. These^ This game is a rancid turd that should be avoided like the plague so trade it in and spend the money on something which is actually good and worth playing.
  25. Even brand new games can have issues if the disc isn't manufactured correctly. As for the HDMI Port repair causing the problem, it's possible but extremely unlikely. Another thing you can try is entering safe mode and running through the file system and database repair options in case your hard drive has some bad data buried somewhere on it.