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  1. If Sony is really that keen on Cross-Play, what went wrong with Borderlands 3 and why drag their heels on allowing it for so long in other games?
  2. Mary Skelter Finale was just banned in Australia:
  3. You went from 0 to max rank in 8 minutes, which isn't possible AFAIK.
  4. The Gardens Between - I'm amazed that more people haven't played this game. The puzzles are complex without being irritating or pretentious, yet give immense satisfaction when you figure out how to solve them. My only real issues are the story is a little too thin to be truly immersive and replay value is very low but if you can get this for £5 or less, it's well worth it for an Afternoon or Evening's entertainment .
  5. I used this Guide and had very few issues with this specific level but nothing like you describe: The A.I, camera and collision detection are garbage in a lot of levels (with the Vita release being borderline unplayable due do crippling slowdown) so unfortunately all you can do is grit your teeth and keep trying until the game decides to play nice .
  6. I've just logged in to my UK Slim PS3 and everything seems to be working fine.
  7. The devs confirmed there is no cross-save, thus you will have to Platinum/100% this from scratch.
  8. The old method was patched out months ago but a new one surfaced a few weeks back that can be done with the latest patch installed:
  9. It's theoretically possible if you somehow manage to get into the same lobby together but to be honest, you're better off just playing legit and chipping away at the trophies when you can, because boosting this game is a royal pain in the butt from what I've read.
  10. The Plat is now obtainable (though some trophies are still glitchy for some people in both the PS4 and PS5 versions) but the Director's and Designer's Cut DLCs are a hot mess trophy wise with several very buggy trophies, though these two DLCs are hot garbage anyway and not worth playing so you're better off skipping them unless you're desperate to have the 100%.
  11. The sheer number of flags you have, mean you're perma-off the leaderboards. The only way you're getting back on is to start s new account from scratch and don't cheat this time.
  12. You have to kill each boss twice, before the respective trophy will pop but they're all story related so don't worry about them .
  13. That's strange, I've got the retail version and it correctly shows as this list: @ArmoredSnowman Can you shed any light on this weirdness? JP: Mandatory VR:
  14. This is the JP version that came out months ago but only started syncing recently.
  15. It would help to know what the reason was why you were flagged.
  16. Conan Exiles is only censored in the US, everywhere is uncut.
  17. The VR tag needs removing from this list please, because the VR mode is optional:
  18. The devs haven't said anything but nothing is impossible, though I consider it unlikely since they seem to be focused purely on the last gen systems at the moment.
  19. It very much depends on the game because some can go both ways but most don't.
  20. I've been saying for years that a proper system of checks and balances are needed to ensure all trophies remain obtainable and if something happens so a trophy can't be obtained, the devs should be obligated to fix the problem somehow. The sheer number of unobtainable trophies out there is ridiculous but the worst ones are those that were broken out of the gate but never fixed because the devs didn't give a shit.
  21. The PS3 version is reportedly very broken (I never played that version so can't really comment) but I had the PS4 release and other than the inherent frame rate issues you get with most TTG titles and the game being boring as hell, it worked just fine.
  22. It's your typical TellTale game so your decisions don't matter and nothing is missable. As for the Season Pass Disc, Eps 1-5 are on the disc but Ep 6 has to be downloaded from the in-game store.
  23. This^ LRG are putting their name to some absolute tripe these days .
  24. I got this trophy without ever entering the Ghost Dimension and can confirm getting it in the Industrial Estate but the drop rate is abysmal, even with the latest patch .
  25. True but you hit Lv25 in under 30mins, which isn't possible even when farming the bar brawl (or at least it wasn't when I last did it).