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  1. All of the location trophies are glitchy at the moment so make lots of backups so you can quickly reload and try again, without having to start a new character. Co-Op is being fingered as one possible cause of this issue so be careful when playing with others.
  2. Transferring to the PS4 from the Vita, won't cause any issues but going from the PS4 to the Vita will cause a lot of problems due to that version not getting most of the DLCs that have been released over the last 7 years.
  3. It's in the UK store:
  4. There will eventually be 6 stacks: EU PS4 EU Vita US PS4 US Vita Japan PS4 Japan Vita
  5. The BL1 cross-save is one way only i.e PS3 => PS4 but you can auto-pop some trophies with it.
  6. VR Game:
  7. Correct. The PS3 and Vita versions, share the same list.
  8. Nope, Class Mods give you Skill Points this time so you don't need to invest so heavily in certain trees before you can access the relevant skills .
  9. According to PowerPyx's Guide, it's back with a vengeance and affects the location, collectible and various misc trophies as well so stay out of co-op unless it's absolutely necessary.
  10. This new list only has 2 languages (US English and Korean) compared to the original, which leads me to believe it's some kind of Asian re-release 🤔.
  11. Alrighty then . My PSN ID is HuntingFever but I probably won't be online again until tomorrow.
  12. If you want, I can dupe you mine ?
  13. The devs dropped this game like a hot brick after the last patch and moved on to other things, thus leaving this game as a buggy mess for many people.
  14. I got one out of the Golden Chest .
  15. This list for Focus On You, is the EU version. There is a US list but it currently doesn't sync:
  16. People have been downgrading FF 15 for months and no reports have come in of anyone being banned for doing it, because, frankly, Sony doesn't give a shit so knock yourself out .
  17. The Dead by Daylight list needs rescanning please , because the list has been tweaked in preparation for a secondary one to be added - ala DriveClub and Hitman 2:
  18. Unless the retail game in question comes pre-patched, all you have to is either pause the update or disconnect your PS4 from the internet so nothing downloads in the first place. Whilst using the Charles Proxy exploit to bypass the updates in games is something of a grey area, there's absolutely nothing Sony can do about it and frankly they couldn't careless anyway so won't even attempt to stop people from using it. Also, save scumming is a trick that is almost as old as gaming itself and absolutely won't get you in trouble.
  19. Log in to your PS4 as your alt account, boot up the game in Splitscreen mode then login as your main account and press X to join the game .
  20. The BLOPS 4 list needs rescanning please, because a new DLC list has just been added .
  21. This glitch will be fixed with the upcoming v2.12 patch :
  22. They probably yanked it, due to that game breaking bug which stops the game from installing or loading properly.
  23. You unlock all the trophy related suits, long before you even come close to finishing the main story - especially if you do all the side activities as and when they appear.
  24. You're correct, I did some digging around and updated the tags .
  25. JP: US/International: Also, the Train Sim World list needs rescanning please - because the latest patch has changed many of the trophy names/descriptions .