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  1. Apparently there's a bug in the game, which means it can't handle so many DLCs being installed at once. The fix is to install a DLC, boot up the game and make sure it has installed correctly, then install another DLC - rinse and repeat until everything has been installed.
  2. That's @BlindMango's domain .
  3. The trophy system is a complete mess at the moment and will need top to bottom overhaul for the PS5, if we're to avoid the current situation.
  4. This trophy is very buggy for a lot of people. It popped for me, when I hadn't even touched the bell and was nowhere near it.
  5. Ok, I stand corrected .
  6. Unless it's the GOTY Edition, it won't include any of the DLCs.
  7. NA: EU:
  8. Try this out for size :
  9. This is your best bet^. There are a few hacked servers left but they're getting increasingly hard to find so don't rely on them.
  10. You have more chance of winning the lottery, than you have of legitimately earning the online trophies in a PS3 COD game these days so don't waste your time trying to outrun the hackers. Just cut your losses and move on.
  11. All the online stuff was shutdown years ago for the PS3 version, thus you can no longer link your account, play online or earn any of the online trophies .
  12. The servers are P2P if I remember right so can't be shutdown but I imagine they will be almost completely dead at this point so boosting will be essential.
  13. Vr game:
  14. As was posted in your Iron Snout thread: All you can do is either pester the devs until they issue a patch or try and get your money back from Sony for selling you a defective product.
  15. The only way to fix any trophy glitches in this game, is to either delete everything and start over from scratch or load an old save and try again .
  16. The last gen and Handheld versions of Borderlands 2 are out of memory so couldn't run this DLC if they tried, thus it's only available on the PS4, XB1 and PC.
  17. The list doesn't sync yet and won't until next week but has it up, due to someone getting the game early and Submitting list for us to load manually.
  18. Correct, games with cross-save are whitelisted so you won't get flagged .
  19. The list doesn't sync yet and won't until June 25th.
  20. Correct, the Stacks are for NA and EU.
  21. This^ Once this trophy has bugged out, the only fix is to delete everything and start over but make sure you do the runes as and when you find them and don't leave them until later.
  22. That is the Million Dollar question and one that gamers have been asking for a while now, because stacks happen without rhyme nor reason these days so your guess is as good as anyone's.
  23. In theory it does but I've not seen any conclusive proof either way, thus I'd stick to playing in your own world and not chance it.
  24. You have to kill each one twice: Once when you encounter them early on in the story and again when you run through Claptrap's Gauntlet at the end of the main story.