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  1. Plat #113: Rime Another PS+ platinum in the books
  2. Here is my last 3 plats Plat #110: Horizon Zero Dawn Plat #111: Job Simulator (1st VR plat) Plat #112: South Park: The Fractured But Whole
  3. I recently got a PSVR also and my brother and I have been playing Keep Talking and No One Explodes. It is a fun little game to play with someone else (you will need two players).
  4. At least for me even if the games were real they would have went into the backlog. Anyways patience, five days til they release the real list.
  5. Plat #109: The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Point and click adventure that was free on PS+ for the PS3. Nothing really special about it except recommend using a guide since some parts are not intuitive. Funny plat image though
  6. Plat #108: Batman Another Telltale game which ended up being free courtesy of PS+. Fun game and not a half bad story, though there was some frame drop issues from time to time. Also 1st platinum of 2018 for me!
  7. From Horizon Zero Dawn... Stealth killed 10 machines Performed a stealth kill on 10 machines.
  8. 2017 was the most successful year for platinums for myself. I also passed 100 platinums total! Here's my list (along with dates): Final Fantasy XV (January 1st) Day of the Tentacle Remastered (January 6th) Ratchet & Clank (January 14th) Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (January 16th) Far Cry 4 (February 2nd) Watch Dogs 2 (February 15th) Sound Shapes (March 4th) Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late (March 22nd) Dark Cloud 2 (March 27th) Tearaway Unfolded (April 7th) Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom (April 11th) Tales of the Borderlands (May 7th) Destroy All Humans! (May 21st) Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (June 4th) Spy Chameleon (June 24th) Life is Strange (July 4th) Fallout 4 (July 8th) Game of Thrones (July 15th) WRC 5 (July 16th) The Order: 1886 (July 19th) Dark Cloud (July 31st) Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor: GOTY Edition (August 11th) Destroy All Humans! 2 (August 21st) Gravity Rush Remastered (September 2nd) Infamous Second Son (September 16th) Final Fantasy VII (September 23rd) Truck Racer (September 26th) Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (October 16th) Monster Jam: Battlegrounds (October 20th) Rogue Galaxy (November 26th) Bully (December 2nd) XBlaze Lost: Memories (December 9th) Psychonauts (December 16th) Dungeon Punks (December 27th) Tekken 7 (December 30th)
  9. Plat #107: Tekken 7 Fun game to play though (and I say this every time) the trophy list for each of these Tekken games are getting easier with each new installment. The hardest trophy for me was the extra fight after you beat the story, but that only took a few extra attempts. Anyways, this will be my last platinum of 2017, so onwards to 2018!
  10. Plat #106: Dungeon Punks PS+ game with a lackluster story (something about death insurance and being an errand boy) with repetitive gameplay, but it is a beat'em up game so what should I have expected?
  11. I don't know if anyone else did this but I voted for everything 🤣
  12. Plat #105: Psychonauts Another PS2 to PS4 game, but unlike the other ones I have played I never played this one when it first came out. This is a fun platformer but had some instances where I had no idea how to proceed (mostly during the boss fights). The trophies aren't too terrible, but for those who are going for the platinum have fun with the punching game!
  13. I don't know if this works (I read it off a comment on a Youtube video), but maybe change the mode on your TV to Gamer mode (if it is a newer TV). I was having troubles with even stage 2, changed it, and was able to pass stage 2 & 3 first try. Don't know if it a placebo effect or what but it got me further than I was at (haven't attempt stage 4 or 5 yet).
  14. Plat #104: XBlaze Lost: Memories One of the free games for PS+ in December 2017. You would think I would enjoy these visual novel type games since I read manga as one of my hobbies, but after about an hour in I was just spamming X to skip the dialogue as fast as possible. The sad part was even though I was skipping dialogue and was half watching the game I feel I still got the crux of the story.
  15. Thanks @skateak for the information, now it is coming back to me. I had trouble with the first class in hero mode due to the increased difficulty. Hopefully when they are describing "all gold medals in 'insert color' cup" they aren't including going into hero mode. I would assume it is just the normal playthrough, but I guess we will see when people start playing/platinuming the game.