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  1. I have already watched the subbed and if everything I have been hearing is true I believe it happens AFTER the end of the Super anime, so it shouldn't be a rehashing like the first two movies were.
  2. 99%

    Clearly I didn't know the % was based by the points not the number of trophies. I was just misinformed.
  3. 99%

    Someone didn't pay attention in math class The easiest way to figure it out is to take .01*total number of trophies possible on your profile. As of now for you the magic number would be around 113 unearned trophies (if you decide to just focus on your backlog).
  4. If you like PS2 games I believe Destroy All Humans allows most of the cheats w/o disabling trophies (only exception is the cheat which gives you DNA).
  5. I might have said this for game 1, but everyone needs to pick the hardest get to platinum Anyways I picked FFXII due to myself never being able to finish the game when I had it on the PS2.
  6. Plat #124: Mad Max (PS4) Another PS+ platinum in the books. I didn't really care much for the game especially the post game grind for collecting everything.
  7. Working my way through the Game of Throne books. Currently on...
  8. Thanks for the heads up. I'll need to check this when I go online.
  9. I'm not sure for Chain of Memories if you start with an extra ability if you play on beginner mode, but I would say it isn't worth it. It is a grind anyways so I would just stick with proud mode. 40 levels to go!
  10. To the Extreme! Defuse all bombs in the "Extreme" section. Game: Keep Talking and No One Explodes Rarity: 1.85%
  11. I wouldn't lose too much hope. I would say Crash 3 is and easier platinum than 2 by far. You could always play the actual game and get a feel for the levels before attempting either the gems or relics. Speaking of which... Plat #123: Crash Bandicoot For me definitely the hardest of the three Crash games to plat. I had to have spent an hour on both High Road and the Lab time relics.
  12. Hopefully the rumors are true! I played the crap out of all three Spyro games when I was young.
  13. Congrats on the two winners!
  14. Plat #122: Jak X: Combat Racing A easy racing game set after the Jak and Daxter Trilogy (I think?). At least the trophy image looks kind of cool.
  15. I'll go ahead and take Mad Max. The only thing I'm interested in. Thanks everyone for the heads up on the potential glitched trophies!