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  1. Plat #140: Foul Play (PS4) Fun little beat 'em up game especially when you are playing cooperatively (My brother and I played on the same console.) The challenges and getting five stars are not too difficult as long as you use certain charms together for your advantage. Getting five stars isn't too bad either especially while going for the challenges for each level. If that doesn't work you can always just keep countering the enemies moves until you get the five stars (credits to the guide here for that bit), but once you get more experienced with the gameplay it isn't required. Besides these two parts the rest of the trophies are straightforward.
  2. Plat #139: Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon Great game (played the crap out of this game when it was on PS1), but definitely the buggiest of the three games, though that is not saying much from my perspective. The main problem I had was with the Partner's (anyone but Spyro) camera angles when you played as them. One notable instance was when I was playing as Sgt. Byrd at his home world. For some damn reason the camera angle at one point was looking up from underneath Sgt. Byrd and I couldn't see anything (I literally had to go "first person" to get out of that instance.) Anyways still enjoyed the game/series and would recommend to anyone who is wanting to get that nostalgic bug out of them.
  3. Plat #138: Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! And the nostalgia train continues with the 2nd game! Amazingly I actually forgot some of the worlds with this game, but they were fun to rediscover. Now onward to the final game of the Reignited trilogy.
  4. Yes! For a moment I actually thought that the game was delayed. This is perfect timing (for me) since my birthday is a few days afterwards. 😀
  5. Plat #137: Spyro the Dragon This game definitely has the nostalgia feel to it. Looks beautiful and played well. Onward to the next one.
  6. Plat #136: Mafia 3 (PS4) Pretty good open world game that was free on PS+, despite the fact I had to play through the game three times since I screwed up the "Just You and Me" trophy on my 2nd playthrough. Who knew giving all the districts to the same person won't piss off the other two people enough to have them leave?
  7. Plat #135: Burly Men at Sea (PS4) One of November's PS+ games and extremely easy. You only have to find the 12 endings which depend on choices you need to make. Also this is my new fastest platnium at 1 hour 16 minutes, which in all honestly could have been 10 minutes faster because the game stopped registering my inputs and had to do an extra playthrough.
  8. Plat #134: God of War III (PS3) In honor of God of War III Remastered being free in September, I did the only natural thing...and went back to my backlog to get this platinum instead . I was only missing the challenges, Titan playthrough, and the collectibles trophies; and honestly I thought the Titan difficulty wasn't even that bad. The worst parts in my opinion were the Poseidon and Hades fight, and both of those were near the beginning of the game.
  9. Plat #133: Reverie (PS4)
  10. Plat #132: Yooka-Laylee (PS4)
  11. 53 trophies from me which was more than last year. 5 from Yooka-Layle 10 from NBA2K19: The Prelude 6 from Another World 18 from Q.U.B.E. Director's Cut 14 from Reverie
  12. Right now at 5 trophies from Yooka-Layle, but got some quick games planned once I'm back home. Around 12 hours to go guys!
  13. Read the FAQ. Literally the first question. Some people did the exact same thing last year and he had no remorse (didn't include them in the event). It will be the same for the guy who signed up 5 hours ago. Again, sorry...maybe next year.
  14. Unfortunately the event has already started. Knowing @Beyondthegrave07 he will thank you for counting, but won't count you in for the drawing or the trophies. The signing up has been up for three weeks now, which is plenty of time to sign up for. Better luck next year.
  15. Great trailer and awesome box art (as usual). Can't wait for this game!