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  1. Plat #159: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (PS4) Already played this game on the PS3 so there wasn't really any new experiences for me. Have to still go through the DLC (which I didn't do on the PS3 version), but this game will soon be 100% nonetheless.
  2. Plat #158: Bonfire Small little VR game that takes less than an hour to platinum.
  3. 136 matches
  4. No problem. One thing I forgot to add for the oversoul was you don't need to defeat the fiends for the oversoul to count (at least from what I can remember; someone else can confirm). As for your latest questions you technically get experience two ways, exp and AP. Exp is for your actual levels and increases your overall base stats and AP is for whatever ability you are trying to learn for that specific dress sphere. AP is calculated a little weird though. Basically it is the number of actions you take in a battle plus a pre-determined number for the enemy you defeat (it varies). As for times to grind in my opinion if you are doing the 100% playthrough you shouldn't have much trouble. If there was challenging parts I would say Chapter 3 is where it gets interesting and of course Chapter 5 just because it is the end of the game.
  5. I think I get the jest of your question. It is the latter and based off the type of enemy. The magic number is 10 enemies. So for example say you killed 9 wolf enemies. The next wolf enemy you run into will be oversouled. Once you kill them the counter resets for that enemy type. This actually ends up being a saving grace because you can build your counter on weaker enemies for a certain type and then find the powerful version of the fiend. Also (very late game) you can fight some fiends in a tournament so you can clean up some of the fiends from there.
  6. Either edit your post to leave it blank or contact a mod. They should be able to hide your post.
  7. Plat #157: Burnout Paradise Remastered Played this game when it was on the PS3 as well and enjoyed it. Completely lucked out on the 8 players in the Wildcat Stadium, which is the only real challenge for the platinum. Everything else you can just play the events which you are good at and keep on the lookout for gates, jumps, and signs.
  8. Bleach: Soul Resurreccion (3.62%) Grid 2 (3.87%) Dark Cloud 2 (3.91%) Call of Duty: Black Ops (4.26%) Last of Us (4.63%)
  9. It's cool. Maybe next year!
  10. Plat # 156: Conan Exiles "Played" this old PS+ game for BeyondtheGrave's Trophy Hunting Event on Sept 28th because, well, it was quick to get the trophies. I'm not sure what the developers were thinking with keeping the admin panel on a game (or at the very least in plain sight in the options menu.) I honestly can't give an opinion on the game because I took the cheap way out. Maybe it's a good game? But who knows... Also thanks to @MandA60VISE for stepping into my game so I can get the Tower of the Elephant trophy.
  11. Where did you get one on the 28th? I count zero?
  12. I count 106. Can another counter confirm?
  13. I count 7 as well. Confirmed!
  14. Confirmed for 30
  15. I counted 149. Can another counter confirm? As for myself I got 78 trophies (24 from Conan Exiles, 30 from Burnout Paradise Remastered, and 24 from Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax). My final stats from when I started: Starting Level: Level 36 @ 36% Ending Level: Level 36 @ 54% Starting Completion %: 82.34% Ending Completion %: 81.82% Starting Trophies Per Day: 2.59 Ending Trophies Per Day: 2.61