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  1. Plat #206: Ikenfell (PS4) Fun indie game that I used for @Beyondthegrave07 Mental Health Awareness Event.
  2. Finished my first game Ikenfell. 47.93% rarity at this time which would be worth $3.04. I'll keep this short and spoiler free in case people want to play the game (good indie game that honesty is a bit underplayed in my opinion, surprised trophy hunters aren't jumping on this one since there is literally an auto-victory button if you only care for trophies). While there are a few characters that exhibit mental health, I'm going to focus on a character named Pertisia. She clearly exhibited a form of PTSD in Ikenfell. She had a traumatic before the game happens that will be reveal in the game, but you can tell there are issues earlier than that point. This includes feelings of anger when she was with the other characters, avoidance on certain subject matters, and anxiety when confronting the environment that cause the PTSD. At one point in the game the group is in this environment and Pertisia literally stops moving and has to be carried out by the main character to leave the environment. She was frozen in fear of what is about to confront her and bad memories at the time came back to her to make her just stop. This ultimately does get revealed to the group and Pertisia does overcome her PTSD. This is done through dialogue and ultimately confronting the environment again with her friends. Edit: Have talked to Grave and got the ok for my second game which will be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered since some of the loading screens has TV/newspaper information. Should increase my contribution to more than 3.50 assuming I finish before month end.
  3. I'll participate in the event. I'm going to be doing Ikenfell for my game. Not sure what to do on the 2nd game; will need to think on it. Also I'll match the donation of whatever @Beyondthegrave07 is donating.
  4. Plat #205: Team Sonic Racing (PS4) 2nd Ultra Rare Plat in a row and another PS+ game. Game had a couple frustrating challenges but wasn't too terrible. Thanks to @linkisawesome for letting me use their time for time trials and @mayx7 and @ApriIis for helping with the online trophies.
  5. Plat #204: Yakuza Kiwani (PS4) Was free on PS+ years ago and after enjoying the platinum journey for Yakuza 5 last year I decided to pick this up. Was a fun game with the exception of 1) Mahjong as I had no clue wtf I was doing and 2) Chapter 9 on Legend mode. However, ultimately is still enjoyable and looking forward to playing more Yakuza games. Maybe this might be the year of the Yakuza. I don't know...
  6. Plat #203: Marvel's Spider-man: Miles Morales (PS4) Fun short game that felt like a 1.5 game between the previous Spiderman game and the next Spiderman game. The story was engaging and got to learn more about the Miles Spiderman throughout the game. The only issue I really had (and I don't know if it was just me as it seemed to have fixed itself later on) was when I changed costumes to the more animated suit my game started to lag when doing any action (swinging, fighting, etc). It was like this for more than half of the first playthrough, which took me out of the experience.
  7. Plat #202: Zone of Enders: The 2nd Runner HD Edition (PS3) 1st platinum of the new year! Much better story wise than the first Zone of Enders. Dingo is just a more likeable character than Leo from the first one. Camera still sucks, but at least you don't have to play hard mode for the S ranked trophy. I was surprised getting S rank was so easy compared to the first Zone of Enders.
  8. Friday at 3:50 pm
  9. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! @Beyondthegrave07 and myself are done tabulating the results and verifying each other's lists and have the final results (along with some random stats for people interested). Total Number of People who Voted - 335 people Total Number of People who Actually Participated - 133 people (including 5-8 people of these didn't vote in the poll/didn't want a badge) Total Number of Pink Games Completed - 267 games Most Pink Games Completed by One Person - 12 games ( grifteskymfning) Total Number of Orange Games Completed - 329 Games Most Orange Games Completed by One Person - 14 games ( Drag-On-Detritus) Total Number of Games Completed - 596 games Most Games Completed by One Person - 25 games ( Drag-On-Detritus) Mean (average number of games per person) - 4.48 games Median (Middle number) - 3 games Mode (Most often total number of games seen) - 2 games And Finally... Amount that is getting donate by both @Beyondthegrave07 and myself is...$,1,200. Yeah we just agreed to round up. This blew my expectations of what the total number will be, but as Grave stated earlier we both committed to donating the total amount so it will get donated.
  10. Yeah you missed out, but I truly hope you are feeling better.
  11. Plat #200!!!!!!!!!!!!! Persona 5 (PS4) Been wanting to get this platinum for a long time and also wanted to save it for my #175 platinum originally, but at that time I felt the journey I had with Yakuza 5 made that more of a priority. I really enjoyed this game for being the only Persona game I have played (besides Arena Ultimax, but clearly not the same type of game). This was also a goal for myself for 2021 (actually two goals: get 200 plats and plat Persona 5), so I'm happy that those goals are accomplished. Now time to try to raise my completion % to 87.5% before the end of the year to accomplish all of my 2021 goals. Speaking of which... Plat #201: Super Blood Hockey Could have had this done earlier but I really wanted Persona 5 as my 200th platinum. I also wanted to get this in before the deadline for @Beyondthegrave07 Fight Against Cancer Event ended, and was able to squeak it out with about 1.5 hours to spare. Fun game once you get the hang of how to score, and funny story for the franchise mode (in a dark way).
  12. I don't see orange for Balan Wonderworld, but I do see pink, so you got 4 pink, 3 orange.
  13. For the last one choose which one you want for the color. If it doesn't matter I will choose for you (it is just numbers after all lol). Also, by some miracle (and a few days off of work) I squeaked in one more game after I got my 200th platinum. So one more orange in the books.
  14. Just want to let you know we are good with A Short Hike now since the 2 week reprise is over with.
  15. I'll talk to Grave to update the original post, but I'll go ahead and say on the Google Doc I'm using (which is what I think we are submitting to DrBloodMoney) I have you down for 1 and 1. Grave and I are going to compare after the event is over to make sure we are matching at the end and clear up any discrepancies that we have before having the badges created. Nope you still have time. Sorry to hear about your mom and your partner. I hope for a speedy recovery for both of them. Just want to let you know we are good with this one now that the 2 week reprise is over with.