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  1. I didn't think it was difficult at all. It has been awhile since I played it and took me only 2 weeks to complete, but I was playing other games at the same time.
  2. Plat #172: Resident Evil 5 (PS3) December 21st, of the many "ends" of the world. This was the end of the Mayan calendar. Where were you when this happened? Cowering in fear for your life? Waiting for the end? Continuing with life as if nothing was happening? What was I doing? Apparently I was getting one of the last trophies from Resident Evil 5 that I thought I was going to get. I had absolutely no plans of playing Professional mode; however through some motivation almost 7.5 years later I have went back to play Professional mode and get this platinum. Thanks to @Beyondthegrave07 for motivating me (by getting the platinum first) and @ddracarys for carrying me through the playthrough.
  3. Plat #171: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Remastered (PS4) The last of the Uncharted Remastered series is done. Only a couple of difficult parts during the Crushing playthrough, but I'll be taking a break from Uncharted after finishing the speed run playthrough. No Brutal difficulty for me in the near future
  4. Plat # 170: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Remastered Again, Crushing wasn't as difficult as I remembered. The only real challenging part was the final boss, and even that didn't take too long with a little bit of luck. Anyways, 2 of the 3 Remastered plats are now done.
  5. Plat # 169: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered Not sure if it was just me or what, but Crushing mode was not that hard this time vs playing on the PS3. Maybe it is just because I know the choke points or got extremely lucky, but not being difficult was a pleasant surprise.
  6. Update #8 (and most likely the final update): Was able to finish off Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order which can be put under Do Better in School. I have also finished AdVenture Capitalist which can be put under Make More Money. To be honest this was a good event to help me focus on some of the games I had on my backlog. I got 7 out of the 10 completed which I can say is an accomplishment in itself. I was personally just hoping to get to five.
  7. Plat #168: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
  8. Plat #167: Steins;gate (PS3) Really enjoyed the story of this visual novel. Characters were very memorable and some interesting twists that I was not expecting. Recommend this to those who like sci-fi stories and anime/manga.
  9. Update #7: Week of 3/2/2020 Finished up Steins;gate which is my 5th game of this event. This will be put under Update Relationship Status. Even though I got the minimum done I'll keep going until the conclusion of this event. Next game I'm working on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.
  10. Bonfire is a relatively easy and quick platinum if you want to add it to the list.
  11. Update #6.5 (Week of Feb 24th) Time to do an audible... With only about a month left I've switched by strategy on at least getting five games by looking at what other people have already done. While all ten is out of reach (which I suspected at the very beginning) I'm going to do as many as I can in this last month. So Lose the Weight is now going to go to Sonic the Fighters which I have already completed. Steins;gate, which I'm still working on, will be moved over to Update Relationship Status (literally every ending I have got so far he ends up with a girl). Finally after I'm done (or if I get bored) with Steins;gate I will be moving onto Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for Do Better at School. Let us see if this plan works out.
  12. Plat #166: Arcade Game Series: Pac-Man Final platinum from the Arcade bundle. Not too difficult with save scumming.
  13. 5th Update (Week of February 17th): Finally ended up finishing Nier: Automata and got the platinum. Really good RPG from Square Enix with a great cast of characters. I'll go ahead and spoil the endings for everyone: 1. As 9S I was completely blind and didn't notice his ship at the beginning of his playthrough. Therefore I went exploring and abandoned the mission. 2. As 2B I was reorganizing my chips and removed the one that kept me alive. Smart play there... 3. As 9S I concentrated on getting the trophy of him being in his "outfit" (the one where you blow up on purpose). However, word of caution, don't self-destruct on the bunker. Oh I forgot to mention these are all bad endings and aren't the true endings of the game. Sorry, not going to spoil this gem for people who didn't play it. Anyways go ahead and put this game under Find Time for Yourself as I definitely went on some fishing trips out on the rivers, oil patch, and the sea. I have went ahead and started on my next game on the PS3 which is Steins;Gate. I will bring further information in approximately one week, El Psy Kongroo.
  14. Plat #165: Nier: Automata
  15. 4th Update (Week of February 10th) No new games completed. I have been working/concentrating on Nier: Automata and will probably get it done within the next week or two. Without saying too much of the game I have gotten Endings A and B completed (along with lesser known endings G, T, and U 😛) and stuff has started to pick up with Ending C (or D). I'll admit I'll definitely buy some of the trophies at the end (there is a mechanic of that in the game for those who never heard/played Nier: Automata), but I'm experiencing as much of the game as I can.