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  1. Plat #211: Trigger Witch (PS4) Game that I started during the Trophy Hunting Day event. Quick dual stick shooter plat with an...interesting villain at the end.
  2. Post Hunt stats (for myself): # of total trophies: 11,241 (increase of 66 trophies) Completion %: 87.56% (decrease by 0.47%) Level: 528 @ 85% (increase by 72%) Average Rarity: 41.79% (increase by .08%) Breakdown of trophies: 1 from Yakuza 3 6 from DmC Devil My Cry 10 from Far Cry 6 18 from Guilty Gear: Strive 19 from Trigger Witch 12 from The Adventure Pals
  3. You're right. Looks like it is ending 12 hours early. Nice catch. @Beyondthegrave07 here is a better end timer that you can switch out in your OP when you wake up. As for me I'm awake now so I'll start working on the 10 Far Cry 6 DLC trophies and 1 Yakuza 3 trophy I saved up. Then I'll probably go to Guilty Gear Strive.
  4. Little less than an hour until event starts, but I'll just get up early to do trophies. Pre-hunt stats (for myself): # of total trophies: 11,175 Completion %: 88.03% Level: 528 @ 13% Average Rarity: 41.71%
  5. Ready for this again, have signed up. Got to think of a way to get over hundred again.
  6. Plat #210: Yakuza Kiwami 2 (PS4) Third Yakuza game done this year. Mini games weren't too bad, though Toylets can go to hell (or the literal toilet). Also wasn't a fan of the Majima Construction side mission, but got used to it once I had the right people for the team.
  7. PSN: Starrk_01 Plat Count: 210 Ultra rare Plats: 14 Average Rarity: 41.74%
  8. Plat #209: Far Cry 6 (PS4) Well, if you liked Far Cry 4 and Far Cry 5 you'll probably like this game since it plays the same way. Hmm...maybe. In terms of the trophies there isn't really much challenge for the base game, BUT there is a big IF to this game. There are some still existing glitches to the game that make some of the trophies harder to get (if not theoretically impossible). For example the last trophy I got was for doing the three insurgencies, which only appear one a week, so it would take three weeks to do that single trophy. However in my first week some of the icons (anti-aircraft) didn't appear on the map which made it impossible to do the insurgency that week (since you have to do everything for the person you need to kill to even show up). While I still had some other things I could do for other trophies, that is complete BS for something so simple as having some icons/objects reloaded would make something impossible to do.
  9. Plat #208: Yakuza 0 (PS4) My 3rd ultra rare trophy of the year and my 2nd Yakuza game played in the year. I was kind of surprised on how much of Yakuza Kiwani experience came over in regards to the minigames, specifically playing Mahjong. The only real challenge was Legendary mode since there is no new game plus for this game, so after rushing the first sixteen chapters I wasn't prepared to take on the final chapter (specifically Kiryu's final battle). However, after going back and getting the Legend style and getting enough CP to have Limit Breaker done the Legendary mode becomes easy.
  10. Plat #207: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: Remastered (PS4) Was fun reliving the past, even though I had to reply 2/3 of the missions a third time when I couldn't figure out which mission I died on. Might at some point play the remastered one for the first game of the series but for now back to Yakuza 0.
  11. Finished my bonus game of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered. Throughout the story media is being exchanged through newspapers (at the beginning with the announcement of Makaorv being the new leader) or television (first reporting of the fight in the US and the emergency broadcast system). This increase my contribution for the event from $3.04 to $3.66, so enough to possibly have to round up. Thanks for hosting the event again @Beyondthegrave07 and putting mental health in the forefront of people's minds.
  12. Plat #206: Ikenfell (PS4) Fun indie game that I used for @Beyondthegrave07 Mental Health Awareness Event.
  13. Finished my first game Ikenfell. 47.93% rarity at this time which would be worth $3.04. I'll keep this short and spoiler free in case people want to play the game (good indie game that honesty is a bit underplayed in my opinion, surprised trophy hunters aren't jumping on this one since there is literally an auto-victory button if you only care for trophies). While there are a few characters that exhibit mental health, I'm going to focus on a character named Pertisia. She clearly exhibited a form of PTSD in Ikenfell. She had a traumatic before the game happens that will be reveal in the game, but you can tell there are issues earlier than that point. This includes feelings of anger when she was with the other characters, avoidance on certain subject matters, and anxiety when confronting the environment that cause the PTSD. At one point in the game the group is in this environment and Pertisia literally stops moving and has to be carried out by the main character to leave the environment. She was frozen in fear of what is about to confront her and bad memories at the time came back to her to make her just stop. This ultimately does get revealed to the group and Pertisia does overcome her PTSD. This is done through dialogue and ultimately confronting the environment again with her friends. Edit: Have talked to Grave and got the ok for my second game which will be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered since some of the loading screens has TV/newspaper information. Should increase my contribution to more than 3.50 assuming I finish before month end.
  14. I'll participate in the event. I'm going to be doing Ikenfell for my game. Not sure what to do on the 2nd game; will need to think on it. Also I'll match the donation of whatever @Beyondthegrave07 is donating.
  15. Plat #205: Team Sonic Racing (PS4) 2nd Ultra Rare Plat in a row and another PS+ game. Game had a couple frustrating challenges but wasn't too terrible. Thanks to @linkisawesome for letting me use their time for time trials and @mayx7 and @ApriIis for helping with the online trophies.