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  1. Yeah pink works for this. Just FYI, this was danger close to not counting. I had to go to pixel level to find some colors that were pink-red. I talked to Grave and he said we will count it, but be careful on the games you are picking.
  2. Yeah this works for pink. It matches to Ruby from @Beyondthegrave07 palette sheet for pink in the OP. Sorry this one we can't count. I ran it through an imager and picked the most likely places that it would possibly say orange and I got "a shade of brown" and "a shade of yellow".
  3. First of all, welcome to the forums ! Yeah I can see the pink in the windows. This will count.
  4. Yes it would count as we are looking at platinum %. We don't care about the completion percentage. As long as the platinum % is less than 80% when we check it then it counts for that requirement. While I'm here, most likely my final game of the event unless if I get through Persona 5 and another game after that, my 3rd orange game, an Advance Wars copy-cat, War Theatre: Blood of Winter.
  5. Yup looks pink to me
  6. That is a really good point and I don't think @Beyondthegrave07 thought of that when thinking of this event. I talked to him and we will say we will count them as separate completions for now since they technically have different thumbnails. You can look at my profile and see I know what types of games you are talking about 😀. If this does get abused though we will restrict it to one per series, even if some of the episode thumbnails don't have pink or orange. For example, Back to the Future has orange for 4/5 of the episodes on the PS3. As of right now we will count count that as 4, but if this gets abused we will still count the series as one orange, even though Episode 5 didn't have neither pink or orange. Of course still the other rules apply for each individual game.
  7. All three games can count as orange.
  8. Sorry, Grave and I talked and Night in the Woods looks brown to both of us.
  9. Not too late. This is meant to be an open event until the end of November. Just make sure you report back your games. Also, I'll go ahead and add my third game that I completed (2nd Orange).
  10. Yeah pink works. (background clouds). Speaking of pink, my 1st (and probably only) pink game: Kitten Squad. 10/10 game
  11. No you don't need to declare it, just make sure to report back once you have the game completed. Yeah that is definitely orange.
  12. Everyone is doing great so far in this event; time for me to contribute as well. 1st Orange - Island Saver:
  13. For you Trivial Pursuit question it does count, but only for one color. Your choice on which, just let us know.
  14. Good news, Soul Caliber counts, so you are at 1 each.
  15. Either (your choice). T is orange and S is pink.