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  1. Does it make me cheap that i only play Multiplayer games on ps3? I just don't wanna HAVE to buy another ps+ account, as I've already got one on my main account lol

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    2. Commander Waffles

      Commander Waffles

      I can confirm what @Temmie and @Paulie1313 says.  I use one PS+ account on the PS3 and PS4.

    3. Splinter_Elite3


      Blame Microsoft for implementing to pay a subscription to play online, suddenly Sony start doing the same for PS4.

    4. Baphamet_


      @Temmie Is it really that easy? Well, damn. Lol

  2. QUOTE OF THE HOUR (18:26 HRS.) - "...And all cowardices will meet their death." Looking at you, every "ultra" difficulty in video games that I've been afraid to attempt because of well, difficulty lol "Sack up men!"

  3. "Not a speck of light is showing, the danger must be growing...."

  4. Thanks Juzota i thought so lol August 26, 1999 WWF SMACKDOWN! debuts
  5. July 25, 1999 FULLY LOADED: Stone Cold and Vinces rivalry comes to a head. August 9, 1999 Chris Jericho debuts *more to come!*
  6. Nightmare - Dry Kill Logic
  7. QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Hell, Is other people." Not an exact sentiment but when i ride the 'L' i can see it Lol

    1. starcrunch061


      LOL. It's been a long time since I've been to Chicago, and yet I know what you mean.

    2. Baphamet_


      I'd like to think every city's public transit is at least a little TOO public lol I've never seen so many people cramped against the doors whilst the center aisle is vacant, it makes my blood boil and in my head I'm screaming "you're only on the train a little longer, you can stand to stand next to someone I'm sure." Lol

  8. wide awake - 32 leaves
  9. I'm not new per-say, i have a much older account on here and PlayStation, i just decided to start from scratch, to rebuild, retool and reinvent myself, so HI names Baphamet, I'm a Warframe veteran of 2+ years, i started a new account and am enjoying starting over, feels fresh you all are invited to join me whenever, if to hang out or play along.
  10. WARFRAME DAY! i get off work at 2pm, then it's onto the gym for a nice little full body workout, then it's onto warframe all day lol it's rainy, it's gloomy, if you guys and gals wanna stop in to say whats up, or even go on so runs with me, i should be home from the gym at around 1545 hrs. (3:45pm) CST or as i like to call it, (Chicago Standard Time, because i'm a dunce lol)

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    2. Baphamet_


      ROFLMAO that's awesome lol yeah well, him too lol GENERATION IRON 2 eludes to him getting back into it, lets hope he doesn't break somethin' lol 

      i used to weigh 295 about 2 years ago, now i'm down to 174 lbs and been lifting weights for 2 years, i feel arnold could come back........maybe? idk im afraid for him lol

    3. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      That's badass, stoked you're putting in work :)

      295 to 174 is impressive, your heart and knees will be strong for many years to come.

      keep it and kick some ass in Warframe.



    4. Baphamet_


      thanks friend, i put in work everyday, the gym is my best friend lol you already know whats up dude, lol killin' it in warframe everyday :)

  11. PSN: baphamet_ Systems: PS3, PS4, PS VITA(RARELY PLAY IT) Timezone: U.S.A. (central standard time) (for people who are bad with time zones (like me) it's about 5:39 am where I'm at, to put it in prospective) I mostly ever play warframe, almost exclusively, occasionally you'll catch me on Resident Evil 7 or something, but mostly warframe, feel free to add me and let's be friends already! Lol DOES NOT ACCEPT BLANK FRIEND REQUESTS, OR THE GENERIC, "SAW YOU IN THE PSNP COMMUNITY" be friendly, make the friendship count! 😀
  12. Lights, camera, action - Nonpoint
  13. So, I made this new account, just cause, and forgot that I had made a gaming session on my old profile (session doesn't even start until tomorrow sometime) I just went and checked it and some dude joined...... Then had an aneurysm when I didn't show up right exactly when he wanted to,again session hadn't even technically began lol I was working all day, had a double at work. I was like well shit, entitled much? Lol

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    2. Rafi_004


      I can not check that game, I don't have it. Sorry!

    3. Baphamet_


      I mean, it's free to play, I just assumed everybodys tried it at least once lol but no biggie I mean, I'm understanding so the guy having a heart attack, I'm not gonna dwell on, I work till 6 pm tonight anyway, should be on later though, if you change your mind and download it today. 

    4. Rafi_004


      Too long for me =)

  14. SOOOOOO i made a new account, bought the 12.99 premium pass and my S/N is still blue, gold, where are ye? lol

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    2. Ac3NiNjA9


      Is your PSN is new? Do you have any trophies? If not, I'm 99% sure it wouldn't work - earn one, sync, then try updating again on this site. 

    3. Baphamet_


      yep, thats what it is i think lol, i have to get home from work get one trophy then update it lol

    4. Ac3NiNjA9


      Good luck. =p