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  1. 9 wins so far and a lot of finals. I'm playing this with my wife and we're really enjoying it, having a lot of fun. I think I'll get all of the trophies, except infallible and the plat.
  2. Fallout Shelter. As an enthusiast of the Fallout series (older games on pc), I really had a blast playing it. No glitches or time advance, just play it as intended. Hope you like it!
  3. Just saw we're getting at least two new DLC trophies: - Enjoying the view (Found your first Hidden Place) - Curious Driver! (Found all Hidden Places) Does anyone know if it'll be paid DLC?
  4. PowerPyx, Harry94 and more recently |BadDriver|
  5. Fastest way is to choose 250 (no semi) and skip qualifying by retiring. On heat, finish last (don't play for 4 minutes, then finish the race) and, then, top 4 on LCQ.
  6. I bought a bundle with GTA V, FIFA 13 and GOW: Ascension. First one I played was FIFA 13. Should have started with GTA V, lost time playing soccer
  7. Roundabout and Bombing Busters. Damn!